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Read on to learn about an organization that's making it easy with a resource that helps to connect volunteers with causes that align well with their values and passions.

You’ve decided you want to volunteer and give back to the community. What’s the next step? That’s where Cincinnati Cares can help.

“Cincinnati Cares is an organization and a technology platform that hosts a free community-wide volunteer guide that is now our region’s most popular way for volunteers to find their way to help,” says Douglas Bolton, President and CEO. “This service is free to volunteers and the more than 500 nonprofits, whose volunteer opportunities are kept updated through beautiful technology that is frictionless, password free and mobile friendly. The platform is the first project of a two-year-old 501(c)(3) called Inspiring Service.”

The nonprofit is located at 1776 Mentor Avenue, Norwood, Ohio, in the HCDC Business Incubator and was launched in late 2017. “The inspiration behind Cincinnati Cares came from a concern for the health of people in our region. Craig Young founded Inspiring Service out of concern for the health of our regions and our nation’s volunteer ecosystem,” Bolton explains. “Volunteerism has been in decline nationally and has declined in Greater Cincinnati at a twice the national rate. A technology entrepreneur who sold his companies in the late 1990s and has been engaged in philanthropy and volunteerism for the past two decades, Craig is building an organization that, through programming and technology, will help reverse decades of disinvestment in the volunteer ecosystem.”

Bolton partnered with Young last year, as a consultant, in order to help establish the platform and set the strategy and became the CEO of Cincinnati Cares at the beginning of 2019. “Craig is chair of our board and continues to focus on our technology, as well as Inspiring Service’s work outside Greater Cincinnati,” he explains. “Communities from coast to coast have noticed what we are doing and have asked us to export our technology to them.”

According to Bolton, the mission of Cincinnati Cares is “to inspire and empower people and organizations to engage in volunteering that improves and strengthens their community and themselves.”

The organization defines success by helping individuals to “find their way to help, working with businesses to improve their community engagement and strengthening the nonprofit sector’s engagement of volunteers,” he says. “We hope to reverse the declines in volunteerism rates and we believe we are already contributing to that.”

Cincinnati Cares is a unique organization. It’s “the only 100 percent volunteer-focused organization in the Greater Cincinnati region,” Bolton says, adding that he wants people to know that the organization is an “innovative technology and organization that inspires and empowers greater Cincinnati to engage in volunteering that helps our  community and themselves.”

Bolton loves the culture of Cincinnati Cares. It is “a startup created by one of Greater Cincinnati’s most generous families with dedicated employees and volunteers who are committed to the mission of fixing some of our region’s most pressing community needs by making it easier and better for volunteers to get engaged,” he says.

If you want to keep up with what Cincinnati Cares is doing, follow them on FacebookInstagramTwitter LinkedIn and their website.

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An eco-and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community is opening soon in the Tri-State area. Keep reading for all the details.

Honor Yoga is making its way to Cincinnati to offer a new yoga experience.

A new yoga studio with a unique concept will open soon in the Cincinnati area.

“Founded in 2013 by health and wellness veteran, Maria Turco and franchising since 2016, Honor Yoga is an eco-and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community that welcomes and nourishes every yogi trough their practice,” says Carey Curran, co-owner of Honor Yoga.

Honor Yoga has been around since 2013, with over 300 people working for the practice. There are also multiple locations in the United States: New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Florida, Indiana and Ohio. In Ohio, they are currently located in Cleveland, but they are looking to open a practice in the Cincinnati area. “No lease has been signed as of yet, but we are eyeing locations in Montgomery, Mason and West Chester,” she says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion “to provide accessible yoga and meditation programs to elevate communities by helping people keep their minds, bodies and selves healthy,” Curran says. The name of the practice came from Honor Yoga’s mission for people to honor their minds, self and bodies. 

