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Editor & Director of Strategic Communications - Sara is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a bachelor's degree in English literature. When she's not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. To contact Sara, send her an email at

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    Learn about the one-day conference coming up that provides you with resources to enhance your happiness, freedom, and prosperity through the lens of personal finance.

    The American Dream looks drastically different than it did a few decades ago. That’s the idea that Diania Merriam wanted to explore when she launched EconoMe, a one-day conference that provides attendees with resources to enhance their happiness, freedom, and prosperity through the lens of personal finance.

    “Provocative speakers will explore the idea of a ‘new American Dream,’” Merriam explains.

    With roots in the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early), the EconoMe Conference has its sights set on helping people join the lifestyle movement of FIRE with the goal of financial freedom.

    “I was motivated to start a conference after the pursuit of FIRE changed my life,” says Merriam. “After I discovered blogs like Mr. Money Mustache and Frugalwoods, as well as books such as Your Money or Your Life and The Simple Path to Wealth, I used my new-found knowledge to get out of $30,000 in debt in 11 months.”

    After getting herself out of debt, Merriam was able to negotiate a remote working relationship with her employer as well as a two-month unpaid sabbatical to walk the Camino de Santiago (a 500-mile trek across northern Spain).

    Now she’s planning to the EconoMe Conference on March 7, 2020 at the University of Cincinnati’s Great Hall at Tangeman University Center.

    Those who attend the event can expect a full day of programming that includes two sessions of speakers, an opportunity to screen a new documentary about the FIRE movement calling “Playing with Fire,” and an after party.

    Once the conference is over, Merriam says that she hopes attendees are inspired by the ideas shared through the speakers and leave feeling that they learned something valuable.

    “I also hope the content expands their understanding of what is possible when it comes to their finances and creating more freedom in their lives,” she adds.

    To learn more about the EconoMe Conference, visit Merriam says she is working on getting early bird tickets available for next month, but you can sign up for the mailing list on the website to be notified when tickets go on sale.

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    Read on for a peek inside this first-ever event that will inspire and empower you personally and professionally.

    Noni Banks (center), founder of The Diva Movement, is one of the many professional resources featured at the Aug. 24 Greater Cincinnati Women in Business Expo at 21c Museum & Hotel from 10am-2pm.

    Cincy Chic is hosting its first-ever Greater Cincinnati Women in Business Expo on August 24 from 10 am to 2 pm at 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.

    “We wanted to create event that inspires, connects and empowers women who want to launch a business or even take their career to the next level,” says Cincy Chic publisher Amy Scalia, “but of course in a fun, chic way. So we are thrilled to have 21c as the beautiful backdrop to our event as hundreds of local ladies come to invest an afternoon in themselves, personally and professionally.”

    The event will feature brunch ‘n learn sessions, access to a variety of professional resources, and the opportunity to shop women-owned businesses, from health and personal development experts to fashion boutiques and beauty gurus.

    Want to upgrade your headshot? Cincy Chic photographer Twin Spire Photography will be there offering free headshots and Lush from by Mehreen will offer makeup touch-ups to help you look your best. Need to relax? The Spa at 21c will be on-hand to offer complimentary chair massages and lactic hand treatments throughout the day. 

    The event is free to attend and those interested can RSVP at

    The event also features four breakout sessions ($10 per session) with a variety of topics.

    10:15am Session – 3 Keys to You Success with Melissa Kirkpatrick, founder of Find Your Own Drive. Are you ready to bust through your glass ceiling to grow your business AND make money? Learn these foundational keys to take life to the next level. 

    11:15am Session – The Secret to Prioritizing Health In Your Busy Lifestyle with Cari Oschman from Fit Mama in 30. Sharing the top 10 techniques used to help hundreds of busy women become fit, confident and healthy despite their jammed packed schedules. 

    12:15 pm Session – Mastering the 3 P’s of Work Life Brilliance with Cherylanne Skolnicki from Brilliant Balance. Cherylanne Skolnicki believes every woman can reach her full potential once she’s equipped to remove the things standing in her way. With her 3 P’s of Work Life Brilliance, she will challenge our cultural norms around success as working women and invite you to get clear about what it will take for you to step into a life of significance and meaning. 

    1:15 pm Session – Fairytales, Failures and Creating Your Future: 3 principles to break the comparison cycle, stand in your worth and create the life you love. Presented by Wendy McGlaun, Juice Plus National Marketing Director and Professional Speaker.

