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Sara Elliott
Editor & Director of Strategic Communications - Sara is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a bachelor's degree in English literature. Sara started as an editorial intern before working her way up to assistant editor and then editor. She also serves as the Director of Strategic Communications, running Cincy Chic's social media sites. When she's not working for Cincy Chic, Sara is a mom to her toddler, Audrey. To contact Sara, send her an email at

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    Inspired by the artistic beauty that makes Cincinnati so colorful, two local entrepreneurs set out to highlight and tell the stories of the city’s makers and creators. Learn more about this story-telling dynamic duo, the resource they’ve created, and how they’re now expanding its reach to neighboring cities.


    Five-Dots is an online-based publication that focuses on Cincinnati’s booming arts community.

    While it may not be obvious to everyone, Cincinnati is truly an art destination. To help others realize the density of the arts community, local artist and writer Megan Bickel and photographer Cassandra Zetta Niehaus launched a collaborative, non-profit style, bi-monthly online arts publication called Five-Dots.

    “We started Five-Dots in July 2016 with the intent of opening up the lines of conversation between artists, makers, curators, and the public,” explains Bickel.

    Cassandra Niehaus, Co-Founder of Five-Dots.

    Bickel and Niehaus use their publication to speak with a variety of members from Cincinnati’s creative community. “We speak about their work, process, ideas, concerns about their community, and workspace as a means to discuss greater general topics such as the politics of being a creative entrepreneur, the financial and social risks of taking up non-traditional work paths, and how it affects them for the better and worse,” adds Bickel.

    This dynamic duo was inspired to launch Five-Dots after encounter other online publications such as Two Coats of Pain by Sharon Butler in New York and In-the-Make by Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan in addition to several arts podcasts, and seeing that man people outside the arts community in Cincinnati had no idea just how abundant the arts are in the city.

    “We wanted to create a platform that was engaging, stimulating, and thoughtful without being intimidating,” says Bickel. “We wanted to challenge without being confrontational.”

    Five-Dots started out as a project based out of Cincinnati, however, Bickel says it will continue to grow in the next months to include Louisville, Lexington, and other areas in the region.

    Megan Bickel, Co-Founder of Five-Dots.

    Today, Five-Dots published interviews on artists, printmakers, designers, and curators, thanks to the growth since since launching just over six months ago.

    This unique take on the artistic community in Cincinnati is one of the city’s best kept secrets. “We provide a service to creaties and non-creatives alike in that we bring the lofty, 20th century ideas of what an artist is and we bring it down to earth,” says Bickel. “We want the general public to see that being in the creative industry is like no other. The people we interview are their own product generators, marketers, publishers, shippers, accountants, and in general, badasses that own every single component of their practice.”

    The goal of Five-Dots is to introduce the general community the wonder, freedom, and obligation that comes along with being an artist, maker, and curator.  “Five-Dots hopes to encourage others to dive into what makes them happiest,” adds Bickel. “Because, at the end of the day, you are the biggest contribution to your community when you do what you do best,”

    You can expect to see content from Five-Dots continuing to be published in the coming months. Bickel says the two will launch a few interviews in the coming months with several international online galleries while hoping to open up the question, “what is regional within the context of the Internet?”

    Five-Dots can be found within the blog section of Made in Cincinnati and will soon be found through a co-launching program with AEQAI, in which Five-Dots will share selected relevant content from each other’s publications.

    Bickel adds that Five-Dots is also always taking submissions from creatives in the area, and those who are interested in submitting can visit to fill out the contact form.

    To learn more about Five-Dots, visit The two launches new interviews every first and final Friday of the month. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook for updates on launches and to learn more about the interviewees highlighted.

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    A local family-owned boutique concept is hitting it big. Learn more about the women's fashion, home décor and gift boutique that just opened a new location in Anderson on Beechmont Ave.


    Rose & Remington opened a new boutique location in Beechmont.

    Cincy Chic: What is Rose & Remington?
    Lisa Jones of Rose & Remington: Rose & Remington is an eclectic boutique and home store with five locations in Ohio. We carry affordable, chic, and empowering items.

    Cincy Chic: Tell us about your new Beechmont store, when did you open?
    Jones: Our Beechmont community welcomed Rose & Remington in early December 2016.

    Rose & Remington features an eclectic collection of apparel, jewelry, and home goods.

