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We chat with the owner of a local German cafe to learn more about the business she started with her mother and sister. Keep reading for all the delicious details.

Katharina’s Café-Restaurant is a German eatery located across the river in Newport.


Cincy Chic: What is Katharina’s Café-Restaurant?
Elena Williams, Owner of Katharina’s Café-Restaurant: We are a German cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays with a passion for food, coffee and cakes.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Williams: It’s my mom, my sister Theresa and me!

Cincy Chic: What do you enjoy most about running Katharina’s Café-Restaurant?
Williams: We love meeting all the great people who come by the cafe!

Cincy Chic: What types of food do you serve at the eatery?
Williams: We serve a typical German breakfast, a variety of lunch meats, fresh rolls, fresh baked bread. We also serve lunch and every week we offer a daily lunch special, homemade chicken salad sandwich, a variety of fresh salads, soup and a few pasta dishes. For dinner we serve schnitzel wiener, just to name a few things.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Williams: We’re always thinking about new things we can do but for right now we’re just going to hang out in Newport.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Williams: Follow us on Facebook, that’s where you can find out the most about us.

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    In this week’s Entrepreneur issue, we chat with a local non-profit that’s helping the local artisan manufacturing community get their businesses up and running. Read on to see how Cincinnati Made is putting its own entrepreneurial stamp on the region.

    Brother and sister duo, DJ and Kelli Corney, who co-own Wool Shop, a 2013 Class past participant of Cincinnati Made’s First Batch program

    Matt Anthony, Noel Gauthier and Bryant Goulding were inspired by movements in other cities to launch local brands. Campaigns like SFMade and MadeinNYC were the leaders in creating local-made brands that were able to bring in business development resources for their cities’ small manufacturing companies.

    So, together the three of them began working out of the Losantiville design collective space in Over-The-Rhine with other local designers who were running into the same hiccups many do when trying to increase production and ideas.

    “Cincinnati has a great set of existing resources in manufacturing and consumer products, adn we don’t face as many issues in affordable space like San Francisco or New York so I thought we’d have a great starting point for promoting and connecting both new and heritage companies making great products here in Cincinnati, from pottery to brews,” explains Anthony.danaleavy184x256

    Enter Cincinnati Made, a membership-based non-profit that works to connect, grow and scale the small batch and artisan manufacturing community in Cincinnati. “We’re trying to connect people making products and the local resources that support them,” Anthony says.

    While Anthony, Gauthier and Goulding are the main forces behind Cincinnati Made, Anthony says that the non-profit wouldn’t really exist without the early support, encouragement and generous funding from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Halle, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation. This foundation help them become a non-profit and keep their eye on lofty program goals such as creating the organization’s First Batch accelerator.

    Cincinnati Made hosted a soft launch and event for early members in March. Anthony says public events and product showcases will be offered soon.

    Companies that are interested in joining Cincinnati Made can fill out an application form, and there is no cost to become a member. Anthony says that they’re currently working on the design of the membership showcase, which will include the official launch of Cincinnati Made. The membership showcase will not only launch the non-profit but will provide Anthony and his partners the chance to talk about the organization’s member companies – which is currently about 10 and has continued to increase since the opening of the application.

    Anthony says that what excited him the most about Cincinnati Made is building the community and promoting Cincinnati as an ideal city to start and run a business. “We have a lot of programming that we’re interested in pursuing relating to supporting the member businesses, but a lot of this year will be in building the volunteer capacity and partnerships to really get them off the ground,” he explains. “We’ve started planning some factory and studio tours that will be coming up, which should be pretty fun.”

    First Batch, Cincinnati Made’s local manufacturing accelerator, is back for its third round in 2015. Anthony says they’re hoping to build it bigger and share more of the speakers, classes and connections to the broader community this year.

    Applications for First Batch are open through May 1 and hopes to reach businesses that are interested in working with the startups participating in the program.

    Anthony says Cincinnati Made is most active on Facebook, as is the First Batch program. You can also learn more about Cincinnati Made and their First Batch program, visit

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    Whether you have last minute stationery needs or are currently in the wedding planning process, one local graphic designer is ready to take your inspiration and put it down on paper.

