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See how an OTR brewery building is being transformed into a commercial mixed-use hub focused on innovation, diversity, inclusion and creativity. 

A former OTR brewery space is now bubbling over with innovation as a rentable space for urban manufacturers. 

Felsenhaus is “a 45,000 square-foot history brewery building being transformed into a commercial mixed-use hub in OTR with a focus on innovation, diversity, inclusion and creativity. It has both small and large offices, retail and commercial spaces available. It’s used by photographers and videographers for shoots and we have had feature films and commercials shot on site,” says Shane and Dena Neuringer, who both serve multiple roles at Felsenhaus. 

The business started three years ago, when they purchased the Felsenhaus property. “The property was partially owner-occupied and had several third-party tenants and we’ve been working on re-tenanting and upgrading the building,” Neuringer says. “We’ve been in the commercial real estate development, architecture and construction business for over 20 years. As entrepreneurs, we’ve been at it for almost 10 years. Shane’s background is more in acquisitions, development and finance, and Dena has an architectural background and has been working in construction management with firms like Turner Construction.”

Felsenhaus is located three blocks from Findlay Market at: 242 W. McMicken Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The business was inspired by projects going on around the country. “We’ve seen very creative and innovative projects all over the country act as catalysts for the revitalization of neighborhoods and local economic development. We’ve seen neighborhoods all over the country where industry faded away and left behind urban blight transformation into thriving districts. Places like the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea/Highline and Williamsburg in NYC, Wynwood, South Beach and Downtown in Miami, Downtown LA, The Distillery District in Toronto and RiNo in Denver. The list goes on and now places like Cincinnati have the opportunity to have once-blighted neighborhoods thrive once again by bringing back small businesses, innovation, entertainment and housing to walkable urban areas,” they say. “The Midwest is experiencing a Renaissance and as a small development group, we see an opportunity to be part of something where we felt we could make more of a difference in the community. Also, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of change in the way people live, work and socialize. A lot of the old models of how real estate worked and how people do business are outdated. There is tremendous opportunity to provide flexible spaces, cater to the gig and sharing economy, provide interesting experiences and help the city to embrace its historic industrial past as an anchor to creating the next phase of innovation and economic success.” 

The name of the business came from being part of the Clyffside and Redtop Brewery building complexes. “One of their premier beer was called Felsenhaus, which is painted on the front of the building,” Neuringer says. “We wanted to pay tribute to the heritage of the building and the historic industry of the neighborhood and put fresh perspective on it.”

Felsenhaus offers different kinds of space, including: office space, photo and video shoot locations, storage and especially space for entrepreneurs and small businesses we call ‘urban manufacturers’- artisans, makers, and fabricators who are making things here, warehousing, shipping/receiving, etc.,” they say. 

The business’s spaces are unique because they have a lot of amenities available under one roof. “You can roll up your sleeves and get your work done. The most valuable aspect is being immersed within an inclusive and innovative community of other makers, urban manufacturers and creatives,” Neuringersays. “We also have a really convenient location right across from a park, great views and the historic character of the building really seems to inspire people. We have shared amenities like on-site parking, a full kitchen, conference roomand podcast room. We also have four loading docks, a freight and a passenger elevator.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there hasn’t been as much leasing activity and less shared worspaces at the moment. “We are now focusing more on private workspaces, but still offer shared amenity spaces so the aspect of community is still very much part of what we are all about,” they say. “Our initial plan included a much larger component of event and food and beverage space. We look forward to coming back to that in the future, but our emphasis now is much more on providing space for people to get to work: urban manufacturing, studios, office space, warehousing, storage and fulfillment. We are also wearing masks in common areas and in meetings and providing hand sanitizer to help reduce the risk of COVID.”

Inclusion is so important to Felsenhaus. “You would be surprised by how hard it is for makers, these urban manufacturers and creatives, to find a place they feel is a good value, where they have a sense of feeling included, part of a community and feel inspired,” Neuringer says. “We operate in an area of OTR that has not seen the same amount of investment from the city and the large local developers. That may change in the future, but right now, we are offering a place where people can make a living for themselves, provide employment opportunities, especially for people right here in the neighborhood.”

