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Ever wished you could mix up fun drinks like a pro? Learn how you can while you enjoy a fun night with friends.

Since October 2015, Tonia Murphy has been mixing up delicious drinks with her bartending business, Bitters ‘n’ Sweet Bartending.

Bitters ‘n’ Sweet Bartending serves cocktails at various events such as wedding receptions, corporate events and private parties. “After bartending private events for the past few years, I’ve looked into different ways to expand my business. I have heard about other cities hosting public mixology classes and thought it would be fun to host in Cincinnati. The city continues to grow and offer different types of entertainment, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to launch the classes,” says Murphy.

The public classes will contain an experience of not only creating the cocktailsbut enjoying them after as well. 

“When each guest arrives, they will enjoy a welcome cocktail of champagne, wine, etc. and tasty appetizers to settle everyone inAll of the equipment will be set up with a personal station for each guest to create their drinks with fresh ingredients. They will be making a total of 3 cocktails, all pre-planned and created by myself,” says Murphy. “I like to have a little funso everyone will have a great time as they experience hands-on the process of making various types of cocktails! 

Guests will get to hone in their bartending skills in hopes of taking the knowledge with them to entertain for years to come. “I’m excited to share this experience  and connect with the Cincinnati area on a greater scale with this class,” says Murphy.

To sign up and learn more details, visit Eventbrite. Class size is limited. The class will be held at Six Acres Bed & Breakfast in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 13 from 2-4pm. Email with any questions.

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Learn more about this one-of-a-kind exhibit featuring 38 artists from all around the globe.

Image: Kudzanai Chiurai; We Live in Silence XVIIII, 2017, Pigment print on
fiber paper

21Museum Hotels welcomes brand new exhibit that is unlike any other. The exhibit itself is housed in the 21c Museum Hotel right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. 

Alice Gray Stites is the Chief Curator and Museum Director of the 21c Museum Hotels and is enthusiastic about the interest and attraction this exhibit promises. 

The inspiration behind the exhibit is very unique, Stites explains. “The use of fashion and other forms of embellishment to reveal the complexity of identity and as an act of resistance against discrimination and cultural erasure. In the artwork on view, regalia bodies, enacts, and expresses resistance against injustice and makes visible identities, experiences, and histories that have been ignored or suppressed by dominate cultures in post-colonial societies,” she adds. “The name ‘Dress Up, Speak Up: Regalia and Resistance’ came from the central idea of the exhibit – the use of clothing, jewelry, and other forms of embellishment as an expression of resistance.”

In the exhibit, there are over 38 artists’ work displayed from all over the world. 21C Museum Hotels are always on the forefront of trendsetting artwork and Dress Up, Speak Up is no different, Stites says. In this exhibit, guests can find:

• A quilt that looks like a painting, which is in fact a portrait of three people derived from 1940s-era photographs. 
• Three Kingsby Bisa Butler
• Birch wood helmets carved by using Native American handcrafting by Jeffrey Gibson
• 2 paintings by Kehinde Wiley, who painted President Obama’s official portrait

…and more.

The public can not only view the exhibit and pieces, but experience them as well. “The artists in this exhibition role-play in real time, looking back at histories both recorded and ignored, to expose the gaps and fissures in history and its representation in both the art canon and the media. For those who inherit a legacy of resisting cultural erasure, telling untold tales – lives, remembered, or imagined – remains vital,” says Stites.

The exhibit is located on 609 Walnut Street, next door to the Contemporary Art Museum and across the street from the Aronoff. The 21c Museum Hotel is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. For more information, visit their website.

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Learn about an upcoming event in Hyde Park designed to be the premiere resale opportunity for moms, by moms.

A few years ago, Amanda Fitzpatrick found herself desperately searching for an outlet to sell her name brand, gently-used children’s clothing and toys in the Cincinnati area. 

She turned to a local Facebook page dedicated to mothers in the area, presented her idea for the business, and asked if anyone was willing to help. That day, Second Chance Outfitters was born. With Fitzpatrick, and friend Alicia Haughaboo, taking the lead, they set out together to create this one-day event that now has hundreds of local moms clearing their calendars.