    Joni Bishop, founder of Cincinnati By Design
    Joni Bishop, founder of Cincinnati By Design (Photo:

    After retiring from a 30-year career designing for the marketing office at an Ohio university,  Joni Bishop decided to launch her dream business.

    With no prior business experience, she decided to launch Cincinnati By Design in August 2012. “Owning and operating my own business has always been my life dream,” she says. “I haven’t looked back since.”

    Cincinnati By Design is a professional graphic design boutique that specializes in wedding invitations. Bishop designs stationery, invitations, save the dates and day-of wedding accessories such as programs, table charts, table numbers, place cards, menus, rehearsal dinner invitations and anything else that brides may need.

    “No matter what my client is looking for, I have the options to match their needs,” she explains.

    Bishop says her mission is simple. “I want to create personalized stationery that reflects my bride’s own style, complete an invitation suite that stays within my bride’s budget and to have lots of fun in the process,” she says.

    Bishop looks at the creation of a good design as a problem-solving activity. When designing for a client, Bishop likes to follow her own process. The first step involves getting together with her brides and learning more about them. She wants to hear the details such as their stories, what the dress looks like, what inspires them and things that are important to the couple to help their big day be successful.

    After the initial meeting, she likes to consult, design and refine the invitations – something that takes about two months from the first meeting to complete. “The production process can take up to one to two weeks from final approval to the finished product, sometimes longer depending on the style of design,” explains Bishop. “My client will receive a final print out of the invitation suite before we print the entire suite to be sure everything is absolutely correct and completely happy with the results.”

    Although the business aspect of Bishop’s relationships with her brides ends when they’re happy with the results, she doesn’t cut all ties. She says that she often attends her brides’ wedding ceremonies to watch them walk down the aisle. “This is the pinnacle of happiness in every couples’ lives and I enjoy being a small part of that time,” Bishop says. “It’s exhilarating and surreal to have a client love my work. Designing feeds my soul; I’m very blessed to have this talent.”

    One of Bishop’s favorite things about running Cincinnati By Design is talking to her clients directly. She enjoys knowing that she’s responsible for the creative thought and design behind her work. “I’m delivering something special to brides,” she says. “I like to think that I’m designing emotion. It’s not often in the corporate world that you can design with pink or use gorgeous script fonts. I no longer have to hold back my creativity in my day-to-day corporate life and I love it.”

    Bishop has some advice for her brides when it comes to thinking about the wedding planning process, the same advice she says she gives her own children: “Don’t be led or pressured by your peers,” she says. “Plan the wedding that you envision. Wear the bridal gown that you love – whether or not it has a designer tag. And above all else, establish a budget before you make any decisions. This discipline should follow you into marriage. You’ll never live to regret this – have a great time planning, let others help you and stop worrying about every day. Enjoy the process.”

    Bishop says that in the future she plans to start a t-shirt line with a focus on Cincinnati Landmark designs. “I’d love to sell those at a cute boutique in Over-The-Rhine,” she says. “That would be a hoot!”

    To learn more about Cincinnati By Design, click here. You can also check out testimonials here.

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    Want to get involved in the beauty industry but don’t know where to start? A local beauty school has a unique approach to helping students begin beautiful careers.

    Creative Images prepares beauty students to start their careers in the industry.
    Creative Images prepares beauty students to start their careers in the industry.

    Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology has been training professionals in the beauty industry for 21 years. “Creative Images provides its students with an education in the art of Hair Design Technology [cosmetology], Esthetics/Med Spa and Nail Technology,” says General Manager Brian Clawson.

    According to Clawson, there are approximately 240 students currently enrolled at Creative Images between its locations.

    The school is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. Students who attend the school may receive financial aid through the U.S. Department of Education.

    Creative Images is always working with its students while they’re still enrolled at the school to ensure their placement after graduation. There are salon and spa liaisons who network with businesses throughout the Miami Valley area to find students jobs or internships after their time at Creative Images has ended.

