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Learn about the local business that recently launched to be a comprehensive set of services and products for expecting and new moms.

Milk’d Nutrition wants to help new or soon-to-be mothers with nursing.

There is a new business in the Cincinnati area that provides nutrition help to soon-to-be or new mothers. 

“Milk’d Nutrition is a comprehensive set of services and products to cover any and all bases for soon-to-be and new moms. Services start during pregnancy to provide a prenatal nutrition assessment (advice and plans on what foods to consume/avoid when pregnant), in addition to an initial breastfeeding class to provide information to a mom before she has her baby. Both of these services can be provided virtually or in-home,” Kayka Hansmann, Founder of Milk’d Nutrition, says. “Following birth and returning from the hospital, I’m available for extended visits at home to assess feeds and provide assistance when there is trouble or any questions. At this time as well, I can be consulted for guidance with lactation nutrition meal guidance or plans to transition back to a pre-pregnancy eating pattern.” 

Milk’d Nutrition launched their website in November of 2018 and started selling their products a month later. Products that are sold are their signature muffin cups, brownie and energy bites, lactation smoothie mix, and nut butter (almond and peanut). The food is created using whole, real and local ingredients whenever possible. “One of our biggest components is high-quality Bob’s Red Mill ingredients and a nutritional brewer’s yeast that provides a wealth of B vitamins,” she says. “These individual products can also be combined to form gift boxes to serve as a gift, baby shower present, or a welcome home surprise for a new mom,” Hansmannsays. 

There are only two employees working for the company, Hansmann and her mother. “She does 99 percent of the baking and I do all of the no-bake products, as well as the marketing, customer relations and behind-the-scenes fun,” she says. “We are also lucky to have a very helpful father who helps with deliveries and any miscellaneous tasks needed!”

The business was birthed from different skills that Hansmann had and wanted to blend them together in a single company. “Even before I received my Lactation Counselor Certification this past spring, I had been working with mothers out in the community,” she says. Hansmann also has been doing prenatal research since graduate school and her thesis was on the same subject. 

Hansmann’s business is unique because the products they sell are real food, provide good balance and are simple and delicious. “They’re made in small batches and our recipes have been tested and perfected by my mom, Chef Mel, with love and care! Not only do they taste good and have benefits to mothers, but all members of your family will want to eat them,” she says. “We also have one of the only lactation nut butters on the market, which is an exceptionally easy and quick way to weave the Galactogogues into any meal or snack!”

To learn more about Milk’d Nutrition, follow them on FacebookInstagram, and their website

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A local meal prep service helps those trying to lose weight, build muscle or just enjoy the convenience factor.

A meal prep service that helps you improve your health and life by saving time and enjoy healthy meals. That’s the idea behind Bonafide Meal Prep.

“Bonafide Meal Prep is a local service that provides meals to those that are trying to lose weight, build muscle or would just like convenience,” Brandy McCaster, Owner and Founder of Bonafide Meal Prep, says. Bonafidemeans to be made, done and presented in good faith without deception or fraud and that’s the motto we operate with,” she says. “Bonafide means to be honest and provide my clients with exactly what I’m promising.“ 

The business has been around since 2015 and is located at Historical Findlay Market in Over-The-Rhine with six people working for the business.

There are a few different type of meals offered at Bonafide Meal Prep. “We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, we offer detox meals and muscle building meals,” McCaster says. “We also match clients up with personal trainers in their area.” 

You can order meals online by going to their website.

The business is different from other meal prep businesses because it lets the customers have a say in the meal prep process. 

“Our business is different because our clients are able to build their own meals. There isn’t a weekly menu that they have  to chose from,” she says. “We also connect and get to know each client one by one to learn their goals, likes and dislikes.”