The practice offers a variety of services and they include: gentle, roots, calm and strong, slow flow, flow, power flow, aerial, yoga barre and meditation. “Each class is designed to fulfill the five pillars of yogic practice to relax the mind, restore balance and build strength and flexibility,” she says. Honor Yoga also offers retreats, workshops, online streaming yoga classes and hosts a non-profit arm, Honor Yoga Foundation. 

The practice makes an impact in the community through the Honor Yoga Foundation. It “provides grants to all Honor Yoga locations throughout the country to bring yoga programs to those who need it and may not be able to afford it,” Curran says. The practice is unique because it offers services for kids, individuals and families, and they range from classes in aerial to meditation. 

Curran’s favorite part of working for Honor Yoga is the people. She loves “building a community that is supportive, beginner-friendly and accessible to everyone,” she says.

The most memorable moment of Honor Yoga so far has been working with people with brain injuries. “These are people who have been competitive athletes to successful business people. Initially, they feel frustrated with their injury, almost trapped in a twilight zone,” Curran says. “When they are able to progress physically and mentally as a result of their yoga practice, smile, express extreme joy and thank us, there is nothing more rewarding. This is a cause that is very important to us, as John, her husband, suffered a stroke himself ten years ago.”

To keep up with what Honor Yoga is doing, follow them on Facebook.

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Learn about this local booty-sculpting guru and see how she helps clients see a perkier posterior and improved wellbeing - inside and out.

Not only are glam glutes en vouge, (thanks, Kardashians) but they also keep the body stabilized, relieve lower back tension, and protect you from injury in daily activities.

That’s why Tawnia Justice launched Glute Girl, “a program designed to strengthen the Glutes and posterior chain, back of legs and glutes” Justice explains, “as well as shaping the Glutes to look their best at any age.”

Justice currently has a gym in the small suburban village of Madeira and has been doing personal and small group training for 38 years. 

The inspiration behind starting Glute Girl came from her lifestyle. “I am a mother of seven, having had all of them within nine years. With that and the fact that I am now 57 years young, I have always felt the back side is not trained hard enough, frequently enough and more importantly, properly,” she says.

Justice offers a variety of different services through Glute Girl. “At the present time, I do one-on-one training at the gym and in people’s homes,” she says. “In the very near future, my website will be up and running- where you will be able to purchase training sessions monthly, with fitness and nutritional advice given as well. Justice’s mission for Glute Girl is “to open people’s minds to let them see and know their full potential and experience their personal best!”

Glute Girl is different from other businesses because Justice has lived out what her clients are going through. “I know how it works and I’m not 24 years old; my age and life experiences have taught me a lot, way more than any textbook can,” Justice says. “Also, I want to teach clients how to use their body and the equipment in a way that works for their unique body and for the look they want to achieve, not what someone else thinks they need.”

Success with the business is determined by her clients. “For me, success is being on that path that is taking you to better places, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually,” she says. “It is taking a focused, personal interest in your life and health and investing in you!”

Justice loves to inspire her clients and make a difference in their lives. Justice loves “inspiring people to see the better side of themselves and the potential they have with,” she says.

To learn more about Glute Girl, follow along on Facebook

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Learn about a local massage guru who customizes services and products for each client to get the best results. 

There is a new business in the Old Milford area that is helping people to relax. “My Massage is a comfortable place where you can come and relax your mind and body,” Abby Reckman, Licensed Massage Therapist, says. Reckman has been practicing Massage Therapy for 10 years on and off, but started back up again in February.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion for people. “I have always liked to help people and I have always been interested in the human body and mind. Massage Therapy is a very natural fit for me,” she says. “We live in a very stressful, chaotic, busy, busy, busy, did I mention busy? World. We don’t take as much time as we should to focus on ourselves and recharge our batteries and that’s where I feel I can help people.”

The name of the business came from the way she wants people to feel during their massage. “Every massage I give is unique to the client,” Reckman says. “The massage is for them and focused on their needs, so it’s their massage.”

