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The local entrepreneurs behind Bee Haven and Chocolats Latour are joining forces to create Northside’s newest sweet spot, The Chocolate Bee. Read on for all the delicious details.

Chocolate Bee
The Chocolate Bee is the home of Bee Haven and Chocolats Latour.

Need a sugar fix? The Chocolate Bee, home of Bee Haven and Chocolats Latour, has you covered.
Since Shalini Latour, owner of Chocolats Latour, and Samantha Gordon, owner of Bee Haven Honey, decided to partner in opening a commercial and retail space last November – their business has literally been “buzzing”.

The 800-square-foot space has a commercial kitchen, which is now occupied by Latour to make her handcrafted chocolates. The other portion is dedicated to retail, where both Chocolats Latour and Bee Haven Honey products are sold. Bee Haven Honey, Samantha Gordon Zurek’s company, is a home-based family business founded on the passion of providing naturally healthy products (and gifts) to its’ customers.

“What I enjoy most is tending the bees and using their gifts to make Bee Haven’s products,” says Gordon. “We create unpasteurized honey, creamed honey, beeswax skincare products, hand salves, decorative candles and other products straight from the hive.”

As for Chocolats Latour, Shalini Latour’s artisan chocolate company, she creates chocolate bars in various unique flavors, hand-painted truffles, caramels, hot chocolate, brittle and seasonal items for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.

“I love the artistic aspect of making the chocolates,” says Latour. “Creating new flavors and decorating each individual piece is especially rewarding. It is a meditative, joyful process for me. Quality control (and a lot of tasting) is also a great part of my job!”

After building a strong business selling her products at Findlay Market, Gordon found herself in search of a brick and mortar location. Latour, having built a strong following selling her goods at locations around the city, was also in search of a bigger space.

“I wanted to move my production from my home kitchen to a commercial space,” says Latour. “Not only this, but I had a vision of a retail space where people would be able to more easily find my confections.”

It was this shared mission and passion for providing natural products that inspired building owner, Janice Young, to bring the two together. On November 14, The Chocolate Bee – a combination of both business names – opened its doors.

After opening and a strong start during the holiday season, Latour and Gordon are in the midst of playing catch up. “We are getting the finishing touches on the store together and building strong systems for day-to-day running of the store,” says Gordon. “We’re just proud that we got our doors open before the holidays!”

To learn more about The Chocolate Bee, check out or You can also visit their new Northside location at 4037 Hamilton Avenue, next to Collective Expresso.

Their hours are as follows: Wednesday thru Saturday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Chocolats Latour is currently sold at Coffee Emporium in both Hyde Park and OTR, College Hill Coffee Company, Jungle Jim’s, Melt, Park + Vine and Sidewinder as well as at the Northside Farmers Market on Wednesdays. Bee Haven Honey is available at Findlay Market and online.

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Learn about a local artist who co-founded a company that creates pieces both your inner fashionista and urban artist will love.

Fluorescent Palace products original images that are urban and edgy.

Envision designer fashion, crystal chandeliers and goddess glamour rolled into an edgy, urban, punk-infused package. That’s the kind of luxe imagery you can find at Fluorescent Palace.

Launched in 2011, Fluorescent Palace was originally created with the intent of mixing older vintage-styled mediums with new contemporary forms of editing. The work is shot on 35mm film using an old Canon camera from the 1970s, then edited using modern graphic design methods.

“I think this is what makes the work unique, as most photography today is shot strictly with digital cameras” says Eric Hajjar, co-founder of Fluorescent Palace. “The collection was created with the buyer’s budget and convenience in mind – so you don’t necessarily need to be a series art collector to afford Fluorescent Palace artwork.”

In addition to the work being shot on film, Hajjar expresses that there are other factors that play into what makes Fluorescent Palace unique. “I really aim for the work to have a distinct look and personality that stands out from the crowd,” he says. This is why you can find certain themes in his work – from fashion labels to crystal chandeliers to urban street art and graffiti.


“As for the name, I wanted the brand name to be colorful, pop and flashy – just like the imagery,” says Hajjar. “So I started putting all of my favorite punchy and fun-sounding words together, and for some reason ‘Fluorescent Palace’ just seemed to work. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a winner, so I decided to go with it!”