McCaster’s favorite part of working for Bonafide is the staff that she gets to work with. “We have a great time at work and I love getting to know my customers,” she says. “I really love helping my customers reach all of their personal goals.” What gets McCaster to come back to work everyday is seeing the impact the business is having in her customers. “Knowing that somebody is going to benefit from my service,” she says. “Knowing that someone will be able to reduce their blood pressure or cholesterol medicine, knowing that someone is going to lose a pound or two just from changing their diets.”

The most memorable moment that has happened at Bonafidewas a customer’s story. “The most memorable was when a customer lost 13 pounds in one week on our detox plan,” McCaster says. “She called me crying and then I began crying!”

You can keep up with what Bonafide Meal Prep is doing by following them on FacebookInstagram and check out their website.

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Learn about a local wellness center that helps to improve lives one treatment and fun event at a time.

Increased muscle strength, increased bone density, and decreased joint and back pain — these are the goals Osteostrong has for its clients. 

“Osteostrong allows people to get stronger, enhance their ability and power, decrease back and joint pain and lower Diabetic A1C levels all by providing the platform that triggers the body to naturally grow and strengthen,” says Jerrold Ware, owner of the Osteostrong Cincinnati franchise location.

Osteostrong recently hosted a Happy Hour Arts Party on December 15 to have a fun event showcasing local artists and the community “Studies have shown that being physically fit promotes creativity and that visual arts promote health,” Ware explains.

Osteostrong fully believes that physical health and creativity are linked. “Physical fitness has been directly linked to creativity, and want to promote total body wellness- A healthy mind and healthy body,” he says. 

The inspiration behind the event is the Christmas season. “It’s the giving season and we want to be part of that,” Ware says. “If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, what better gift than art and health?”

There were a variety of different aspects of the event, and they included: wine, cheese, snacks, music, unique pieces of art on display that you can gift, door prizes – If you bring a guest, you automatically qualify to win a prize, hourly drawings provided by the Osteostrong founder, and the ability to sign up for the 180 Challenge. “The 180 Challenge is when we invite a select group of people to come in and challenge our claims about the benefits of Osteostrong,” he says. “They can experience our sessions once per week and the resulting measurable gains. If we say it’s true, you’re taking our word for it. If you say it’s true, it’s a fact.”

This event was an important aspect of the Cincinnati community. “Like any and all of our Osteostrong events, we are providing a platform and venue for people to connect around health and wellness,” Ware says. “Also, to know that they have a wonderful addition to the area, providing cutting edge technology in the health and wellness arena.”

Osteostrong is located at: 11033 Reed Hartman Highway, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242. To learn more, visit

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Learn about the mobile medspa service that recently launched to offer Botox, fillers, peels, body sculpting, medical grade skincare and more through events, salons and home parties.

You’ve heard of food trucks and fashion trucks before, but how about a mobile medspa? Well, now you have with the recently-opened, Ohio-based MOBO Medical Spa, LLC.

“MOBO Medical Spa, LLC is a mobile medspa! We deliver high-quality medical aesthetics to the places where our clients are already going to receive beauty and body services. We do special events and parties, concierge services and also serve as a private label med spa for businesses that want to offer medical aesthetics to their clientele. This is different from a fly-by-night botox injector that may do botox in a salon here and there,” says Meg Fruth, Partner and Managing Director of MOBO Medical Spa, LLC. “We bring a complete menu of med spa services with us on-site wherever we go, and we have an impressive ratio of repeat clientele. Most of our locations are long-term arrangements where we are available to see follow-ups and book clients well in advance.”

MOBO is like a food truck, in that it’s always moving from place to place, Fruth says. “We currently have a regular presence at about 12 different salons and make-up studios throughout the state of Ohio, with even more being announced in the near future,” she explains. “We are also very excited to announce that our mobile clinic will be launching in January! Look out for MOBO on the road at your favorite salons, spas and other locations across Ohio very soon.”

MOBO began offering their services in mid-2017 in Columbus and have since grown statewide. “Our team of medical staff bring more than two decades of medical aesthetic experience to the organization,” Fruth says. Today, there are three Nurse Practitioners, one medical doctor and one Medical Aesthetician.

