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    Take a pause and refresh at a new retail space opening up in Short Vine featuring a variety of local businesses to help you live your best life.

    A group of four entrepreneurs is teaming up with Mortar to launch their very own retail space. With an official grand opening date of Valentine’s Day, Pause Cincy will offer a space that allows customers to take time for themselves. 

    “The name represents pressing pause on your life and making time for yourself,”  says Mortar co-founder William Thomas III. “There’s an increase demand in the wellness space, and a lot of people are searching for a way to make time for themselves.”

    In its opening, Pause will include these Mortar graduates:

    • Matunda Juicery, a vendor of fresh cold-pressed juices founded by Timothy Harris, named for the Swahili word for “fruit”
    • Perfect Touch Helps, services from licensed massage therapist Lolitha Perry
    • Diamyn’s Crystal Bar, by Diamyn Rembert, a vendor of crystals and stones as well as host to mediation classes and courses for spiritual wellness
    • District 78, founded by Erikka Gray, a lifestyle brand and vendor of handcrafted candles

    The space is inclusive and complimentary of the businesses that team up to occupy it. And since it offers both retail items and personal space in its meditation classes and massages, customers can treat themselves with spiritual and physical wellness. 

    “Very soon you’ll be able to make your own candle at our scent station,” says Pause’s Gray. “Our space is coming along and we can’t wait to be open.”

    The Grand Opening celebration for Pause Cincy is currently planned for Valentine’s Day from 4-9pm. The team is excited to open its doors and bring something new to the community. 

    “2020 is the year I can say that I manifested a store front with some pretty incredible entrepreneurs,” says Diamyn Rembert of Pause Cincy and Diamyn’s Crystal Bar. “I hope you will support us and the work we’ve been doing.”

    Pause Cincy is located at 2908 Vine Street in Cincinnati’s Short Vine neighborhood. To learn more about them and to stay up to date on news, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Learn about a local lady who helps people experience joy through her custom graze boards.

    Boardful is new business based in Mason that creates artfully arranged graze boards. 

    What is a “graze board” you may ask? “It’s a fun, new eating experience combining charcuterie, cheese, crudites and even desserts,” says Jenny Bostater, owner of Boardful. “It’s a ‘food experience.’ Each item on the board is hand selected with pairings in mind and then, hand-crafted into artful displays.”

    The business is located out of Half Day Café restaurant kitchen and was started in February 2020, and soon thereafter took a pause due to COVID. “I started back up in May and have seen a steady increase in business ever since.,” Bostater says. “I think people are staying ‘in’ more and looking for ways to make their at-home dining special, so the idea has really been something that people are excited about.”

    Boardful came from her creating graze boards in her personal life. “I had created boards for our personal parties and gatherings for about 18 months before I started the business. When I would make them, my family and friends would always tell me I should sell them,” she says. “My husband finally persuaded me that I should give it a try and here I am!” 

    The name of the business came from Bostater throwing out ideas and her close friends helping to critique the ideas that she had. “One of these friends added Boardful to the list, to encompass the ‘full’ board and also the ‘beautiful’ arrangement. I only thought about it for a couple of hours before declaring it as the official name of the business. Sometimes you just know it when you hear it.”

    The products offered through Boardful are: graze boxes, graze boards and even graze tables. “Each item on my board is hand selected based on seasonal marketing availability, but can always be customized for preferences or allergies. My newest menu item is my mini box, which feeds one to two people,” Bostater says. “These have been a huge hit as a giftable item and also for those who are wanting a safe way to have a dining experience with their friends and family.”

    Her vision for 2021 for the business is to keep making her boards. “One of them being workshops to teach the basics of creating your own beautiful graze boards,” she says. Bostater’smission was “for food to be more than nourishment. Food gathers us. It connects us. Food is the centerpiece of many of life’s deep conversations, wild laughs and beautiful memories,” she says. “My mission is to create food that tastes and looks as beautiful as those memories.”

    Bostater says she loves running Boardful because it brings joy to others and it’s a creative outlet for her. “It combines art and a dining experience to be shared with your family and friends,” Bostater says. “It is important because it is a unique to-go option-whether you are needing something to take to a get together, something to create a special dining experience at home or something to gift to someone. Boardful has an option for you.”