Currently, she is working on the business by herself. “I have a great community of family and friends who help me with little and big decisions, so I don’t feel like I’m by myself. I like having the freedom to schedule clients more easily,” Reckman says. “If a client is late, or I want to work on a client’s back a bit longer, I don’t have to stop the massage just because the clock says it’s time.”

There are a variety of services offered at My Massage and they include:

• Full Body Relaxation Massage: “This massage works the head, neck, arms, legs, back and light gluteal work. However, I customize the massage to the clients,” she says. “Sometimes that means less leg work and more back work or vice versa.”
• Infused Relaxation Massage: “It is the same as the relaxation massage, but I use a very calming salve,” Reckman says. 
• Prenatal Massage (Starting at the end of April)

My Massage is a unique business because Reckman personalizes the massages for each individual. “I like to do my research and figure out how I can best help you. Each visit may be different as I continue to work with you to help with your specific area of concernment,” she says. “It’s just me, so you will always be coming back to somebody you are familiar with and knows your body.”

This business is important for the community of Old Milford and every  community. “People tend to overlook self-care and put it off as a luxury. However, I believe it is a necessity,” Reckman says. “Self-care is how you put yourself in a position to help others.”

Her favorite part of working at My Massage is the relationship that she builds with her clients. “When someone leaves and tells me later that they felt totally relaxed the rest of the day or finally slept that night, that’s the highlight,” Reckman says. What gets her to come back to work everyday is being a source of relaxation for people and also a source of healing for people. “I really enjoy helping people, knowing my clients are coming to see me to relax their mind and body or ease an ache that has been bothering them for months, or just have an hour where they can think about “nothing” and just focus on their breath, which is so important, brings me back and brings me joy,” Reckman says. 

If you want to keep up with what My Massage is doing, follow the Instagram. “I hope to have a website up and running soon,” she says.

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A local yoga studio is getting to the root of improving physical and mental health as well as the community. Read on for all the om-inspiring details.

There is a yoga practice in Covington that wants to see people improve mentally and physically. 

“Rooted Yoga is a studio rooted in community and breath,” Jessica Esme Staff, Founder of Rooted Yoga, says. “Rooted is a second floor urban studio located in the heart of Covington that offers more than just in studio yoga classes, but offers a way of mindful living.” 

Launched in 2016, there are now four people in leadership positions and 10 instructors for the classes. 

Staff’s inspiration behind starting Rooted Yoga came from a car accident she was in 20 years ago. “It left me a bit unmoored from my body. Yoga brought me back in touch, physically and mentally, inspiring me to explore my practice in more depth and to bring yoga to others as a teacher,” she says. “From studio settings to school programs to my former roles in human resources and wellness allowed me to consistently fold yoga into my efforts to foster health and mindful living.” 

Rooted Yoga developed from a project called Yogi and the Farmer, which was “an urban farming and community wellness initiative that brought mind, body and food together,” she says. Out of this project, Rooted Yoga has been able to form an uplifting community for yoga and the mind. 

Rooted Yoga offers a variety of difference services, including yoga classes: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Restorative. “We also offer meditation classes and other specialized workshops. We have Pilates classes and Tabata,” Staff says. They also offer two Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the Spring and Fall. 

Rooted Yoga is also rooted in the community, Staff says. “Rooted Yoga has supported social service agencies in Covington and beyond, with a mission to build on the mindfulness we pursue on the mat and to do what we can for the broader community. In doing so, we work directly with our not-for-profit partners to help where the need is greatest. We do this by hosting weekly donation-based classes, as well as larger scale monthly events to raise money, material donations and awareness for their needs,” she adds. “We also ensure our students are involved in community by offering a different type energy exchange program. Instead of cleaning the studio, or working the front desk, we created a different kind of energy exchange, in which yogis give back to the community, in exchange for reduced-rate membership.” 