To learn more about Felsenhaus, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website.

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Ever just need some personal space with none to be found? A local woman designed a new solution that offers comfort wherever you need it.

Whether it’s a loud house, long plane ride or busy hospital room, there’s not much peace and quiet to be found most places. That’s what inspired the creation of locally-designed Harbor Hood, a wearable pillow that dampens light and sound to offer you peace and quiet wherever you need it.

“Harbor Hood is a versatile hood with an eye mask that helps people in uncomfortable places find a quiet, supportive personal space,” says Kate Brandy, Founder of Harbor Hood Co.. “You can wear on your head or fold flat to support your lower back. And it’s designed to be 100 percent washable to keep you safe wherever you take it.”

Launching in November of 2019, Harbor Hood is an eCommerce website that ships from Cincinnati. “While I am the sole employee, Harbor Hood relies on a variety of suppliers, manufacturers and consultancies to operate,” she says. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from her grandfather. “He describes unpleasant environments in hospitals. They are cold, bright, loud and usually overcrowded, making it hard to get into a comfortable position to rest,” Brandy says. “It’s a period where you need to get rest but feel the worst. I thought that other people might feel the same way as my papa.” 

According to her research, patients were feeling uncomfortable in the ERs, treatment chairs, many waiting rooms and exam rooms. “Obviously, I could not address many miseries associated with illness or injury. I could, however, work on ways to shield them from some of the lack of privacy, the chillness, the noisiness and the brightness, and give them relief from the awkward resting positions they were enduring on top of their medical concerns,” Brandy says. “Harbor Hood was created to meet these needs for comfort and personal space.”

The research with Harbor Hood helped find the product’s purpose. “People told us over and over again that they would use Harbor Hood in healthcare settings, but also, and perhaps more often, for travel, mass transit commuting and while at home quarantining with their whole family,” she says. “All these environments produce a need for comfortable personal space and that is what Harbor Hood creates.”

The Harbor Hood provides you with personal space. “Personal space quiets the mind and allows your senses to accept stimuli at a more comfortable rate,” Brandy says. “Softness and support allow you to focus on what you want to, even if that is rest without the distraction of pain or discomfort.” 

The name of the business came from Brandy living close to the Boston Harbor. “There is something really nice about the ships coming into the harbor for a safe, quiet place to rest before going back out for a day’s work,” Brandy says. “That metaphor holds true for Harbor Hood pillows. They are a safe harbor of quiet, supportive personal space wherever you may be.” The Harbor Hoods are available in adult sizes in the color dark gray. 

Brandy wants the products “to make adults more comfortable in uncomfortable environments through innovative products,” she says. Originally, Harbor Hood was created for healthcare workers in uncomfortable settings at their job, but “customers have found the product useful in much broader applications from home and travel environments,” Brandy says. 

With the COVID 19 pandemic, Harbor Hood has been negatively impacted because of their supply chain, but there have been good things that come from it. “We have raised funds to donate Harbor Hoods to hospitals around Ohio to give much-needed comfort to patients.” 

The uniqueness of the product is in its shape. “Harbor Hood’s unique shape provides coverage over your ears and include a hood with a face mask, so that you can lean back or lean on your side to fit how you get comfortable,” Brandy says. “It’s also unique in that it transforms to fold flat to double as lumbar support. A pillow that can do so much is something that is really hard to come by in a sea of ineffective and cumbersome travel pillows.”

Your mental and physical health will be positively affected by this product. “It is just as important to allow yourself to take that personal space for yourself, as it is to give it. That’s what Harbor Hood is all about,” she says. 

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Harbor Hood, follow the business on Facebook and Instagram.

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Learn about a local organization leveraging volunteer tutors to help students stay on track in the new educational environment.

