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Learn about a local yoga and meditation studio with two area locations that specializes in transforming beginners into expert yogis.


Pamela Quinn is the Founder of Elemental OM, a yoga and meditation studio in Cincinnati.

Do you want to learn about a place to do yoga in the Cincinnati area? “Elemental OM is a yoga and meditation studio with two locations serving Greater Cincinnati,” Pamela Quinn, Founder of Elemental OM, says.

“We specialize in making yoga and meditation accessible to those who have never tried yoga or feel they are inflexible or suffering from physical or emotional situations.” Elemental OM has been in business for 11 years with locations at 9510 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, Ohio 45242 and 11928 Montgomery Road, Symmes, Ohio 45249, with one employee and 55 independent contractors.

Elemental OM started from a personal injury that Quinn dealt with. “I personally suffered a debilitating back injury and turned to meditation to manage my pain,” she says. Quinn learned how to meditate and learned about yoga and Ayurveda. “I healed physically in a short period of time and became passionate about sharing the teachings with others,” she says.

The name of the business comes from “Elements,” which is based on the five-element theory of Ayurveda. This is a mental-based yoga on the tantric nature of yoga. Then there is Om, “the sacred vibration that created the universe,” Quinn says.

The business offers yoga classes for beginners and those who are more advanced; corporate wellness solutions; massage, Reiki and healing touch; and has certification as a yoga teacher and Holistic Health Educator.

Elemental Om wants to create a safe environment for her clients. The business is about “creating an atmosphere where someone who has never done yoga or who feels it just isn’t for them and falls in love with yoga,” she says.

The yoga studio is an addition to the Cincinnati area where people can relax. The place “offers a place where folks can come in, kick off their shoes, get a hug and relax,” Quinn explains. “Mothers come to exercise, but learn to be more patient with their children. School teachers who come to de-stress and take the teachings back to their pupils. Business people come to relax and learn to connect more intimately into meaningful work and purpose.”

Quinn says other folks come suffering from the emotional pain isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression and grief and learn the tools to manage and heal.

“Most people come in for exercise, but leave with so much more,” she adds, saying that she loves coming back to work everyday. “Our team and our students are incredible. They light up my every day and make me feel so purposefully,” she says. “I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such talent and love.”

To keep up with what Elemental OM is doing, check out their website, where you can sign up for their newsletter. 


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The holidays can be busy and stressful. Learn about a local yogi’s upcoming retreat for women to enjoy yoga, friendships, and refreshing relaxation time.


Julie Lusk’s Yoga Slumber Party is a bi-annual event that brings women together for yoga, friendship, and relaxation.

Do you want to experience an event with a community of women where you get to feel relaxed? Julie Lusk’s Yoga Slumber Party is “a bi-annual sleepover for women to enjoy yoga, friendships, and refreshing relaxation time,” Lusk, President of Wholesale Resources, says. “It’s a time to get replenished with joyful energy. We have people come with no yoga experience to those who are accomplished yoga teachers.”

Lusk says they started having two per year starting in 2003. “That’s 15 years and 30 yoga slumber parties,” she laughs. With space for only 36 women, the event is happening at the Jesuit Spiritual Center, which is located 17 miles east of Cincinnati in Milford.

“The Jesuit Spiritual Center gives us almost 40 acres of magnificent acreage along the Little Miami River. There is a labyrinth and walking paths to enjoy,” she says. “Our building has a beautiful room for yoga, and a lounge with a fireplace to enjoy. Delicious food is served in the dining hall — they even do dishes for us! Everyone gets their own private bedroom with a sink. It’s perfect!”

Julie Lusk of the Julie Lusk Yoga Slumber Party

Lusk has more than 40 years of expertise in stress relief, yoga, relaxation training, guided imagery and meditation as an international author, recording artist, and workshop leader. She is the author of “Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief, Yoga Meditations, two volumes of 30 Scripts for Complete Relaxation, Imagery, and Inner Healing, and Desktop Yoga®.” She also has several CDs out, including Yoga Nidra Essentials, Wholesome Energizers, Power of Presence, Blue Moon Rising, and many others.

There is a lot that goes into planning the Yoga Slumber Party. “A theme is selected. Then yoga sequences, music, readings, and creative activities are specially planned to complement the theme,” Lusk says. “Taking out time foroneself is always encouraged.” The theme has not yet been selected for the upcoming yoga slumber party for January 27-28, 2018. There will also be another Yoga Slumber Party happening August 11-12, 2018.