    At Creative Images, students are taught current techniques and styles beginning on their first day of class to ensure that they’re successful in the beauty industry. The number of Creative Images students who pass the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology exam and receive their license is greater than 90 percent. Students who don’t pass are offered continued training at no extra cost until they do pass.

    There is an attendance requirement at Creative Images, which requires students be in class 85 percent of the time. Clawson says this helps to not only keep students dedicated but also gives them the strong work ethic needed to succeed in the beauty industry. For those who can’t go full-time and meet the attendance requirements, Creative Images offers part-time and flex-time programs so you can create an education schedule that will match your life’s schedule.

    Clawson says that the team behind the scenes at Creative Images is continually updating trends, styles and teaching techniques. “Our clientele building program is currently undergoing an update and we are exploring how we can achieve over 200 client services for every graduating Cosmetologist,” he adds.

    When some students graduate, they’ve completed more than 400 client services. While the average is closer to 200, Clawson wants all students to see a higher number of clients before they graduate to not only build up a list of regulars but to give them the most experience possible before they graduate, adding, “This many client services will allow for them to more successfully transition to their career at a salon.”

    In addition to the Dayton campus of Creative Images, there are also locations in Centerville and Vandalia.

    To learn more about Creative Images, click here.

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    A former YMCA trainer launched her own business to help Cincinnatians get in the zone and meet their unique health goals.

    Kelley Wainscott, founder of FitZone Cinci.
    Kelley Wainscott, founder of FitZone Cinci.

    After climbing the ladder to become Lead Trainer at the Blue Ash YMCA, Kelley Wainscott decided to zone in on her career aspirations and open her own business – FitZone Cinci.

    Wainscott is a certified Nutritional Lifestyle Coach and with the American Council on Exercise (ACE). “Your time is valuable,” she says of her philosophy. “Your are invaluable. Maximizing results to meet your goals is my expertise.” That’s why, at FitZone Cinci, it’s about designing fun and interesting programs to help participants achieve and meet multiple objectives and goals.

    When she’s not at FitZone, Wainscott enjoys working out, attending sporting events and teaching college courses. In addition to her fitness training certifications, Wainscott holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree in communications from the University of Cincinnati. She’s also an adjunct professor of communications Northern Kentucky University, Xavier, Thomas More and Gateway.

    Wainscott offers special private training packages, which you can learn more about by contacting her. The private training sessions, according to Wainscott, help participants continue with the personal training that will get them at their healthiest in all levels.

    FitZone Cinci proves personal training for those who want to achieve their health goals.
    FitZone Cinci proves personal training for those who want to achieve their health goals.

    Wainscott says the trainers at FitZone Cinci provide students with the necessary expertise to ensure that they’re reaching their fitness goals but safely and efficiently. According to Wainscott, there are several reasons to train privately including the consistence it provides you, individualized programs to cater to your skills, safety, injury prevention, sports specific training, and the partnership attendees forms with their teachers.

    FitZone Cinci is located at 3917 Virginia Avenue in Cincinnati. To learn more about FitZone Cinci call 513-527-1919, email or “like” FitZone Cinci out on Facebook. Wainscott plans to launch a new website soon.

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    See how two little girls popped the inspiration for this new gourmet popcorn business that’ll make you giddy for more.

    Steve Zugelter, founder of Giddy Gourmet
    Steve Zugelter, founder of Giddy Gourmet, with his two daughters

    Cincy Chic: What is Giddy Gourmet?
    Steve Zugelter, Owner of Giddy Gourmet: Giddy Gourmet specializes in handcrafted gourmet popcorn in bold and exciting flavors. We put a new spin on everyone’s favorite pastime snack by creating new flavors that aren’t necessarily thought of as being associated with popcorn. In addition to popcorn, we have plans to introduce new items as well.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the business?
    Zugelter: My daughters are really the inspiration behind it. They, like most children, love cheddar cheese popcorn but there wasn’t a local store near our home that offered it, so I decided to make it myself. I then found myself mixing flavors and I started offering it to friends and neighbors. It wasn’t long before people started placing orders. That, along with the great feedback we were getting for it, I decided to run with it and open it to a larger audience. Now I make the popcorn in my home and make local deliveries.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
    Zugelter: It’s really a family business. My wife has always been my greatest supporter and she’s been behind this from day one. My daughters, ages 5 and 7, help make the popcorn and come up with some incredible flavors.