Rooted Yoga also has four partners who serve their neighborhood in a variety of ways. “Our members volunteer with any of those partners for four hours each month and earn unlimited yoga classes at the studio for a reduced rate,” she says, adding that she loves the community and beautiful space she gets to work in. “[I love] knowing I have a beautiful space to practice and share yoga in and all the wonderful members of our community. It is like family, every day.”

Rooted Yoga is located at 12 West Pike Street, 2nd Floor, Covington, Kentucky 41011  To keep up with what’s going on with Rooted Yoga, follow them on their websiteFacebook and Instagram.

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Read on to learn about an organization that‘s hosting a nutrition education series in April.

Ready to get healthy? A local health education center can help.

“[The Center for Wellness Education is]offering a series of classes that continue on a rotating basis quarterly. We start with a free introduction, which covers five areas, including nutrition, body movement/exercise, continuous brain learning and social connectedness. These are the characteristics of Blue Zones areas around the world where people live the longest with the best health,” Pamela Lockwood, PhD and MD, says. “Examples are Japan, the Mediterranean area, a community in California and Costa Rica.” 

After the Intro class, there are going to be meditation groups offered. The next one starts in June. 

Nutrition for the Brain is a class offered that talks about specific foods your body needs to function. “I bring some food to share and demonstrate the colors, natural and non-processed way we need to eat. Our overly processed foods and drinks with dyes, preservatives, pesticides and strange compounds we cannot pronounce, are making us sick and harming our guts,” Lockwood says. “If our GI system is not healthy, our brain cannot be healthy. The body processes foods with the bacteria in our gut and send compounds to our brain. Our brain is not static. It is able to change and create new connections and even new cells. It is called neuroplasticity and it is the hallmark of a healthy brain.”

These educational events will meet in a conference room in Blue Ash at: 11311 Cornell Park Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. “Our spring semester of classes is starting with an introduction on April 6, 10-12pm, April 15 in the evening. Brain nutrition will be April 20 from 10-11:30am,” she says. 

If you want to find out class times and register for classes, check out their website at:

“There is a small charge for classes beyond the introduction session to cover expenses, but we are trying to make this program available to as many people as possible,” she says.

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Learn about a Cincinnati-based business making an impact on the medical and mental health world, in Cincinnati and beyond.


Allie McLaughlin is the Co-Owner and Lead Therapist at Cincinnati Renewed Wellness.

There is a practice that wants to help people with their mental health. 

“Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is a mental health provider that consists of a multidisciplinary team of mental health and medical professionals. Our foundation is mental health,” says Allie McLaughlin, co-owner and Lead Therapist of Cincinnati Renewed Wellness. “We are passionate about providing individual health and wellness services to our clients to ensure that all aspects of the problem are being addressed and systems are working collaboratively together, rather than against one another.”

McLaughlin, along with her partner, Meghan Hewitt, who is the Nurse Practitioner, are located in Madisonville. The practice has been operating since June 2018. 

The inspiration behind starting the practice came from underwhelming experiences in the medical field. “Meghan and I met at a previous job and both felt patient care was not the priority. We recognized that mental health was not being valued and that our expertise in our field was being dismissed,” McLaughlin says. “We wanted to create a business that provided services that people needed and deserved. We wanted to create a place that valued the individual and addressed the unique and dynamic impact of mental health on our overall well-being.” 

The name of the business came from a conversation between McLaughlin and Hewitt. “We are both proud Cincinnati natives and felt passionately about integration of both eastern and western medicine to achieve total wellness,” she says. “We came upon the word ‘renewed,’ because we wanted to create a ‘renewed’ approach on healthcare. Once we had that, it just clicked and that’s how Cincinnati Renewed Wellness was born.”

The business defines success by empowerment and education. “We define success by being a company that effectively empowers and educates the community through discussion and exploration of mental health,” McLaughlin says. “Success is when our message is being heard and it motivates someone to seek help, no matter who they choose.”

McLaughlin and Hewitt each provide different services to their patients:

McLaughlin: She does all of the therapy.

