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A company expanding to the Cincinnati market is focused on empowerment and development of women to find their diamonds within. Read to find out more.

Diamond Companies Limited, the parent company to various brands focusing on the empowerment of women, aims to empower and develop women by engaging in acts of community service, self-awareness and networking. Diamond Companies encompasses both for-profit and non-profit sectors.

“Currently, we are focusing on our ‘Ladies Night Out’ initiative where we take the concept of a ladies night and create a space for women from all walks of life where we gather on a set evening with food, conversation, networking, and uplifting,” says Dayona Turner, CEO and Founder of Diamond Companies Limited. Turner has had her focus on the engagement of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She has a strong passion for building youth and women.

“Motivated by own life experiences and the experiences of others, I developed this brand to serve women in more ways than one,” Turner explains, adding that her educational background is a bachelors in Sociology and Psychology, a Master of Arts in Human Services and she is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

The concept of Diamond Companies came to Turner when she began to reflect on her personal life experiences, and how a Diamond’s journey of development and discovery is similar to her own. 

“When we think of a diamond, we think of the process that it goes through; to the core of a diamond its carbon, the heat is turned up and then there is intense pressure, at the end of the process the diamond rise to the surface to cool,” says Turner. “So is the same with the human experience. We go through life experiencing the heat and intensity of our journey but after that experiences we rise to the surface with more value than what we may have started with.”

The mission of Diamond Companies is to maintain a solutions-oriented enterprise where they empower and develop women by engaging them in acts of self-awareness, community service, and networking. Diamond Companies strives to provide strategic consulting services for individuals, business, corporations, non profits, and more.
“What makes us unique is that when we come together, we solve problems. Our women not only get the chance to network with one another but when we are together, we are strategizing about life, family, and business,” Turner explains, adding that her participants leave with solutions, as they not only address life’s experiences, but also find ways to overcome, enhance, and build on life to become the best individuals they can be.

Turner says she is currently in the process of expanding into creating a staffing agency. “By creating a sound business model for an employment agency, we can develop and grow the economy of our city and providing capable individuals with opportunities for employment,” she explains, adding that the agency will specialize in assisting women and youth, but they will provide opportunities for everyone. 

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This ethical and sustainable clothing, art, and home goods store has big goals to impact the fashion industry. Keep reading for more.

Want your purchases to support independent artists and woman-owned businesses while also being eco-friendly and sustainably made?

Wolfpack, a new store in Over the Rhine, carries ethically and sustainably made clothing, art, home goods, and gifts. “We focus on supporting independent artists, woman owned businesses, and other creatives trying to make the world a better place,” says Katherine Dalton, owner and operator of Wolfpack.

Wolfpack carries mostly women’s clothing, though they do carry some unisex tees. “We have a wide range of clothing, from graphic tees to dresses, jumpsuits, denim shorts, blouses, sweaters, and one of a kind vintage finds,” says Dalton.

Everything they do has a purpose behind it, Dalton says, as all of their clothing and art is ethically made. “Many people don’t know what that means, but the quickest way to explain it is that all of our goods were made by people who were paid a living wage and worked in a safe & fair work place,” Dalton explains. “It is sad to say that this is something we have to distinguish, because most people probably assume the people making their clothing and home goods were treated with basic human dignity, but unfortunately that is not the case.” 

Dalton says they strive for sustainability as much as possible in the products they sell and their business. “Whether that means reusing packaging to reduce waste, sourcing clothing that is made from eco-friendly fabric, stocking reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes, or selling vintage and second hand clothing and home goods to help slow the cycle of over consumption, we are constantly aiming to take the best care of our environment as we possibly can,” Dalton explains.

”Wolfpack is more than just a shop – it’s a mindset. It’s looking out for one another, it’s taking responsibility, it’s accepting that we are all beholden to our earth and our fellow human kind. because the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives,” Dalton adds.

After reading about the fashion industry a few years ago, learning how people were treated in the garment industry, and how it impacted the environment, Dalton says she was inspired to do something about it. Enter, Wolfpack.