    There will also be a woman-owned business pop-up shop area, where you can shop with and support more than 20 locally-based woman-owned businesses. Sponsors for the event include the following: 

    Supporting Sponsors: Performance Lexus RiverCenter, Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate

    Photobooth Sponsor: The Dermatology, Laser & Vein Center of Cincinnati

    Cocktail Sponsor: Diverse Events

    Speakers: Find Your Own Drive, Fit Mama In 30, Brilliant Balance, Wendy McGlaun

    Professional Resources include: Find Your Own Drive, Valere Studios, and more! 

    Vendors: Gigi’s Cupcakes Kenwood, BeneYou Katie Kramer, Ever Skincare with Leslie Young, Pure Romance with Nikki, HempWorx Becky Wagers, Paparazzi by Anna Forte, Lipsense Suzanne Goodpaster, Beautycounter with Kate Flaig, Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, Bruetta, Cute Pieces, Mary Kay with Tiffany McMillon, Mercy Bracelets, Wonderfully Made Beautique and Glam Parties, Scentsy with Lacy Perkins, Green Bee Ohio, Five Capitals with Cory Carlson, Women for Economic and Leadership Development, The Diva Movement

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    A new versatile experience venue on The Banks is a multi-functional space that can be customized to bring any idea to life. Read on for more.

    Any idea can become a reality if you set your mind to it. That’s the inspiration behind Sample Space, a versatile experience venue that features a multi-functional space that can be customized to bring any idea to life.

    “Sample Space provides an opportunity for companies, brands, and creators to get closer to their target audience through authentic human experiences,” says Josh Heuser, Founder of Sample Space.

    Sample Space is part venue, part event space, and part gallery that operates as a reimagined platform to transfer ideas and knowledge through experiences and storefront retail by utilizing vacant or un-used properties.

    Heuser says that he launched a concept like Sample Space because of today’s digital world. 

    “As the world moves more and more digital, the value of the human experience inherently increases,” she says. “This is especially true as consumer shopping behaviors and their information gathering actions evolve.”

    Through Sample Space, Heuser is able to offer a fresh, unique way for business owners to work hand-in-hand with those evolving shopping behaviors. 

    “Sample Space helps to create a buzz and economic impact for emerging communities and markets,” he says. “Through Sample Space, we have a unique opportunity to imagine forgotten spaces, create for communities, and bring energy and commerce to historically underutilized spaces.”

    Sample Space is located in The Banks but Heuser says he sees the opportunity to expand this idea across the United States.

    “Through programming unforgettable experiences at Sample Space, we look forward to helping create commerce and growing culture in Cincinnati and beyond,” he says. 

    To learn more about Sample Space, visit

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    Inspired by the booming CBD industry, a local mom decided to launch an all-natural product to help women unwind at the end of the day in a healthy way. Read on to learn more.

    Everyone needs time to relax, but with busy mom schedules it can often be difficult to find that time. To help you manage daily stress and anxiety and unwind at the end of the day in a healthy way, Lindsey Hogan founded Relax Mom, a CBD gummy company made for mamas.

    “At a high level, we’re hoping to reinvent self-care for all mamas by providing simple, daily additions to their self-care routines and reminding women that self-care is essential to being their baddest selves,” she says.

    Part of what inspired Hogan to launch her company, other than finding a healthy way to unwind at the end of the day, is the notion that women are constantly told to relax. 

    “Point blank, it’s infuriating,” she says. “All women are out there accomplishing so much, asking for so little, and, at the end of the day, often putting their own needs last. Being told to relax is a slap in the face, which is where the name, Relax Mom, came from; we’re taking back the phrase and putting a positive connotation on it and actually providing a way to relax daily.”

    The gummies from Relax Mom allow you to de-stress and take a deep breath when you need it the most, without feeling guilty. 

    The journey to launching her own CBD gummy company wasn’t something that Hogan wanted to do just for those around her, but it became part of her own self-care plan. 

    She’d heard about CBD helping children with seizures and then another benefit – CBD helps with the management of stress and anxiety.

    “It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life but, due to personal preference to eliminate prescriptions and stick with more natural methods, I never took anything for it,” she says. “Until I heard about the correlation between CBD and anxiety. I began taking CBD daily and couldn’t believe the difference. It was so subtle that I didn’t even truly understand how it was helping until I stopped taking it and realized without it how much quicker I was to feel that elephant on my chest in high-stress professional and personal situations.”

    After she experienced the pros of CBD herself, Hogan decided that she needed to do something to introduce other women to these benefits. 

    “Experiencing first-hand what an incredible, simple addition this could be for so many people, especially women who accomplish so much and often focus little on self-care, I knew this was something I wanted to share with them and anyone else who needed it,” she adds.