Since launching, Fluorescent Palace has sold on many of today’s most popular flash sale websites – including Gilt, Touch of Modern, Rue-la-la and Hautelook. In total, the amount of pieces sold since launching is around 10,000. Its’ sister collection, “Ultravelvet Collection” has sold in galleries located in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Mexico City.

As for what Hajjar loves most about his work, it’s hearing how much people enjoy his work or seeing photos of his work hanging in their spaces. “In the past, people have purchased a piece of art, and then come back later to purchase another two or three pieces,” he says. “This lets me know that I’m doing something right. In the end, it’s really about the customer and how the art enriches their life, however that may be.”

Prices for artwork at Fluorescent Palace start at about $80 and can go up to $400. “The work comes ready to hang, so there is no need to go out and purchase a frame once the art arrives,” says Hajjar. “The work is printed on canvas and stretched on around a wooden frame. That being said, other mounting options exist, including a sleek, frameless plexi-glass mount.”

Eric Hajjar, Founder of Fluorescent Palace.
Eric Hajjar, co-founder of Fluorescent Palace.

Over the course of just a few years, Hajjar and his team have created close to 500 original images. “There was a time, a few years ago, where I was having some trouble coming up with new and fresh ideas,” says Hajjar. “I never wanted the work to become stale or predictable, so I decided to take some time off.”

But now, Hajjar says, he’s back and full of new inspiration, en route to new work. “I am currently looking to breathe some life back into the collection and get it selling back online for more people to enjoy,” he says.

To learn more about Fluorescent Palace, visit For current pricing or information on how to purchase, contact Hajjar directly at

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From running her own makeup application business to mentoring other makeup artists and fostering other small business owners – Nancy Dawson, founder of BRIDEface, does it all.

Nancy Dawson of BRIDEface.
Nancy Dawson of BRIDEface.

It’s always fun to “play in makeup,” but Nancy Dawson, owner of BRIDEface, knows that her job entails much more: being a therapist, a mind reader, a diplomat and a marketer.

Dawson’s journey first began when she worked at Saks in the cosmetics department for eight years, doing onsite weddings by special request for her clients. “At that time, almost no makeup artists were ‘legit’ doing weddings – no website, no contracts,” she says. “A lightbulb went off when I realized that there was a real need in the market my services.”

With years of experience under her belt, Dawson has definitely had “live and learn” situations. “I started BRIDEface when I had babies at home, so I was very careful to grow my company at the same rate that my children were growing,” she says. “I started out sharing studio space until I felt established enough to have my own storefront. I kept my retail line small and tight – I was very careful not to get in over my head.”

Ten years later, Dawson and her team of 10 women do an average of 350 weddings per year and the sister company, FACEing, Dawson launched offers both classes and lessons. “We are a six-time winner of ‘The Best of The Knot’ and a five-time winner of the ‘Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice’ award,” says Dawson. “We also do charity events several times a year to benefit various local causes.”
When considering the intimacy of the job, women often find that they can be quite vulnerable with Dawson.

“Women are so critical of their appearance and obsessed with their flaws,” she says. “There is a trend in beauty right now that is more about Total Transformation than enhancement.”

“The Kardashian Kontour Kraze has confused women into thinking that they have to re-sculpt themselves into something unrecognizable,” Dawson continues. “My philosophy is more about looking like the best version of yourself – not going into the witness protection program!”

If you’re wondering what keeps this creative lady motivated – it’s her passion for makeup. “Trends, techniques, products – that’s all my team and I talk about and train on constantly,” she says. “The artists on my team inspire me, my fellow vendors inspire me with their passion an my brides’ excitement inspires me.”

As for Dawson’s personal goals, she hopes to expand the boutique aspect of her business. “Three years ago, I started a signature lip color line, and now that product has grown to include several more niche items that I developed as a direct result of working with women in private makeup lessons,” says Dawson. “I would see what they were pulling out of their bags, what was and wasn’t working for them, and what their dream makeup would be.”