For the Yoga Slumber Party, people can expect “a break from one’s routine to gain a new perspective, inspiration and motivation to live life more meaningfully and fully,” she says. The event is great for the community of Cincinnati because it’s nearby,” she adds. “The Yoga Slumber Party is the perfect way to get all the benefits of a retreat without the expense and time needed to travel.”

If you want to register for the Yoga Slumber Party, visit the Wholesome Resources website.

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We chat with the woman behind an important organization that’s giving people better access to local food, boosting business for local farmers, and promoting a more environmentally sustainable region.


Thanks to the work of one local organization, the Ohio Valley Region will soon enjoy better market opportunities for local farms while people and institutions will have better access to fresh, healthy, local food.

Green Umbrella, the leading alliance working to maximize the environmental sustainability of Greater Cincinnati, was recently awarded a USDA Local Food Promotion Program grant to increase sales for local farm producers through the region’s largest food hubs by 65% by 2020.

Green Umbrella helps increase sales for local farm products.

“We drive collaboration to fuel measurable improvements in key areas of sustainability,” Kristin Weiss, Executive Director of Green Umbrella, says. “Our vision is to have the region recognized as one of the top ten most sustainable metro areas in the nation by 2020. Our vision was actually realized this year, when Greater Cincinnati was ranked the nation’s #1 metro area for sustainability in Site Selection’s 2017 Sustainability Rankings.”

The Green Umbrella project, which was originally launched in 1998, has been relaunched under the Collective Impact Model. “It was the first time our region agreed on a shared vision and success indicators for the environment,” she says. “It was a key turning point, too, that our region was recognizing environmental sustainability as a significant path for making Greater Cincinnati a highly desirable place to live, play and work.”

There are a variety of different projects that Action Teams in Green Umbrella are in charge of, which drives progress toward their sustainability goals, and they include: Red Bike, Outdoor Adventure Clubs, Produce Perks, Ohio Valley Food Connection, Tri-State Trails, Greater Cincinnati Food Policy council, Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit, and Great Outdoor Weekend.

For the third time, Partners for Places is providing Green Umbrella and 11 other cities with grants, and Cincinnati is receiving the largest one.  Partners for Places is “a national matching grants program, which pairs city governments with philanthropy to support sustainability projects that promote a healthy environment, a strong economy, and well-being for residents,” Weiss explains.

The grant will fund strategic, and collaborative activities to prevent, recover, and recycle food waste. “Locally, this project will help address two community issues-the need to improve access to healthy food for the one in four residents that are food insecure, and the need to reduce the amount of  ‘waste’ going to the landfill-currently averaging more than five pounds per person per day,” Weiss says. “Specifically, the grant will be used to expand sharing tables in schools, work with institutional kitchens to reduce food waste and recover surplus food, foster neighborhood composting through policy advocacy, and educate the public on best practices related to food waste issues.”

Weiss says this is her dream job and it’s helping her have the exact impact she wanted for her hometown. “When I was starting my career, my dad passed away quickly of brain cancer, and that taught me to appreciate the time I have, and spend it with people and doing work that I love,” Weiss explains. “I know that I can make a significant difference working on this project, and that’s what gets me excited for work everyday.”

With nearly 400 members, over 6,000 email subscribers, and 10,000 social media followers, Green Umbrella is growing. To learn more, visit or “like” them on Facebook. For information about how to source locally this Thanksgiving, visit

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Learn about a local business that makes the tastiest treats with all-natural ingredients, free from preservatives and additives.


Davis Cookie Collection specializes in gourmet cookies and is based out of OTR’s Findlay Kitchen.

Tasty treats aren’t usually known for their guilt-free ingredients. That’s not the case for one local business.

“Davis Cookie Collection LLC specializes in delicious gourmet cookies,” says Christina Davis, CEO of Davis Cookie Collection, a business that operates out of OTR-based Findlay Kitchen where they make their cookies. Their cookies are made from all-natural ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives. “We work diligently to ensure that we utilize the best ingredients for our product,” Davis says.