The thing that makes Second Chance Outfitters unique is the business model. The moms pay a small fee for the booth, configure and set it up how they please, set their own prices and keep 100% of what they sell. It is like their own pop-up shop for the day, something unheard of in this area. No prep work, no hassle, no crazy fees – just them,” says Fitzpatrick

The pop-up shop will have over 50 booths set up selling children’s items. “The sellers during our spring sale blew me away with the quality and types of items they brought. Name brand and gently-used clothing, shoes, carriers, bassinets, maternity clothes, etc. If you have a need, you can come to the sale and 100% find exactly what you need,” Fitzpatrick says. 

This will be the second pop-up shop produced by Second Chance Outfitters, with some new additions. “This year, the Blue Manatee is our door sponsor, we are so excited to have them! They have recently undergone new ownership and will be bringing really fun surprises with them. We will also have gift cards from local shops to raffle as well,” Fitzpatrick says. “We also have a new partnership with Parental Hope, an organization dedicated to raising infertility awareness and providing financial support to hopeful couples battling it.”

The resale event will be September 14, 8:30-11:30am in the Withrow High School gymnasium. “The space is huge and the parking is ample. We had over 350 attendees during our April sale and hope to grow that in the fall,” Fitzpatrick says. 

Withrow High School is located at 2488 Madison Road in Cincinnati. To learn more and see sneak peeks of merchandise, follow their Facebook page or email Fitzpatrick with any questions at

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Check out how the region’s largest volunteer platform is expanding their horizons with a convenient and effective training for nonprofit board leadership.

For nearly two years, Cincinnati Cares has matched, connected and supported volunteers and nonprofits across the region. Expanding that support, they are now offering nonprofit board member training.

“We start with the region’s most comprehensive guide of organizations that engage volunteers, which has now become the most popular way for Greater Cincinnatians to find a way to help,” says Douglas Bolton, president and CEO of Cincinnati Cares. “For leaders in our community, we operate a platform that matches volunteers to nonprofit boards using innovative matching technology. All of our platforms are free to both volunteers and the nonprofits.”

Cincinnati Cares recently announced that it now also offers the region’s first-ever digital nonprofit board training. “This training is a one-hour, inexpensive training that allows volunteers to become familiar with what it takes to be a nonprofit board member,” says Bolton. “The training also includes instruction on how to use the newly rebuilt platform to find a board position that is right for them. This platform will allow for a connection to be made between volunteer leaders and the specific nonprofits looking to recruit. This webinar-style program introduces people to different ideas and carries out part of Cincinnati Cares mission of inspiring people, and leaders, to volunteer.”

The process for the training will go through different sections that allow the individual to fully immerse themselves in what is expected of them by nonprofit boards as a volunteer. “Some topics covered will be Why Board Service Matters, Board and Legal Responsibilities, Executive Director’s Perspective and How to Find and Choose a Board,” Bolton explains.

The nonprofit board leaders and volunteer board members are reacting very positively. The training will lessen the burden of the organizations in the long run with the on-boarding and recruiting process. 

“In this new venture, I am most excited to have the ability to expose so many people to the possibilities of board service,” he adds. “The existing trainings in our region require a commitment of time and significant money. This option allows you to make sure board service is right for you, in a brief amount of time and expense.”

To learn more, visit the Cincinnati Cares website to find a way to help the community or attend the training.

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An area event planner recently opened Cincinnati’s newest intimate venue and décor studio to help you celebrate life’s special moments.

The Confetti Room is an event venue that provides a small scale, intimate space.

When planning any event, there’s always an oppressively long to-do list, and overwhelming amount of choices — especially when it comes to venue.

“As a wedding and event planner, I have clients who are always searching for intimate venues for life’s most special moments. Wedding venues usually take time to include the amenities and characteristics that clients want but are usually too big and too pricey. I decided to create a venue on a smaller scale that was affordable, yet still focused on the details and character,” says Simone Charles, owner of The Confetti Room.

Located in the heart of Over the Rhine, The Confetti Room is a new space that provides a small-scale intimate space. “We strongly believe in throwing confetti and #Instagram worthy events. We provide the perfect backdrop to curate your perfect event with friends and family – from lush, crisp architectural accents, crystal chandeliers, and luxurious French provincial furniture. Anything from hosting a bridal shower, anniversary dinner or baby shower to simple gathering for a rehearsal dinner before your big day, every moment should be confetti-worthy,” says Charles. “We can accommodate up to 75 guests seated reception style, or 90 for a cocktail mixer. The space is 1600 square feet.