    To keep up with what Boardful is doing, follow the business on Facebook and Instagram. “I have an ongoing gallery of work on both pages and take orders directly through the messaging feature on either platform,” she says. You can also email Bostater for more information at:

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    One of Cincinnati’s very own has been named a top small business owner in the state. Learn more about her and how she’s adapting in a changing industry.

    Nestled among the streets of Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine is Spruce Nail Shop, a neighborhood nail salon specializing in manicures, pedicures, and skin care services.

    The owner behind the shop is Molly Nagle, who also works in the nail salon as a nail tech and nail artist. Also behind the scenes of the business is a team of managers, front desk coordinators, nail technicians, nail artists, and estheticians. 

    Spruce Nail Shop will celebrate its five year anniversary in February, thanks in large part to its unique concept of focusing on non-toxic products and services that are good for you.

    “We carefully choose products that are free of toxic materials and we select our services based on research for what is best for your nail and skin health,” says Nagle. “The foundation of our business is based on having Good. Clean. Fun. – both for our clients and employees.”

    The mission behind Spruce Nail Shop is to use the safest alternatives for polishes, products, and practices while creating one-of-a-kind manicures and nail art designs for every client who walks through the door.

    Nagle knows that the beauty industry is constantly changing, and she embraces that evolution and change. “It’s so fun to follow trends you see in design, art, and fashion and incorporate them into our nail art designs,” she says. 

    Those changes and adaptations have been especially difficult for many local businesses during COVID.

    When COVID arrived, Nagle says that Spruce Nail Shop went back and worked from scratch during the lockdown to streamline as much as they could. 

    “We reworked our booking system, purchased sneeze guards, face shields, and masks,” she says. “We created a separate entrance and exit, new protocols for check-in and check-out, new systems for our technicians, and so much more.” 

    In addition to new safety protocols, Spruce Nail Shop has also had to adapt to a smaller capacity.

    “We are running at 50% capacity, which has been a challenge, but, thankfully, we have our new space that is almost twice the size of our old one so we are able to socially distance much easier,” she says. “We keep getting creative and thinking of new ways to bring in revenue. Launching our online shop has been a huge help for us, and we are so thankful for the support we have received. Things are not easy, but our team has stayed so positive and encouraging, and that is truly what keeps me motivated.” 

    Spruce Nail Shop is proudly women-owned and operating. In addition to the staff in the storefront, the product vendors at Spruce Nail Shop are also women-owned. 

    More recently, Nagle was named as the top small, woman-owned business person of the year in Ohio, something that she says is humbling.

    “I am so appreciative,” she says. “I often get caught up in working day-to-day and pushing Spruce, so it’s really nice to be able to take these moments to pause and look back on how much we have accomplished. There are so many incredible women-owned small businesses in Ohio, and I am so honored.” 

    Nagle says that what keeps her motivated as a small business owner is her team and clients. 

    “I am so proud of the team we have at Spruce,” she says. “The talent is unparalleled, but what I really love are the teachers. We hire a lot of techs straight out of nail school, and most have not done nail art before. We have a nail art educator and all techs work together and teach each other nail art. Seeing the growth in this skill set is one of my favorite things.”

    Nagle says that Spruce Nail Shop is looking forward to a lot in the new year. “I know that we will be operating without current COVID standards for some time still, but I look forward to hopefully being able to bring back our Spruce Mobile and plan some more events and collaborations with other local businesses,” adds Nagle. 

    To learn more about Spruce, visit You can also follow along on Instagram.

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      In a world where celebrations are more important but complicated than ever, one local planner launched a business to offer easy ways to make a big deal out of the smallest milestones.

      If we’ve learned anything this year while trying to navigate a deadly pandemic, it’s that life can be short. We never know what the next day will bring, and that’s why Rachel Maley wants to encourage others to enjoy the journey and pause to celebrate life’s moments along the way.