    Cincy Chic: What types of flavors do you offer?
    Zugelter: We offer a variety of sweet and savory flavors. Cookies n Cream is a very popular flavor as is our Drunken Maple Caramel with Bacon. It’s a pure maple syrup-based caramel, mixed with bourbon and the popcorn is then topped with smoked bacon pieces. Peanut Butter Crunch, Salted Caramel and Tuxedo Caramel are also huge hits. On the savory side, Cincinnati Chili and Zesty Pizza are very popular and our Garlic Herb is made with fresh garlic and other spices.

    Cincy Chic: What about price points?
    Zugelter: The popcorn is available in 5-cup bags and is $7 for the sweet flavors or $5 for the savory flavors. We also offer smaller sample bags for $3. We can also provide larger amounts for weddings and other events that can either be bagged or brought to the event in bulk for the guests to scoop it themselves.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Giddy Gourmet?
    Zugelter: We’re very excited to be a part of the Anderson Township Farmer’s Market this year! I would also like to make it available at locally-owned shops around the area. A long-term goal is to open a storefront and offer other handcrafted gourmet treats.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
    Zugelter: We’re working closely with a design to finalize our website where you can place orders for pickup, delivery or to have them shipped. In the meantime, we have a Facebook page. They can also call 513-214-1975 or email

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      Tragedy strikes in many different forms and there are a number of ways to handle it. Keep reading to learn more about one local lady’s journey through the unthinkable and how she’s coming out on top to share her story of unconditional love, painful loss and never-ending support.

      Denise Taylor
      Denise Taylor

      Denise Taylor calls herself a Perspective Trainer. She earned what she calls her “Bachelor’s in Perspective” through her teenage daughter’s three year battle with leukemia and a “PhD in Perspective” when her Marine son was deployed to Afghanistan.

      “Through each of these unexpected life surprises, I used perspective exercises and spirit lifting to help me find the gifts contained in packages of devastation, fear and pain,” explains Taylor. “Because of what I’ve learned, I’m passionate about sharing my practices with others and supporting them through life’s tough stuff.” Taylor doesn’t believe humans were put on the planet to suffer, but instead believes that they can grow from the suffering.  “For those who have experienced tragedy, it isn’t always easy to give those situations the perspective needed – especially when you’re so emotionally involved and connected to the situation,” she explains.

      Rather than refer to these experiences in a negative way, Taylor has brought her perspective to life in a new book called “You’re Invited – to the Party of Your Life.” The book, which will be released later this year, is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo to aid in publication and program development.

      While Taylor is the sole author of the book, she says there have been many cheerleaders helping along the way, all of whom she appreciates. However, she doesn’t want the book to be about her story or her daughter Jonnae’s story.

      “This book, my speaking, the programs I want to develop and offer, are about each person being inspired by their own perspective and strength, not as bystanders on the sidelines believing someone has something they don’t and that they aren’t capable of triumph – regardless what the trial is,” she says. “For seven years I’ve tested and tried the exercises I share through my ‘party favor guide’ in the book.”

      Taylor adds that the Indiegogo campaign for her book is about her being able to support and celebrate others through their life parties. The campaign runs through the month of April and from there Taylor will move on to finding individuals to help her edit, format and promote the book to get more people involved in her movement.

      What she’s most excited about when it comes to this journey is the personal connection that she can make with readers and others who are involved in the movement. “I love that I get to share stories of tribulation and triumph through my books and online sharing,” says Taylor, “but nothing compares to getting to do that live at a presentation and connecting with individuals who were impacted afterwards.”