Dalton says Wolfpack has lofty goals rooted in sustainability and making a change. “I hope that we can empower people to be more conscious consumers – to care about their impact on their fellow man and the home we all share, and to have that change the kind of consumers they become,” Dalton explains. A few of the business goals she has for Wolfpack is to carry more size inclusive styles, carry more men’s clothing, to one day have their own line of original clothing, and to aim to bring sewing and production jobs to Cincinnati to support the local economy.

Wolfpack is located at 1342 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. To learn more, visit, or follow along on Instagram.

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Creativity, adventure and style is what you’ll find with this local blogger. Read on for all the fun details.

Coming in Clutch is a fashion blog that showcases creativity, adventure, and style by Bryanna Bach.

You can never have too much creativity or adventure in life, according to Bryanna Bach. That’s why she launched Coming in Clutch, a Cincinnati-based lifestyle blog full of creativity, adventure and style with breathtakingly colorful and spontaneous photography at an array of locations.

“Coming in Clutch is a destination for creative introverts to have more fun, to trust their creativity, and be confident in themselves,” Bach says. “This site covers fashion and travel minded topics on styling, trend forecasting, branding and life adventures.”

Bach says the most unique thing about Coming in Clutch is the willingness to think and step outside the box. With a desire to help you reach you your inner most creative self, Bach likes to practice what she preaches. Mix that in with a quirky and innovative style and showcasing outfits with a backdrop of unique locations – many of which from around the Tri-State – and you have the secrets to success for Coming in Clutch.

Bach is a content creator, blogger, fashion merchandising graduate, digital marketing specialist, stylist, adventurist, and self-proclaimed millennial creative introvert. The blog, she says, is always encouraging her to explore new places and meet new people. “I’m always down to explore the local beers of Cincy, so don’t be scared to give me a holler!” says Bach.

Coming in Clutch provides a variety of content for its readers. “The materials covered on offer creative tips on channeling inner creativity and showcases these tips through the hidden gems of Cincinnati, blog posts, tutorials, travel guides, and visual storytelling,” Bach explains. Plus, she adds, with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, she shares her fashion tips with posts about what to wear, how to wear it, where to find it, and how it incorporates your wardrobe.

“Coming in Clutch’s mission is to be that creative cheerleader to help you find you inner-most creative self,” says Bach. 

With a love for travel, Bach says she loves to go on spontaneous road trips. Whether she is embarking on an international adventure or jumping in the car and exploring the Midwest, she always enjoys bringing her virtual friends along. “Factor in some more video content — cue the visual styling guides, fashion hauls, clutch finds roundups and travel journals — and you just might find the fresh inspiration that you didn’t even know you needed in your life,” says Bach. 

To learn more about Coming in Clutch, check out her website You can also follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. You can contact her at

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A successful locally-based online store opens a new storefront in Sharonville. Read on for all the fashionable details.

LeiMarie Limited, a former online-only boutique, recently opened a storefront in Sharonville.

LeiMarie Limited recently opened their first free-standing store in downtown Sharonville. 

What once started with a passion for fashion and an online store, Chrissy Gedeon owner of LeiMarie Limited, says having a goal to sell quality clothing and accessories for all ages and sizes is what made them a success from the starting block.

“Ranging in sizes small to 3XL, we’ve really got something for everyone,” she adds. “If casual tops and distressed denim is your thing, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a graphic tee and joggers type, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a sundress for a baby or wedding shower, and also need a cute gift, we’ve got all of that! Stop in, and you’ll see why we were voted Online Boutique of the year. We’re so happy to have a home for our online tribe to gather and claim cuteness.”

The store, LeiMarie Limited, is named after Gedeon and her daughter Anisten’s middle names. Anisten’s is Lei and Gedeon’s is Marie. “We strive to incorporate family into everything,” she explains. “Anisten is five, and does live videos on our Facebook and Instagram announcing winners of giveaways and new style pieces hitting the floor, It’s very entertaining and viewers truly look forward to her magic tricks and unpredictable antics each week.”