      Rachel Maley, founder of Foster the Fun

      “I believe in celebrating those important milestones: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries – you name it and it can be celebrated,” she says.

      Maley has been in the fun-making business for years, and she’s learned that sometimes people just need an extra hand in making those celebrations and fun moments happen. 

      That’s why she created Foster the Fun.

      “Foster the Fun is both a resource to help you plan or prepare for your next celebration, or, for those of you that are just looking for someone to help you make those Pinterest dreams come true, I’m here for that, too,” she says. 

      The inspiration for such a party planning business came from Maley’s grandmother. “It’s a testament to my Grandma Judy,” she explains. “She always believed in putting every ounce of energy into our birthdays and holidays. She was known for having the most American Flags in her yard for the Fourth of July and packing so many beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree.”

      The name for the business, Foster, encourages extra homage to Maley’s grandmother as Foster is the family name. 

      In addition to paying tribute to her maiden name, Maley says that “Foster” also means to encourage or promote. “So here I am living and breathing her legacy, every day, and aiming to make it easy for you to celebrate too,” she says. 

      Rachel Maley, Founder of Foster the Fun

      When you turn to Foster the Fun for your celebration requests, Maley says that she can customize and adapt to any customer’s needs. “With a background in Early Childhood Education and a career in Corporate Communications, I have had a hand in kid parties, weddings, and corporate events,” she says. “I also have a background in Technology, making those virtual celebrations easier and meaningful.”

      As we head into the most celebrated time of the year, Foster the Fun is ready to roll out a plethora of options.

      She says that for the holidays you can expect to see an Elf on the Shelf Kit, a New Year’s Celebration Box, and so much more. 

      “I am also able to support you in curating a gift to the ones you love – just let me know your budget,” she says. 

      She can also offer Zoom support and the ability to customize the background set up so that it’s special for all those who join in. 

      Maley says that she’s most looking forward to getting her start with this venture. “I love when customers ask for help on their events because it may open a new opportunity for others,” she says. “I hope to help cater to all the future holidays and make it easy to celebrate the ones you love.”

      Maley adds that she’s also interested in partnering with local businesses to offer workshops, collaborations, and more. “I’m excited to see where this might go,” she says. 

      You can learn more about Foster the Fun at You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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      What should you think in those moments that hold you back? Our life coach offers insight and a free workshop to reprogram your mornings for more positive and productive days ahead.

      Can you remember a time when you were at the top of your day feeling happy, alive, and excited? A time that was going so well you didn’t realize it was about to be changed by one unfortunate misguided action — on your part. Like, you felt so good you almost had to blow things up to bring you back down off the high because no one should ever feel this good?

      Whatever the scenario, know that you have a choice to make. Either spend time worrying about something that happened in the past or regroup and align with the present. What can you do in this moment to allow yourself to not hold onto the energy of what happened that makes you feel the guilt and shame? You can choose to take the path of knowing you can release those emotions and conversation going on in your head. You can let it go and reframe the story.

      Easier said than done, I hear ya. There are still events that pop in my mind from things that happened that I wish I could change and the zing in those thoughts take me back to reliving the event.  

      What I have found to be helpful is when I can pause and ask, “what do I need to know about this situation”? “What are the limiting beliefs showing up for me to let go of that no longer feel true”? “What am I doing now that brought that memory back onto my radar?” “How will this serve me moving forward?”

      When you can focus on the experience with eyes of love and understanding, you receive what is clearly there to learn.  When it is from the eyes of guilt or shame you receive more of that. Law of attraction stays like-attracts-like. 

      If it still seems difficult to move through the story try releasing by crying, punching pillows, writing out the story and burn the paper, and when you find you are back to thinking about it just shift into “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” which allows you to come back to you and in your heart space. And remember just breathe. You are human and things happen. It won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last. Keep moving forward. The past is the past. Stay present in the moment!

      Also, if you’re interested in creating new habits and learning how to start each day with a routine that sets you up for success — personally and professionally — I invite you to join me this Thursday for a free Morning Routine Virtual Workshop. It’s July 16 from 8-9pm via Zoom. You can learn more and RSVP at Hope to “see” you there!