There is a company in the Cincinnati area that wants to provide help to K-12 students with help in the midst of the pandemic we are in. Tutor Teens “are volunteer high school tutors helping to keep greater Cincinnati students K-12 engaged and learning,” says Erin Finn, Tutor Teens Coordinator and Sophomore at The Seven Hills Upper School. Starting late March of 2020, Tutor Teens has 40 tutors, but are expanding all around the Greater Cincinnati area. 

The inspiration behind starting the company was Aidan Finn, Tutor Teens Coordinator and Senior at Saint Xavier High School, and Erin’s cousin asking for help with math. “On top of this, we had also been hearing stories on Facebook about parents who were struggling to teach their kids and work from home during school shutdown,” Erin says. 

The business offers three different services and they are:

▪ Subject Tutoring: “We help students with specific school subjects (think traditional tutoring),” Erin Finn says.
▪ Homework Buddies: “We help the students stay focused on their homework/packet by working alongside them to help motivate,” she says.
▪ Big Sibling: “We keep students engaged (read, play games, etc.) and provide them more social connection,” Erin says. 

Success with Tutor Teens is defined by helping as many families as they can in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is unique because it’s free of charge, virtual and led by students. “We are also local, which helps us better connect with our students and other tutors and allows our tutors to help in their community,” Erin says. 

Tutor Teens is important for the community because it helps students stay on track in school. “We help students stay ahead in their learning and help take some of the work and stress off the parents,” she says. “We also provide a source of connection and community for our teen tutors.”

Aidan and Erin love their jobs. Aidan loves to joke around with the students. “I love making my students laugh at some bad joke, which they think was some masterful wordplay,” he says. “In general, I love making my students smile and helping them learn something new.”

Erin loves connecting with the students. “I love the connections I make with the students I’m tutoring,” she says. “You know you’re doing something right when they are sad to see you go.”

To keep up with what Tutor Teens in doing, follow them on FacebookInstagramTwitter and their website.

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An Ohio-based event that’s raised $211 million for cancer research is going virtual with a star-studded, custom experience. Read on for more!

Pelotonia is so focused on its mission to end cancer, not even a pandemic can get in its way. This year this world-renowned event that’s raised millions for cancer research is launching a virtual concept to continue engaging supporters and raising funds that get us closer to a cancer-free world.

“Founded in 2008, Pelotonia was established with the objective to fund innovative cancer research at the OSUCCC James in Columbus, Ohio. Pelotonia is known for its three-day experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism and has raised more than $211 million for cancer research to date,” says Emily Smith, Pelotonia Marketing and Communications Manager. “This year, due to COVID-19, we can’t host our traditional ride weekend, however, we have redefined Pelotonia this year and have created ‘My Pelotonia.’ My Pelotonia has completely removed all barriers to entry and allows each participant to set their own fundraising and activity goals for this year.” 

The My Pelotonia platform allows people to experience their event in a brand new way, despite everything going on with the pandemic, by allowing the participants to personalize their goals. “You can set up to five different activity goals at a time and check them off as you complete them. There are no registration fees, age limitations or fundraising minimums,” Smith says. “Participants also have the chance to earn Pelotoniaswag through different fundraising milestones.”

Along with app participation, there will be a live broadcast hosted by Pelotonia on August 7 at 7pm, called Legends Live! ”This 60 minute broadcast will be packed with stories from legendary community members and special guest appearances and will highlight why cancer research matters more than ever. You can learn more about Legends Live! on” Smith says. There will be celebrities appearing on the broadcast and they include: Sheryl Crow, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Robert Smith, who will be the host of the event; Ethan Zohn and Kristina M. Johnson, PhD.

The My Pelotonia platform works by users cresting an account or logging in with their same username and password as last year. “All participants are guided through a process to choose a fundraising goal and up to five activity goals. There is no registration fee and no mandatory fundraising minimums,” Smith says. 