In regards to the retail portion of BRIDEface, Dawson has big plans for the studio to evolve at the same pace as our OTR neighborhood. They will be featuring the work of local artist, Kayla Risch, and will also have an exclusive on the popular product, sexapeel, which was developed by a makeup artist colleague of Dawson in Chicago. “It feels great to support other women whenever I can,” she says.

However, with the popularity of her lessons and classes growing, Dawson also plans to expand her offerings. “That in addition to our retail expansion as well as our wedding workload will be more than enough to keep us busy!” she says.

To learn more about Nancy Dawson and BRIDEface, visit or check out her Instagram.

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Learn more about the fashionista friends and owners of Fancy’d Footwear, Darielle and Amery, who teamed up as the pair behind a new local footwear-focused business.

Fancy’d (In Her Shoes) Footwear is a new, online women’s shoe boutique in Cincinnati.

Marilyn Monroe said ”Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” and that’s the inspiration behind Fancy’d Footwear, a new footwear-focused business based in Cincinnati.

Fancy’d (In Her Shoes) Footwear, a new women’s shoe boutique, based in Cincinnati and retailing online, offers a selection that ranges from everyday to elegant in the style of stilettos to boots based on seasonal demand. Friends, Amery Williams and Darielle Daniels, created the concept as a way in which to bring quality, chic and affordable shoes to their friends in fashion.

As owners Williams and Daniels both share the same passion for fashion and shoes. “We are obsessed with shoes,” says Daniels. “We wanted to share our passions with those who LOVE shoes and fashion as well. We enjoy seeing our customers smile when we can make their visions come to reality.”

“We understand that women love their shoes so it’s rewarding to see that our passions have transformed into our own business,” Daniels continues. “At Fancy’d, we aim to ensure that the customer feels at home in their closet while looking for the right shoe for the day or night’s events,” says Daniels.

Set up as an online boutique, Fancy’d has the vision in mind of customer service. “As the customer comes to visit the storefront or website, Fancy’d will cater to the customer’s needs and wants based on their vision of the ideal shoe, while providing fashion forward tips to enhance an outfit,” says Daniels. “Fancy’d Consultation can also assist clientele with making their visions and dreams come to reality.”

Aside from affordable pricing, Daniels expresses that their ability to still maintain high quality shoes is what truly sets Fancy’d Footwear apart from other retail shoe stores. “We also offer sales promotions on a monthly basis as well as our Fancy’d styling consultation,” she says.

Since launching on December 1, Fancy’d has already reached huge milestones – partnering with major footwear designers like Chinese Laundry, Steve Madden and Schulz – but they certainly have many more to come.

When looking to the future, Fancy’d has many visions and dreams for growth. “Our five year plan is to open a local storefront as well as design our own footwear line,” says Daniels. “Fancy’d will continue with our mission to offer our customers quality, name brand shoes in an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate the chic everyday heel lover.”

To learn more about Fancy’d Footwear, visit With questions, contact the team directly at For updates on the latest fashion trends, upcoming Fancy’d promotions or shout-outs, subscribe to be on the “Be Fancy’d” list.

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SkinOvation is taking the “Beverly Hills Housewife” out of skincare, giving you the natural beauty you want without breaking the bank. Keep reading for all the glowing details.


Less of an assembly line, more of a caring and nurturing environment. This is the spirit that drives the partnership and friendship found at SkinOvation. After individually working in the clinical skincare world for nearly 14 years, Caroline Bolten and Janice D’Alessandro decided to join forces.

“Janice and I met two years ago and we connected right away – we have the same inspirations, we both really care about people and we wanted to move forward with our career in an atmosphere that is all about helping women,” says Bolten.

“We wanted to create a level of connection directly with our clients in a smaller setting – one where we could offer innovative tools for them to be able to take care of their skin, to be results-driven, and to actually see a transformation,” D’Alessandro adds.

SkinOvation, located within Sola Studios, specializes in Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Medical Grade Peels and Revitalight Lift Treatments. “One of our specialties, believe it or not, is acne – which is not only a rejuvenation of the skin, but a wonderful treatment for younger people or women with adult acne,” says Bolten.

Since opening their doors on November 3, the two express that their biggest accomplishment has been reaching out to fellow workers at the studio. “We’ve already developed relationships where they feel confident and comfortable enough with our abilities to recommend and refer clients to us,” says D’Alessandro. “This has played a huge role in getting our business off the ground.”