“I see teens and adults that are struggling with a variety of mental health barriers, such as: mood disorders, trauma, sexual identity, life transitions, grief and addictions,” McLaughlin says. 

She provides therapy for individuals, families and couples. “I also plan to conduct groups throughout the year, which are centered on female empowerment,” she says.

Hewitt: She is in charge of prescribing medication to the patients for their psychiatric needs.

“We view medication as complementary to the therapeutic process and encourage all clients to be engaged in counseling with someone. It does not have to be Cincinnati Renewed Wellness,” Hewitt says. “We value and support our client’s choice in their therapy provider. Therapy first starts with the connection and strength of the therapeutic relationship and alliance.”

Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is unique because it connects the medical and the mental health world. “I think this is dynamic and business structure is steadily growing and gaining momentum in the area, which is wonderful because it shows that people are finally recognizing the importance of collaborative care,” McLaughlin says. “We are very proudly female owned and passionate about providing exceptional care to our clients/patients.”

This practice is important for the community of Cincinnati because mental health is something that we deal with on a regular and consistent basis. “It’s who we are and we want the people of Cincinnati to not be afraid to seek assistance. We are a safe place for someone to turn to during their dark days,” McLaughlin says. “We are a resource for community connection for treatment. We want to collaborate with other physicians to ensure people are receiving the services they need and deserve.”

Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is located right off of Red Bank Road, and their address is 4790 Red Bank Expressway, Suite 126, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. To learn more, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website.

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Learn about the local business that recently launched to be a comprehensive set of services and products for expecting and new moms.

Milk’d Nutrition wants to help new or soon-to-be mothers with nursing.

There is a new business in the Cincinnati area that provides nutrition help to soon-to-be or new mothers. 

“Milk’d Nutrition is a comprehensive set of services and products to cover any and all bases for soon-to-be and new moms. Services start during pregnancy to provide a prenatal nutrition assessment (advice and plans on what foods to consume/avoid when pregnant), in addition to an initial breastfeeding class to provide information to a mom before she has her baby. Both of these services can be provided virtually or in-home,” Kayka Hansmann, Founder of Milk’d Nutrition, says. “Following birth and returning from the hospital, I’m available for extended visits at home to assess feeds and provide assistance when there is trouble or any questions. At this time as well, I can be consulted for guidance with lactation nutrition meal guidance or plans to transition back to a pre-pregnancy eating pattern.” 

Milk’d Nutrition launched their website in November of 2018 and started selling their products a month later. Products that are sold are their signature muffin cups, brownie and energy bites, lactation smoothie mix, and nut butter (almond and peanut). The food is created using whole, real and local ingredients whenever possible. “One of our biggest components is high-quality Bob’s Red Mill ingredients and a nutritional brewer’s yeast that provides a wealth of B vitamins,” she says. “These individual products can also be combined to form gift boxes to serve as a gift, baby shower present, or a welcome home surprise for a new mom,” Hansmannsays. 

There are only two employees working for the company, Hansmann and her mother. “She does 99 percent of the baking and I do all of the no-bake products, as well as the marketing, customer relations and behind-the-scenes fun,” she says. “We are also lucky to have a very helpful father who helps with deliveries and any miscellaneous tasks needed!”

The business was birthed from different skills that Hansmann had and wanted to blend them together in a single company. “Even before I received my Lactation Counselor Certification this past spring, I had been working with mothers out in the community,” she says. Hansmann also has been doing prenatal research since graduate school and her thesis was on the same subject. 

Hansmann’s business is unique because the products they sell are real food, provide good balance and are simple and delicious. “They’re made in small batches and our recipes have been tested and perfected by my mom, Chef Mel, with love and care! Not only do they taste good and have benefits to mothers, but all members of your family will want to eat them,” she says. “We also have one of the only lactation nut butters on the market, which is an exceptionally easy and quick way to weave the Galactogogues into any meal or snack!”

