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Publisher & CEO - Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, is the editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic. Send her an e-mail at From growing up in the cornfields of Harrison and getting a Mass Communications B.A. degree in the bubble of Oxford, to living on the NKY side of the river in Newport and then Ft. Thomas, Amy Scalia has embraced Cincinnati with her presence. Her major life accomplishments include: being a mom of two girls and another little one on the way, a 2010 "40 Under 40" recipient from the Cincinnati Business Courier, winning the "Best New Product/Service of the Year" Award from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a national Web-writing award from ASHPE in 2007, a national feature writing award from ASBPE in 2006, and running three Flying Pig Marathons.

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On the hunt for unique, thoughtful and practical presents this year? Watch this week's episode of Styling with Amy & Amy for some great gift ideas!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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Enjoy smaller living in the big city in this week's stylish, stunning and city-living Listing of the Week!

You don’t want to miss this beautifully restored, sunfilled condo in Hyde Park! The 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit features finishes and style including two new marble bathrooms, a custom, eat-in kitchen with honed granite and stainless steel, dark refinished floors, laundry, custom closets, central air, and a garage. The home has incredible character including a Georgian terrace, a fireplace, and 9-foot ceilings.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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Get a look inside this recently renovated ranch that's in the heart of Hyde Park, hidden away on a private drive but with walkability to the Square, for this week's Listing of the Week!

Located in the idyllic neighborhood of Hyde Park is this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home listed at $1,399,999. With over 3,100 square feet of living space, you can live in style luxury on the prestigious private lane of Hill and Hollow. The completely renovated ranch is at the heart of Hyde Park and has walkability to the Square as well as just about everything else in the neighborhood. There are top-notch finishes throughout the home, luscious landscaping, privacy, and more. Check it out for yourself! 

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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Heading out into the world after college or when you leave home is an exciting time in your life. It can also be a bit scary because although on the one hand, a world of possibilities is opening up for you, you’re also taking a major step into independence. 

If you’re thinking about renting your first apartment, you probably feel a mixture of emotions, but the trick to managing this transition period is to plan carefully for your new life. Preparing properly for renting helps you avoid the potential pitfalls and ensure all your legal safeguards are in place, and you’ll be able to move in and enjoy the experience with no nasty surprises waiting for you.

Finding your apartment

Some of the best apartments are the ones you hear about through word of mouth. If you find out anyone you know is planning to move out and they have a nice apartment, don’t be shy about jumping in and enquiring about taking on the apartment yourself. Very often the best places never make it tothe small ads or property websites, so keep your ears alert to any news about what other renters are up to.

As part of your searching, you can use social media channels to ask if anyone knows of a decent place available to rent. However, if you do decide to make it known you’re looking, make sure you safeguard your personal information. Someone who claims to know just the place when they post to your Twitter account could be genuine, or they could have less pleasant motivations, so don’t take any chances with your personal safety.

While you’re waiting to hear about vacancies that may be coming up, it’s sensible to keep a check on all the local sites and papers that advertise apartments for rent. Most might be no good at all – too expensive, wrong area, wrong size; but you never know when you might happen upon the right place at the right time. Scan the listings as soon as they’re published, and register with rental agencies, so you’re first to hear about new apartments.

Budgeting for your first apartment

When you’re planning your move, one of the main considerations will be money. It’s not just the rent to pay;there’ll be rent in advance and a security deposit to cover as well. You might need to furnish your apartment – you can renta furnished space, but that’s usually more expensive. Then you’ll have your regular bills like power, water, food before you even start to think about having any money left over.

It’s essential to sort out your budget in advance of starting your search and to have realistic figures in place for all your expenses. If you have a low credit score and are finding it difficult to raise any credit, talk to a service such as, who’ll be able to advise you on the best ways to repair your credit score and find affordable credit.

Sharing an apartment

Friends very often decide to set up home together, and this can work very well. You do need to bear in mind that being friends isn’t the same as living together, so you need to be confident you’ll be compatible and not fall out. It’s a good idea to set up a few ground rules – nothing too draconian, just enough to prevent arguments about whose turn it is to empty the bins or clean the bathroom. 