“Our product is currently sold at the Cincinnati Zoo, French Fry Heaven, Conscious Kitchen, and we have recently received an opportunity with Izzy’s on Elm Street,” she explains. “Our cookies will go live at Izzy’s on Monday [Oct. 27, 2017].” Davis and her husband are the dynamic duo behind the brand, doing all the sweet tooth satisfying work at the moment. “But we are blessed to also have the support of family and friends who help us in the kitchen when needed,” Davis adds.

Davis Cookie Collection has been in business for 3.5 years. The business was launched in 2014 while Davis was a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati studying social work. “I would bring samples of our cookies to my workplace and people raved about how delicious they were,” she says. “People offered to pay for the cookies and that’s when a business was born.”

Davis Cookie Collection is starting to offer additional services as well. “We also offer a delivery service to our customer’s home, workplace, school, etc.,” Davis says.

What gets Davis to come back to work everyday is her love for pleasing her customers. “Being able to create delicious product that my customers love, motivates me to come back to work everyday,” Davis says. “It’s a pleasure knowing that I’m able to satisfy each customer’s sweet tooth.”

Davis’ definition of success for her business is meeting goals. “Some of our goals are to have our product located in numerous business locations within the City of Cincinnati, opening a brick and mortar location, working toward maintaining a profitable status, and giving back to the community,” Davis says. They feel like their business is important for the community of Cincinnati. “Everyone loves cookies. Our product warms our customers’ hearts and delights their taste buds,” she says. “Our business can also eventually help the community by creating employment opportunities.”

Davis Cookie Collection has also allowed Davis to experience memorable moments. “My most memorable moment thus far was being invited to Mayor Cranley’s State of the City Address last year where he shared a snippet about our business during his speech. Mayor Cranley then allowed us to serve samples of our cookies to the attendees,” she says. “It was a dream come true, as we were able to meet several CEOs and business owners of well-known organizations.“ Davis was also able to receive a tour of the Busken Bakery production location by Brian Busken, the Vice President of Busken Bakery, earlier this year.

If you want to keep up with what Davis Cookie Collection is doing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and their website.


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A local woman launched a caters an urban cuisine with a variety of culturally inspired and traditional dishes, with a twist! Read on for all the delicious details.


Salimah Abdul-Hakim, Owner of L. Mari Catering

It’s urban, but also organic, locally sourced, and grass fed. It’s traditional and culturally inspired, but also with a twist. It’s L. Mari Catering.

“L. Mari Catering specializes in delicious urban cuisine through our catering services, weekly meal preparation, and specialty events, Salimah Abdul-Hakim, Chef and Owner of L. Mari Catering, LLC. “We created urban cuisine as a good concept that engulfs a variety of culturally inspired and traditional dishes, sometimes with a twist!”

Mari Catering is primarily located out of Findlay Kitchen in Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio, and launched in October 2016. “This has been an exciting and busy year for us as we celebrate year one serving the community,” she says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a vision she had. “I had a vision of being able to select entrees and dishes that either are not available anywhere else, or not available all on one menu,” Abdul-Hakim says. “Whether it’s jerk chicken, an Indian-inspired dish, a vegan item, or baked Ziti; I wanted to be able to provide food to a wide variety of people.”

There are a variety of events that L. Mari Catering covers for its clients. “We provide catering services; whether it’s an intimate affair for ten people, a corporate luncheon, or a larger scale event of 300 people-we are able to accommodate you,” she says. “We also provide weekly meal preparation to clients who may find it easier to free up sometime and allow us to cook their meals for the week! Lastly, we have hosted events and have done many pop-up events, along with festivals!” Some of the foods that L. Mari Catering offers is butter chicken, blackened salmon, spiced Hennessy wings, seafood pasta, Cajun shrimp and pepper medley, Halal options, vegan black bean chili and more.

The business defines success by growth. “We’ve learned a lot in year one and look forward to the years to come! The business is growing rapidly, our next mission is to purchase a food truck and eventually a storefront location,” Abdul-Hakim says. “Growth is being able to offer more menu items, serve more customers and hire more people.”

She believes that L. Mari Catering is important for the community of Cincinnati. “We believe that the food we ingest plays a role with our overall health mobility. Many of our menu items are organic, locally sourced, and meats are grass fed,” Abdul-Hakim says. “We’re also working on our hiring plan for 2018 and looking to recruit interns from local colleges and universities, along with high school students learning the value in cooking and the why’s behind the health benefits.” She is passionate about her job. “I love cooking and creating new dishes, but I also love interacting with new and returning clients and customers.”