To learn more about Milk’d Nutrition, follow them on FacebookInstagram, and their website

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A local meal prep service helps those trying to lose weight, build muscle or just enjoy the convenience factor.

A meal prep service that helps you improve your health and life by saving time and enjoy healthy meals. That’s the idea behind Bonafide Meal Prep.

“Bonafide Meal Prep is a local service that provides meals to those that are trying to lose weight, build muscle or would just like convenience,” Brandy McCaster, Owner and Founder of Bonafide Meal Prep, says. Bonafidemeans to be made, done and presented in good faith without deception or fraud and that’s the motto we operate with,” she says. “Bonafide means to be honest and provide my clients with exactly what I’m promising.“ 

The business has been around since 2015 and is located at Historical Findlay Market in Over-The-Rhine with six people working for the business.

There are a few different type of meals offered at Bonafide Meal Prep. “We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, we offer detox meals and muscle building meals,” McCaster says. “We also match clients up with personal trainers in their area.” 

You can order meals online by going to their website.

The business is different from other meal prep businesses because it lets the customers have a say in the meal prep process. 

“Our business is different because our clients are able to build their own meals. There isn’t a weekly menu that they have  to chose from,” she says. “We also connect and get to know each client one by one to learn their goals, likes and dislikes.”

McCaster’s favorite part of working for Bonafide is the staff that she gets to work with. “We have a great time at work and I love getting to know my customers,” she says. “I really love helping my customers reach all of their personal goals.” What gets McCaster to come back to work everyday is seeing the impact the business is having in her customers. “Knowing that somebody is going to benefit from my service,” she says. “Knowing that someone will be able to reduce their blood pressure or cholesterol medicine, knowing that someone is going to lose a pound or two just from changing their diets.”

The most memorable moment that has happened at Bonafidewas a customer’s story. “The most memorable was when a customer lost 13 pounds in one week on our detox plan,” McCaster says. “She called me crying and then I began crying!”

You can keep up with what Bonafide Meal Prep is doing by following them on FacebookInstagram and check out their website.

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Learn about a local wellness center that helps to improve lives one treatment and fun event at a time.

Increased muscle strength, increased bone density, and decreased joint and back pain — these are the goals Osteostrong has for its clients. 

“Osteostrong allows people to get stronger, enhance their ability and power, decrease back and joint pain and lower Diabetic A1C levels all by providing the platform that triggers the body to naturally grow and strengthen,” says Jerrold Ware, owner of the Osteostrong Cincinnati franchise location.

Osteostrong recently hosted a Happy Hour Arts Party on December 15 to have a fun event showcasing local artists and the community “Studies have shown that being physically fit promotes creativity and that visual arts promote health,” Ware explains.

Osteostrong fully believes that physical health and creativity are linked. “Physical fitness has been directly linked to creativity, and want to promote total body wellness- A healthy mind and healthy body,” he says. 

The inspiration behind the event is the Christmas season. “It’s the giving season and we want to be part of that,” Ware says. “If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, what better gift than art and health?”

There were a variety of different aspects of the event, and they included: wine, cheese, snacks, music, unique pieces of art on display that you can gift, door prizes – If you bring a guest, you automatically qualify to win a prize, hourly drawings provided by the Osteostrong founder, and the ability to sign up for the 180 Challenge. “The 180 Challenge is when we invite a select group of people to come in and challenge our claims about the benefits of Osteostrong,” he says. “They can experience our sessions once per week and the resulting measurable gains. If we say it’s true, you’re taking our word for it. If you say it’s true, it’s a fact.”

This event was an important aspect of the Cincinnati community. “Like any and all of our Osteostrong events, we are providing a platform and venue for people to connect around health and wellness,” Ware says. “Also, to know that they have a wonderful addition to the area, providing cutting edge technology in the health and wellness arena.”

Osteostrong is located at: 11033 Reed Hartman Highway, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242. To learn more, visit