You can also advertise for someone to come and share an apartment you’ve found that may stretch your budget, or just to bring in some extra income. Make sure you follow safetyprocedures for meeting prospective sharers, and that you have their full details and references before you go any further. 

Furnishing your apartment

It’s amazing how generous people can be when you’re first setting up home, and you’ll no doubt be offered all sorts of household items for free or at a very low cost to get you started. If you’re on a tight budget or you’re being extra careful, use services like Freecycle to pick up useful items that people are getting rid of, and check out what’s for sale in your local thrift stores. Just be careful with second-hand electricals, because you don’t want to risk having anything in your apartment that could cause a fire.

The day you move into your first apartment will be an occasion you’ll never forget, and if you’ve completed your preparations thoroughly, it will be the first of many happy days to come.



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Winter is the perfect time to travel. You have the Christmas season right in the middle of it, the promise of snow, and all the fun that comes from bundling up warm and eating all the rich foods that you can handle. When you travel during winter, you say no to the winter blues that could otherwise get you down. You go out and have fun, and, by following this easy guide, you can look incredibly stylish while doing it: 


Get Your Gang Together 

Traveling with friends sounds great in theory but can end up being the perfect disaster. So choose who you go with carefully, and lay down some ground rules in advance so you can all enjoy your trip peacefully. You want to vacation with people who enjoy similar things to you, otherwise this can cause issues throughout and even run the fun. 


Choose the Perfect Winter Destination 

The next step once you have the group together is to choose the perfect winter destination. Start first by narrowing down what trip everyone will be happy going on with, and then look at the great suggestions on VacationRenter. Whether you want a snow-capped getaway, an adventure holiday, or some time in some warm sun for a change, they have all the best destinations compiled together and ready to choose from. 


Find a Lovely Home Away from Home 

Once you know where you are going (and presumably when),all that is left is to choose the accommodation. If you all will not fit into one hotel room, remember to look for alternative options. You can get luxurious vacation homes, for example, that will end up costing less per person than if you opted for multiple hotel rooms. 


Pack Smart with These Top Tips 

If you want to be stylish on a trip stop packing everything you own into a suitcase. This will not help you put together the perfect outfit, but just clog up your suitcase and make it more frustrating to travel. Instead, pack a travel capsule wardrobe. To do this all you need to do is plan out what you want to wear in advance, and to choose items that all go together flawlessly. 


Photography Tips for Stunning Fashion Shots 

What’s a stylish trip without some great photos to later post to social media? Great outfits is the first step, a great backdrop a must, but to really nail your stylish getaway you will need to spruce up on your photo-taking skills. There is so much you can do with photography that will improve your photos together, and understanding the basics of what makes great fashion photography will help immensely – plus, it’s a lot of fun to do with your girlfriends! 


Travel before Christmas to have festive fun, and travel after Christmas to keep the winter season fresh and exciting even when most people are doing nothing more than hiding out in their homes, hoping for spring. You will have fewer tourists to contend with, cheaper rates, and of course, all the possibilities in the world to have fun by yourself, with a partner, or with a big group of friends. 



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You don't want to miss this luxury home in the heart of Over-the-Rhine! Click here to see more!

Find all the amentities and quality you’d expect in this custom-built, John Hueber home located in the heart of Over-the-Rhine. Listed at $1.495 million, this beautiful home features 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in 3,582 square feet of space. This luxury home has quality Andersen windows, a gourmet kitchen, custom closets, high-end window treatments, and even high-quality crystal and porcelain door knobs. The home is also LEED Silver certified and a Control4 Smart Home, tax abatement pending. 

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.


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Get ready to dream, Chic'ers as you get a peek inside this $3.35 million 10,944 sq. ft. luxury Coldstream home for this week's Listing of the Week!

Your dream home awaits at 7855 Ayers Road in Cincinnati’s Coldstream neighborhood. Listing at $3.35 million, this 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom home has 10,944 square feet. Scroll through the photo to see more of what this beautiful home has to offer!

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.


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Wardrobe capsules make everyday dressing simple yet stylish. Keep reading as this week's episode of Styling with Amy & Amy offer even more capsule options and ideas.

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at