      Sending love and light,


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      Learn about a local lady who was inspired to launch a yoga studio as a way for people to exercise their faith (and body) in every day life.


      Worthy Yoga takes on yoga as a process of continual adjustment and alignment. 

      At Worthy, yoga is a practice not focused solely on the attainment of a pose. Instead, it is a process of continual adjustment and alignment.

      It’s not unlike one’s walk with Christ, says Brenda Westfall, owner of the Mariemont-based Worthy Yoga. It is non-competitive, she adds, christian yoga is not about emptying the mind, rather it is a way to incorporate more of Christ in all parts of life: heart, soul, mind, and strength.

      The inspiration for the business, launched three years ago, began when Westfall was involved with Holy Yoga Teacher Training in order to improve her own yoga skills.

      “Soon after I completed my training, God put it on my heart to open a studio. I definitely felt inadequate but it was a step in obedience. Often times, Holy Yoga instructors will lead in a church, a YMCA or community center but God called me outside of the church,” she says. “I wanted to try to bridge a gap between Christians who might be uncomfortable with a traditional Eastern yoga practice and the yogi who is searching for something special. I also wanted to offer a practice that wasn’t too fitness focused as that’s where the comparison lies can start to creep in. Every bit of it, every style belongs to God and it can all be redeemed for His glory.”

      Westfall thought of the idea from spending time with the God. “I sat down to meditate on it and God gave it to me instantly. I think it covers a multitude of meanings,” she says.

      There are a variety of services that Worthy Yoga offers. “We offer a variety of yoga classes for all levels and barre classes. We also offer private yoga instruction for individuals. We also have book groups and bible studies,” Westfall says. “We host survival events including private small group classes, bridal party yoga and ladies nights out. We are hoping to bring back our Worthy Girls class this fall. The class is tailored to the heart and souls of girls age 10-14. I also offer private Reiki.”

      Worthy Yoga is a unique business it’s a non profit in the Cincinnati area. It is set up as an LLC, but there are a few people who are volunteers. “We do this because we love people and believe in the benefits of this practice,” she says. There are special events and donation-based classes for organizations in the area. “I am super interested in developing Holy Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships for the undeserved, so they can take this incredible practice into their own communities as well. There is healing and freedom here and everyone is worthy!”

      Worthy Yoga defines success by growing a community of people care and invest in each other. “If we could all begin to take ‘Namaste’ off of our mats and look at each other in the eye and see the light within as the Holy Spirit,” Westfall says. “This is our inheritance as Children of God. The Spirit is at work in each person. We just need to pause and allow the Spirit within to fan the flame in that same Spirit in another.”

      If you want to keep up with what Worthy Yoga is doing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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      Exciting changes are in store as the art museum ramps up visitor experience through an innovative gallery redesign. Read on as our art guru gives us a sneak peek inside.


      Schmidlapp Gallery from Summer 2016, featuring temporary exhibition mural (Kehinde Wiley (b. 1977), United States, Sleep, 2008, oil on canvas, Rubell Family Collection, Miami)

      Anyone who’s visited the Cincinnati Art Museum has likely traveled through the Schmidlapp Gallery, the art-filled walkway that connects the lobby to the museum’s Great Hall. Thanks to a generous $1 million grant from Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee, along with additional financial support from the State of Ohio, an innovative redesign of this centralized gallery is currently underway. The renovations will allow the community to connect with art, engage in focused study of collections, and provide orientation and connection to the historic Bimel Courtyard.

      The design for the new Schmidlapp Gallery focuses on its position as a central architectural artery essential to every museum visit. The renovation will invite visitors to pause, converse, linger and discover highlights of the museum’s collection.

      The integral features of the plan include the addition of a courtyard wall of windows for natural light, seating to encourage congregation, individual looking lounges and detailed curatorial interpretation around singular artworks, and the installation of Saul Steinberg’s cherished large-scale “Mural of Cincinnati.” New floors, lighting and state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controls will be part of this revitalization.