If you want to keep up with what L. Mari Catering is doing, follow them on their website, email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Read on to learn about a Paleo catering service that now offers quick, healthy food options at a new downtown cafe location.

Paleolicious recently opened a new cafe in the Scripps Center lobby.

Wish you had time to make healthy food? Paleolicious might have just the solution for you. 

Paleolicious is a gluten-free and Paleo primal catering service located in the Cincinnati area. They also just opened a new cafe in the Scripps Center lobby to give downtowners quick, easy and healthy food on-the-go. 

The founder, Rebecca Denney, previously worked in the corporate world and was looking for something that made her want to go to work everyday. “One of the things I enjoyed most about having more time was that we didn’t have to eat out so much and I could cook more organic meals. I started shopping more at farmer’s markets and got to know local food artisans and I loved it,” she says. “From a more organic lifestyle, I found Paleo. When I was strictly following a Paleo diet, I lost 30 pounds and felt amazing. My background in food service and my love for entertaining made me certain that I have found my mission.”

Rebecca Denney, Founder of Paleolicious

In an American diet, she adds, there is a bunch of junk that we don’t need to put into our bodies. “Whether food dyes, preservatives or the excess of sugar, it is just a simple and healthy way to eliminate toxins from the body that are causing all kinds of problems in our health,” Denney explains. “I also love that by supporting local business and farmers, there is an opportunity to help your neighbors and city too.”

The name of the business came from a tag line. ‘I kept gunning about the tag line ‘because healthy food should always be delicious,’ so put Paleo and ‘licious’ together. I walked around for days asking people what they thought of the name, for me it stuck,” Denney says. 

Paleolicious offers catering services to any event, from weddings to box lunches, breakfast to dessert. They also offer meal planning services. The Scripps Center location is open is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3pm. 

“At Scripps, we offer a full service espresso bar, including bulletproof coffee, frittatas, muffins, donuts, sweets and also, soups, salads and lettuce wrapped sandwiches we call ‘greenwiches. We also have lots of little snack packs and parfaits,” she says. “Some of our items are ‘practically Paleo,’ usually because they include dairy or organic cane sugar, but we mark those so there’s no confusion. All soups, salads and dressings are made from scratch and follow the same guidelines.” 

Find Paleolicious in the Scripps Center lobby in downtown Cincinnati.

The business is trying to stretch into the vegan and vegetarian world, as well. “I made a Morrocan Carrot Soup last week that was vegan, delicious and sold out very quickly,” Denney says. “We have offered dinners for delivery and pick up in the past and are considering offering that at Scripps as well.”

Paleolicious defines success by seeing her customers try something new and love it. 

“The biggest compliment is for someone to say that you don’t have to be Paleo to love our food. Our regular customers who come back again and again make it all worth it,” she says. “When people talk about how they have improved their health and how happy they are to have a place that understands their needs, I know I am doing something worthwhile. Doing this alongside a team who is enjoying what they do everyday is important too.”

If you want to keep up with what Paleolicious is doing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Read on to learn about a blog that gives tips and encourages you to live a clean, healthy, simplified lifestyle.


Eat Clean Live Simple is a lifestyle blog dedicated to clean eating, organization, healthy recipes, and tips to living a simple life.

Want to live a clean and simple life, but don’t know where to start?

“Eat Clean Live Simple is a lifestyle blog about eating clean, organization, healthy recipes and tips to living a simple life,” Christy Hannegan, Blogger and Owner of Eat Clean Live Simple. The content for Hannegan’s blog consists of “recipes that use real, whole clean ingredients,” she says. “I can pretty much take any meal and turn it into a clean and healthy recipe, just with modifications.” Her husband, Steve, helps her out with the photography for the blog.

The inspiration for her blog came from her husband. “My husband Steve is a chiropractor and so we really started embracing a fully healthy lifestyle seven years ago and haven’t looked back since,” Hannegan says. “We feel better when we are eating and cooking with real whole foods and ingredients. I wanted to share our passion of health with others through food and other ways to make what can be overwhelming, a simpler solution.”

Christy Hannegan, Founder of the blog Eat Live Clean Simple

To come up with the name of the blog, it just popped in her head one day. “Friends and family were constantly asking for my recipes and tips on eating clean, so I decided to start it to share with them,” Hannegan says. “The name of my blog really is my motto for life, Eat Clean Live Simple.”