There is an option on the My Pelotonia platform to be part of the pivoted event concept this year. It is “a team that fundraises together and can help with training and motivation. Once a My Pelotonia profile is created, you can write a profile story and choose a photo. Participants can then easily share their profile with potential donors through the ‘Share My Profile’ link on their page,” she explains. “A full tutorial on the My Pelotonia platform can be found in our informational video.”

Pelotonia is important for the community because it encourages and challenges the community to take action against cancer and unifies the community. “Over the past 12 years, thousands of participants have gotten to experience the spirit of Pelotonia, whether it’s through the Ride experience, utilizing our PULL app, listening to the stories of those impacted by cancer through different mediums, such as the One Goal podcast, blog posts, our Opening Ceremony experience and social media,” Smith says. “I know that personally, I have made friendships from events that I have participated in for Pelotonia that I may have never had the opportunity to; had it been for this organization. Pelotonia does a wonderful job of engaging the community and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Pelotonia also provides opportunities for education on cancer research and developments due to funding. “Overall, Pelotonia brings the community together around a common cause and allows us all to have an opportunity to help those who are impacted by cancer every day,” she adds.

To learn more, sign up or follow along, visit their websiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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A boutique fitness studio in Columbia Tusculum recently launched on-demand workouts and live virtual classes. Keep reading for all the heart-pumping details! 

Knowing the importance of physical activity and social connection, one local fitness boutique is launching on-demand and live virtual classes to keep their community engaged, healthy and happy.

It’s Working Out is a “Boutique fitness studio with TRX, Water Rower and Foam Rolling Classes, personal training and a year round Golf Fitness Program led by Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainers,” says Kristen McAuliffe, owner of It’s Working Out. 

There are a variety of different classes offered through It’s Working Out and they include: TRX, Stretch and Foam Roll and Golf Fitness. People can experience the fitness classes online, as well as in person. “We have over 40 weekly classes in person at our Columbia Tusculum Studio,” McAuliffe says. “Our members also have access to over 60 On Demand workouts from our website and we have live virtual classes as well, that can be accessed by reserving via our schedule page. A link is sent to join the class one hour before class begins. Zoom is the platform we use.” They have been having the online classes since the studio was forced to close down due to statewide restrictions. 

The inspiration behind starting the online classes came from a desire to keep the community engaged in the midst of quaratine. “We know how important exercise is for health, both physically and mentally, and wanted to make sure we were there for our members when the studio needed to close for 10 weeks,” she says. 

It’s Working Out defines success by whether or not they are working out safely. “Are the participants having fun, while completing safe and effective workout that can be modified for various fitness levels and orthopedic limitations? Are they achieving the goals they set for themselves from coming consistently to the three modalities we offer (strength, cardio, strength) for a complete fitness routine,” McAuliffe says.

To learn more about It’s Working Out, follow along on FacebookInstagram, as well as their website.

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A decade as a wedding planner led one local woman to pursue a new career in mental health. Learn more about her Montgomery-based business and how it can help you live your best life.

You personalize the default settings on your phone and apps, so why not your mind as well? That’s the idea behind Mindsettings, a Montgomery-based life coaching business.

“Mindsettings is the name of the life coaching business. It came from the idea that there are default settings on all electronics we use and we’re very comfortable going in and changing the settings so the device is helpful to us. But sometimes we forget to do that with our thoughts,” says Rachel Schwartzman Murphy, life coach and owner of Mindsettings. “If you don’t actively set-your-mind, life will continue to operate on default settings.”

Starting at the beginning of 2020, Mindsettings has office space in Olde Montgomery, “but I coach most of my clients virtually from all over the country,” she says. 

Rachel Schwartzman Murphy, Founder of Mindsettings

The inspiration behind Mindsettings came from her working as a wedding planner for more than a decade. “I was a full-service wedding planner for over 10 years and while I was working with my wedding clients, I would get very close with them and help them through the inevitable drama that would bubble up from wedding planning. Family tension, relationship conflicts and overall life changes were common conversations alongside choosing cakes and caterers,” Murphy says. “I found myself enjoying helping the families through those dilemmas more than the actual planning, so I started my life coaching certification. So now, not only do I coach on overall life matters and personal development, but I have a specialty program, Wedding Settings, created especially for brides.”