Charles’ experience in event planning has allowed her to get a first-hand look at the stress and cost that can arise with the event process and wanted to overcome them by providing certain commodities to her clients. 

The Confetti Room is a BYOB venue, allowing guests to supply their own catering and beverages which helps better dictate their event costs. For those looking for a stress-free event, TCR offers the option to handle all of the details, from fresh florals to décor rentals, many customizable serves are available.

Worried about food? The Confetti Room has partnered with The Eagle OTR and Sweet Petite Desserts to make the planning experience as seamless as possible. Not only will your checklist be fulfilled, but your stomach will be too, Charles laughs.

To book the space, potential clients can schedule a venue tour via the website or request a booking online, also found on their site. 

For more information and to stay up to date, connect with The Confetti Room on FacebookInstagram or by visiting their website.

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See how this Cincinnati-based fashion designer is making her mark around the world one handmade piece of art at a time.

For a little over a decade, Tara L. Smith has been crafting unique jewelry creationsTara received her B.S. in Art Education with an academic minor in Art History from Miami University in 2009. While her full-time job is an art teacher at a local Cincinnati high school, her passion for fashion shines bright through her one-of-a-kind Etsy shop. 

“I love the fact I am able to still be an artist and make some extra income by selling my work while working full time as an art teacher also,” says Smith on her Etsy page.

The pieces initially started selling through various pop-up shops, and then launching an Etsy Shop was the next step to build the business Smith and her team quickly found that e-commerce dramatically increased exposure and clienteleTo date, Smith’s pieces have been shipped to more than seven countries, including Dubai, United Kingdom, Germany and even Japan. 

“All of the pieces have so many layers. They have a simplistic look, but each piece has personality and bursts with color and boldness. The pieces do not come from inventory, they come from the customer’s stories, Tara’s mood, and pure wonder. They are each handmade 100%, that is 70% creativity and 30% custom.” says Leah Michelle, fashion stylist and owner of FashionYellow LLC., “Her biggest inspiration comes from her grandmother, who originally inspired Tara to start making jewelry. She loves vintage jewelry and art, so she combines an ‘old soul’ feel in each of her modern and high-end creations.”

Since each creation is handmade, the materials are gathered from local boutiques, thrift stores, online ordering and through global personal connections. Depending on the type and specifics of the piece, customers spend between $75-$500 on an order. “Some pieces are on the lower scale and some are custom, handmade route. It is a great range for anyone to shop in,” says Michelle

To reach an even broader audience, Smith and her team have utilized both photoshoots and social media to their advantage. “We have a lot of free giveaways on the website and across our social media pages. Our followers tag their friends and have them follow our account for a chance to win. We have found an increase in traffic and customers lately,” says Michelle. 

To enhance the image of the brand, Smith and Michelle directed a photoshoot that incorporated all things athletic and chic, the theme for the new spring line of jewelry. “Each look was personally pulled together by me. I mixed Tara’s athletic pieces with womenswear and shoes to highlight her passion for fitness and fashion. We formed the looks around the necklaces to make the concept cohesive and creative. We wanted a mix of bold, bright necklaces and also soft pastels with deep undertones,” says Michelle. 

Both Smith and Michelle have been pursuing their passions in both the fashion and business industries for a combined total of 10+ years. 

To learn more or visit her Etsy shop at:

Photo credits:

Hair and Makeup: Katie Haggard, Wild Hare Salon.

Photographer: Christina Denise, 33 West Studios / Heyman Talent Agency.

Models: Kianna V. and Chloe H., both represented by Heyman Talent.

Coordinator / Director: Tara Lea Smith & Leah Michelle

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In need of a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day? Check out this one-of-a-kind brunch artfully made with you and mom in mind.

Metropole at 21c Museum Hotel is hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Mother’s Day is just right around the corner! On Sunday, May 12th, the 21c Museum Hotel will host guests and families celebrating mothers for a memorable morning. The venue is unique due to its inviting environment and open doors. “The 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati and Metropole are cultural hubs where all are welcome. It does not matter how you dress, whom you love, or where you’re from, as long as we collectively appreciate the art of self-expression and acceptance,” says Iona Muir, Food and Beverage Director of Metropole.