    Cincy Chic: What makes this eclectic boutique so unique?
    Jones: What makes Rose & Remington unique is the wide range of inventory we offer. Each store offers something special for every person that walks through the door. Our exceptional customer service is also something we truly enjoy expressing to each customer who shops with us. The Beechmont store is unique because we are a breath of fresh air to the community. We are constantly thanked for opening this location because women now have someone different to shop than a big box store. When a customer walks in, our goal is to build a relationship with that person. We love helping them shop for their outfit or for their new special home item.

    Cincy Chic: Why is Rose & Remington Beechmont one of the city’s best kept secrets?
    Jones: Our best form of advertisement is word of mouth. That being said Beechmont is no longer a kept secret; only because everyone has to share their experience at our store with their friends and family!

    Cincy Chic: What types of products can customers find at the store?
    Jones: We carry a wide variety of women’s clothing and accessories. Our Lebanon and Beechmont locations have the awesome opportunity of having a designated home section. Our unique home items include small decor, signs, florals, chandeliers, and custom home furniture.

    Cincy Chic: Can you give us a price range for items?
    Jones: This is something that is truly hard to pinpoint because of the wide variety of products we offer. For our clothing, we have items as low as $12.99. For our jewelry, we have items at low as $2.99. Our price points are affordable for anyone.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Rose & Remington this year?
    Jones: Yes! Rose & Remington is always growing. We are excited to announce that our Florence location will soon be added to our family.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with the store?
    Jones: Stop by and visit us at our Beechmont location! We’re at 454 Ohio Pike in Cincinnati. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram. To get more insider information, join our email list. You can also visit us 24 hours a day at

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      A knack for decorative finishing followed by a love for Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint turned into a booming business for this Ohio couple. Keep reading to hear their story and see how they’re now featuring local artisans in their four stores, warming clients’ hearts and homes.

      Debra Campbell of Fleurish Home with Chip and Joanna Gaines of the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper.

      Rustic home decor has busted back on the home design and decorating scene and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon thanks to a growing popularity to repurpose items and stay green.

      To help locals find the products they were looking for while designing and decorating, husband and wife team Debra and Doug Campbell were inspired to launch their own business, Fleurish Home.

      Fleurish Home is an official retailer of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

      The business was officially born in 2013 to serve an ever-growing demand for Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, but it’s origin story dates back long before Fleurish Home became a physical home decor and gift shop.

      Debra’s professional career has always been in the field of creating all things visual. She started her career in visual merchandising for various retail stores following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from Bowling Green State University.

      During her time in the visual merchandising realm, Debra began to fine tune her skills in decorative finishing like gilding, faux finishes, glazes, murals, and Venetian plaster. Decorative finishing was no longer just a hobby for Debra, it was something she knew she wanted to turn into a business when her merchandising career became too difficult after her and Doug started a family.

      Debra’s first business launched in 2000, under the name Wallartistry. “Over the years I was asked to showcase my work in home-a-ramas, model homes, designer show houses, and more,” she explains. “I was commissioned to do hundreds of homes and commercial properties from small, one-room projects to large, 10,000-square-foot residents. I was working for local celebrities and sports figures and doing projects for restaurants and even ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.”

      All of that hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Debra has won several national awards for her work and after she saw just how successful she was in the home decorating field she decided to launch her own studio/school to help teach others the field of decorating finishing.

      Fleurish Home is also a gift and decor shop to help you fill your home with unique items.

      “It was here that I was introduced to Chalk Paint by one of my students in the late summer of 2010,” she says. “It was shortly after it landed in the United States and I was instantly hooked.”

      Soon thereafter Debra became a Chalk Paint retailer and traveled all over the state of Ohio, showing retail shops and paint studios the new product she’d encountered.

      Doug has always been Debra’s right-hand-man. His professional career included a journeyman electrician, and when he wasn’t doing that he was helping Debra with large decorating plastering jobs in the evenings and on weeks.

      The two realized they needed a shop with regular hours when they couldn’t keep up with the demand for Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Doug was making daily trips to UPS, setting up at trade-shows and events, and picking up and delivering paint to local retailers.

      “We needed a shop with regular hours, and along with paint, customers had starting asking what other items were available for purchase,” says Debra. “So, we closed our studio and started work on the retail shop.”