There are a couple services offered through Mindsettings, They include:

• One-On-One Coaching: “I meet clients once per week for an hour, virtually, and we work through whatever my clients are struggling with that is keeping them from living their best life,” she says. “That might mean working through anxiety, strengthening a relationship, making more money or just better self-care.
• Wedding Settings: “This package is designed around the most common stressors I saw brides deal with during wedding planning (family drama, budget, overwhelm, etc.) but often times we talk about beyond the wedding day and how to plan for dream life,” Murphy says. “With this specific program, I still meet weekly for hour-long sessions, but there is a workbook that clients can work through in between sessions and on their own that helps them with decision making, future planning and relationships.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, her services are needed more than ever. “In many ways, COVID had people turning toward life coaching. With all of the uncertainty, rapid changes and fear, people are looking for additional ways to take care of their mental health and mindset,” she explains. “A healthy mindset is an awareness that we have control of our lives! That doesn’t mean that we’re always happy; I believe in an equal mix of positive and negative emotions to fully experience life. But, knowing that we can actually take ownership and direct our emotions and therefore, what our lives look like…this is an amazing mindset.”

Murphy says she hopes to see more businesses like hers in the future. “All communities need more mental health services. People think they need to have a major event or tragedy or diagnosis to seek out mental health support, but it’s just not true,” she explains. “When each of us can take ownership of our own mental state, we can then start taking care of one another at a much higher level.”

To learn more about Mindsettings, follow Murphy on FacebookInstagram and her website


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One local company is making meal planning and preparation an easier process. Read on for all the tasty details.

With closures, canceled plans and lots (and lots) of extra time at home, it’s easy to get a little stir crazy. But for Christina Karam Painter, Owner and Personal Chef of Stir Crazy Cuisine, she aims to make meal preparation easy, too. 

Stir Crazy Cuisine is “a personal chef servcie specializing in customized menu planning and cooking weekly meals, as well as dinner parties, and in-home cooking classes,” says Painter. 

The business has been around since 2013 and provides service to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. “We service anywhere from Mason, Ohio to Florence, Kentucky,” Painter says. “At any given time, I have one to two additional chefs who work with Stir Crazy Cuisine. I value the personal aspect of having a small company.”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from Painter’s passion for cooking that comes naturally to her. “I knew that when I was a sales rep in the plastics industry that I wanted something different,” she says. “I wanted to make people happy with my food and connect on a personal level because food can be a very personal thing. 

The thought process behind the name of the service came from wanting to have a name that everyone can relate to and a fun food pun. “Everyone has been stir crazy at some point and when I cook, I do a lot of stirring! Voila,” she says. 

The services offered through Stir Crazy Cuisine are customized meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, clean up, food storage and labeling,” Painter says. “We also do dinner parties and in-home cooking classes.” The kind of food that she makes is based off of a client’s preference, but she loves making Lebanese food. “I have Lebanese food running through my veins as this is my heritage. However, over the past several years, we have learned to cater to specific dietary restrictions ans even picky eaters. It has been such a fun challenge,” Painter says. “I almost never say “no” to a client, when it comes to a menu item. If people are paying me to cook for them, it should be something they enjoy eating! That being said, I have a lot of clients who come to me wanting to eat healthier.” 

Stir Crazy Cuisine defines success by how satisfied their clients feel. “Obviously, the number clients indicate success, but we see it as going further. Receiving a text or email about how much the client enjoyed the food or how easy we made their week is success in my book,” she says. “It’s why I do what I do. It gives me such a great feeling to know that I can share something I love with people and that they enjoy it!”

