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With record low temperatures, a local lady launches her annual Clothes Drive across Cincinnati and needs more help than ever. Read on for more.


Cincinnati’s brutally cold winter weather makes it tough just to walk out the door, let alone live in these conditions. That’s what inspired Liz Wu to launch the #Kindflash City-Wide Clothes Drive four years ago.

According to Wu, the annual #Kindflash Citywide Clothes Drive demonstrates kindness and how people can get involved and make a difference. It’s a weekend long event and this year, from Jan. 19-21, where as many donors and volunteers as possible distribute warm clothing such as hats, gloves, scarves, and socks across the city.

“I thought it would be the least I could do to gather a few friends and put out some warm clothing items,” Wu says. “I created a Facebook event and invited a dozen or so people to join in.”

Quickly, Wu’s small gesture turned into something grand. In fact, in the first year, Wu says, there were 20 drop-off sites organized around the area, within 35 Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Each year, the #Kindflash Clothes Drive has grown and Wu is preparing to reach 60 neighborhoods, with 40 items each, totaling around 2,400 items distributed. Wu and her team are expecting at least 100 volunteers who will help throughout the weekend.

“A big part of this project is in bringing visibility to the plight of vulnerable populations, especially during the winter,” Wu says. “Connecting the items with people who need them is an important part of the project, but raising awareness of these issues, and also demonstrating how simple it can be to take direct action (however small) is also our intention.”

Wu says there are two ways to get involved in the #KindFlash Clothes Drive: volunteering your materials or with your time.

For item donations, Wu says they’re looking for anything warm, and they’re accepting items until Jan. 18 at 5 p.m. For more information visit #Kindflash City-wide Clothes Drive on Facebook.

If interested in donating your time, sign up as a volunteer to distribute the items. #Kindflash is looking for volunteers Jan 19-21 to help bag items and pass them out. If interested, click here.


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The line between technology and the media is becoming more blurred all the time. From ten or twenty years ago when the media was restricted to the television and the newspapers, it has now become part of our daily lives. You can’t use Twitter or Facebook without a company trying to sell you something or tell you about an important news story. With all of this increased exposure, also comes a growing need for you to be aware of your data and where it’s going. 

Be Aware of New Trends

The best way to stay aware of new trends in technology and the digital world is to read one of the many popular websites that cover and review new technology. The more mainstream sites will give you a consumer’s eye view of new products such as cell phones and laptops. These sites are great if you want to know what new gadget you should be looking for, or if you want to know which phone upgrade to accept. They can also sometimes draw attention to new security features that can make your phone or laptop more secure. 

Take Note of New Scams

When it comes to the internet and social media, there are always sites or advertising that look official or legitimate but are there to scam innocent people. Many of these scams work hard to look like something else to give them credibility, though you will soon find accounts of people becoming affected by them. If you see an ad or a webpage that is asking for your personal information, you need to ensure that it is a legitimate site. Any site asking for personal details should use an encrypted way to store your data. If you have any doubts about it, then try searching the internet for that company. You may find accounts of others that have been the victim of their scam. 

Monitor for Viruses

There has been a lot of news and advice on the internet about protecting your data by securing your phone and computer from viruses. New viruses are developed all the time, and they are finding their way into almost all technology. It is important that you are aware of where viruses can potentially come from and have adequate protection from them. The most common way to get a virus at home is through your emails; if you find an email that you don’t recognize, it is best not to open it or any attachment that is sent with it. 

Recovering Your Lost Data

In some cases, your computer can be affected by a virus without you knowing where it originated. If you do find that you have lost data as a result of a virus, then there are ways that you can recover the data with companies like Secure Data Recovery Services. It is important to remove the virus beforehand from your computer using your anti-virus software, or your data will still be at risk. 

By staying in touch with trends on the internet and technology, you can try to protect yourself from any adverse effects.  

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Learn about the dynamic healthcare duo that’s now offering a revolutionary same-day total hip replacement outpatient surgery option.


St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy now offer same day total hip replacement surgery

St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy’s Dr. Grunkemeyer now offer same day total hip replacement as one of our many outpatient orthopedic surgery options. At the forefront of orthopedics, we provide surgical innovations including same day outpatient joint replacement procedures that offer a faster recovery time.

When you choose the St. Elizabeth Total Joint Center, you receive the most advanced orthopedic care and in some cases you can return to the comfort of your home rather than staying overnight in the hospital following joint replacement surgery. 

Total hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgery that involves removing the damaged hip and replacing it with a hip prosthesis. This surgery helps relieve the grinding between the two surfaces of the ball and joint in patients with chronic hip arthritis so they are able to walk without pain.

Can I have same day total hip replacement?