      Cameron Kitchin, the museum’s Louis and Louise Dieterle Nippert Director, notes that the plans incorporate new interpretive and visitor research and reflect the museum’s comprehensive 2016–2020 strategic plan. “The Schmidlapp Gallery will be welcoming and immediately embrace the needs of contemporary visitors. These changes will provide innovative modes of art learning incorporating our collections. The vibrant and accessible space will be modern and look to the future while honoring our past.”

      Cincinnati companies emersion DESIGN and Monarch Construction have been contracted for this project. The renovation will be completed by the end of 2017. Installation of artworks, interactive technologies, and other features will be added in early 2018.

      Although changes to the space will be significant, care is being taken to minimize visitor impact during the construction period. The Schmidlapp Gallery will be closed for one day, on Friday, March 3, to complete the final stages of removing the artwork from the gallery space. A selection of bronze sculptures will be temporarily relocated to the Great Hall.

      A temporary wall is being erected along the west side of the Schmidlapp Gallery and will remain in place until mid-June. During this time, the space will be open as a walkway and partial gallery. The space will remain ADA-compliant and allow room for wheelchair and stroller access. From mid-June through early September 2017, the museum plans to close the space and detour visitors through the Hanna Wing.

      The Schmidlapp Gallery is one of the most used spaces within the museum. The Schmidlapp Gallery has recently been used to feature “icons” drawn from the museum’s permanent collection including Warhol, Monet and Degas. Prior to October 2011, it showcased the museum’s Antiquities collection.

      The Cincinnati Art Museum first opened its doors to the public in 1886, making it one of the oldest art museum buildings in the country. The Emma Louise Schmidlapp Wing, which includes the Schmidlapp Gallery, opened in 1907. It was designed by Chicago architect Daniel H. Burnham in the Doric temple style.

      The museum has experienced numerous expansions and renovations since its original construction. Many aspects of the most recent Cincinnati Wing and Make Room for Art renovation projects successfully drew on the same architectural principles to be used in the Schmidlapp Gallery renovation, putting visitor experience, inspiration and orientation at the center of the project.

      The museum’s Great Hall was renovated in 1993 and the main lobby in 2014. The renovations in the Schmidlapp Gallery will connect these spaces and create more opportunities for learning, exhibition, congregation, conversation and comfort.

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      A local chiropractor is helping local opiate addicts end their addiction forever through chiropractic care and an online coffee shop. Read on for more.

      Kiro Coffee helps to give treatment to opiate addicts to overcome their addiction.
      Kiro Coffee helps to give treatment to opiate addicts to overcome their addiction.

      Cincy Chic: What is Kiro Coffee?
      Dr. Kelly Duffner, Founder of Kiro Coffee: Kiro Coffee is a Cincinnati-born company that offers customers amazing coffee! Our mission is to help opiate and heroin addicts gain access to the hand healing arts of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. From each purchase, a portion is donated to organizations that help achieve this goal. By funding and powering these organizations, we can enable changes in legislation that prioritize chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy before potentially addictive opiate prescription drugs.

      Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Kiro Coffee?
      Duffner: As a local chiropractor at Baker Chiropractic, I was treating a prominent pastor from a local church. The pastor and I would talk regularly about his local outreach program called Urban Outreach. The organization holds regular meetings where addicts and the homeless congregate to enjoy ministry, fellowship, and a good meal. They meet in the blistering heat and the bone chilling cold, sometimes with well over 100 followers attending. I told the pastor about the neurological pathways stimulated from a chiropractic adjustment and how they were similar to that of some commonly prescribed narcotics. It sparked his interest and I eagerly invited the pastor to bring recovering addicts to my office to receive treatment.

      The results have been amazing to say the least. Although it wasn’t the results that spurred my interest to create Kiro Coffee, it was the people I was helping. One by one, I listened to their story. These recovering addicts were everyday people with good families and good jobs. I heard story after story about how their low back pain, neck pain, or headache led them down the typical medical route of prescription opiate drugs. After the drugs weren’t enough or they couldn’t get their scripts filled, they turned to illegal narcotics and their lives would eventually end up in turmoil. I have yet to treat a recovering addict that didn’t start with prescription opiates prior to them using heroin.

