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    What would you do with $100,000? See how one local woman is turning a once-in-a-lifetime grant into a fashionable dream come true while influencing the Cincinnati creative scene, one connection at a time.

    Tamia Stinson, Founder of Tether Cincinnati, a new community and resource for Cincinnati’s image-makers.

    Tamia Stinson has an exciting year ahead of her. In the past, you may have come across Stinson’s fashion blog The Style Sample, styling for Cincinnati Magazine, or heard her interviews with local artists on her Creative City podcast.

    Her plans for 2017 are different, however, as she plans to focus on something completely new. After being awarded the Haile Fellowship grant of $100,000 from People’s Liberty, she was able to set her ideas in motion for Tether, a new community and resource for Cincinnati image-makers.

    “The community of image-makers in Cincinnati has grown exponentially in the past few years,” Stinson says. “We needed a way to connect to each other and get found so we can get work.” 

    Tether Cincinnati aims to bring agencies and image-makers together.

    The Ohio State University graduate and Cincinnati native knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful image-maker right here in the Queen City. She says she tries to surround herself with the like, but it’s not always easy. With networking being crucial to this success, she finds that it is often difficult for image-makers and agencies to collaborate while staying local. That’s where she plans to help.

    “Tether is focused on creating an infrastructure that makes it easier for local image-makers to connect to each other and to opportunities for work so they can thrive—and stay—here in Cincinnati,” Stinson says.

    After college, Stinson co-opped in London, and here, she became very familiar with Le Book—an online directory of over 50,000 artists and advertising agencies published in New York, London, Berlin, and Paris.

    This inspired the creation of Tether. The site was launched on April 4, and according to Stinson, we can expect the official site to be up and running by July. Signing up for the email list on her website will ensure you’re the first to know when it’s up.

    Shortly after its launch, Tether held its first event, First Forum. According to Stinson, First Forum was a great way to kick off this project. Not only were over 100 photo shoot concepts submitted for the source book, but it also enabled those in attendance to meet and collaborate with others who will soon be part of the growing Tether community. Furthermore, it allowed Stinson to gather feedback about what people would like to see from Tether in upcoming months.

    Tether is unique in that it brings only Cincinnati creatives and agencies together.

    Tether is unlike any other site because it is a database strictly focusing on Cincinnati artists and agencies. “Image-makers didn’t have a uniting organization or local advocate until now,” Stinson says. “Tether fills that gap by creating events for face-to-face engagement, providing a digital platform that shows what our people can do, and creating a print sourcebook that promotes our community and our work.”

    Tether has two groups of users: creative image-makers, and people and organizations interested in working with creative image-makers. The Tether community is made up of professionals who have worked with some of the best brands in the world.

    “We’re looking for talented creatives who love what they do and know how to hustle,” Stinson says. “The people who work with our community are agencies and brands in need of high-quality imagery for print and digital advertising or editorial. They understand the value of what we provide and want to invest in the people who make Cincinnati great.”

    As for the rest of 2017, Stinson’s incredible fashion sense shouldn’t be the only thing you keep on your radar. You can expect to see a series of events for the style savvy and image-making community, Stinson says, as it’s a digital platform that will make it easier to find local talent, and a sourcebook featuring the Tether community and their work for use as a promotional tool.

    Not only will Tether make finding work so much easier, but also it is completely free of charge. For more information on Tether be sure to visit and follow TetherCincy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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      Think of it as the Uber for babysitting, but with background checks on both the family and the sitter to ensure a safe environment for all. For our annual parenting issue, learn about the locally launched business and app that’s taking the nation by storm one family at a time.


      SaferSit was founded by Francie Ruppert and Laura Borsky.

      Being a full-time mom is chaotic, between packing lunches, planning play dates, cheering at games, and running everyone here and there (not to mention food, groceries, cleaning, oh my!).

      When it’s time to wave the white flag and enjoy a night out with friends or the hubs (or just a shopping trip to Target alone), the stress of finding a dependable sitter shouldn’t get in the way, but it often does.

      That is, until now. Thanks to Cincinnati natives, Francie Ruppert, a junior in UC’s Linder Honors PLUS Program, and Laura Borsky, a mother of two, finding a sitter you can count on is now the least of your worries.

      Borsky and Ruppert founded SaferSit in May of 2016. Together, they created a local company that connects families looking for babysitters with responsible college and high school students. Not only is it a way for mothers to build relationships with students they can count on, but it is also a great way for high school and college students to build their network and make money along the way.

      Although the official launch date of SaferSit was only a little over a year ago, the idea has been brewing for quite some time. Just four years ago, Ruppert started a club, Babysitters R Us, while she was a student at St. Ursula Academy. Through Babysitters R Us, she connected her friends with local babysitting jobs in the Anderson and Hyde Park Areas. Borsky was an avid user of Babysitters R Us and by the time Ruppert graduated high school, Borsky approached her with the hopes of expanding the brilliant idea.

      Ruppert’s babysitting club was the main inspiration for SaferSit, and in order to take it to the next level, the duo pulled ideas and inspiration from other apps to build their current business model. “I saw a way to take this great idea Francie had and turn it into an Uber style model and make it easier and safer for both families and sitters,” says Borsky.

      SaferSit provides users with the best of both worlds when searching for a sitter or while searching for a babysitting gig. Borsky can tend and adjust the businesses’ needs to fix the wants of mothers, while Ruppert communicates with students and educates them on how to provide the best care.

      “SaferSit will be the first babysitting company to background check both the sitters and the families,” Ruppert says. “This ensures a safe environment for everyone involved.”

      The site is defined by its unique way of providing care locally, and since its launch SaferSit has received glowing reviews. In March they won the UC IQUE pitch competition and in May they were featured on Local 12 News. “We have grown from 30 sitters a year ago to 340 sitters to date,” said Borsky. “SaferSit has also helped over 350 Cincy families find sitters and has booked over 2,000 jobs.”

      As for the rest of 2017, Ruppert and Borsky are excited to announce the launch of their mobile web app, which should be available by the end of the summer.

      SaferSit rates are affordable and range from $10 an hour to $14 an hour, prices varying by the number of children needing care.

      SaferSit currently serves Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. To learn more about SaferSit, visit You can also follow along with SaferSit on Instagram and Facebook.