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A new local group wants to get your day started in a fun, unique way: with a DJ’ed dance party.


Get Up is a morning dance party that brings other health enthusiasts together.

The party starts at 7… a.m.

That’s the idea behind a new concept called “Get Up” that features a DJ’ed dance party in one of downtown-Cincinnati’s hotspots, bright and early to rejuvenate attendees before starting their day.

“Get Up fuses mindfulness with expression and connection through a high energy dance experience. The first event [took] place at 6:00 a.m. on March 15 at Aster,” Sarah Habib, CEO and Founder of Mission 2 Move, says. “Starting with deep house yoga at 6:00 a.m. to calm the mind and open the heart, the real party begins at 7:00 a.m. with ‘a beat pumpin’ dance part, featuring live DJ.”

Then it’s time to fuel up, she says, as “attendees rejuvenate with beverages and snacks before leaving motivated, energized and inspired to face whatever their day has in store.”

This is the first Get Up event happening in the Cincinnati area. In addition to Habib, “Kai Schneider, Eric Elias, Annie Kanter are behind Cincinnati’s first ever morning yoga and dance party called Get Up,” she says. “It was Inspired by the wildly popular early morning movement in New York and San Francisco. All of us had participated in similar events in other cities and wanted to bring the magic here to Cincinnati, all in an effort to build culture.”

The name of the event came from a desire to have fun in the morning. “No better way to start the day than with Get Up,” Habib says. 

The point of having the event in the morning is to set the tone for the day. “The whole point is to set the intention for the day, doing something out of the ordinary, get up and have fun!” What goes into organizing the event is “bringing together the right providers, from location to DJ to yoga teacher,” Habib explains. Her favorite part of working on the Get Up event is “Building culture in Cincinnati,” she says. 

Aster is located at 8 East 4th Street, in downtown Cincinnati. To learn more about Get Up, follow them on Facebook and their website.

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A local sports facility is helping athletes take their performance to the next level. Read on for the high-powered details.


Griffin Elite Sports & Wellness is a fitness facility that offers sports, classes, and other sports services.

Athletes who’d like to take their performance to a new level and reach new goals, listen up.

Griffin Elite Sports and Wellness is a 52,000 square foot “fitness facility for individuals, teams, group fitness, basketball training and court rental, indoor turf rental for soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, martial arts, and flag football,” says Greg Von Hoene, General Manager. “Also, we have a partnership with St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine and Ortho Cincy Orthopedics.” 

This Erlanger-based business has been open for a total of two years and now employs 10 people, Hoene says.

There are a variety of different services that are offered at Griffin Elite Sports and Wellness. They are:

• Speed and Agility: Accelerations, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques, Running Mechanics, and Footwork
• Strength and Conditioning: Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Medicine Ball Exercises, Jumping and Landing, Game Ready Preparations for all Athletes.
• Injury Prevention Education: Identify and Correct Muscular Imbalances, Balance and Stabilization, Stretching and Flexibility Program, and Nutrition Counseling.

There are certain credentials that the staff members have that have given them the experience to work at Griffin Elite Sports and Wellness, and they are:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from a four-year university
• Minimum of a NSCA-CSCS or CSCCa Certification
• Minimum of over two years in a performance based training environment
• Able to use knowledge of Exercise Science to train athletes of all sports and all abilities
• Have a desire to make a difference in the lives of athletes they get to coach. 

What gets Hoene to come to work every day is to “grow awareness, grow our services and find new customers,” he says. The business defines success by “Improving health and sports performance of all athletes and participating,” Hoene adds. 

Griffin Elite Sports and Wellness is located at 700 Dolwick, Erlanger, Kentucky, 41018. To learn more, visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.



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Learn about a physician-guided, technology-based program that helps you lose 15-30 pounds in a month and keep it off.


This client lost 50 pounds working with Cincinnati Transformation.

Do you want to experience a company that wants to see people transform their bodies? Cincinnati Transformation is “a technology based program that helps clients lose an average of 15-30 pounds in 30 days,” says Ashley Berlin, Weight Loss and Body Consultant. “Or for those people not looking to lose weight, we help balance out any inflammation, toxicity, mineral deficiencies and a variety of other things.”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from the exclusive technology being introduced to them. “When we were introduced to the technology that could give us over 502 biomarkers, which are essentially data points about what’s happening inside each of our bodies. We looked at the information and developed programs to help ourselves and our families get healthy,” she says. “Once we saw the results, how much our health elevated and the weight loss a few of us experienced, we knew we had to share this system with our community.”