Gedeon says a lot of time and thought goes into every piece selected for the store. “We’re unique in that the owner hand-chooses each style piece and gift brought into the store,” she adds. “If we wouldn’t wear it, we won’t bring it in store. If we wouldn’t give it as a gift, we won’t bring it in store.”

The new store is located at 11090 Reading Road in Sharonville. Gedeon says she selected downtown Sharonville because of its charm and because the surrounding businesses have been so welcoming. “Our neighbor, Game On Fitness, is such a complimentary clientele,” says Gedeon. “There is a focus to bring life to the downtown area, and we’re honored to join that effort.” 


Gedeon says she immediately knew when she walked into the space that is now the boutique. “When touring properties, we literally had the “this is home” feeling when stepping into the space.”

In addition to the new storefront, Gedeon says she also just brought on two Stylist Champions to help with the shopper experience. “We’ll strive to bring unique fashion, increase our fashion choices in plus size, and be a one stop shop for all your special events needs — babies, weddings, engagements, teachers,” says Gedeon.

LeiMarie Limited hosts monthly Featured Vendors, where they bring in new handmade items and other local business as spotlights. They also do a girls night out once a month, with a variety of amazing surprises themes, giveaways, and charity focuses. “New clothing and gift arrivals happen weekly, which makes it new each and every time you stop in!”

To learn more and follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and their website

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Learn about the locally-based non-profit that’s freeing and empowering women in South Asia through their athleisure lifestyle brand.

Aruna is an athleisure lifestyle brand creating functional luxury accessories for their customers and for their mission in empowering women and supporting them in their access to freedom, rights, and opportunity. Their focus is to create lifelong freedom for the sexually enslaved who they free, empower, and employ in South Asia. Aruna, the US non-profit, has developed a plan that addresses the issues these women face on a daily basis and creates a solution to free and employ to build opportunities.

“We have two goals for two groups of people,” says April Berg, Co-Founder of the Aruna Project. “Our goal for our customers is to offer them a sense of confidence both in how they look with functional luxury products made with eco-friendly fabrics and trims and also in how they feel, knowing that they are now linked to the freedom story of the Artisans who handcrafted their Aruna products. Our goal for the Artisans is to create lifelong freedom through empowerment and employment in a community of wholistic care creating a sisterhood of those who have overcome. We envision a day where each young woman is free to choose her own adventure.”

Aruna raises awareness and funds their mission of long term freedom through volunteers across the U.S and using income earned from the selling of their products and applying that to aid the women in South Asia.

“We combine the best of non-profit and for profit to create lifelong freedom. Through volunteer led Aruna Runs across the US, we mobilize thousands to raise awareness and funds to accelerate the freedom process,” says Berg. “Through our Freedom Business in South Asia, we create functional luxury products that generate earned income to ensure Artisans earn a living wage, retirement savings, health care, and ongoing counseling.”

The Aruna projects focuses on a model that allows them to reach as many women as they can and create a path for their success and guidance. Not only do they focus on generating a living wage for them, but they also give them valuable training and skills to help further them in their quest for lifelong freedom.

“Through our US non-profit we mobilize thousands across the US to Run for Her Freedom in Aruna Runs,” Berg explains. In running for a specific exploited woman by name, each Aruna Run participant raises awareness of her need and raises money to help bring and sustain her freedom.”

“Those funds are primarily utilized in our Training Center, in the heart of the brothel system in South Asia, to help free the women through daily visits in the brothels, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and financially incentivized Skill and Trade Development to accelerate the freedom process.”

“Through our Indian Private Limited Company (for profit business owned by the US non-profit) we employ those set free from the brothel system through our Training Center and bring them into an environment marked by holistic care,”says Berg. “Each Artisans earns a living wage, health care, retirement and on-going counseling. In purchasing from Aruna each customer receives an exceptional product and joins in the freedom story of the very Artisan who handcrafted it.”