When asked how she defines success with her blog, she doesn’t define success. “My blog really is a hobby for me and a way for me to share my passion of food with others. I don’t need to be the biggest blogger in the world or post everyday or week or even month to feel successful,” she says. “If one person reads a post that helps change their life, then I feel successful.”

Hannegan thinks that her blog is important for the community. “I think every woman has felt the pressure of being a perfect housewife, and making sure she is feeding her family a healthy meal,” she says. “Whether you are a stay at home mom or a full time working mom, raising a family and balancing it all is hard. I want to show others that it can be done and there are other easy options than having to run through the drive thru on your way home from work or on the way to soccer practice.”

Her motivation for blogging is helping and educating people. “Just helping others learn about food and educating others on ingredients and the importance of what they are feeding themselves and their families,” Hannegan says. “Knowledge is power and once you start to be awakened by food, it is hard to go back.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with the Eat Clean Live Simple blog, follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website.

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We chat with the organizers behind one of the biggest events in the city for breast cancer awareness and fundraising to see what's new and exciting this year.


The 2017 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure will take place October 1.

Want to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research while enjoying a fun walk and activities? Consider participating in Susan G. Komen’ annual Race for the Cure.

“Race for the Cure is the annual Komen event that every affiliate across the country hosts. It’s the main fundraising event,” says Melissa Dunn, Communication Director. “This year, our Race for the Cure is a Pink Ribbon Walk at Coney Island. We walk, honor and celebrate and then ride Coney rides.”

The Race for the Cure will feature a fun walk through Coney Island as well as other fun activities.

Dunn got involved with the event in 2011, after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 25. “I walked in my first Race for the Cure that September, and raised over $8,000. I registered and walked in every race since then — until I came on staff then I’ve been working the event,” she recalls. “My first race that I worked and planned was in 2015, so this will be my third race as a Komen employee.”

A lot goes into preparing for the event. “We work early in the year to secure sponsors, location, details as far as pricing, shirts, etc. We have a small staff so we all work very hard all year long preparing for the race,” Dunn explains. “We have to think about logistics, volunteers, set up, course. It’s a lot. Thankfully we have a few staff members and volunteers that have been doing this a long time so it all runs relatively smoothly.”

There are some additions to the event that are going to take effect this year. It’s the 20th anniversary of Komen Southwest Ohio, which was established in 1997 by four women, one of which is the Executive Director of the organization, Peggy Isenogle. “We have vendors, Q102 and Mix 94.9, will be on site, and there will be a great Celebration of Hope after the walk where we honor those we have lost, celebrate our survivors and those still in treatment, and give thanks for all the support over the years,” Dunn says. “We once again have Survivor Caps, sponsored by Ford. They are really awesome! And we have mums for sale, which can be purchased in honor of or in memory of a loved one. We’re excited for October 1st.”

What gets Dunn to come back to work everyday is wanting to see a cure for breast cancer. “Research will help find the cure. We fund more research than any other affiliate. I want there to be an end to breast cancer,” says Dunn. “I define success at this event as reaching our fundraising goal because then we can fund more breast cancer research and give back to local organizations that help those diagnosed with breast cancer.”

To register or learn more about the event, visit or call 513.671.9100.

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A new Hyde Park-based store will keep you feeling inspired to live a healthy lifestyle one cute activewear outfit at a time.


Outfit Active sell fashionable apparel to help you get motivated to hit the gym.

Ever feel like you’re more motivated to workout when you have cute clothes to wear to a class or the gym? That’s the idea behind the recently opened Outfit Active in Hyde Park Square.

“Outfit Active is the first destination in Cincinnati exclusively to deliver premium women’s active wear. At Outfit Active, we offer the ultimate collection of performance driven active wear to suit our modern, always on the go lifestyles,” says Alexandra George, owner of Outfit Active. “I have dedicated a lot of time to showcase the best of the best and bring Cincinnati practical, contemporary styles designated to be both functional yet fashionable.”

Launched in July 2017, George has been the sole force behind the store concept. “I put it all together – the fact that the fitness and wellness industry is continuing to boom with no signs of slowing down, recognizing the ‘always on the go’ lifestyle so many people lead, my love for all things fashion and the gap in the Cincinnati market for unique, functional active clothing,” she says. “The idea was born: a boutique that delivers fun, flattering, fashion-forward active wear that can stand up to the demands of a workout, the rigors of daily life, and everything in between.”  