    Every jar of CBD gummies from Relax Mom features an assortment of 5 flavors – pineapple, apple, orange, strawberry, and grape. And the flavors are what have made the product stand out against competitors. 

    “We constantly get reviews and compliments on how delicious they are and how they’re more a daily treat because of the overall taste, size, texture and consistency compared to all other CBD gummies that are usually small, single-flavor, hemp aftertaste, soft texture and consistency,” she says.

    CBD gummies also aren’t as available on the market as other CBD products, such as CBD oil. Plus, the gummies from Relax Mom are third-party tested, vegan, organic, all-natural, and created through a high-quality CBD extraction process to provide the highest-quality CBD and gummy. 

    Hogan says that she’s currently working on a monthly subscription plan to make adding CBD to your self-care routine more effortless. “We already know many mamas are looking forward to this,” she says. 

    To learn more about Relax Mom, visit You can also follow along on Instagram.

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    Kids heading off to college? Wondering how you’ll move their stuff there and back? Read about an Ohio-based company that’s here to help.

    Cincy Chic: What is Stuff2College?
    Michelle Ullery, owner of Stuff2College.comStuff2College is a service for moving just that, “stuff” to college from either home to school or school back to home. We have locations spread throughout the US that serve as drop off locations where you can drop off your boxed up, packaged items, we consolidate them to move as one large shipment, and you can pick them up at the location closest to either your University or Home. It’s that simple! We can even coordinate a pickup or a delivery if it’s an option with the local University.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Ullery: After observing parents struggling with the move across states for their kids going into college, I realized that all of our years of expertise would be put to good use. We had an opportunity to assist a personal friend move her daughter all the way to Arizona from Ohio. She was struggling with how to logistically get all of her daughters “stuff” to Arizona from Ohio. We offered to assist. We picked up her boxes, brought them down to our local facility, consolidated, moved them out to Arizona, and then they were picked up at the local office there and taken back to the hotel for move in day. It was seamless, simple, convenient and way more affordable than the other options that they were looking into.  Even had a couple days to just enjoy the city where she would be leaving her daughter and create even some more memories for them all!

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Ullery: Stuff2College is a part of the JNH Logistics, Right Way Logistics family. I founded the business and have been in the logistics profession for over 26 years and led multiple logistics organizations around the globe for many years. This is the third company I lead with my team. With the resources we have, and the relationships we have built, our network is one of the largest in the industry.

    Cincy Chic: What types of services does Stuff2College offer?
    Ullery: We offer not only the movement of their stuff from city to city, but we also can offer pickup and delivery of their stuff. Along with that, we do have the ability for storage as well. That way students can even store their things over a semester if they are just studying abroad and just need a holding facility for a short amount of time.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Stuff2College unique?
    Ullery: What makes S2C unique is how we move our things. We have professionals who know how to package up a nice shipment, secure it, and move it as one piece. There is no need to ship multiple boxes with multiple labels and multiple charges! There is only one item to track that’s it. Of course unless you have a lot of stuff and need to book two or more moves. It explains it all on our site about how many boxes you can fit on one of our standard pallets, as well as the approximate size of the boxes used for explanation.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
    Ullery: Yes, we are working on having the ability to move students from overseas for next year. So we can bring a true Global Solution to all Students around the WORLD! The other exciting thing we have going on is our Ambassador program. We are looking for students to represent us as our Ambassadors in their Universities where you earn money for your referrals! 

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Ullery: Please go to our website at and check us out. Any questions, there is an email that is monitored 24/7. One of our staff will get right back to you. Of course, you can always call us too at 614-407-9099.

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      Learn about a local dietitian who launched a nutrition consulting company to offer in-home assessments, grocery store tours, and one-on-one counseling to help you live your best and healthiest life one bite at a time.

      Working with individuals to improve their quality of life is something that Candace Winterbauer became increasingly interested in after she went from working mom to stay-at-home mom to her children.

      “When I became pregnant with our third child I decided to invest in my career by starting my own company,” she says.

      Since she quit her job as an outpatient dietitian, she noticed that the aspect of helping others was missing, so she launched Winterbauer Nutrition. 

      “Starting my own company allows me to be at home with my family while also following my passion for nutrition,” she says. 

      Winterbauer Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company that offers medical nutrition therapy to clients with one-on-one counseling, family counseling, in-home assessments, grocery store tours, and even offers a specialty in baby-led weaning. 

      Winterbauer herself is the lead lady behind Winterbauer Nutrition, although she also credits her husband for the support he’s provided since she started dreaming of running her own company. She says her children also make appearances when she works with families who are interested in baby-led weaning.