      When they committed to the shop, they went all in. Doug took a huge leap of faith and left his day job in order to help get the shop together.

      “We’ve always wanted to work together, so opening the shop was a dream come true for both of us,” says Debra. We are so lucky to work side-by-side everyday and make this our family business.”

      Fleurish Home sells paint supplies including chalk paints, waxes and topcoats, stencils, gilding & metallics, hardware & knobs, Annie Sloan & DIY books, embellishments, and they also carry the Annie Sloan Fabric Collection.

      These DIY items aren’t the only things you can find from Fleurish Home. They also carry botanicals and room decor including objects and accents, wall art, typography, one-of-a-kind items, lantern & candle holders, and other items to decorate your home.

      “Many of the shop’s items are from small businesses and/or handmade by themselves or other artisans around the country,” says Debra. “We wanted to help others to ‘fleurish’ in their lives and look beautiful while doing so.”

      There are several physical stores of Fleurish Home throughout southwestern Ohio. Physical locations can be found in Columbus, Springboro, Cincinnati, and Hamilton. To learn more, email or call 937-748-8362. To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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      A local woman is showcasing her passion for hat fashion with her annual hat show. Read on for details about this hat-tipping affair.

      Danielle Delaine of Chapeau Couture Hats shares the latest on the upcoming Spring Hat Show!

      Danielle Delaine is the founder and owner of Chapeau Couture Hats, Cincinnati’s go-to site for hard-to-find stylish and unique hat fashion for all occasions.

      Delaine says she’s always been in love with hats. “From watching my grandmother wear them to church every Sunday to wishing there was more versatile styles to choose from, there’s something about a hat that exudes confidence when you put it on,” says Delaine. “You walk a little taller. And wearing a hat is an expression of your style and personality for the world to see. All hats are wearable art.”

      Although Chapeau Couture is an online-based boutique, Delaine occasionally hosts pop-up shops in Kenwood Towne Centre, which she has been doing annually for five years. “It’s how we built a loyal base of repeat customers,” she adds.

      To help her celebrate her loyal fan base as well as all that she’s accomplished with her business, and to help it go a little further in the years to come, Delaine is hosting her 10th Annual Spring Hat Show.

      “All proceeds from the event will go toward funding for a showroom,” she says. “We are constantly asked where our store is and get inquiries locally all the time, so it’s a celebration of dedication to my passion and a fundraiser.”

      The event will take place on March 25 from 4-6 p.m. at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center at 6546 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati.

      When you visit the Spring Hat Show, you’ll see a sneak preview of Chapeau Couture’s spring line. You’ll get first dibs on hats before they start the pop up at Kenwood on April 1, which is important because Delaine says they don’t duplicate many hats, and these one-of-a-kind styles can’t be found locally.

      “We will also feature hats from the Kentucky Derby, which is huge for us, as well as looks that are casual chic and vacation styles,” she adds.

      If you’re in search of a hat, Delaine says that Chapeau Couture will have what you’re looking for no matter what at the Spring Hat Show.

      Tickets are $30 and catered food and beverages will be provided. There will also be raffles and door prizes in addition to an overall great time.

      Delaine adds that while wearing a hat is not required, it is encouraged because of the show’s cocktail theme.

      Delaine says you can purchase tickets on Eventbrite, by visiting Everybody’s Records at 6106 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati, calling 513-409-HATS (4287), or by emailing

      To learn more about Chapeau Couture Hats, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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      With a love for highlighting local flair, two local ladies just opened up a specialty boutique on the West Side. Keep reading for a sneak peek inside!

      Cincy Chic: Tell us more about Metallic Giraffe!
      Ronda & Kim, Owners of Metallic Giraffe Specialty Boutique: Metallic Giraffe is a specialty gift boutique that showcases local artisans and unique retail lines. The boutique is owned and operated by us, two local West Side business partners.

      Cincy Chic: What inspired you to open a store like Metallic Giraffe?
      Ronda & Kim: We were inspired to open Metallic Giraffe because we saw a void that needed to be filled on the West Side of Cincinnati.

      Cincy Chic: What types of products do you sell?
      Ronda & Kim: We showcase items that are not available in the usual retail environment. We have a variety of products including jewelry, home decor, baby and children’s gifts, baptist and religious items, rock soaps, entertaining pieces, gourmet edibles, apparel, and Ohio and Cincinnati themed items and gifts for everyone.