Aruna creates and sells functional luxury accessories. “From the Kushi Duffel to the Sonu Backpack to the Bharti Backpack Tote, each product is designed for everyday all-day use. From the gym to the office to afterwork drinks, Aruna products have you covered. Each made with Blue Sign certified fabric and strength tested trims, our accessories provide confidence in how you look and the good you’ve done. We also have a collection of Headbands to keep those flyaways out of the way. With our super soft recycled polyester Reshma Headbands and a variety of color options, these no stick headbands will have you coming back for more. Next up? We’re exploring apparel options, but you’ll have to wait to see!”

The inspiration behind Aruna is, “We believe every woman and girl should be free to choose her own adventure.”

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The Cincinnati-based franchisee behind the local Clothes Mentor stores opens a new Beavercreek location. Read on for a peek inside!

Clothes Mentor will soon open a new location in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Hyde Park, West Chester, Fields Ertel, Anderson … and now, Beavercreek.

These are the area Clothes Mentor franchise locations owned by a locally-based family business, according to its Chief Operating Officer Kate (Finger) Paynter.

Paynter says Clothes Mentor takes pride in distinguishing themselves in the category of consignment. There, you can find name brand and designer clothes, shoes, and accessories up to 70% off of retail prices.

“We are a women’s resale store for all women, carrying sizes 0-26, petite, plus, and maternity,” says Paynter. “We buy and sell gently used, brand name and designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories in current style and great condition. We make selling what you are no longer wearing easy – we pay cash on-the-spot, 7 days a week, no appointment needed!”

What makes Clothes Mentor so unique is their evolving inventory and customer oriented decisions, Paynter says. “We get new inventory every day, so we are never the same store twice. You never know what you might find,” Paynter adds. “And unlike consignment stores, where you may wait weeks to receive payment, we pay you immediately for items that we would like to purchase.”

Their new Beavercreek location will help to expand the success they’ve seen in Cincinnati, Paynter says. “We have been hoping to expand to Dayton for about a year now, and we finally found the perfect location in Beavercreek next to our children’s and teen resale stores,” Paynter adds. “It’s a great location with the mall across the street and other new businesses in the area.”

According to Paynter, the new location also extends their company’s mission to make life easier and more convenient for women. “We want to give customers a convenient and easy way to sell what they are no longer wearing. We know women are busy! We can usually give you a quote in about 20 minutes while you shop around the store,” Paynter says. “And if you are planning on donating any items we can’t purchase, we will save you the extra trip and donate them for you. All donated items go to Matthews 25 Ministries.”

Paynter says this new store may be one of many more new locations to come in the future. “We would love to open one to two more locations, but we won’t think about until we have our new store up and running for at least a year.”

To follow along, stay updated, and learn about new arrivals and upcoming events, Paynter says the best way is to find them on Instagram. “We love Instagram! Once we open, Instagram followers can ‘comment to hold’ items we post on Instagram, it’s our version of online shopping,” Paynter explains. “We also post all upcoming events and sales on our Facebook and website.”

Get in touch via Instagram, Facebook, and their website!


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A local high-end jeweler is launching a retail concept to develop a new take on luxury and consignment shopping.

Stafford Jewelers is launching a new luxury consignment shop in Hyde Park this summer.

Consignment is the new chic, according to Stafford Jewelers.

This local destination for fine jewelry with more than 20 years of expertise in the diamond industry, owned by a family with more than 35 years of expertise, recently launched a new luxury retail concept: ShopJacobJames.

“ShopJacobJames reimagines luxury resale and consignment, putting quality products and customer service at the forefront of everything we do,” says Amy Stafford, Co-Owner of Stafford Jewelers. “When a shopper walks into ShopJacobJames we want them to have the same high-end experience they would have walking into any of our Stafford Jewelry stores.”  

The inspiration behind ShopJacobJames comes from their goal in developing a new concept to luxury consignment shopping. “We really champion the art of hospitality in all of our stores and wanted to bring a new vision to what luxury consignment shopping could be,” Stafford says. “Our question was: what can we bring to the table that no one else is? ShopJacobJames offers a tangible experience with hard-to-find luxury items, and one-on-one customer attention, including a private consultation area for those wishing to be discreet.”