With success comes growth, and this dynamic duo is adjusting accordingly. “We’re already growing to the point where we’re going to have to rent one or two more rooms,” says Bolten. “We also plan on bringing in a doctor and a nurse practitioner to do Botox or anything else that can make a woman feel better. Our job is to make sure your skin is in good shape before you get that done – in a progressive, non-aggressive way.”

However, when you consider the 25-30 years it takes to ruin your skin, the process to correcting its tone, color and firmness is a slow one. “We have to take the time to make sure that we bring your skin back to a shape where when you go to get Botox, you won’t need nearly as much done,” says Bolten. “We do this using Obagi, a pharmaceutical grade product.”

As a concept based on treating each person as a whole, Bolten and D’Alessandro pride themselves on their ability to hone in on their client’s needs. “While some people come in and want to be in-and-out, others need more time because they’re in a private setting and they feel safe to share what’s going on in their lives,” says D’Alessandro. “We are compassionate in giving our clients a comfortable place to land – and believe it or not, we’re also tons of fun.”

In looking to the future, the partners emphasize that expansion is definitely on the horizon. “We would like to be able to offer this type of service to different areas of the city, not just Mason,” says D’Alessandro. “We’re currently collaborating with other very strong, successful, intelligent women who have the same ideas.” In lieu of the holiday season, SkinOvation will be holding a $99 promotion through January for Dermaplane and/or Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels for your specific skin type, your choice of a lip or brow wax and a Revitalight Firming Light Treatment.

To learn more about SkinOvation or to purchase your holiday package today, visit, give them a call at (513) 520-9124 or stop into their studio located at 9313 Montgomery Rd. Suite 23 in Mason.

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Spruce, the natural answer to your neighborhood nail salon, is soon to open in OTR. Read on to get the deets for your digits.

Spruce Natural Nail Sho[p creates a relaxing space for clients to relax.

Good, clean fun. That’s their philosophy at Spruce Natural Nail Shop.

Business partners Molly Reckman and Gayl King launched the concept of Spruce Natural Nail Shop based on the desire to create a calm and social atmosphere where women, men, children and expectant moms can come to relax and unwind.

“Our inspiration for Spruce comes from two concepts: One is that both of us are very passionate about creating a healthy atmosphere for both our clients and staff,” says Reckman. “Secondly, we have both lived in several large cities from coast to coast where we were able to pull inspiration in order to create our vision for Spruce.”

However, for Reckman, her passion is the people. “From the start of this process, we have been working with so many amazing and genuine people who are helping us bring this space to life – and now we are looking forward to the next step – getting to know all of our customers and neighbors.”

As for what differentiates Spruce from your average salon, Reckman describes a couple reasons – with hygiene at number one. “We use hospital grade autoclave to sterilize all metal implements, and anything that cannot be sterilized, we dispose of after each use,” she says. We also use basins instead of the typical jet baths that are used in other salons. This way we can ensure that they are totally disinfected after each use.”
Reckman also places emphasis on the customer service, décor and toxic-free environment at Spruce. “When you walk in, it definitely doesn’t feel like your normal salon,” she says. “We wanted it to have more of an art studio feel. Our pedicure chairs are comfy lounge chairs and our manicure tables are hand crafted by The Brush Factory.”

“Most importantly, all polish we use is 5Free – and we make a conscious choice not to provide gels, acrylics or enhancements,” Reckman continues. “We believe both our clients and staff will benefit from this experience.”

Spruce Natural Nail Shop is located at 1235 Vine Street in the heart of OTR. They will be holding a soft opening through the month of January, and will officially open their doors to the public in February.

During the month of December, Spruce will also be collaborating with some of their favorite shops in OTR to put on holiday-pops where they will be doing manicures and nail art. These pop-ups will be Dec. 19 (Sloane Boutique) from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Dec. 29 (Continuum Bazaar) from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pop-ups and events around the area will continue after they open.

“OTR is a vibrant community and we are excited to bring people together by providing a service to those who live, work and visit the neighborhood,” says Reckman. “We will specialize in nail art and encourage our customers to express themselves – while embracing their natural beauty. All services will range between $20-$55.”