MOBO Medical Spa offers body sculpting, fillers, botox, and skincare.

Fruth says the business inspiration sparked from seeing friends overspend on anti-aging and over-the-counter products, while medical grade solutions could help more, for the same price or even less. “We asked ourselves why and identified a problem in the delivery- and the stigma associated with these services. We sought to come up with a solution for both,” she says. “Our goal was to make medical aesthetics safe and accessible to the every day consumer by bringing it to the places they’re already going for beauty services. We knew that if we could make med spa visits as easy and affordable as getting your hair done, more people would be able to see the results that we know are possible with high quality medical grade services.”

The name of the business came from explaining the business to family members. “One day over lunch, I was explaining the business concept to my family and my male cousin, who had been quiet the whole time, casually says, Mobile Botox…I would just call it Mo-Bo. The rest is history. The name also works for mobile body sculpting. And needless to say, he gets free ‘Bro-tox’ for life now,” she laughed.

There are a wide variety of services offered through MOBO, including Botulinum Toxin Injectables (Botox and Dysport), Dermal Fillers (Juvederm and Restylane), Chemical Peels, Body Sculpting, and Medical Grade Skincare.

The mission of the business is to bring treatments to the body that are safe and effective. “We also seek to build a loyal base of repeat clientele with whom we foster a trusting relationship, built on honesty and education,” Fruth explains. “There are plenty of people in this industry who will over treat a patient and take their money for a one time sale, even if it is the wrong treatment to address their chief concern. We pride ourselves on integrity and education, fostering long term relationships with our hosts and our patients.”

Fruth says this concept is the perfect concept for a salon not currently offering these services, or for someone interested in the convenience of treatments coming to your home to treat you and friends. “We bring the whole med spa and everything is on the menu. Furthermore, we keep coming back…so when you want to bring a new friend, or come back right before a big event, or get re-treated after your botox wore off…we’re there and so happy to see you. Most of our clients text, call and reach out on social media all the time just to check in. It’s really a close-knit tribe.”

To keep up with what MOBO Medical Spa, LLC is doing, follow them on their Facebook, websiteInstagram or call them at: (614) 768-MOBO (6626).

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This well-known fitness event is adding an unexpected art competition to this year's festivities.

Art at the Arnold will be a new art competition using models at this year’s event. Image: Arnold Sports Festival

There is an event in the Columbus area that combines art and sports. “Art At The Arnold is a three day art competition using athletes as models and the Arnold Sports Festival as a backdrop,” Kevin Buckland, co-chair of Art At The Arnold, says. The event is going to happen from March 1-3, 2019 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, with the help of a small group of volunteers that assist with putting the event together each year. The Art At The Arnold will be celebrating its 10th event next year. 

The inspiration behind starting the event has come from an appreciation for art and athletics. “It’s all about the beauty of the athletic form,” he says. To prepare for the event, there is “a considerable amount of promotion to attract new artists,” Buckland says. “Planning goes into retaining athletic models, how our space is laid out and sponsorships.”

New things that are going to be happening are the different athletes that come to be considered for modeling. “We are always looking for ways for our artists to have a new experience every year. The weekend has over 80 sporting events for the artists to get inspired by,” he says. “You never know what personalities will show up to view the creations.” They have had Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone come to the event in the past. 

There are a variety of talented artists who come to the event to do art. “Over the course of the weekend, there will be about 100 pieces of sports-oriented artwork created onsite,” Buckland says. “Weekend visitors can watch the artists create.” The artists use a full spectrum of mediums to create their art, and they include: pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oils, watercolor and there are even a couple sculptures.

The premise of the event has come from Ancient Greeks. “The Ancient Greeks had artists depicting sporting events back in ancient times,” Buckland says. “We have some of the best physiques in the world and the world’s largest sporting event right here in Columbus, Ohio. Combining an artist competition and sports is a winning combination.”