This special Mother’s Day brunch will be full of love, food, and artwork.

“Guests are invited to peruse 21c’s newest exhibition before or after brunch located in the museum’s galleries, free of charge, open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The exhibit is called ‘Truth or Dare: A Reality Show’. Artwork will be featured addressing the importance of questioning both knowledge and belief, featuring works that utilize illusion to entice, entertain, and explore the terrain between fact and fiction, presence and absence, reality and imagination,” says Muir. 

Not only will attendees experience artwork, they will also partake in a brunch crafted by Executive Chef David Kelsey. “Our main takeaway we want guests to take away is how incredible our new Executive Chef is making out beautiful Metropole experience. David has continued to craft fresh, scrumptious meals that are both artistic and fulfilling. We hope that you come and experience on this very special day,” says Iona.

So what is on the menu? The brunch will consist of two courses, beginnings and entrées. Beginnings will serve light dishes including smoothie bowls, mixed lettuces, and caramelized onion soup, and more. The entrée course will include breakfast burritos, smoked salmon toast, biscuits and gravy and that’s just the beginning. Metropole will do its best to accommodate any dietary restrictions attendees have.

On May 12th, the morning will begin at 9:30am and conclude around 2pm. Each ticket will be $32, not including gratuity. “Reservations are filling up fast so please make sure to call and reserve your spot as soon as possible,” says Iona.

For more information, connect with Metropole on both Facebook and Instagram.

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See what this local food market is cooking up to help entrepreneurs launch their food businesses to the next level.

Photo courtesy of Erin Glass, graphic designer at the Corporation for Findlay Market.

Cincinnati’s own Findlay Market is known around the state of Ohio for being one of the oldest operating covered food markets. Each week, the market serves as a hub for vendors to sell their  fresh, local food. 

For a little over a year, the Findlay Launch Advisory Team has been developing a concept to fill the gap their entrepreneurs face during the transition from a pop-up shop into an individually-owned storefrontFindlay Market’s director of communications and human resources, Kelly Lanser, has played a key role in the execution of this feat. “For some food businesses, they start out right away in the kitchen, others tend to stick with the part-time vending. We want to fill the gap entrepreneurs face during the transition period between the two models in hopes to find what works best for their business. Our goal is to learn quickly and sell fast.”

For a little over a year, Findlay Market has been developing the plan. From working on the concept, seeking out mentors, and renovating the spaces, the team has had their hands in every aspect of this development. “Our team has designed three built-out storefronts on Elm, as well as a fourth food hall. The application process is designed to be ongoing. We never want all three shops on Elm Street to ever have their lights off; we always want at least one storefront to be operating at all times,” says Lanser.

So what exactly will this process look like for the business owners? Once the clients who applied are chosen and selected, they will embark on quite the journey. Findlay will schedule for 9 months in the storefront and another 2-3+ months to work on post-graduate support. 

“The process starts with filling out the application. Once selected, the business will gain a mentor who will teach and lead them throughout different aspects of what it takes to run a business. They will also be led in different learning modules, such as branding, HR, accounting, costing, etc. from local professionals. At the three month mark, the businesses will go into the space and have full support from the Findlay Launch Team. The mentorship meetings will continue as well. At 9 months in the process, we will provide them post-grad support. We will aide them to face topics such as scouting out business plans, tweaking their plans, transactional setting, etc. We want our people to be supported before, while and during their transition,” says Lanser.

In order to get the word out and recruit for this opportunity, they have utilized every outlet. “We have physical signage on storefronts, word of mouth from our vendors at market, and social media to reach the most diverse crowd we can. We are looking to support minority immigration specifically women, by giving them room to build equity and gain knowledge to launch a businessWe believe everyone deserves to have opportunity for success at Findlay market and we cannot contain our excitement and passion for this project.”

For more information or to apply, visit here.

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See how a local suit shop is celebrating diversity both in-store and out with a campaign that’s getting national attention.

Since 2011, Pursuit has been using a combination of modern style, a simplified shopping experience with great service, prices that are affordable, and a strong media presence to stand for something that’s more than just clothing. That inspired its recent campaign that’s now garnering national attention.