“Overall, we aim to offer a convenient, healthy and affordable experience,” says Reckman. “Whether you have 15 minutes between meetings or a couple of hours to kill, there is a service here that will work for everyone.”

For updates on Spruce Natural Nail Shop, make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They are also working on launching a website in the upcoming months, where clients will be able to book appointments directly and obtain information about upcoming events.

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One local lady aims to boost your confidence and energy levels while reducing stress through her new Boot Camp for women.

Kim Hardewig Boot Camp helps you find more balanced and feel less stressed so that you can live a life full of happiness and energy.
Kim Hardewig Boot Camp helps you find more balanced and feel less stressed so that you can live a life full of happiness and energy.

Do something for yourself, because if you don’t take care of you, then you’re not living a full life. This is Kim Hardewig’s advice for a happier, less stressed and more energized you.

Kim Hardewig launched her boot camp in June 2009 as a result of her search for balance in her life. “I figured if I was trying to work, take care of my family and also find time to workout, then others were in the same situation,” says Hardewig. “I began thinking about my own workouts and when I fit them into my schedule. The one time of day that is typically free is before everyone else in my family wakes up.”

It was then that Hardewig decided to rent space at Cardinal Pacelli as a way to earn a little extra income and get back into the workforce. “I’m proud to say that I now do boot camp five days a week and it’s the main source of my income in supporting my three children,” she says. “I always wanted to have my own business and it’s an incredible feeling to be able to do what I love each day.”

“The nice thing about class is that it is early in the morning so you can do it and be back home before the rest of your family is waking up,” Hardewig continues. “A lot of parents feel better about this because they’re not cutting into family time. Other than a bad night of sleep or a sick child there aren’t many things that come up at the time of the day to interfere with your workout so it’s easier to get in a good routine.

Today, Hardwig holds her Boot Camp Monday thru Friday, 5:30-6:15 a.m. – offering a variety of classes and training equipment at a cost of $155 per month. She also offers a two-week Fat Flush program for $150, which includes a meal plan and boot camp aimed at resetting your hunger cues and eliminating certain cravings.

“Boot camp is your time away from the stress and demands of your everyday life,” says Hardewig. “For many of my clients, it is their only time that is strictly for themselves. Everyone who comes is apart of our supportive boot camp family – where regardless of each person’s different goal, we motivate and look out for one another.”

“I keep the class size small so I can give everyone individual attention,” she continues. “We play games and celebrate birthdays and other special events to keep it fun and exciting. It doesn’t feel like an exercise class. It feels like you’re getting together to workout with friends, but the workouts are tough and we make the most of the 45 minutes.”

As for the most rewarding part of her job, Hardewig explains that for her, it’s all about seeing someone totally change their life. “The best feeling in the world is watching someone learn to love themselves,” she says. “Sometimes they just need to find themselves again and realize what they’re capable of. I’m here to guide them and give them a push in the right direction.”

In order to do so, Hardewig’s goal is to continue challenging herself to learn new things and provide her clients with the best workouts possible. “I would love to learn more about my clients and help them better themselves in every aspect of their lives,” says Hardewig.

“Every November, we have ‘Gratitude Month’ and I send out daily challenges,” she continues. “My clients love them and it opens their minds to new experiences. I would like to do more things like that throughout the year because it’s really cool to see clients doing things for others, appreciating and being thankful for the wonderful things in their lives and being more mindful.”

For more details on Kim Hardewig Bootcamp or to sign up, like them on Facebook. You can also e-mail or call (513) 484-9504 for more information.

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A local group is hosting a Thanksgiving-themed event that will bring you “omm” for the holiday.

Zach Franke, Co-Founder of Foundation 513.

Do you love yoga, wine or food? Or maybe all three?

If so, join Foundation 513 at their Yoga, Wine (& Feast!) Night – Thanksgiving Edition on November 25 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Foundation 513 studio located at 2145 Central Pkwy Suite 300.

According to Patrick Hitches, one of Foundation 513’s co-founders, the purpose of Yoga, Wine (& Feast!) Night is to bring together Foundation 513 members and the local community to share in a moment of gratitude with the holidays fast approaching and to allow everyone to come together.