Buckland’s favorite part of the event is being around the action and excitement of the event. “Over 200,000 attendees in three days, 20,000 athletes that compete in over 80 sporting events,” he says. “Art At The Arnold has 50 artists competing. We have the honor of being the smallest event of the sports weekend. The athletes and artists are all amazing in their own individual way.”

For more information about Art At The Arnold, check out their websiteInstagram and their email.

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An upcoming event is bringing lots of health, wellness and beauty experts under one roof for a fun and fit event!

A Taste of Fitness Cincinnati is coming up December 2.

From HIIT to barre, Floor Play to Vinyasa, there are a lot of fitness options out there. That’s why Rachel Kerr, founder of The Beauty Boost, launched A Taste of Fitness events. 

“A Taste of Fitness is a slice of the pie of what the Beauty Boost puts on,” Kerr says. “It’s a day for the city to come together to try various styles of workouts in a non-intimidating atmosphere and check out fun health and wellness stations.”

The event has been held in Columbus and they also have events going on in Cleveland,  Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati. The Columbus event has been around for three years, two years in Cleveland, one year in Cincinnati. 

The inspiration behind the event came from a passion to bring people together. “I just wanted a fun way to bring the fitness community together to not compete but support one another,” Kerr says. The name of the event came to her when she was on an airplane. 

There are a variety of different classes available at the event, and they include: Barre by Barre 3 Mariemont, Circuit by Cincy 360 Fitness, Power Yoga by Move Your Hyde, Pilates with Anna Wall by 12th Street Pilates, HIIT by Emily Morgan of Live in the Movement, The Barre Code: Strength!, Core Class + Floor Play by, and Gentle Vinyasa by Amy O’Neil of Elemental OM. 

In addition, there will be a braid bar, an area for mini manicures and lots of other health and wellness stations. The event will take place at Rhinegeist Brewery, 1910 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, on December 2 from 9am-1pm. 

Success from the event is defined by how women feel after leaving the event. “It’s successful if women leave feeling empowered, healthy and beautiful,” she says. 

The event is so unique, Kerr explains, because when it started in Columbus three years ago, there was nothing like it out there. “Since then, there have been a couple similar events pop up, but I think the people we attract and how we stay true to our brand is what makes it unique,” Kerr says. The event is important for the community of Cincinnati. “It’s a day where we can come together and support one another,” she says. 

The most memorable moment for Kerr has been hearing how women have been impacted by the event. She loves “hearing women say it’s just what they needed to get them back into their fitness routine or that they connected with a vendor that can help them in a certain way,” she says.

To keep up with what’s going on with A Taste of Fitness, sign up for their email at: or email Rachel Kerr at:

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An idea to reconnect busy people with nature inspired this business that brings health, wellness and happiness to spaces one plant at a time.

Planthropy aims to reconnect people with nature.

The founders of this Ohio-based business turned their passion for plants into a profession. “Planthropy is a plant-based business with a passion to reconnect people with nature,” Jessie Laux, Owner of Planthropy, says. “We specialize in interior plantscape design.” The business is located in Columbus, Ohio and has been around for almost four years. There are currently three employees.

Planthropy offers a variety of different services. “We offer planting workshops, which are very hands-on,” Laux says. “During our workshops, we teach our guests about the plants they are working with, how to care for them and how to make an arrangement with them.”

The business also does Interior Plantscape Design. “We have a creative approach to plants in indoor spaces. We like to envision our plants as artwork,” she says. “We create living walls, moss walls and other interesting plant arrangements.”

Launching on November 23, Planthropy is going to launch a new line called, ‘Nature Frames.’ “Our Nature Frames are a smaller scale version of our full most walls and are perfect for home décor,” Laux says. “Each frame contains a variety of beautiful, lush moss and other natural elements which are real, but preserved so you never have to worry about maintenance. They will stay soft and forever green.” The line will be able to be purchased on:

Planthropy makes an effort to give back to their community. “Planthropy donates a portion of sales to local nonprofits and other charities. We are also helping to create healthy interior environments by implementing biophilic design,” she says. “We love supporting and partnering with other local businesses for our workshops and events. It’s a win for everyone when you get to share customers!”