The name of the business came from a heart for serving the community. “My husband is a chiropractor in the area and I owned a gym for seven years, so we’ve always had the big picture vision of helping the people we live near operate to their full potential of health. And through the course of this program, we’ve seen people who didn’t believe they could lose more than a few pounds here and there, or lose weight and keep it off, do just that,” Berlin says. “So the heart of the business is literally about transformations happening right here in Cincinnati.”

The different services that are offered at Cincinnati Transformation are weight loss programs, body balancing programs, cleanse programs, and once you’ve graduated from any of these programs, they offer a balancing for life program. 

Dr. Ryan Berlin

One of their most programs is a Weight Loss Program that lasts 30 days. “It’s a technology-driven program that looks specifically at your body, reads the age your metabolism is working at and we create a program specific to your body to get you in the best health possible,” says Berlin. “We’ve found that our average client loses between 15-30 pounds in 30 days. We had clients whose doctors have taken them off medications, and most importantly, they feel better than they ever have in their lives.”

There is an extensive process that happens with the 30-Day Weight Loss Program. “We start with a frequency based scan that reads 502 different biomarkers to tell us what your most stressed organs are, what toxins can be found in your body, it will give us a food list, to eat and to not eat, for proteins, fruits and vegetables and we’ll find out specifically, which of our detox, anti-inflammatory, minerals and pure sea vegetable dosages you’ll need to bring your into balance,” Berlin says. “We have a very detailed meal plan during the 30 days, which also allows you to cook your own food the entire time, making sure nothing you’re eating is prepackaged.”

Berlin loves to help people in the community to achieve their health goals. “It brings as much satisfaction to us as it does them,” she says. “If every person in our community who was stuck at a weight they are unhappy with could experience what our clients do at the end of our program, we would all be living at such a higher potential, whether it’s the energy to play with our kids and grandkids, not feel tired every day, clear up certain health conditions that have been nagging at us,” Berlin says, “whatever it is, great health is the ultimate goal.” 

To learn more, visit and watch the video below.

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A local organization is hosting a fun event to raise funds for couples battling infertility.

A local couple turned their stumbling blocks with infertility into stepping stones for another couples battling similar struggles.

“Parental Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the infertility community through emotional and financial support,” Jennifer Bross, Founder of Parental Hope, says. “The burdens imposed on a couple battling infertility are enormous. Because infertility is a little known and often a misunderstood disease, those diagnosed with infertility can feel isolated and alone.” 

She and her husband know those feelings all too well, which is why — after having their twins through lengthy fertility treatments that were luckily covered by insurance, as many aren’t — they wanted to create an organization that helps others struggling with the emotional, physical, and financial struggles of infertility.

The mission of Parental Hope is to make people aware of infertility and provide couples with emotional and financial support. Parental Hope helps couples with infertility through:

1. Parental Hope Family Grants: “We help alleviate the financial burden of infertility,” she says.
2. Various Events and Public Outreach: “Parental Hope advocates for those struggling with infertility by raising awareness and educating the public,” Bross says.
3. Quarterly Peer-Led Support: “Parental Hope helps alleviate the emotional burden of couples battling infertility,” she says.

As a way to help educate people about infertility, Parental Hope produces an annual event, during National Infertility Week in April “to help spread awareness that this disease affects one in eight couples,” she says. 

The event is called Journey To Parenthood, “The name seemed fitting because there’s always a journey to parenthood – whether it’s an easy or difficult one,” Bross says. “We wanted an event name that holds true to what our mission is and what our organization stands for.” 

This year, it’ll be held at the Newport Syndicate in Newport, Kentucky on Saturday April 21, 2018. The inspiration behind starting the event came from Bross wanting to bring the infertility community together, and wanting to lift the financial burdens of couples battling with infertility. “There will be open bar, dinner by the bite, live music, silent auction, and the biggest draw of the event is the LIVE IVF raffle that will change one person’s life,” Bross says. 

There is a lot that goes into preparing for the event. In fact, there are a total of 12 people who help plan and execute the event. “We start planning our April event in July and have a dedicated volunteer event and fundraising committee that meticulously plans for nine solid months,” Bross says.

The event is important because “It will bring the infertility community together, while changing lives and lifting the financial burden of IVF,” Bross says. “The success of the event is based off of attendance and beating last year’s fundraising goal. But most importantly, a successful event is bringing hope to those currently battling infertility.”