      Metallic Giraffe is a specialty boutique that highlights the work of local artisans.

      Cincy Chic: What makes Metallic Giraffe unique?
      Ronda & Kim: In addition to the unique products we sell, we also carry items that can be personalized and monogrammed. We’re the only authorized West Side retailer for FC Cincinnati.

      Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Metallic Giraffe?
      Ronda & Kim: We’re currently preparing for several events, pop-ups, and artist meet-and-greets!

      Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about Metallic Giraffe?
      Ronda & Kim: Readers can visit our website, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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        Wedding Season is about to kick into high gear. We chat with a local expert for the best ways to plan for the big day, while still keeping your budget and sanity in check. Read on (and watch an exclusive webcast) for all her helpful hints!

        Kathy Piech-Lukas, Owner of Your Dream Day (right).

        Kathy Piech-Lukas spent much of her past “career life” working in corporate marketing and event planning. But she found her passion while planning her own wedding when other professional planners encouraged her to venture out on a wedding planning business of her own.

        “Fourteen years ago there were no reality shows, so I assumed wedding planners were like those in the movies for wealthy people,” she explains. “I didn’t realize that wedding planners could be so helpful to an average person like me.”

        Piech-Lukas is the sole owner and planner at Your Dream Day, a wedding planning company that serves brides and grooms in Cincinnati and Dayton.

        Because everyone is different, wedding planning is also different for each client. “Wedding planning means different things to different people,” she says.

        But at Your Dream Day, no matter your preferences, you’ll find everything from event design, personalized vendor selection, timeline management, task checklists, rehearsal coordination, and day-of wedding management.

        Thanks to the wants and needs of brides and grooms across the area, no day is the same for Piech-Lukas at Your Dream Day, and that’s exactly what she loves the most about running her own wedding planning business.

        “Every story is original and every client is unique,” she adds.

        Those clients bring their own inspiration for each event, and give Piech-Lukas her own inspiration for their big day as well, so no two weddings are the same.

        What makes Your Dream Day stand out among other wedding planners is the attention they give each client. “We take pride in our work and develop close relationships with our clients during the planning process,” says Piech-Lukas.

        To help ensure that couples are happy and doing well, Piech-Lukas likes to stay in touch with the majority of her brides and grooms after the wedding.

        “Many of my brides think of me like an impartial big sister figure during the planning process, and parents consider me to be a translator, helping their children understand why they may want a certain thing done at a wedding,” she says.

        You can look forward to more wedding planning from Your Dream Day in 2017. Piech-Lukas says she also plans to give her blog more emphasis this year, featuring nothing but weddings including real wedding vendor stories, real local weddings, wedding planning tips, and pertinent information to planning a wedding in Southwest Ohio.

        “Planning can get so overwhelming with all the websites and bridal shows, and it’s hard to know what an honest (versus paid) referral is or who truly is the best,” she says. “We want to help brides navigate that process and make wedding planning more fun and less stressful.

        To learn more about Your Dream Day, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also, watch the exclusive webcast below as Cincy Chic’s publisher Amy Scalia chats with Lukas about several more helpful wedding planning tips.

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        Getting married? A local jeweler is hosting its annual sale to help you find the looks you want for your big day.

        Richter and Phillips opened a new location on the west side of 6th and Main streets.

        Wedding season is just around the corner and that means brides-to-be are searching for the perfect piece of jewelry to truly make them shine on their big day. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, Richter & Phillips is hosting their annual Diamond, Engagement, and Wedding Band Sale March 10-12.

        According to Carol Ryan, Advertising and Marketing Director at Richter & Phillips, the sale will feature representatives from many of the major jewelry designers the store carries, including Michael M, Martin Flyer, Simon G, Gabriel, Coast, Goldman, and Henri Daussi. 

        At the sale you can expect to find discounts on many brands as well as loose diamonds. Plus, you can enjoy light bites and cocktails to get you in the mood while you taste wedding cake samples.

        If you’ve already got the bands and are just looking to perfect your bridal look, Ryan says there is plenty of on-trend jewelry in store.

        Some of the biggest trends in bridal jewelry this season include yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum jewelry. “Some of our brides are mixing those different types of gold and stacking bands,” adds Ryan. 