The mission of Planthropy is “to bring the outdoors in and reconnect people with nature,” Laux says. She loves to see her clients get excited about the interior design they do with plants. “I absolutely love transforming a space and seeing the ‘wow’ reaction on a clients face. It is truly priceless and a way we define success.”

She loves to come back to work every day because she has the such a love for plants and gets to work with them each and every day. “It’s not just being able to work with them, it’s the creative freedom of making ‘plant art’. It’s fun, therapeutic and so rewarding.” 

To keep up with what Planthropy doing,  follow them on their website , Instagram and Facebook.

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Learn about a corporate wellness partner that increases wellness — for businesses and its employees — through a focus on health and happiness.

The Wellness Collective offers companies wellness programs that positively impact businesses and employees.

Health and happiness is the secret recipe to wellness for businesses, and their employees, according to this Ohio-based organization.

“We are a team of fitness and wellness professionals transforming lives through health and happiness. Our focus area is supporting employers-so we consult, design and deliver programs that positively impact businesses and employers,” says Katy Tombaugh, Founder and CEO of Wellness Collective. “This shifts the culture in a good way-improving not only health and happiness but also morale, productivity, connectedness, satisfaction and performance.” 

The business was established in 2007 and are wrapping up their 11th year. While they are headquartered in Columbus, they travel throughout Ohio. 

The inspiration behind the business was twofold. “I saw a need. I saw that employers were waiting to improve the health of their teams but that they didn’t have the training, expertise or time to execute the initiative,” Tombaugh says. “Additionally, employee health and well-being generally falls under Human Resources and there can be sensitive health-related information that employees may not feel comfortable discussing with their employer-nor should they.”

There was also a want for the Wellness Collective. “I wanted to be in a career that felt meaningful to me and impactful to others.  When I began supporting people in this way, I knew that I had discovered my mission. I then fell in love with business-so now it’s just a win-win. I’m creating businesses and shaping business and lives.”

There are a variety of different services offered through the Wellness Collective, including Platform,  Consulting and Program Management, Onsite Fitness, Educational Sessions, Campaigns, Coaching and Counseling, Events and Retreats and Well U. 

Wellness Collective has their own definition of wellness. “Wellness is more than healthcare. It’s more than knowing your numbers and the absence of illness. It’s more than disease management,” she says. “Wellness, to us, is a process of ongoing self-awareness, self-assessment and action that empowers you to show up as your best, most-satisfied self. From a high-level, our approach to wellness also focuses heavily on movement and nutrition, social connectedness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, in addition to supportive healthcare habits.”

The success of the Wellness Collective is defined by “impacting health outcomes, shaping a culture of wellness and swinging people into action,” Tombaugh says. “So if we are able to measure this effectiveness and capture winning testimonials, we are celebrating success.”

The Wellness Collective is a great addition to the Columbus community. “Communities see ongoing challenges related to obesity, inactivity, and lack of mental health support. And within businesses, we see the same thing with the addition of Chronic Stress and excessive sitting, and sitting is the new smoking from a health risk perspective.,” she says. “People also struggle with motivation and self-regulation…and this is where Wellness Collective can step in. We are a positive presence able to support the physical, mental and emotional health of people everywhere. They take this information and skills back to their families and see a beautiful ripple effect.”

If you want to keep up with what Wellness Collective is doing, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

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Read on to learn about a fitness facility that wants to see people get healthy and experience community together. 

Z Fit Studio offers a variety of fitness classes to get you in shape while also connecting you to the community

The idea behind Z Fit Studio sparked from a love of helping people get into the best shape of their lives while having fun. Today, this Loveland-based fitness facility has been around for two and a half years and is bustling with happy and healthy clients.