Not everyone who needs hip replacement surgery is a candidate for same day total hip replacement. You may be a candidate if you meet certain clinical criteria, are motivated to return home the same day, and have a home environment conductive to a healthy recovery.

Benefits of same day surgery

The number one benefit of same day total hip replacement is that you can plan to return to the comfort of your home after surgery, rather than staying overnight in the hospital.

We also offer:

  • A minimally invasive, anterior (front) approach to the surgery, resulting in less pain and shorter recovery time.
  • Spinal anesthesia, which helps you avoid the use of a breathing tube and possible pulmonary complications associated with general anesthetic.

To find out more about same day total hip replacement or to make an appointment with Dr. Grunkemeyer at OrthoCincy, please call (859) 301-2663 (BONE), or request an appointment.

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A Good Sleep: Why You Need It & How To Get It

It’s something we’ve been told since we were kids: Getting a good night’s rest is important. But with our busy schedules and long list of responsibilities, getting eight hours of restful slumber can be difficult. So why is it so important to get good sleep? And how can we ensure that we do get a good rest? Let’s check it out.

Why Is a Good Sleep Important?

While one night here and there of bad sleep can’t be avoided, regular unrest can see numerous consequences for both your health and beauty.

In a recent study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that less than seven hours of sleep a night on an ongoing basis increases an individual’s risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and various mental illnesses. As your body has not been given the chance to adequately rest and restore itself, your cognitive and physical functions are severely impaired, leading to lack of focus, constant tiredness and higher risk of accidents.

Not only does lack of sleep affect your body, but it can impact on your beauty, too — especially your skin. Without the chance to restore itself, the moisture and pH levels in your skin reduce, causing you to lose that glow and youthfulness in your face. Dark circles are another big side effect of lack of sleep, as well as dry, flaky and acne-prone breakouts due to your body being tired and not performing at its optimum capabilities.

How Do You Get a Good Sleep?

Now that you’re convinced that a good sleep is essential to your health and beauty, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help you get a consistently good rest. There are a few things you can do, some big and some small, to encourage a deep sleep:

Buy a Good Mattress

Having a mattress that caters to your specific sleeping style and support needs is essential to ensuring your body is relaxed, comfortable and well rested. Consider the mattress type and the size that is appropriate, and if you’re struggling to identify what is right for you, try visiting a mattress store website to do some research.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

By going to sleep at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning, you will be able to regulate your body’s internal clock. After a while, your body will become accustomed to this schedule and you will no longer find it difficult to fall asleep and wake up.

Have a Good Bedtime Ritual

By preparing your body for sleep a couple of hours before bed, you will find that it is easier to fall asleep. Establish a bedtime routine that involves keeping your body relaxed by avoiding bright lights from televisions, computer screens and phones, as well as anything that will stimulate your body, such as large meals and loud music.

Be Active

In order to sleep through the night, your body has to be tired. Therefore, remaining active during the day through adequate exercise and avoiding daytime naps is a great way to make sure your body is tired enough to crash at night.

Good sleep is essential to maintaining your health and beauty. Be aware of the consequences of inadequate rest and try and follow these few simple steps to help you sleep well every night.

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While a heart attack affects men and women in the same way, they experience the symptoms differently. Experts at St. Elizabeth Healthcare explain the key symptoms a woman should take to heart.


The pressure between her shoulder blades would not let up. And when Karen Lugo, who is always cold, started sweating, her son called 911.

“I had no idea that I was having a heart attack,” said Karen.  She’s young (just 54), in good shape, and had no cardiac history. “I never had chest pain. My arm didn’t hurt.” No sharp shooting pains, just pressure. “Everybody who knows me, knows my family, was pretty shocked.” Neither of her parents had heart problems. She was fatigued and her stomach was upset, but she thought that might be the flu.

“Since I had my heart attack, I’ve had the symptoms printed up.” And, she’s eager to tell women that the symptoms for women are different than those experienced by men.

Unexplained feelings of nervousness and anxiety.  Tingling in hands and arms. Headaches. Pain in the jaw or neck, shortness of breath, nausea. Or, breaking out in a cold sweat.  They are all on her list and the list of the American Heart Association.

“And I tell everybody to quit smoking…I’d already started quitting” before the heart attack, Karen said. Since: no more cigarettes. Within an hour of her arrival in the St. Elizabeth Hospital emergency room, Dr. Daniel Courtade, a cardiologist with St. Elizabeth Physicians, put a stent in one of her arteries.

“Luckily,” said Karen, “it was one of the smaller ones.” But it was completely clogged. Two weeks later, Karen was back at work as a quality technician for a local factory.

There are no restrictions on what she can do and that means the world to Karen, who can run and play ball with her four grandchildren, ages 16 months to 13 years. “I enjoy my grandkids. They keep me young.”