      Throughout the process of their treatment I ask each individual one bold question, “What if you had known about chiropractic care sooner?” They often take a long pause and say something to the effect of “I sure wish I would’ve known about this stuff sooner.” This is why Kiro Coffee was born.


      Cincy Chic: When did you open?
      Duffner: We opened our online retail store September 7, 2016 with the hopes of opening our very own coffee shop in the semi-near future.

      Cincy Chic: What types of items do you sell?
      Duffner: We have partnered with a local roaster who produces amazing coffee beans and a product we are incredibly proud to offer. Kiro Coffee also sells quality coffee brewing equipment.

      Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Kiro Coffee?
      Duffner: In the future we also plan to create a non-profit organization from the specialties of chiropractic, physical therapy, pharmacy, massage therapy, psychology, and medicine. The goal of the organization will introduce and support legislation for patients with mechanical pain syndromes to seek chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy before receiving opiate prescriptions.

      Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
      Duffner: More information can be found on our website at

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      We chat with the founder of a local organization that’s raising awareness and hosting a fun event that helps you “jump” in on the cause.

      Lady's Sparrow Foundation will host an event to raise awareness on vagin
      Lady’s Sparrow Foundation will host an event to raise awareness on vaginismus.

      Cincy Chic: What is Lady’s Sparrow Foundation?
      Elaine Hoffman, Executive Director at Lady’s Sparrow Foundation: Lady’s Sparrow Foundation is focused on a woman’s sexual disorder called, vaginismus. I like to explain vaginismus as a panic attack in the pelvic muscles. It can be caused by sexual assault, being raised that sex is dirty, menopause, cancer, or even something as simple as a yeast infection. This can result in painful sex but also the inability of receiving gynecology exams, and creating a family. These women often struggle with relationships, low confidence, self-worthlessness, and, often, depression. The numbers of women suffering are astounding and they come from all walks of life. With the severe lack of awareness and education surrounding vaginismus, many women feel like they are all alone and with no answers or treatment options.

      Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the foundation?
      Hoffman: The inspiration behind LSF is my own personal journey. In my efforts to find answers and help, I was stumbling upon forums filled with women and their heartbreaking stories. Stories of avoidance in life, stories of them cringing any time their husband would just touch her arm because she knew she could not provide him intimacy, stories of honeymoons turning into a week of tears, and stories of women contemplating causing a severe car accident so they would either be paralyzed or dead and then there would be an excuse. There were also stories of the men grasping to every last straw they could to save their relationship, men struggling with depression because of the pain and turmoil in their relationship.

      Every story was unique but what they all had in common what the lack of accessible resources. The great thing about vaginismus is that it is 100% treatable, we just need to create a world that acknowledges this very real problem and provide help. That is what Lady’s Sparrow Foundation is setting out to do! Since we launched in January, I have meet such incredible women and all with their own story of pain but after we talk you can hear this excitement and relief in their voice that they now know they are not alone, that someone understands them, and help is available. It never gets old and bring tears of joy and excitement knowing that they are getting ready to finally have their life back and experience the passion that it is.

      Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Lady’s Sparrow Foundation?
      Hoffman: I’m the Founder and Executive Director for LSF, but I could not have gotten this far without my amazing board. The determination and heart they have is unrivaled. We intend on shaking things up in amazing ways. We also work with two professionals that leave me at a loss of words on how wonderful they are. Dr. Javaid, a gynecologist who truly gets it. When you walk into her office you would think you were walking into a spa and then when you speak with her you know her heart is completely in it. This is such a crucial piece for these women who suffer with high anxiety. We also work with Emma Schmidt, who is a sex therapist. She has a way of making you feel like you are talking with your best friend, yet has a wealth of knowledge to elevate the recovery process.

      Cincy Chic: Are there any upcoming events for the Lady’s Sparrow Foundation?
      Hoffman: Yes! Our first annual Fly Free Jump Event. On June 18 we will be hosting a skydiving event and party up in Middletown at Start Skydiving. People will have a chance to self-fundraise for their jump and then celebrate it afterwards with food, drinks, music, and friends. Not only will all proceeds be going straight to LSF but it will be empowering the women suffering to seek help and conquer their fears. By these women seeing individuals show courage and jump out of a plane for them, they are seeing that they are not alone in this world and they have a large group of people stepping up to support them as they being this new journey.