For more about Parental Hope and the Journey to Parenthood event, follow Parental Hope on their website, Facebook and Instagram. Also, watch our exclusive interview above with Jennifer to learn more about the organization and event.

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Inspired by her own struggles, learn about a local fitness instructor who helps people to get healthy by working on both their physical and mental health.


Yoga with Erika is offered at the Norwood Community Center.

Erika McClure, Certified Yoga Instructor, started her business Yoga with Erika in 2017 with humble beginnings.

“I teach the majority of my classes at the Norwood Community Center. My husband and I fixed up a room on the second floor, creating a zen yoga space,” she says. “I also teach a few classes at Rooks Fitness in Blue Ash, and a class every month at Shumrick and Leys Distillery in Norwood. That’s a fun one!”

What got McClure into the fitness industry was when she was diagnosed with a chronic disease. “I’ve always been active and into health, but started focusing a lot more on it when I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease causes inflammation in the body and joints, making some exercises hard and painful,” she explains. “Yoga is gentle on your joints, and can be modified to fit any body type, making it universal. I tried several other forms of fitness, but always came back to yoga. Through my struggles, I learned that yoga can work for everybody, and wanted to show people that didn’t think they could ‘work out’ that they could!”

Erika McClure of Yoga with Erika

She has experience and education that prepared her for Yoga with Erika. “I successfully completed the RYS 200 Hour Training Program at Simply Power Yoga and used many guinea yogis to practice on,” McClure says.

The inspiration for the business came from practicing her teaching with friends, family and her co-workers. “I would always say, hey, come do yoga with me, which inspired the name, ‘Yoga with Erika,’ and that’s what inspired me to reach out to our local community center.”

Yoga with Erika offers a variety of classes at her studio in the Norwood Community Center:

  • “60 minute Vinyasa Flow – “Classes that focus on moving with breath as we flow from one pose to the next,” McClure says. “In these classes, we elevate our heart rate and work on building lean muscle. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am.”
  • Gentle 45- “Classes that are less intense and focus on breathing, stretching, and correct posture during poses,” she says. “Gentle classes are 45 minutes and appropriate for all levels; but especially geared for those recovering from injury or just getting back into fitness. Classes are Wednesday at 5:45pm and Saturday at 10:45am.”
  • Family classes happen on the last Thursday of each month at 6pm. It’s open for all ages, from toddlers to adults. 
“I also teach two lunch time Power-Hour classes at Rooks Fitness in Blue Ash, on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3,” she says. “My classes are $10 for 1 or $25 for 3.”

Yoga with Erika defines success by having people feel good after her classes. “When I first started teaching at the Norwood Community Center, I would have maybe one or two students and sometimes’ nobody would show up. Now, I have a couple regulars and a few drop-ins for each class,” McClure says. “I’ve recently added new classes to the schedule, and already have regulars for those. People who leave my classes, leave feeling rejuvenated and good about themselves. To me, that’s success!”

McClure says her business is an important service for the community because it fits for all ages, sizes and abilities. “Yoga is not only great for the physical body,” she adds, “it does wonders for the mental body, too. Who doesn’t need that?”

She loves coming back to work every day because her students love it. “I recently had a student say after class, ‘I love yoga, and I’m so glad I started taking classes with you. If I’m not in class, it’s because I’m at work. That’s the only thing that keeps me away,’” McClure says. “I had another student that had to miss a few classes due to work, say ‘I hate missing yoga. My body knows when I haven’t been.’  My students keep me coming back.”

The Norwood Community Center is located at 1810 Courtland Avenue, 45212. To learn more about Yoga with Erika, follow her on Facebook or visit her website.

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Learn about an instructor-turned-business-owner who’s creating quite the following with her transformational techniques.


ImWithKelly is a fitness movement bringing people together through exercise.

ImwithKelly isn’t just a business name. It’s a quickly building movement. 

“ImwithKelly is a fitness movement that began in Chicago when I was teaching, and managing three health clubs. What started as an instructor following soon became a familiar hashtag and a common phrase associated with any class I taught,” Kelly Amshoff, owner of ImwithKelly, says. “When I came to Cincinnati and started teaching, I built a similar following and it caught on here as well. It means, simply, you’re ‘with’ a group led by Kelly, getting your ass kicked all together!”