      The services offered by Winterbauer are not solely limited to nutrition, as she is also a personal trainer who holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Physical Performance. 

      “I can offer the full package to clients who want to improve not only their nutrition but also their physical activity levels,” she adds.

      When it comes to the quality of service she offers, Winterbauer says she’s a very laid back person and prides herself on her ability to bring that level of calm to her counseling. 

      “One of the most common compliments I get from my clients is that they felt very comfortable working with me,” Winterbauer says. 

      Thanks in her interest and educational background in nutrition, Winterbauer has gained an additional interested in edible landscaping and gardening after becoming involved in urban gardening and farming during while completing graduate work at Saint Louis University.

      “I saw a lot of success in nutrition goals with individuals who started to either grow their own food or join a community supported agriculture (CSA) program,” she says. “And I would love to start tying these passions into either workshops or individual counseling.” 

      You can learn more about Winterbauer Nutrition by following along on Facebook.

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      Cheers! A local lady recently turned her extensive hospitality expertise into a mobile bar concept that can bring libations to any special occasion.

      Taylor Beach saw a need for an on-the-go bar company that could cater to special events around the city, so she launched Queen City Mobile Bar, which provides a portable bar along with beverage catering and professional bartending services.

      “We offer multiple types of packages to cater to any style of event and budget,” she says. 

      When asked why she was inspired to launch a mobile bartending service, she says she saw a gap for something just like what she could offer through Queen City Mobile Bar.

      “I wanted to fulfill a need and the desire to provide a high level of service for anyone, anywhere,” she says. “We want to provide the same level of service that you get going to a fine dining establishment or a top-rated event venue at your in-home party, wedding venue, office party, etc.”

      Beach also wants to take the stress off of those who are given the task of providing alcoholic beverages for a group of people. “Some people wouldn’t know where to begin,” she says. “That is where we come in to play. We take the hassle off your hands and bring the party and professionalism to you.”

      Beach, who is the founder and owner of Queen City Mobile Bar, has been in the food and beverage industry for 9 years, and has given a hard focus on fine dining. She also has her Level 2 Wine Certification through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust.

      “Through this level of experience, I started the mobile bar service in 2016, covering events such as the Western & Southern Open Release Party, the @580 Apartments Grand Opening, and mayoral campaign fundraisers,” she says. 

      There are a variety of events that Queen City Mobile Bar can help you out with. “We will provide services to any private function, whether that be a wedding, rehearsal dinner, company party, fundraiser/charity event, or an in-home party,” she says. 

      Aside from its unique on-the-go services, Queen City Mobile Bar was built by and made for bartenders. “Ultimately, the bar is efficient – with 2 ice bins, storage shelves, full speed rack, built-in cutting boards, and a fruit caddy,” says Beach. “The bar is made to handle a crowd along with having a professional appearance for any occasion.”

      If you want to check out Queen City Mobile Bar for yourself, you can find the bar and Beach at the Greater Cincinnati Bridal & Wedding Expo in November. “We will have a booth set up showcasing our services and offering a special one-time offer discount to attendees,” adds Beach.

      Queen City Mobile Bar mainly covers Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but is willing to extend services to Dayton, Columbus, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

      To learn more about Queen City Mobile Bar and to stay in touch, “like” them on Facebook or visit their website at

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      A local mindset coach is helping leaders make a big change in the world one small mindset shift at a time.

      Cincy Chic: What is Erin Fritts?
      Erin Fritts, Founder of Erin Fritts Coaching: Erin Fritts is where you go (virtually) to follow your dreams. No but really, Erin Fritts is a global online business offering transformational coaching to entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers.

      Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
      Fritts: I first learned about coaching while working at Children’s; I was lucky to be working on a project that an executive coach was leading. I was immediately fascinated and dove into the coaching world, first starting my business as a health and wellness coach. My early business success created a large following of entrepreneurs, which ended up being my most favorite clients. I transitioned into mindset coaching for entrepreneurs because I knew how many people were held back by their fears. They had a vision and a dream but the fears were stronger. I believe that the more money conscious, heart centered entrepreneurs are making the bigger positive impact we can make on this world, so it is my goal to create as many successful business leaders as possible!

      Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
      Fritts: I am a mindset coach for heart centered entrepreneurs and leaders. My mission is to move your dreams from the clouds and into reality through powerful, transformational coaching. I am is the CEO and founder of the global business, Erin Fritts Coaching. I’m is a professional speaker and best-selling author. I provide my clients with a unique perspective on mindset and manifesting their dream life, while letting go of fear, pain and sacrifice. It is my goal that we, as a collective, create a dramatic cultural shift away from fear and into choosing love.