The night will start off with a 60-minute yoga class lead by one of Foundation 513’s yoga instructors followed by choice wines, salad picked fresh from the garden and turkey. Event participants will provide side items in a potluck-style experience.

For Hitches, the goal for Foundation 513’s Yoga, Wine (& Feast!) Night is simple – to enjoy the moment together. “It’s the little moments of life that make it so beautiful,” he says. “We hope to make each little piece of this night as magical as it can be for everyone who attends.”

“We will likely be hosting a similar event to his each month, along with some morning raves that we have been noodling on – but we’ll keep the details of that on the hush hush for now,” Hitches continues.

Recently created in a collective effort by the merging of co-founders Patrick Hitches of Foundation Fitness and MOVE Yoga, Zach Franke of Health Coach Zach and Ryan Doan of Urban Greens, Foundation 513 has become an evolution of four small businesses – a gym, yoga studio and food venue.

“We joined forces to create a more robust experience for the members of our community who were looking to tackle their health in a holistic way,” says Hitches. “Feeding people real food and giving them a place to diligently train their mind, body and soul seemed like a natural fit – so we did it.”

As for the passion found at Foundation 513, Hitches claims that the driving force is without a doubt the people. “The community and personalities that flow through our walls each and every day is a true gift,” says Hitches. “To be a part of each of their lives and to provide a space for them to work on their health in a real, authentic way is an experience unparalleled to anything I’ve yet to embark on in life.” 

“We have a special group of characters here at Foundation 513,” Hitches continues. “We have somehow gathered some of Cincinnati’s most unique humans who are seeking to make life as amazing as they possibly can. This event is a celebration of those people and a huge thank you for simply existing, as they are what make Foundation 513 the experience it is.”

To learn more about Foundation 513, watch the video below. To apply to be a part of the experience, visit Tickets to Yoga, Wine (& Feast!) Night are priced at $20 and can be purchased here.

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As a busy woman, it’s not easy to eat healthy on-the-go. That’s why one local woman launched a business to make healthy eating easier and more enjoyable.

Taste Live Love
Taste Love Live makes eating healthy easy and enjoyable, so you don’t have to sacrifice taste.

Eating during a busy work day usually involves a freezer meal, stale sandwich or greasy fast food. That’s why Candis Johnson launched her business, Taste Love Live, which makes healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

It all began a few years ago when Johnson started researching the benefits of eating more vegetables, veganism and the raw plant food movement. She began sharing everything she learned with her friends – until one day one of them said “You should really be charging us for this.” So, in 2010 Johnson began teaching raw food and plant-centric cooking classes.

“In 2013, I did a healthy eating demo for their health fair and served salad with my homemade dressings,” says Johnson. “Before long, there was a line of people waiting and excited to try my salad and wanting to know where to buy the dressing! It was at that moment that I realized my salads might be special.”

Since launching, Johnson has focused her sights on growing a very loyal client base committed to eating better. “My target audience is busy people who don’t have the time and/or know-how to prepare healthier food for themselves and their families who particularly drop the ball at lunchtime – either by skipping lunch of choosing unhealthy options,” she says.

Today, Taste Love Live offers Gourmet Signature Salads, available through catering events or through a salad subscription service; Small Batch Salad Dressings; Cooking Classes and Demonstrations. “My hope is that [clients] make healthy eating a priority for themselves and their families, and in turn, inspire people around them to do the same,” she says. “My part is to make it easier for them to do.”

Candis Johnson, Founder of Taste  Love Live

Johnson says she loves taking the guess-work out of eating healthy. “We’re different in that we help you plan for healthy eating instead of leaving it to chance,” she explains. “We offer gourmet entrée salads through our salad subscription service; you order ahead of time and our delicious salads are conveniently delivered to you on pre-designated days.”

Here is what that looks like: Individual customers typically order 3-5 salads at a time to ensure that they have healthy lunches and/or dinners throughout the week to supplement their regular eating plan or they pre-order for the month to receive salads weekly on designated days. Companies, organizations or small businesses can set up their subscription to have salads delivered to their staff on the same designated day(s) each week or a few times per month to promote ‘healthy eating days’ at their worksites.