If you believe you are having a heart attack, call 911 or have someone drive you to the emergency room right away – do not drive yourself.

To learn more about heart health and the simple steps you can take to get to a healthier lifestyle, click here to register for Women Take Heart: Wine and Watercolor, a fun social and educational event for women offered by St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Call (859) 301-9355 for more information.

Editor’s Note: This is a special advertising supplement, paid for by St. Elizabeth Healthcare.


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Women have been suffering from hair loss as far back as they can remember, but it’s only been in the last few years that it has become more mainstream as far as talking about it and dealing with it. It has always been seen as an issue that affects men physically and mentally, and it’s only now that the medical community and society as a whole understands that it affects women just as deeply.

For a woman who is suffering from hair loss, there is always a quest to find answers and solutions. Is it possible to slow down or, better yet, reverse hair loss in women? Let’s take a closer look.

The Best Answer is Prevention

Unfortunately, when it comes to slowing down or reversing hair loss in women, there is no sure fire solution. There are a number of hair loss products on the market today, with some pretty impressive results, but one simply can’t guarantee that every single woman will enjoy the same results. With that said, professionals always say that prevention is the best answer.

Hair loss can be caused by all kinds of different things, many of which are out of the woman’s control, however some can be controlled and at least minimized. For example, dramatic weight loss and stress can both cause hair loss in women. By cutting back on each of these issues, the woman may be able to prevent hair loss altogether.

Treatment Options

For women who can’t control the situation and prevent hair loss from occurring, it’s best to look into the variety of hair growth products for women. Your doctor will be able to talk with you about various products that you can purchase that can stimulate new hair growth. Many of these are in a shampoo-type formula so they are very easy to use.

Diet has also been shown to play a huge part in hair loss. Did you know that by increasing your intake of vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and protein that you can be helping your hair to really thrive? Ideally, you want to get these items through food, but if not you can always take a supplement.

For women who love to use hot tools to style your hair, it’s time to put those tools away and let your hair go au natural. There is nothing more damaging to your hair than a blow dryer, straight iron, and curling iron. Each of these ends up causing breakage, which will make your hair appear even thinner.

Stress is another big factor in hair loss, so it can be extremely beneficial to find ways to relax and unwind.

A final tip is to start massaging your head each time you wash your hair. Spend time to actually rub your scalp and really let your shampoo do its job. Massage will also work to improve the blood flow in your scalp, which can help.

There is Help Available

While there is no one-size fits all solution that will work for every woman out there, you’ll find that there are a variety of treatment options that can at least slow down a person’s hair loss.

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If you’re trying to organize a party for the girls and you want it to be a night to remember, you’ve probably already had thoughts of Magic Mike flashing in your head. A bachelorette party isn’t a party unless it has pecs, biceps and chiseled six packs. If you’re in charge of the organization then the only way to justify your role as chief organizer is to give everyone the night of their lives.


You want bronzed Adonis’s that will pump and grind your party to the next level. There are lots of male revue companies that claim to give ladies the ultimate entertainment but you should go for a company that has a great reputation so you know it won’t be an anti-climax. Hunks the Show has had amazing feedback from women across the country that have been taken to ecstasy with their performances.


Why not set the scene for your bachelorettes by having a warm up evening; have a few glasses of wine and watch Magic Mike to give everyone a taste of the fun to come. Going to Las Vegas to see the real experience is the thing that only dreams are made of. Channing Tatum and his lean, sexy friends would be the best experience anyone could have the pleasure of. If you can’t get the real thing then there are still lots of very beautiful men out there that won’t be happy until you see their torsos.


Bachelorette parties can be great for all if you get the right mix of entertainment. Some good drinking games to get the party started, some forfeits for people to complete and what happens after that may well bit a bit of a blur. But make sure that is a blur of hunky men, dripping with sweat after an energetic performance.


If you’re looking for some party game inspiration, look no further. Have you thought about setting a dress theme for the party? How about film stars from the 60s/70s/80s? Always makes for some great outfits. Then there’s the sex toy introduction – can you actually have a bachelorette party without a vibrating little friend to embarrass your friend? That wouldn’t be any fun at all now would it?


Cocktail making…. Everybody loves a cocktail and it is great fun learning how to put al of the ingredients together. Obviously the best bit is getting to sample it afterwards, just for quality control purposes obviously! Don’t overdo it with the cocktail drinking because you can hit the clubs later on and have a great night of dancing to all of your favorite tunes.


Whatever you choose for your bachelorette party, make sure that it is a night that nobody will forget for a very long time. If that means having to ogle lots of half naked hunky men then hey, that’s just a sacrifice you’re going to have to make for your friends!