        As always, halos are very popular with brides as are vintage touches on wedding bands.

        Bridal sales aren’t the only thing keeping the team at Richter & Phillips busy. They’ve recently opened a new location on the west side of 6th and Main streets. “Our new showroom is three times the size of the old and is truly beautiful,” says Ryan. “The showcases and lighting truly allow the jewelry to shine and sparkle, the difference is amazing.”

        To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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        Learn about the new downtown venue, overlooking the Aronoff, that just opened their doors and is filling up quickly!

        The Backstage Event Center just opened a newly expanded location across from The Aronoff.

        Cincy Chic: What is The Backstage Event Center?
        Kelly Schneider, Sales Manager at The Backstage Event Center: The Backstage Event Center is a loft-style event center located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. It features hardwood floors, exposed brick, and a 40-person terrace that overlooks Downtown’s Theater District. We have recently finished our expansion, which featured a second patio with a fountain.

        Cincy Chic: Who owns The Backstage Event Center?
        Schneider: The Backstage Event Center is the newest addition to Nicholson’s Tavern & Pub and The Horse & Barrel, locally owned by Nick Sanders, founder of Tavern Restaurant Group.

        Cincy Chic: What inspired The Backstage Event Center?
        Schneider: Nicholson’s has been hosting private events since its opening in 1997, but we were limited to the size of events that we could accommodate. When the space connected to us became available, we jumped at the chance to be able to do what we love, hosting events, on a larger scale. We are now able to accommodate up to 220 seats, 130 with a dance floor, and 300 at a cocktail/reception style event.

        Cincy Chic: What types of events can be held at The Backstage Event Center?
        Schneider: We host an assortment of events, from corporate meetings and happy hours, to brunches, rehearsal dinners, and weddings.

        Cincy Chic: What makes The Backstage Event Center a unique place to have an event?
        Schneider: At The Backstage Event Center you will enjoy excellent service in a beautiful space. We offer an open, rustic-modern feel in a downtown venue. Every event is special to us and treated as such. Our team will make sure your event is exactly as you envision.

        The Backstage Event Center can host weddings, receptions, and other special events.

        Cincy Chic: How are you getting ready for wedding season 2017?
        Schneider: Although we are not hosting any upcoming wedding expos, you can find us proudly displaying The Backstage Event Center in bridal shows throughout the city.

        Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for The Backstage Event Center in 2017?
        Schneider: Since we have recently finished our expansion we are spending 2017 enjoying and sharing the Cedar Room. But we may be bringing along a few surprises in 2018!

        Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about The Backstage Event Center, follow along, or book an event?
        Schneider: You can visit us on The Knot, Instagram, Facebook, or on our website, Please feel free to contact our Sales Manager directly at 513-550-1869 or I’ll be happy to answer any questions and set up a tour to view The Backstage Event Center.

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          Calling all fashionistas! A local stylist is bringing her online boutique to a brick-and-mortar near you! Keep reading to learn more about the new boutique that will showcase her styling skills, on-trend tips, and fashionable finds!

          Sydney Murdock of UnCommon Things is turning her online boutique into a brick and mortar fashion headquarters in Cincinnati.

          There’s nothing common about Sydney Murdock. She’s spent the past seven years working as a fashion stylist and has been able to build up a portfolio and small clientele right here in Cincinnati as well as New York City.

          But her work doesn’t stop at styling. Murdock also launched an online boutique called UnCommon Things. “UnCommon Things started out as an online destination for young women to shop for the pieces that they live for,” she explains. “This includes funky, sexy, and unique pieces that fashion-forward women often have a hard time finding.”

          Murdock was inspired to launch UnCommon Things through her passion for helping women look and feel good about themselves while also creating a place Cincinnati women could go to find the fashion they’re looking for.

          “There are fewer and fewer places that cater to the fashion forward ladies within the city who are looking for uniqueness and edge to add to their wardrobe,” she says. “The store has grown quickly over the past few months and will launch with a storefront in the summer.”

          Sydney Murdock, Owner of UnCommon Things

          As someone who strives to help women with their clothing, she also wanted a business that was her own and could fully showcase who she is as a stylist, buyer, and fashion enthusiast in the city.