“Our individual gourmet salads are $12-$16, made with mostly organic ingredients and promise to be some of the very best salads you’ve ever tasted,” says Johnson, adding that they offer corporate catering as well as healthy eating demonstrations and tastings for business and private clients.

“Our salad subscriptions also make a perfect holiday gift because after the onslaught of holiday parties complete with rich food and drink, most of us are ready to hit the reset button in January and eat better,” Johnson continues. “Starting the year off with our salads and bowls can help people rebound from all of that holiday eating without sacrificing great taste.”

In looking to the future, Johnson’s first priority is getting into a larger commercial space and getting more help. “That will enable us to launch online subscription ordering and increase our capacity to accept more and larger clients, as well as start offering regular cooking classes again,” she says. “I also want to bottle my salad dressings.”

For more information, call (513) 580-8146 or contact Johnson directly at
“I’m about to start a salad challenge to encourage people to eat more salads – giving people ideas on how to make simple ones at home and offer recipes on how to eat more veggies,” says Johnson. “My website hasn’t officially launched yet, but check back at the beginning of the year for updates!”

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This East Hyde Park-based laser treatment center makes laser treatments safe, accessible and easy for everyone. Read on for the not-so-hairy details.


What do you do when you don’t want whimsical tattoo on your shoulder anymore? This question set the premise for the opening of Re.You Studio. Re.You Studio specializes in laser tattoo removal, as well as laser hair removal, laser facial rejuvenation – ranging from helping sun-damaged skin to pigmented lesions – and laser nail fungus removal. Teresa Wade, founder and co-owner, opened the “stand-alone” laser treatment center in March 2013.

“We spent a year researching trends and looking at various business models and franchises, and we realized that tattoos were a hot trend that was only getting hotter,” says Ward. “We saw that in other parts of the country laser removal studios were becoming a huge business opportunity. We seized on the idea and Re.You Studio was born.”

A board of certified and laser-trained physicians conducts Re.You Studio’s services. They offer not only laser services but electrolysis for hair removal as well, thus ensuring permanent hair removal for all different types of people.

“This might seem like a totally aesthetic procedure or a luxury service, but many people suffer from embarrassment and social avoidance due to visible and excess facial and/or body hair – so we are pleased to offer a complete solution,” says Ward.

“Many upscale doctors’ offices or clinics that offer laser removal treatments can be expensive and inaccessible to the average consumer,” Ward continues. “We created Re.You in order to satisfy the need and desire for cutting-edge treatments at affordable prices – in a welcoming, comfortable environment. Unlike many local hair laser competitors, we offer free consultation, no high-pressure sales, and straightforward and affordable pricing.”

With the help of a new and distinct technique called the PinPointe laser, Re.You has the ability to treat toenail fungus safely, quickly and pain-free, administered by their board-certified podiatrists. “No anesthesia, little to no discomfort, no side effects, and zero downtime—you can exercise or polish your toenails immediately after treatment,” Ward explains. “In offering all of these services, we pride ourselves on making the cost, and thus treatments, doable for anyone.”

“We wanted to not only start a wonderful business, but to find a way to give back,” says Ward. “So we now offer removal of radiation tattoos for breast cancer survivors and tattoo removal for people in rehab programs or victims of domestic violence.”

“We have truly changed lives,” Ward continues. “Whether it’s removing a tattoo that is a painful reminder of a past relationship or helping someone simply feel more confident and beautiful, this business is really rewarding.” With an increase in demand for laser hair removal, Ward expresses that they are expanding their team at Re.You. “The most recent addition is a wonderful cosmetic therapist who specializes in laser hair removal!” she says. “We have also added a second podiatrist on select Saturday mornings, who performs the laser toenail fungus treatments.”

Re.You Studio will also be a vendor at Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase on Saturday, November 7 at The Phoenix, where they will be offering information and product sampling to attendees. Click here to RSVP. “We will have some of our favorite products on hand to try,” says Ward. “We will also offer gift certificates in any denomination – because Re.You gift certificates make a fantastic holiday gift!”

To learn more about Re.You Studio, visit or check out their location in Hyde Park at 3330 Erie Avenue.