      Cincy Chic: How are you aiming to help women in the Greater Cincinnati area?
      Hoffman: We are helping the Greater Cincinnati women in numerous ways. I regularly sit down with women who have been struggling with vaginismus. The first step for these women is knowing they are not alone, there are many others standing in those same shoes, and we are here to help and be a friend to them. We are with them through the entire process if they want us to be. From the first step of reaching out for treatment, through the journey of recovery, and then as their life finally falls back into place. We are hear to listen with absolutely no judgement and full of compassion.

      Also, by working with Dr. Javaid and Emma Schmidt we have a place here in Cincinnati that understands vaginismus and the treatment process. This is extremely hard for women to find and I believe we have one of the best treatment programs in the country. We will continue to elevate our outreach insuring each individual can get the help they need regardless of circumstances.

      Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for the Lady’s Sparrow Foundation?
      Hoffman: We have a lot of exciting things developing! Currently we are working on developing a program called the “Vagi-What?” Tour. This program will travel across the country to universities, colleges, and women’s groups, educating them on vaginismus. We strongly believe that our college generation is our future everything. Our future physicians, therapist, mothers, sisters, husbands, and best friends. If we can educate our future on vaginismus and the treatment options that are available, we a can start to build a world with a better support system for the millions suffering. We also want to start the conversation and inspire it to continue beyond the program. If we can get our general society acknowledging vaginismus then these women will be release from the feelings of isolation and worthlessness.

      Currently we have 26 drugs for men’s sexual health. Women only have one and that has been a very recent endeavor. By shining a light on women’s sexual health and empowerment we can change this. We also have several exciting and unique events coming up throughout this year. At Lady’s Sparrow Foundation, we are determined to be different and stand out from the crowd. The events are going to be something Cincinnati hasn’t seen before. They are going to be a blast and there will be something for everyone. With our events will create a voice so loud the silence surrounding vaginismus will be shattered and we will also be having a ton of fun doing it!

      Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about Lady’s Sparrow Foundation?
      Hoffman: Visit us at our website, on Facebook, or on Instagram. Our website has a wealth of knowledge on vaginismus, the foundation, contact information to us as well as Dr. Javaid and Emma Schmidt, and a blog that continues to educate our audience. You can also learn more about the Fly Free Jump Event on our website or on Facebook.

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        A passion for fitness and nutrition inspired The City Skinny, a blog launched by a local lady who travels the world to gain new perspectives on health and well-being. Read on for more about The City Skinny and its upcoming Fit Day and out of town retreat.


        Following a career as a personal trainer for 10 years, Emily Crosby Morgan’s schedule went through a dramatic change after her husband Steve went back into the music business as a singer with the a cappella group Straight No Chaser.

        In the time leading up to her husband’s re-entrance into the music world, Crosby Morgan had an in-home training business, but placed it on pause to travel with her soulmate.

        “I still felt the need to work in this exciting industry, so I found another capacity to go along with the new flow of our life,” she explains. “Now, I tag along with him whenever I can. It’s interesting to see the different fitness trends, or lack thereof, around the world.”

        There’s a lot that Crosby Morgan gets to see while she travels, but there’s also a lot she sees in Cincinnati. To focus on the fitness and nutrition inspiration she finds in these places she launched a blog called The City Skinny.

        Crosby Morgan says that she’s always craved travel, and now that she gets to, she loves the new perspectives it provides. “I find it so important for my own personal growth to learn about and respect other cultures,” she says. “The superficial matters less, and appreciation kicks in. I also love meeting new people and I have such an appreciation for people who stay positive and put good energy out there, which is so crucial in the fitness industry. If your trainer or coach is a positive influence who motivates you to work harder and eat better, you’ll see success.”

        This journey of seeing the world and meeting new people that she can learn from is what ultimately inspired The City Skinny. Crosby Morgan writes most of the posts herself, but her husband occasionally guest blogs and is her right-hand man, offering up ideas for content.