Amshoff got the inspiration to start ImwithKelly from Lululemon. “I’m a current ambassador of the Cincinnati stores and when we sat down to set goals and find our purpose, it became clear that I should be working for myself and not another brand,” she says. “I needed to start owning the fact that ‘Kelly’ was the brand people would follow.” 

That’s when she branches off and began ImwithKelly branded classes in 2013. “I just made the legal LLC in 2017,” Amshoff says, adding that business is located within Power 3 Fitness, where she teaches at 7227 Montgomery Road. “I hope to hold a lot of outdoor classes this summer, around the city.”

Kelly Amshoff of ImWithKelly

Health and fitness means a lot to Amshoff. “I don’t think ‘healthy’ means just eating clean or fitting into a new pair of jeans. Healthy means being happy in your skin and finding that you’re capable of so much more than you thought possible,” she says. “To watch clients become stronger is the biggest gift as a trainer.”

As for the fitness aspect, “Fitness means challenges. You can’t become complacent or you’ve dropped into ‘routine,’” Amshoff says. “Fitness means you’re putting your body through uncomfortable transformations, believing in your ability along the way.”

ImwithKelly offers a variety of classes, including:

• Chisel: “Nonstop movement with lighter dumbbells aiming for muscle burnout with bursts of cardio to spike heart rate along the way,” she says.
• Grounded: “Similar to Chisel, but with zero cardio. One foot will always stay on the ground,” Amshoff says.
• InTENsity: “Tabata training at its finest! Ten exercises are chosen and clients will rotate through circuits of 20 seconds at max effort, with 10 seconds of rest,” she says.
• Hustle: “An explosive 30 minutes (cardio, strength and core), followed by 20 minutes of mat work,” Amshoffsays. 
• Personal Training

She loves coming back to work every day. She defines success with her business by “having a career that you enjoy, being able to wake up each and every day and love what you do,” Amshoff says. “ImwithKelly is a community. “The camaraderie created through classes is addicting and it’s a wonderful way to meet new friends and try new challenges.”

The most memorable moment since launching ImwithKelly, Amshoff says, is: “When my clients followed me to a new space at the beginning of 2018. It meant the world. I was worried I would lose some of my following and they all transitioned to stay a part of the classes.”

To learn more about ImwithKelly, visit her website or Facebook.

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Want an easy way to grow your own food and have beautiful landscaping? Learn about a local author who just wrote the book (literally) on how you can do both!


Permaculture and edible landscaping. While many have never even heard these terms before, Amy Stross sees it as the future of healthy living and is helping others see it too.

“Permaculture is a system for designing agricultural landscapes that work with nature,” Stross says. “In permaculture gardening, I take these principles of design and look for ways to apply them to the typical backyard garden to enhance biodiversity and the health of the garden.” Also, edible landscaping is, “an easy way to grow food while keeping a more traditional appearance in the front yard,” she says. 

Today, Stross is an author and speaker on the topic, but her love for permaculture and edible landscaping started 12 years ago, when she left her job as a high school teacher. 

“I thought gardening would be a fun hobby while I figured out what I wanted to do next. I began by volunteering with Earth-Shares at Grailville in Loveland, a Community Supported Agriculture program that provides 100 families with organic produce,” Stross recalls. “While I was working as a landscape gardener with a local company, I found out about a permaculture certification course being taught locally by the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute. I signed up and I haven’t looked back since.”

Amy Stross of Tenth Acre Farm

Through her passion for gardening and landscaping, she was able to start her own website called, “Tenth Acre Farm. “As I was learning more about ecological gardening, permaculture design, and edible landscaping, I began experimenting in my own 0.10-acre suburban yard on Cincinnati’s West Side, which I aptly named, ‘Tenth Acre Farm.’” The website got started from adventures and discoveries in her own yard. 

“As I created a front yard edible landscape that captured water from the roof, grew four kinds of fruit crops, and many vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a beautiful way. I wondered if it might inspire others to grow an edible garden or landscape,” Stross says. “I was surprised by the response to my website, and it encouraged me to keep writing about how to create a low-maintenance, productive, beautiful, and ecologically beneficial garden.” 

When people visit the Tenth Acre Farm website, they can see articles Stross has written ranging from a variety of topics, such as: edible landscaping, garden planning, growing fruits, vegetables and herbs, building soil, and managing water, and permaculture. 