This is a natural extension of the family business, Stafford explains. “We have specialized in fine jewelry in Cincinnati for over two decades, and ShopJacobJames — named after my sons Jacob and Jimmy — is another way that we can offer a unique, luxury experience for our shoppers.”

In order to create and establish ShopJacobJames, they are able to use Stafford purchasers and portions of consignment items submitted by customers.

“We specialize in new and pre-owned luxury items including jewelry, handbags, watches and other fashion accessories at an inviting price point,” Stafford says. “The product inventory is curated by Stafford purchasers from an extensive partner network with a portion also comprised of ‘consignment’ items submitted by customers — all of which is sold in-store and online.”

The unique nature of ShopJacobJames is centered around their lively location and the personalized experience, Stafford explains. “We are a lifestyle centric destination located directly on Hyde Park Square, so we want our guests to make the day of it and experience our product on their own terms.”

The Stafford family has big goals for ShopJacobJames. “We want to be the first store people think of when they think luxury restore, the card they keep in their back pocket or talk about at cocktail parties,” Stafford says. “When our shoppers get an email from us, before they open it we want them to be excited because they know that inside is the latest and best in luxury resale at their fingertips.”

To learn more, visit online at, where you can also join their email list for sneak peeks at new inventory and exclusive deals, and on Facebook and Instagram.

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A local professional women’s organization is launching a new way to help women find the resources they need to advance their careers.

Ellevate Network, an organization launched 21 years ago with chapters nationwide, is passionate about their mission in creating a community of strong professional women who strive to help each other succeed. The Ellevate Network community opens doors for opportunities to gain inspiration from other hard-working women, as well as helping women expand in the next steps of their careers.

To further that mission, the organization recently announced the launch of a new initiative: Ellevate Experts.

“Ellevate Experts are the women within our community who are committed to supporting our members through their career journeys,” says Johanna Pulgarin, program manager for Ellevate Network. “By sharing their knowledge, stories, and best career advice, our Experts can be the catalyst you need to help you achieve your professional goals.”

According to Pulgarin, Ellevate Experts allows for moments of shared knowledge, opportunity, and constant support. 

The inspiration behind Ellevate Experts is to make it easier for professional women to communicate and collaborate to expand in their endeavors. “We wanted to make it easier for Ellevate members to find and connect with other members who might be able to help them achieve their professional goals,” Pulgarin explains. “There are so many incredible women in the network, but it can be intimidating to have to search through for someone who might have the experience and advice you’re looking for. Ellevate Experts have shown their breadth of knowledge through submitting content on our site, and are committed to supporting other women. It’s a lot less intimidating to reach out to someone when you know they’re part of a group of women who want to help.”

“The project,” Pulgarin says, “couldn’t have been made possible without the work of the rest of the Product, Design, and Engineering teams.”

There is a specific process involved in building the community and creating effective networking. This process is what makes Ellevate Experts so empowering and allows them to continue to flourish, according to Pulgarin.

“Members are labeled as Ellevate Experts after engaging with specific benefits on our website — they’ve published two or more articles, have hosted a Jam Session (what we call our webinars) or spoken at one of our events, and they’ve filled out their Member Profile,” Pulgarin says. “Once those requirements are met, they’re featured on the Ellevate Experts page of our site. We encourage members to reach out to each other via the Conversations messaging tool on our site with specific asks or genuine interest in each others’ experiences, to create authentic connections that go beyond the typical cold introduction we dread when networking.”

The uniqueness of Ellevate Experts comes from its Ellevate members, Pulgarin explains. “They already believe in the importance of seeing more women succeed in their careers,” she adds. “They believe in lifting each other up, and they do what they can with what they know in order to play a role in that success. There’s huge potential in creating an impactful connection with an Expert who can answer your questions or give advice about the professional goals you’re trying to achieve.”

This new launch isn’t the only thing Ellevate has brewing. “We’re continuing to help our community make the most impactful connections they can, and one way is by offering Suggested Connections in our member directory and throughout the site based on things like your city, your goals, your industry, and other factors,” Pulgarin explains. “Soon you’ll see Suggested Experts to help you narrow your search even further.”

To learn more, visit