        Crosby Morgan also gets to work with her friend, NYC-based Marcy McIlvaine who helps out with photography. There’s also web designer Alison Connor helps with technical questions and local photographer Daniel Smyth.

        “The people behind the stories and articles, who are the backbone of The City Skinny, are the trainers, studio owners, yoga instructors and nutrition professionals,” says Crosby Morgan. “The city of Cincinnati is blessed with an inspiring and growing fitness community. I couldn’t do it without these people!”

        Over on The City Skinny, you’ll find that Crosby Morgan highlights just about anything that has to do with fitness and nutrition. She talks about new fitness experiences, such as her husband’s try at aerial yoga in New Orleans, or other experiences she found in a city or country. Crosby Morgan also writes straightforward exercise posts.

        “I am all about shining a light on good people doing good things in the fitness world,” she says. “For a number of years, the idea has simply been to go to the gym more days than not and call that a win. But people are bored with the old formula, and many people have found that this doesn’t motivate them or produce real change in their bodies.”

        Instead, we’re finding innovative trainers who are doing great things for clients, and as a result Crosby Morgan’s goal is to show people all the possibilities that are available when it comes to fitness.

        For example, many find it intimidating in many ways to try out a new class at the gym. To help ease their discomfort about it, Crosby Morgan aims to help people feel comfortable and have more information, like what to expect in the class, before they even walk through the door.

        Crosby Morgan’s other passionate subject, nutrition, can be a difficult one for readers to grasp. “There is so much information out there these days that it’s hard to know what’s right,” she explains.

        How important is it to eat organic? Are certain foods more important to eat organic than others? What ingredients or chemicals should I be wary of when I see them listed on foods at the grocery store? These are all questions that Crosby Morgan often talks about on The City Skinny for multiple reasons. “There are few things that can make a bigger difference to our bodies than the food we eat and I like to cite others so my readers can see that I am always on the side of science,” she says.

        Crosby Morgan says that we are at an interesting time in food history where we’re seeing the effects that big agriculture and pesticides have had on the human populace for the last 50-100 years. “It’s vital that we consider these things going forward for ourselves and for our children,” she explains. “This is something about which I am always reading, and I feel it is a duty to share with others.”

        Through her blog, Crosby Morgan hopes that readers find something with which they can connect: a community of like-minded people, a safe and reputable source where they can get sound advice or even just a daily dose of inspiration. She wants the fitness enthusiast to learn about a new gym or exercise they’d like to try out, or the person who has been contemplating beginning a fitness routine finds the inspiration to begin their journey.

        “But above all, I strive to be a positive force in life and I want my blog to focus on other positive people and opportunities,” she says. “We shouldn’t have to be on this journey of wellness alone!”

        There are some big things on the horizon for The City Skinny. Crosby Morgan says she’s currently planning a Fit Day for May. “The City Skinny Fit Day is a mini, day-long fitness retreat,” she explains. “There was nothing like this before in Cincinnati so I tried to put together what I thought would be the ideal day for the fitness lover.”

        Participants will go through 4 or 5 top-notch fitness experiences. There will be transportation, breakfast, coffee, a catered lunch, healthy local snacks and a “healthier happier hour.” She says they’ll also do raffles at the end and will be giving away a gift bag for everyone.

        “It’s a blast! The studios work together to make sure the attendees get a balanced experience,” says Crosby Morgan. “It’s not easy by any means, but we strive to keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone.”

        Also coming up are out of town retreats. Crosby Morgan says there is a fitness/yoga retreat in Bloomington, Indiana, about 2.5 hours from Cincinnati. The retreat will include breakfast and yoga/meditation in the courtyard of a bed and breakfast followed by a workout, lunch, choices of activity like stand up paddleboarding and hiking and free nights to explore the college town. “I am incredibly excited,” she says. “And this year is packed with many other fitness/nutrition/wellness experiences where I am teaming up with some really special co-hosts.”

        You can subscribe to The City Skinny or learn more about Fit Day and out of town retreats at You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.