Along with Stross’ website, she has also written a book called: The Suburban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People. The book is a “guide to reclaiming the lawn and growing a stress-free garden using permaculture techniques,” she says.  As she continued to dive into the world of permaculture with her readers and newsletter subscribers at, “I was receiving a lot of positive feedback,” Stross says. “I began receiving emails on a regular basis that said something to the effect of, “you should write a book on this stuff! I had never thought of myself as a writer, but because I love the subject matter, it flows pretty easily, so I decided to give it a try!”

The book was important literature for her to write. Stross feels that gardeners talk about their gardens in a romanticized way, but the reality is, most people need advice and tips about how to make their land better. “My book gives people the tools they need to create a low-maintenance garden that is ecologically friendly and yields the rewards they ate looking for with the time they have.”

Gardening has changed her mind in such a positive way. “I never would have guessed that I would get to wake up each day excited about my work, but I’m passionate about my new sense of purpose,” Stross says. “I believe that reclaiming some of our lawn for a permaculture garden can be beneficial to our own health as well as to our local environment.”

To keep up with Stross and Tenth Acre Farm, follow along on FacebookInstagram, and her newsletter.

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A local blogger is helping readers get healthier and balanced through bite-sized tips, recipes, and her real-life ups and downs of starting a family.

Be Whole. Be You. is a blog that features food that’s good for the body and content that’s good for the soul.

There’s a local lady who wants to feed both your body and soul one blog post at a time.

“It is a food blog that offers a little food for the body plus a little food for the soul,” says Lorie Yarro, Food Blogger and Recipe Creator at “Most of the posts feature two parts: Food for the soul: This often includes something I am struggling with or working through on my own journey. And food for the body: Each post includes a new recipe- more than likely, one that includes oats or peanut butter, my very favorites!”

Yarro uses “Be Whole. Be You.,” as her mantra. “It is what grounds me and centers me when I need to find some calm in the chaos of life,” she explains.

The inspiration behind starting the blog came from a tragic experience in Yarro’s life. “It was almost a year after my husband and I lost our first baby. The miscarriage hit me so hard and I was broken, literally scattered into a million pieces,” she says. “I had never experienced pain like that.” 

Lorie Yarro of Be Whole. Be You.

To help herself heal during the difficult time, she would cook in the kitchen a lot. Yarro started to create her own concoctions and brought them to the women she worked with

“Eventually, everyone kept saying I needed a central location to put my recipes, so I didn’t have to keep writing down recipes for everyone individually,” she says. “I decided to take it a step further and combine my therapy of being in the kitchen with my therapy of writing. And this the blog began. It was a place of healing for me as I shared my story as well as my passion for cooking.”

The blog posts that she writes, consists of her life journey. The life stories she talks about are: the struggle with miscarriages, infertility, body and food issues, the road to adopting her son and attached to each post is a recipe. “The recipes started out tagged as ‘clean eating,’ but in my own journey, I found that clean eating is just another diet disguised as being healthy and I was further restricting foods and wanted freedom,” she says. “The recipes are of complete variety now, celebrating that all foods are good foods and it’s all about balance.”

Yarro’s faith is so important in her life. “There is no way I would be where I am today without my faith-even in the times that I thought I had so very little. I am a big believer in the power of breath and even just a little prayer or meditation during the most stressful of times can reduce anxiety levels,” she says. “In the final months before our son was born, the unknown as to whether he would really be ours made me crazy. I became so anxious and sleep-deprived. I would breathe slowly at night and recite very simple prayers, even if it was just, ‘I trust you.’ That gets me through.”

She loves blogging and writing so much that it doesn’t take too much to motivate Yarro to create content. “I love the different aspects from recipe development, the photography, to putting my own life journal to life.”

If you want to keep up with what Be Whole. Be You. is doing, follow the blog on FacebookInstagram , Pinterest and Yarro’s website.

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Read on to learn about a Cincinnati-based business that says it can make your pain and stress just float away.


Tao Float Loft recently opened a location in Mariemont to give the area another therapeutic floating location.

Feeling the weight of the world? There’s a new place in Mariemont that can help it float away — literally and figuratively.

“Tao Float Loft in Mariemont is a flotation therapy center [with] other additional services, such as Massage Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Cryotherapy,” Dylan Brown, Owner and Founder of Tao Float Loft, says.

