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Tyson Designs focuses on designing, not just decorating. We enhance the architectural features uniting the decor with your distinctive expression of style. Whatever the project scope, the designer will create a design concept, gather the right choices for your style & budget, and bring all the selections to you. If you are feeling uncertain about your options for your remodeling project, then it's time to hire a professional. Let us offer you peace of mind guiding you through the design process.

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Our new interior design columnist offers these five festively fabulous ways to bring the beauty of the holidays into your home.

Our design columnist offers five tips for decorating for Christmas.

Pile on the Plaid

Use plaid for a classic old school take on Holiday Cheer. Today, plaid is a bit of a maverick pattern with an affluent hipster preppiness. All the cool kids are doing it! Haha! But seriously, it’s everywhere and I’m a fan so piling it up with pillows, throw blankets, comforters, bows, ornaments, table runners, towels etc. Avoid only using one pattern, don’t be afraid to mix and match plaids of varying sizes and scales. The easiest and most budget-friendly way to incorporate plaid into your Christmas is by ribbon.


Merry Mailbox

This simple Christmas decoration is an easy way to spruce up your front yard for the holiday season. Wrap ribbon loosely around a pine garland and drape the garland around the mailbox, securing with a flexible, thin wire or fishing line where necessary. Add a few artificial berries on each side for a final touch. All season your mailbox will be a classy welcome for guests and the mail deliver will enjoy it too.

Put Out Christmas Lanterns
Greet guests in style by arranging a grouping of festive candleholders and lanterns at your entryway for quick and easy holiday style. We love this technique because it is very versatile. Choose lantern sets in elegant shades of gold and deep reds for a more upscale effect. Arrange large, sturdy candles for a warm glow.  Consider using flameless candles as a worry-free alternative to regular pillars.

Decorate Pendant Lights
It’s Christmas eve and your guests wander in the kitchen gravitating towards the smell of a special meal or desert. Decorating pendants with garland is perfect when entertaining as the host can be the center of the festivities. Use natural or pre-made garland with pine cones, berries and small branches. Grab a ladder, and dress up pendant lights in a kitchen or over an island with festive evergreen garland. Using wire, simply secure the garland to the extended lights.

Magical String Lights
String lights work wonders inside the home. They have a secret weapon of sorts because every twinkling strand does something magical. I’m not even sure what it is but it’s an intriguing and captivating statement. And, there are so many ways that you can use them to dress up a place in a modern, chic way. Draping them evenly or casually in a corner of a room. They can create ambient light perfect for those special holiday moments filled with love and family.

Merry Christmas from Tyson Designs!

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Our new interior design columnist shares four enlightening ways to light up a room.

Who doesn’t love when you walk in a room and are impressed with the lighting choices and the atmosphere it creates. It’s all planned that way to excite your senses and say something about the style of the space. Here are 4 ways that lighting can really make or break your interiors!

1. Staying on Task

Task lighting helps you perform tasks like cooking a meal or reading in bed. Your notice if there isn’t enough light in a room or if it’s not placed exactly where they need it!  Use undermount lighting in the kitchen, puck lights in bookcases, pharmacy lights near side chairs in living room and table or floor lamps next to your furniture.  And don’t forget that it’s ideal that it coordinates with your décor or creates that pop of color in the room.



2. Setting the Mood

Ambient lighting is important in every room.  Table and floor lamps with a shade (especially darker shades) softens the lighting effect creating calmness and a sense of comfort. Layer your rooms with overhead task lighting, accent light from puck lights or rope lighting and lamps.  You even have options of colors red, blue, green, yellow, or white in LED strip and can be controlled with your smart phone to blink or fade in and out.  Have fun with creating a mood for your rooms and watch how it transforms your life.  Imagine and ask yourself what does “My happy place” feel like?  Warm, or bold, calm or wild? 



3. Adjustable Settings

Dimmer switches are one of the best inventions for setting the moodThere is beauty in the function of being able to set the brightness of the room by a switch.  So whether you want to work from home or host a dinner party in the dining room the lighting will be perfect.  If you can I’d put this upgrade in every room of the home.  It’s just a little thing that adds to the experience of daily life. Why you’re at it… upgrade to outlets with USB.  

4. Color and Warmth

Pay close attention to the color of the bulbs especially now that LED is so in demand. LED can be specified as daylight and tends to shine with a blue tint or lean more yellowPeople like the efficiency of LED and the brightness it provides. Certain tasks such as a daylight experience in the kitchen but in the bedroom or theater room it may be better for warmer light that creates a cozy glow. Each room should only have one color temperature. Test out a few light bulbs to see which you prefer.