      Cincy Chic: What types of coaching services do you offer?
      Fritts: I work with clients in a variety of custom designed programs including, high end private coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, VIP days and workshops. I’m hosting an intimate 3 day retreat in Cincinnati at the end of September!

      Cincy Chic: What makes your coaching business unique?
      Fritts: My approach makes her unique, combining coaching techniques with my deep connection with intuition to help you access your power within. I help you to reprogram your habitual thoughts and actions, which in turn, changes your life. Most of the time I spend with clients is focused on identifying where limiting beliefs are keeping them from the experience they desire.

      Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
      Fritts: We are moving into a completely new way of showing up in business, everything from how we create success, what it means to be professional and how we integrate business and personal. There hasn’t been a better time in history to start a business and follow your dreams.

      Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
      Fritts: I mostly hang out and share on Facebook, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you would like more information about coaching opportunities with Erin, please email or visit my website at

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      Learn about an epic wedding show and bridal expo coming up and why local brides-to-be won’t want to miss it.

      Calling all brides-to-be! The Cincinnati Premier Wedding & Bridal Show is coming up August 18 at The Manor House in Mason.

      The show, says Tracy Claiborne of Claiborne Productions, is all about wedding planning.

      “This show will give engaged couples the opportunity to get great ideas for their big day,” she says. “It will also allow them to talk to the wedding professionals who have been in the industry and who have been providing products and services for weddings for many years.”

      Claiborne says the professionals who will be at the show are experienced and can answer any questions couples may have. Attendees will be able to see samples of photography, taste wedding cakes and food from caterers, look at different reception sites and what they offer, and find new ideas you may not have considered, such as ice sculptures, unique venues, and more.

      Claiborne says that this year’s show focuses on creativity and decor options.

      “There are so many great ways to decorate and create themes for your wedding,” she says. “The vendors attending the show will create displays that showcase many options for bringing your Pinterest boards to reality.”

      When asked about what makes this show ideal for brides and couples to attend, she says that it’s the experience created for attendees. 

      “Many shows have rows and rows of vendors that hand out cards,” she says. “Rather than having the show at a convention center, we hold them at beautiful venues that have weddings. This provides for a much nicer experience in a pretty setting. Our wedding vendors provide beautiful displays and welcome you to really talk with them and ask questions.”

      Additionally, the show features a fashion show showcasing the latest styles of bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, and tuxedo. 

      There will be a short dance demo on how you can prepare for your first dance. There will also be a DIY flower seminar that will be done by The Flowerman. “They will show you how they work with you to save hundreds of dollars on flowers all while creating a fun and memorable experience,” adds Claiborne.

      When guests arrive at the event they will see a list of all the wedding professionals at the show, a free copy of the latest edition of The Knot Ohio Weddings magazine, a Knot swag bag, a $200 gift card from, and a $10 gift card from

      The event will be held from 11 am to 3 pm August 18 at The Manor House at 7440 Mason-Montgomery Road in Mason. 

      To learn more about the show or to pre-purchase your tickets, visit You can also get 50% off tickets when you use promo code CHIC.

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      Interior design looks fun on TV, but can be overwhelming in reality. See how one local design firm aims to make it an effortless and enjoyable experience with results you’ll love for years to come.

      Amy Holt spent years working as a kitchen and bath designer, but she also had a burning desire to pursue interior design. After getting her name out in the industry, winning awards in local home shows, and building a brand of her own, she launched Designs on Madison, an award-winning interior design firm based in Cincinnati.

      “Designs on Madison is home to nine talented designers with a kaleidoscope of styles and years of experience, and provides residential and commercial interior design including kitchen and bath design,” says Office Manager Lauren Olthaus. 

      Olthaus says that Holt opened Designs on Madison to continue to offer clients a design process that is both effortless and enjoyable.

      “With a variety of designers, our clients can be placed with someone who reflects their style,” she says. 

      Designs on Madison recently celebrated its 9th year in business and moved from a studio in O’Bryonville to a historic home in East Walnut Hills.

      The firm is looking forward to the future as they will continue to offer clients a unique variety of designers who specialize in different areas from new home construction to interior design to kitchen and bath design. 

      “We are able to provide multiple services and also sell items from custom furniture and window treatments, to area rugs and accessories,” says Olthaus.

      Olthaus says Designs on Madison is currently prepping for Citirama 2019 in September and will also be a part of the HBA’s Demo Home. “We are also starting designs and plans for Homearama 2020,” she adds.

      You can learn more about Designs on Madison at There you can see photo galleries and projects. Designs on Madison also has weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram showcasing current projects and offering design tips.