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Publisher & CEO - Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, is the editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic. Send her an e-mail at From growing up in the cornfields of Harrison and getting a Mass Communications B.A. degree in the bubble of Oxford to now owning a home on the Cincitucky side of the river in Ft. Thomas, Amy Scalia has embraced Cincinnati with her presence. Her major life accomplishments include: being a 2010 "40 Under 40" recipient from the Cincinnati Business Courier, winning the "Best New Product/Service of the Year" Award from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a national Web-writing award from ASHPE in 2007, a national feature writing award from ASBPE in 2006 and running three Flying Pig Marathons.

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We got a sneak peak of a Broadway show coming to Cincinnati soon. See why it's a message that'll hit home for everyone, from history buffs and music lovers, to busy mamas trying to balance it all.

Our Editor-in-Chic got a sneak peek of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” before it hits the stage in Broadway in Cincinnati.

I have to be honest. I didn’t know much about Carole King when I heard that a Broadway musical about her was coming to town. I had heard the name, knew she was a singer, but didn’t know much more than that.

Turns out, yes, she’s a singer but she’s a songwriter first and foremost. And not just any songwriter, either. She’s the hugely successful wordsmith behind some of the most famous songs and singers of the 60s and 70s. (Actually, Buzzfeed did this story about some of the chart-topping songs you never knew were written by Carole King)

So, when I was asked with some local media folks to go to New York City to see the show before it comes to Cincinnati, I jumped at the opportunity, but I had NO idea how much I’d truly enjoy it.

I really loved how it was based on a true story, and it told the real history of what was happening in Carole’s personal life, paralleled with what was going on with her professionally, and how that inspired all these huge hits I’ve heard for years. It was like uncovering a treasure trove inside each song, realizing what they were REALLY about.

What I loved about it is that Carole’s life is so relatable. Even though she ended up being a famous singer in the limelight of fame and fortune, the majority of this show focuses on when she was very much behind the scenes, struggling to balance personal and professional demands… being a loving mom and doting wife while pursuing a career that she felt was her calling. Who can’t relate to some or ALL of that?!

It was also really interesting to learn about the music business in those days. I always envisioned the groups and singers writing those songs themselves, but through this show, I learned the real story. The science, competition, and drama behind how those lyrics truly came to be, and then matched up with the singers who created the songs we know and love.

So, as you can imagine, the music was out of this world. Hearing all these songs you know every word to, but now knowing the story behind them, you FEEL them so much more. When you hear those songs, it changes everything now because you’re so connected to the real happiness, heartbreak, and resilience that Carole King was truly experiencing at that time.

Oh, and the fashion was fabulous too. I loved how just through the wardrobe, you could tell what era you were in, and how much fashion played a role in history, and creating “a look” in the music industry.

So, no matter if you’re a fashion, music, or history lover, or if you’re like me, a mama just trying to balance it all, hungry for some inspiration and a fun night out… GO SEE THIS SHOW!

Click here to learn more about it and get your tickets!

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Styling with Amy chats with our Editor in Chic about the fashion brand she now represents, Nygard, any why she loves it! (Psst… these body-slimming pants sealed the deal!)

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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We’re back with another “Styling with Amy and Amy” video that shares the hottest Spring trends making their way into wardrobes this season.

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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A group of 161 theater enthusiasts are making an exciting new production possible at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Read on for all the dramatic details.


The cast of JANE EYRE. Photo by Mikki Schaffner.

There’s a new production at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and it’s made possible by an important group of Leading Ladies.

On March 11, the production began, combining Victorian-era costumes and romance with inventive staging. The story is based on Charlotte Brontë’s timeless coming-of-age tale, considered one of the most widely read novels in the English language

Adapted by British playwright Polly Teale, the play distills the book to the most essential moments and dramatic action, bringing new creativity and vitality to the classic story. Cincinnati Playhouse Associate Artist and Director KJ Sanchez envisioned music, movement and choreography to transport Jane Eyre’s story to the stage.

“Because the adaptation is so strong, we – the design team, the actors and me – are bringing our own artistry to it,” Sanchez explains. “The actors play musical instruments. I’m working with a great choreographer, Peter Kyle, who I have worked with and admired for years. And I’m thrilled that we have one of the best sound designers in theatre today, Jane Shaw, writing original music for this production.”

Published in 1847, JANE EYRE is a rare classic that moves through time and continues to capture audiences. Poor and plain but with a fiery spirit, Jane overcomes a troubled childhood to land a position as a governess at a mysterious estate, where she falls for the enigmatic master and finds her love returned. When the past threatens her newfound happiness, Jane decides to forge her own path, which enables her to be true to herself and follow her heart. The unconventional heroine, played by Margaret Ivey, will cast a spell on fans of the classic novel and on newcomers drawn to her story.

Beyond the beauty, costumes, artistry, choreography and music lies a story with a message that resonates today, and to which Sanchez relates personally.

“I read this book when I was 13 and it honestly changed my life,” Sanchez explains. ”Jane Eyre was a heroine altogether different from any I had encountered. She was smart and strong and not afraid to speak her mind. She was most comfortable in nature, least comfortable when required to be charming. In fact, she’s reviled, punished and mistreated because she is ‘plain’ — yet Jane is essentially downright beautiful but hated because her beauty is unique and doesn’t fit what is expected by social norms.”

JANE EYRE is sponsored by Leading Ladies, a group of 161 theater enthusiasts who collectively supported the production with financial gifts while learning about theatre through behind-the-scenes experiences throughout the season.

Prices for JANE EYRE start at $35; they vary depending on seat location and performance day and are subject to change. Tickets for teens and students are $30. Student tickets are just $15 on the day of the show. Plus, Sunday is College Night, with tickets to all 7:00 p.m. performances are $10. To learn more, visit