          “Since there wasn’t a lane, I began working toward creating one,” she says. “UnCommon Things is not only a clothing store, but it will also stand as a fashion haven where women can schedule styling services, closet revamps, and more.”

          Murdock’s passion also lies in working for herself and pushing the notion of becoming a “girl boss” in her field. “Women are the future, we need to own our own businesses,” she adds.

          Currently, the boutique is a huge project that Murdock is continuing to develop. “There is a ton of planning, construction, and ordering that has to be done prior to the big reveal,” she says. “We are geared toward opening by June 2017.”

          While she’s keeping most of the details regarding the project top secret, Murdock says she plans to let Cincy Chic be the first to know more information.

          As for inventory, Murdock says she plans to carry a variety of products ranging from monochrome sets to thigh high boots and bedazzled chockers. “We will have it all,” she says.

          To learn more about UnCommon Things, check out the store website at You can also follow Murdock’s blog and Instagram.

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          Ready to take your tea time to the next level? Check out a local cafe and tea room offering fun and informational classes.

          Susan the Tea Lady offers unique tea classes at Yesterday Cafe and Matcha Bar.

          Cincy Chic: What is the Yesterday’s Tea Cafe & Matcha Bar?
          Susan, The Tea Lady: Yesterday’s Tea Cafe & Matcha Bar is located in Yesterday’s Cafe and Tea Room. We opened in 2004 in a historic, 120-year-old building on Florence’s old Main Street. We feature a relaxing tea experience in a European-style tea room. We offer brunch, lunch, cream tea, and full afternoon tea. Our newly expanded gift boutique features the largest selection of tea and tea related products in the Tri-State.

          Cincy Chic: We heard you’re offering tea classes, can you tell us more about them?
          Susan: We offer four tea classes:

          Matcha 101: From Fresh Leaf to Power Powder: Whether you are new to Matcha or have been drinking this powerful beverage for a while, this fun and super informative class is for you! Join our owner, Susan, as she separates all the health hype from the facts and explains how to be an educated consumer/select quality matcha. All class participants will receive hands on instruction with chawan and chasen and opportunities for perfecting their whisking technique! Cost is $10 per person.

          All Matcha is Not Created Equal Tea Class: Here we teach you fun and creative ways to boost the health benefits of common foods with matcha! We also discusses the different health benefits of all types of matcha – from culinary to ceremonial, and everything in between! Quality matcha can be rare, and care should be taken to purchase from a trusted source. Cost is $20 per person and includes matcha appetizers, and beverages. Class fee must be pre-paid 24 hours prior to class to guarantee a spot. If you are new to Matcha – please attend Matcha Basics (Matcha 101) as this class material assumes you are either a current matcha customer or have taken Matcha 101.

          When not at the cafe, Susan is going on tea travels around the world.

          Tea 101: Elevating the Leaf: This hands-on workshop will give you the basics and help you discover how to select tea based on quality, not necessarily based on taste or price. Discover why this humble beverage has been captivating tea enthusiasts for over 3,000 years. All class participants will receive a 10% discount on tea/tea wares purchased on class night. Cost is $15 per person and includes a tea appetizer. This class is also helpful – prior to attending a more advanced class or focus tasting/comparative cupping.

          Focus Tasting – The Teas of Hawaii: Got the winter blues? Then join us for this tropical treat guaranteed to give your spirits and palette a lift! Did you know that teas bought in bags, were possibly picked years ago? This comparative cupping will focus on the teas of Hawaii – all freshly picked weeks ago, not years! Sip tea while we demonstrate the Gongfu cha method of tasting and explain how this one humble leaf is processed into green, black, and oolong tea. Add to the fun of this class by wearing your favorite aloha shirt or wildly colorful attire! Prizes will be given to the most colorful or creative attire! Tea newbies welcome – but, if possible you may find more enjoyment in the class if you have attended Tea 101.

          Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to sign up for tea classes?
          Susan: You can visit our e-commerce site,, or call us – we’d love to talk to you! To register for a class you can also call us at 859-594-4832. You can also shop teas, tea wares, and tea accessories on the site too.

          Cincy Chic: Where can we find more information on Yesterday’s Tea Cafe & Matcha Bar?
          Susan: You can visit the cafe at 264D Main Street in Florence, Kentucky, or by going to the e-commerce site at If you can’t find something you need, give us a call at 859-594-4832.