The mission of the service is to not compromise. “We believe that people don’t have to compromise when it comes to having a delicious home-cooked meal. Our motto is ‘making eating fun, easy and positively delicious…one meal at a time,’” Painter says. “The chefs I hire have to have strong communication skillsbecause I believe that when people allow us in their home to cook, we need to be respectful and make the experience of having a personal chef as a whole enjoyable. It’s easy to find someone who can cook. It’s more difficult to find someone who will make the client feel understood, connect with them and be professional in their home.”

Stir Crazy Cuisine is unique for two main reasons, Painter says. “We provide customized menu options to each client as opposed to offering a general, limited menu. We truly value the opportunity to cook food for our clients in their homes,” she explains. “We see it as an honor and that we’re even part of their family. We’ve had clients we’ve connected with and some that we’ve never even met before, if we cook while they’re at work. Either way, we’re connected through the meals we cook them. That’s a special thing.”

Painter says her business is important for the community because it helps bring people together. “Dinner parties are a great way to socialize and connect with friends while experiencing a delicious menu. Cooking classes offer a learning experience all while connecting with either the chef or those around you and the weekly meals are ways to make people’s lives more manageable and delicious,” Painter says. “A personal chef service is exactly that personal. I think some people forget just how personal the experience of cooking for someone and eating can be.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Stir Crazy Cuisine, follow them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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Learn about a Kenwood bakery spreading happiness across the Tri-State with DIY cupcake and cookie kits, gluten friendly options and lots of seasonal new flavors that kids and kids-at-heart will love.

A local bakery is spreading joy during these trying times one tasty treat at a time. Gigi’s Cupcakes is a full-service dessert bakery in Kenwood. The bakery is named after Gigi Butler, who was the founder of the bakery. “Gigi’s began in Nashville in 2008,” Amy Jones, Owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Kenwood, says. “My husband and I had visited a bakery nearby and knew we needed to bring this bakery to Cincinnati.” Now, the bakery has been open in Kenwood for 7 ½ years.

Gigi’s Cupcakes offers many options for customers to choose from, including cupcakes, cheesecakes, stuffed cookies, brownies and cakes.There are seasonal creations that include: Hummingbird, Pineapple Right-Side Up Cake, Orange Dreamsicle and Margarita. 

“We use the finest ingredients and all are made in our kitchen with much love and care. We also offer delivery,” Jones says. The business is unique because “our cupcakes are topped with a special swirl of delectable frosting and we have made over 200 flavors in our years of baking.”

They also sell DIY kits for families to make signature Gigi’s Cupcake creations at home. The kit comes with cookies or cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles. These kits allow kids to create their own sweet creations. “We’ve been doing this for a few years now at a parent’s request,” she says. “However, with the pandemic, many are looking for activities at home or during a virtual meeting so we wanted to assist.”

Along with the kits for kids, there are also gluten friendly options. “We make three flavors daily. Currently, we are making wedding cake, triple chocolate torte and orange dreamsicle,” Jones says. “Many people have gluten allergies and/or choosing to remove gluten from their diet. They deserve a treat like everyone else and we enjoy making it taste as good as it looks.”

Jones’ favorite part of running the bakery is celebrating with customers. “Whether it’s a graduation, wedding or birthday, it’s always fun helping someone plan for their special day,” she says. 

Jones defines success by “seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they walk in our door, hearing people say how good it smells and how they love coming to visit,” she says. “We bring joy to those who visit or receive our special green box filled with goodies.”

Gigi’s Cupcakes is located at 7940 Hosbrook Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243. Follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website.

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Learn about a woman who pivoted her catering business due to COVID to spread joy and happiness through family comfort foods.

There is a business in Anderson that wants to help people experience joy during the trying times we are in. “Oink! Is a craft service and catering company that was established to meet the food needs of feature filmmakers. That has all changed,” says Pamela Ford, Owner of Oink. The business is located at 1119 Sutton Road, Anderson Township, Ohio 45230. “The catering component and the LLC was established January 2020,” she says. “The craft service side has been in place for over seven years.”