On December 15, 2017, Toa Float Loft opened a location in the Mariemont area. “The demand from our clients and social media push for us to open up shop closer to downtown was overwhelming,” Brown says. “We wanted to continue being Cincinnati’s #1 Float Center, so we expanded to Mariemont.” The location is different from the other business locations. The Mariemont location will include Cryotherapy and Whole Body Cryotherapy. “We will be the only center in the Midwest to feature this Cryotherapy technology, so we are very excited!”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from an urge to educate the Cincinnati community about flotation therapy. “I have a passion for helping others, so creating Tao Float Loft was my way of providing the community of natural method to alleviate countless conditions,” he says. “The name of the business was based off of the philosophy of Taoism. “As an avid reader of Alan Watts, the appeal and power of Taoism resonated with me.

Floating has personally impacted Brown’s life. “It has not only allowed me to naturally alleviate my own anxiety and depression, but impacted me in a deeper sense by allowing me to see clients have unbelievable experiences and results after their floats,” he says. Floating has a variety of benefits, such as pain relief, alleviation of stress, deep relaxation, mental clarity, reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, etc.

There are a variety of services that are offered at Tao Float Loft Mariemont. These services include:

  • Flotation Therapy: “Clients float effortlessly in a large space – like pod filled with 1200 pounds of Epsom Salt, dissolved into 11 inches of water that is heated to skin temperature,” Brown says.
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy (Coming Soon): “For three minutes, our Cryo Chamber will cool the surface of your skin by 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit, using cooled nitrogen,” he says. “This activates the body’s powerful healing cold – shock response.”
  • Local Cryotherapy: Controls swelling, relieves pain from swollen joints, arthritis and helps heal injuries quicker. 
  • Local Cryotherapy Facials: Increases collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks pore sizes to heal acne and leaves your skin glowing.

Tao Float Loft Mariemont’s success is based on the results of their clients. “So far we have been very successful! In just two years, we have two centers,” he says.

Brown’s favorite part of the job is knowing that his business provides a place for people to lessen daily stress, pain and disengage from the chaotic world. “What I am doing is not only helping myself, but that it is helping others in ways that are unimaginable,” Brown says.

If you want to keep up with what Tao Float Loft Mariemont is doing, follow them on their websiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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See how a Cincinnati-based organization is helping local youth dramatically improve academics and social skills through movement and mindfulness.


One local organization is on a mission to improve our next generation – inside and out – one movement at a time.

“Mission 2 Move strives to improve academic performance and the social emotional behavior of children through movement and mindfulness. We improve the PE curriculum at schools by training teachers and health professionals,” says Sarah Habib, Founder of Mission 2 Move. “We work with local organizations to directly teach kids how to move and be mindful. We do this by running after-school programs and helping to train teachers to incorporate movement and mindfulness into the school day.”

There are locations that run after-school programs at Cincinnati Public School elementary schools: Oyler, Robert’s Academy, Mount Airy, Mount Washington, Sayler Park, and the Academy of World Languages. They also help with the PE programs at Woodford Paideia and John P. Parker. “We have been in Cincinnati since May 2017, but started in San Francisco in 2016,” she says. The business has 10 health professionals that run after-school programs, as well as part-time employees that are in charge of marketing, communications and fundraising efforts.

The inspiration behind starting Mission 2 Move started in San Francisco, California. “After coaching basketball for middle school girls in San Francisco, I noticed so many girls could not do simple exercises like running up and down the court because of weight or inactivity. When I saw them eating ice cream and skittles before practice, I knew something had to be done to improve their overall health, which will only help them perform better both on the court and off,” Habib says. “I designed and implemented a program into their school that fuses mindfulness and Z-Health, a brain-based physical education program. Last year, I decided to move home to Cincinnati and bring the program with me, all while helping to tackle the city’s growing crisis around childhood obesity. Here in Cincinnati, 1 in 3 under the age of 18 are obese, compared to the national average of 1 in 5.”

Mission 2 Move offers a variety of Professional Development services to schools and teachers, as well as after-school programs. “No other non-profit in Cincinnati is focusing on academic performance, social/emotional behavior and childhood obesity through movement and mindfulness.” The organization defines success by showing children the joy and excitement of movement in their every day lives. “If we can inspire active lives, improve academic performance and help with emotional and social health in at least one student, that is success.”

Habib’s favorite part of working for Mission 2 Move is sharing her love of fitness. “Sharing my love of fitness with kids who have never been exposed to it before, brings a real sense of accomplishment,” she says. “Fitness is the key to living a long and healthy life so the more kids we have moving, the better for their own lives and their future.”

To keep up with what Mission 2 Move is doing, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.