“The ‘You Are Who We Are’ campaign is all about celebrating the diverse group of inspiring people who make Pursuit who we are. It was inspired by a deep sense of gratitude after the growth we’ve seen in the past year with recognition we’ve received and the new store and community in Cincinnati” says Nate DeMars, founder of Pursuit and also named Columbus’ Top Entrepreneur of 2018 by Metropreneur.

Since the campaign is centered around the people, their stories and backgrounds are prominent in the campaign as well, DeMars says, highlighting Pursuit‘s impact as a whole. “We shot a video featuring over 150 people from the Cincinnati and Columbus communities who have shaped Pursuit. We also created an interactive page on our website that allows you to learn about all 150 people in the video, their story, and their connection to Pursuit. From leaders, to athletes, artists, celebrities, to customers and Pursuit team members – it’s an impressed group of people, mostly from Ohio roots.” 

The video highlights individuals of all races and ages, copious Ohio scenery, wedding parties, live music, artwork, and much more – a perfect inside look into the thousands of stories that Pursuit has had a hand in writing.

The concept from this campaign was born out of a song from Big Red Machine, a band made up of Cincinnati’s Aaron Dessner of The National and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. “The song ‘Melt’ really helped solidify this feeling of gratitude for the diverse community that has rallied around pursuit,” says DeMars. On March 31, Justin Vernon and Bon Iver helped shoot a collaborative video while they got suits right before they played the Taft Theater. “(Their appearance) was a thriving addition to what was already a super meaningful campaign,” says DeMars. The song was also chosen to be the background music in the campaign video.

As far as next steps go for Pursuit, the sky is the limit. “In Cincinnati, we are only getting started, having just been open in Over The Rhine for just four months. We want to continue to build meaningful connections in the community so we feel as local here as we do in our first home of Columbus,” DeMars explains. “We believe Pursuit has the potential to be a national retail and suit brand and we are striving to build an innovate and impactful business model that helps us grow our reach.”

You can shop Pursuit in Over The Rhine, at 1433 Vine St, Wednesday through Sunday. They offer the Pursuit Tailored Collection of suit separates for $299 along with an in-house tailor, as well as a premium line of Pursuit Custom Suits and Shirts designed by the customer for the customer. Brands such as The Tie Bar, Mizzen + Main, French Connection, and other local brands as well.

To learn more, visit here.

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This Cincinnati-based fashion designer creates one-of-a-kind pieces using unconventional materials. Read on for all the fashionable details.

The idea of clothing and jewelry isn’t limited to just fabric, metals or gems for Da’Mon Butler. For the past 20 years, he has been designing clothing jewelry out of unconventional and repurposed materials through his brand, NOMAD3176. 

“I got started … for myself and my relatives quickly noticed and wanted me to design pieces for them as well,” Butler recalls. “I had no desire to start my business, but as my pieces were worn around, I received more requests for my icing and NOMAD3176 was born.”

Butler says NOMAD3176 is unique because each piece is unique — he has never designed an identical piece. “The [designs] I create is one-of-a-kind. When customers ask if I can make another piece like one I have made in the past, I tell them that I can make something similar, but not alike,” he explains. “I have grown collectors for my brand because although each piece is different, they all carry a piece of me and my love for the creating process.”

When it comes to sourcing materials, Butler finds inspiration everywhere. Friends and family often find random objects and challenge him to design a piece with it. 

I find my materials everywhere. If you set something down too long, I will find a way to create a piece of jewelry out of it. I let the pieces speak to me, it lets me know what it wants to become. Some pieces leave me speechless,” says Butler. “I repurpose a lot of items that would otherwise end up in the landfill, these are my favorite items. For example, when I first started repurposing bicycle inner tubes, a lot of people were apprehensive about wearing bicycle parts for accessories. As I wore my pieces around town, I loved the reaction I witnessed as they noticed what my icing was made out of. People are excited to find that my icing works for their life.” 

NOMAD3176 is based out of the Pendleton Art Center, Studio #107. You can find Butler working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30am-2:30pm, or by appointment by calling 513-709-8803. NOMAD3176 also hosts a studio open house the last Friday of every month from 6-10pm. To learn more, visit here.