The business name came from prior work experience that Ford has. “When I was the media coordinator for Jack Rouse Associates, I enjoyed all of the creative one verb names of our clients and thought that Oink fit well for a Cincinnati food-based company due to our relationship with pork product processing,” Ford says.

Oink has been offering Daily Meal Pickup throughout this time of COVID 19 pandemic. “Oink started offering family comfort foods for pick up each day. Customers place their orders by 8pm the night prior and can pickup after 4pm the next day. They text when they’re on their way and I set items out on a table in my front yard or in the back of my car in my driveway for a contactless pickup experience,” she says. “Oink has been able to alleviate the stress of shopping and meal preparation for my clients who were concerned about their elderly parents contracting the virus. Instead, they opted for meal pickup Oink! Pickup provides the opportunity for people to get out of their house and have some contact with a friendly face. Oink! offers affordable food for unemployed and employed alike.”

During the pandemic, they have also done so much for the community. Along with their Daily Meal Pickup service, they have “partnered with Sadie Blossoms to offer floral Fridays. $25 mason jar floral arrangements to spread happiness. With the sale of each cookie dozen, we also purchase masks from CriKettCreations out of Brooklyn for anyone who needs them,” Ford says. “Panda foods, a local produce company, delivers produce for us every two weeks, which we offer for cost and one week- a sponsor covered that cost so we offered free produce. In one week, Oink! raised $350 to feed three families in need of food. 

Additionally, an anonymous supporter asked if they had pets and provided pet food for these families as well. Oink! sees a need within the community and responds to that need. It’s a daily call and response and it feels guided by spirit.”

If you want to know more about what Oink does, check out their website and follow what they’re doing on Facebook.

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It’s a new community of custom homes built among a working organic farm. Learn more about Ohio’s first agri-community that’s sprouting up in South Lebanon.

A neighborhood in South Lebanon is offering Ohio’s first agri-community. Aberlin Springs is a family farm that was built in 1996, but started building homes on the property back in 2018. There are 41 homes that have currently been sold or are under construction in the community and that is located in South Lebanon at 71 and Route 48. 

“There is one lot left in phase 2, a decorated model for sale $950,000 and a ranch market home under construction, available in October for $599,000, and opening 38 new lots in phase three this summer,” says Leslie Aberlin, owner of Pendragon Homes. “There is a waiting list for lot holds, which are processing now. 138 homesites total for the community.”

There are a wide variety of services and amenities offered through Aberlin Springs and they include:

• Provides “custom homes from $360,000 to one million+with three different types of products and price points,” she says.
• “Working organic farm with professional farmers and two new hoop houses for year long growing seasons,” Aberlinsays.
• There are “Vegetables, greens, sprouts, mushrooms, egg laying chickens, and a lamb,” she says. “Goats and a donkey, which are farm pets.”
• Farm Market and gathering space
• On-site chef Rebecca Denney cooks meals for homeowners, runs the market and provides prepared food from the farm.
• Fishing Pond
• Herb and medicine garden
• Hiking trails and sidewalks for walking
• Chalet available for homeowners to rent space for events. “Three bedrooms with full bathrooms we rent to guests of homeowners and their friends,” Aberlin says.
• Salt water pool and hot tub
• Playground
• Grill room
• Two community fire pits

Aberlin says the farm environment is what makes Aberlin Springs so special and unique. “It is the amenity for the community and the desire for local chemical free food and connecting with the animals and the peace that is present when we slow down,” Aberlin says. The wanted to create an agricultural community to support farmers. The neighborhood “provides food security and provides a way of maintaining a rural environment, while allowing for developmental growth,” she says. 

Aberlin’s favorite part of Aberlin Springs is the environment around her. She loves “the spectacular views from every homesite overlooking the ravines, our farm to table dinners, monthly happy hour with the neighbors and Rebecca’s cooking classes,” she says.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Aberlin Springs, check them out on their website and Facebook.