The business offers more than just stylish active wear for women. “Outfit Active offers an environment for women to shop, hang out and enjoy one another’s company to hopefully empower and inspire each other to lead healthier lives. I love that I can use the store to help bring women together,” George says. “I have a few private events being held at the store in the coming months, but I plan to really dive more into this in the new year. I am always open to suggestions!”

Outfit Active defines success by “acknowledging whatever it is you set out to do and completing — or sometimes just attempting — it by giving everything you have,” George says. “For women who completed their first yoga class, to the athlete out running marathons, and the mom who gets all her errands run for the day. Success is getting through what we set out to achieve each day and the feeling we have when we do.”

George says she’s proud to have created such a unique concept in the heart of Cincinnati. “I think Cincinnati is such a great city! Having grown up here, I can appreciate the small town feel and family-oriented atmosphere it offers and I wanted to create a place that was part of that,” she says. “A place where everyone feels welcome and empowered to be the most authentic version of themselves.”

George’s favorite part of managing and owning Outfit Active is that it fills an important niche. “I love the fact that I have created a concept like nothing else in Cincinnati and hopefully a one-stop destination for women looking to find different styles and brands of active wear they feel comfortable and confident in.”

George says she loves when people walk in the store and they’re in awe of the style and brands. “But even better, is seeing women leave the store excited to live well and stay active.”

Outfit Active is located at 3439 Edwards Road in Cincinnati. To learn more and stay updated, follow along on Facebook, Instagram and their website. They also have an online newsletter to which you can subscribe. “I will be launching an online shop for Outfit Active in the coming months,” George says. “That will definitely be a good place to see everything Outfit Active, if you can’t make it into the store.”

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Read on to learn about a place where people in Cincinnati can improve their health in unique but effective ways.


Gregory Woeste, D.C. (left) Andrea Beaver, D.C. (right)

Do you want to experience a healthcare business that’s passionate about making you feel better? Cincinnati Health Institute, was started 28 years ago and is a “functional medicine and chiropractic clinic,” Andrea Beaver, DC of the Cincinnati Health Institute, says.

“The inspiration to start CHI came as Dr. Woeste and I started to recognize that patients were desperately searching for alternatives to conventional treatments,” Beaver says. “This evolved into the inspiration for an online store and patient portal to manage nutrition, supplement and vitamin needs.”

Founder, Dr. Woeste got into the healthcare industry by visiting a chiropractor for a problem when he was younger that normal medication couldn’t fix. “He became a believer in chiropractic care after that experience and was inspired to pursue chiropractic medicine,” she says. As for Beaver, she was inspired to get into chiropractic medicine after a car accident and seeing her local chiropractor. “The interest in nutrition and functional medicine began for both of us as we witnessed our patients struggle with issues that could be managed through proper diet, supplement and lifestyle changes.”

There are a variety of different services offered at the Cincinnati Health Institute. These include:

  • Chiropractic Care and adjustments, including therapy and dry needling.
  • Ideal Protein weight loss program
  • Nutritional, hormone, genetic, and neurotransmitter testing
  • Sell doctor trusted, high quality vitamins and supplements through their website.

“Finally, we take a holistic approach to each patient that comes through our doors,” Beaver says. “We don’t just treat the symptoms, we get at the root cause of inflammation or disease and help our patients heal from the inside out.”

Beaver feels that the Cincinnati Health Institute is important for the community because they offer unique methods that aren’t the traditional ways to treat patients. “Patients are tired of prescription drugs and their side effects,” she says. “As the population becomes more educated on the dietary management of disease and inflammation, they need the ability to access a marketplace that provides those products and the support necessary for those products. We provide support and answer questions for all vitamins and supplements sold on our site.”

Beaver’s favorite part of working for the Cincinnati Health Institute is seeing the transformation of the people who take control of their health. “Knowing we are helping people make small changes that will give them big results, is extremely rewarding,” Beaver says. “Our goal is to inform, inspire and educate patients so they can take control of their health.”

To keep up with Cincinnati Health Institute updates updates and news, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and their website. Also, you can visit them in person. They’re located at 7712 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. To learn more, visit