Owner Natalia Buschur says it all started with a passion for her students. “[I was inspired by] the love I have for my students and the unfortunate shut down of the gym where I was teaching at the time,” recalls Buschur, who’s also a Zumba Instructor. “I needed a place to teach them.” 

The facility got its name from Zumba. “The studio was originally intended to be a Zumba studio , later on decided to add different fitness formats, but the z comes from Zumba,” she explains. 

There’s now a wide variety of different exercise classes offered at Z Fit Studio.

  • Zumba– “Dance to great music with great people and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it,” Buschur says.
  • Pound– “The world’s first cardio jam session, inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums,” she says. 
  • Yoga– “A group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India,” she says.
  • Strong by Zumba– “A revolutionary high-intensity workout led by music to motivate you to crush your ultimate fitness goals,” Buschur says. 
  • Core the Force– “You’ll use moves from boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai (martial art from Thailand) to blast calories and fat and work your core from every angle,” she says.

According to Buschur, the facility is unique because the people who work there care about their members. “The studio was created for and by members, the friendships created at Z Fit go well beyond the studio door,” she says. “The moment you step into Z Fit, you become part of our community, there is not judgment, just support from instructors as well as other students,” Buschur says. 

There have been a lot of memorable moments with Z Fit Studio, Buschur says. “However, the highlight would be getting ready to open the studio, the amount of love and time all of my students put into it to create a new beginning,” she adds. “Z Fit would not exist without all of their love and support, for sure a team effort.”

Z Fit Studio is located at 3205 W State Route 223, Loveland, Ohio 45140. To learn more, follow along on Facebook.

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Learn about one of the city’s original yoga studios and how it continues to adapt as a local wellness center.

Main Street Yoga offers retreats, studio classes, and private yoga classes.

There is a yoga studio in the Cincinnati area that has been around for over a decade. The studio has been around since May of 2004 with three instructors currently. 

The inspiration behind starting Main Street Yoga came from a tragic event. “I was inspired after 9/11 to create a space to release fear and calm the mind,” Nancy Willman, Owner and Instructor of Main Street Yoga, says. “It has since developed into more of a wellness center, specializing in individual needs.” 

Main Street Yoga knows how to meet the needs of every client that comes into their studio. “It is unique because we specialize in individual needs, rather than large classes,” she says. “It is also in a beautiful, spacious 2,000 square foot loft, full of windows, light and a view of OTR.”

There are a wide range of classes offered at the facility:

Private Classes

  • Meditation- “Helps a student to go within and calm the mind, be present and accepting,” Willman says. 
  • Yoga for Scoliosis/Lower Back Pain– “A few class session that provides a series of poses that help realign and release pain for those with scoliosis and lower back pain,” she says. 
  • Ayurvedic Consultation- “Provide a reading of ones dosha to help provide diet, poses, mantra, etc., for that person’s individual dosha,” Willman says. 

Studio Classes

  • Restorative Yoga- “A class that is provided to help release stress and calm the mind while stretching the body gently,” she says. 
  • Alignment Yoga: “A class that makes a student aware of proper alignment of the body for better balance and flexibility,” Willman says. 


  • Woman’s Winter Retreat– Hope Springs Institute, December 7-9

“An antidote in the middle of the Holiday Season. Yoga, massage, meditation…relax and release,” she says.

There are one on one classes or classes limited to six people. 

Willman loves the way that people feel when they come to the studio. “After a class or session, people always feel much better than when they walked in,” she says. “They often grab a bite to eat or take out at a local restaurant or store and that good vibes are contagious.”

Main Street Yoga is located at 1201 Main Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 (entrance is on 12th street side/3rd floor), in Over-the- Rhine. To learn more, follow them on Facebook, their website (which is currently being redesigned), and you can contact Willman through email at or call 513-703-4175.