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Online nursing degrees were pretty much unknown just a few years ago. Most people interested in pursuing a career in nursing had to attend a brick-and-mortar school. However, this is no longer the case. Online learning has taken off, and over 9 out of 10 universities offer online degrees today.

Every degree imaginable is on offer including nursing. Now, people with families or busy schedules can pursue a career in nursing without losing a step. This should come as great news for women willing to go back to school, particularly moms.

Nursing is currently one of the most in-demand professions and offers great job prospects. Pursuing a career in nursing might be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. Here are six reasons why every woman should consider pursuing an online nursing degree.

1) Nurses Earn Good Pay

One of the best things about being a nurse is the pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a registered nurse (RN) currently earns $67,500 per year, or just over $32 per hour. The BLS also projects the employment of nurses to grow by 16% over the next 10 years. This translates to 439,300 jobs. An online nursing degree from a school such as Arizona State University is all it takes for one to become an RN and online degrees are increasingly accepted by a wide variety of institutions.

2) Online Learning is Flexible

Attending traditional nursing classes is impossible for anyone who works in shifts. But with an online nursing program, one can learn at their own pace, even with a busy schedule. The flexibility of the program allows even busy single moms to complete it.

3) The Convenience of Studying from Home

Studying nursing online is also convenient. Leaving home to access education facilities is no longer necessary. One can forget the hassle of commuting to and from school and getting stuck in traffic in the process. All learning materials are available online and are accessible from anywhere, and at any time. Interacting with teachers and fellow students is also done online.

4) Online Degrees are Often Cheaper

Unlike their traditional counterparts, online schools need no physical facilities. They conduct all their operations online. As a result, their operating and administrative costs are lower. These cost-savings then pass on to their students in the form of lower tuition fees.

Besides saving money in tuition fees, pursuing an online nursing degree offers many financial benefits. One saves money that would have otherwise gone to buying gas for commuting to school. Since one studies at home, paying for childcare is not necessary as well.

5) Study in a Shorter Period of Time

As mentioned earlier, online studies are available all the time. So one can study without taking breaks if need be. Completing an online nursing degree in a short period of time is, therefore, possible. This makes transitioning from another career to nursing easy.

6) International Exposure

Online learning allows one to enroll in any university regardless of its location. As a result, online classrooms bring students from around the world together. An online nursing degree is no different. Students from all races, cultures, and nationalities get to interact in class and in online school communities. This international exposure prepares one to work anywhere and with anyone.


Obtaining a nursing degree has never been easier than it is today, and online nursing degrees allow students to work from wherever, whenever they please. This offers great flexibility to busy mothers who either want more job opportunities or simply seek a career they always dreamed of.

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Although our homes are supposed to be a safe and secure sanctuary for us to relax and unwind in, the safety features which keep your home secure day to day can often become used, worn and even damaged over time. Because of this, improving the safety and security of your home often means that a design update for the security features or even the interior or exterior of your home itself is essential. No matter which type of home or area you live in, these handy design updates and changes can help you to feel safer when you’re at home.

Doors and Locks

Your front door is the main entry point into your home, therefore making sure that it is secure as possible is essential in order to keep any unwanted visitors out. Having a secure front door with a good locking system will reduce your chances of having your home broken into, as most burglars don’t want to waste their time and risk getting caught tackling hard-to-crack locks. If your front door lock is getting weak, you’ve lost your key or you simply would feel safer with a stronger, updated lock, get in touch with


Paying attention to the features of your home’s exterior can help you to make your home more secure and safer overall. Cutting down on the amount of large bushes and shrubs that you have outdoors and going for a more minimal design is not only a super modern, trendy look that’s less maintenance, it also provides any potential burglars with a lack of hiding places. Pair this with a good set of motion-sensor security lights, and you’ll improve the security of your home significantly.


Using mirrors in your home can not only help to create the illusion of larger and more spacious rooms, they can also make for excellent safety features. Mirrors allow you to keep your eye on what is going on both inside and outside of your home, and can definitely help you to feel a little bit safer.

Security Systems

A good security system is a feature that every modern household should aim to have. Whether you only have a security alarm that will sound if your home is broken into or have a full security set-up with cameras and smart alerts via text or email, this is one of the best investments that you can make in your home when it comes to making it safer to live in and reducing your risk of break-ins and burglaries whether you’re at home or away.

Interior Design

The interior design of your home could also contribute to how safe your home is. Although it’s unlikely to influence your risk of break-ins, the interior of your home could be posing a bigger risk than you realise to your health and safety, especially if you have young children. Walking through your home and conducting a safety audit, for example identifying areas where trips and falls are more likely and fixing this, can make your house a safer home for everyone.

Share your home safety and security tips in the comments below.