      Taylor says that she tries to apply the perspective training everywhere she goes, and she often hears back from individuals with rewarding stories about their results. In fact, Taylor recently received an email one year after meeting someone briefly at an airport who let her know how the conversation between them affected her battle with cancer:

      “I had met this woman, not as expected in sitting next to her on the plane, but in line getting ready to board one and offering a quick perspective shift tip,” explains Taylor. “I manage to do that wherever I go. Airports are breeding ground for stress and complaints, so it’s the perfect place for me to offer a perspective that’s often forgotten. It’s a privilege to fly, focus should not be on the burden of it, but on the blessing it is. That applies to almost any line or wait. When you’ve waited for the 2 ½ weeks for a child to take their last breath, there is no other wait that will challenge you. It’s natural for us, in our society, to get antsy in a line or impatient in traffic. I simply remind myself what I’ve waited on before and then I’m happy to be waiting on ‘this’ instead. I offer that perspective to others and it sticks.”

      Another thing that Taylor enjoys about the path she’s chosen is when she can reach and affect young people. “One of the best ways to experience the party of our lives is giving the country’s future hope and encouragement and see that they’ve been able to utilize those perspectives in their own lives,” explains Taylor. “It doesn’t always come wrapped beautifully. Often, our youth are better at finding it than adults are. It’s beautiful witness and be a part of that.”

      In addition to launching her book this year, Taylor says that she’s working on a new website and program development titled TaylorTUFF (TUFF being an acronym for Trained Under Fearlessness and Faith) that will offer continual content and support. “TaylorTUFF is something that I’m very excited about giving birth to and growing,” Taylor adds.

      One thing she hopes to do in the near future is travel to share Life’s Surprise Party live, adding that it’s when she gets to talk to people in person that the real empowerment and inspiration happens. There are perk packages she’s offering through the Indiegogo campaign that include small presentation and keynote packages at a discounted rate.

      Click here to learn more.

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      There’s a party coming up that both you and Mother Nature will enjoy! Read on to learn more about the Cincinnati Zoo’s annual Party for the Planet and Rain Barrel Benefit Auction.

      Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Sustainable Communities Advocate Sophia Cifuentes
      Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Sustainable Communities Advocate Sophia Cifuentes

      This year marks the sixth annual Earth Day Celebration, known as Party for the Planet, at the Cincinnati Zoo. It’s during this event, and the Rain Barrel Benefit Auction, that eco-friendly businesses and organizations head to the Zoo to share their knowledge and resources about sustainable living with guests.

      “It’s very informative and family-friendly with lots of hands-on activities such as planting seeds to take home, with most of the exhibitors lining our Swan Lake Bridge,” explains Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Sustainable Communities Advocate Sophia Cifuentes. “It’s a great way to learn more about what we can do right here in Cincinnati to have an impact on our environment and the conservation of wildlife. Every action we take locally has an impact globally.”

      Party for the Planet is hosted by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden alongside other Association for Zoos and Aquariums institutions across the country. The Rain Barrel Benefit Auction is a joint effort between the Zoo and Save Local Waters, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental quality issues in the Ohio River Valley.

      Cifuentes says as the “Greenest Zoo in America,” they’re always looking for ways to inspire guests to live more sustainably, more specifically when it comes to the conservation of natural resources.

      “Many of our guests love to observe and engage with our animals and plants at the Zoo, and immediately become connected to them,” she explains. “They want to do something that will help these animals and their wild counterparts out.”

      The Zoo wants to give guests the resources and opportunities they need to act locally while also having a global impact wildlife. “Everyone has the power to make a difference and reduce their own carbon footprint, which ultimately will have an affect on the rest of the planet,” adds Cifuentes. “Party for the Planet is a great way to celebrate those actions, and find out more information about what else we can be doing in our region.

      The events will take place on Thursday, April 23 at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Party for the Planet is from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and the Rain Barrel Benefit Auction is from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. In addition to the two main events, there will also be Tunes and Blooms, a free concert that is held every Thursday in April. On the night of Party for the Planet, the Cliftones, a Cincinnati reggae band, will be performing.

      “The Rain Barrel Benefit Auction is the third time the Zoo is hosting the auction in conjunction with Save Local Waters,” says Cifuentes. “This special event involves auctioning off 51 boring, brown rain barrels donated by MSD of Cincinnati that were turned into masterpieces by local artists. Proceeds from the barrels, which are a great way to conserve water and help reduce stormwater runoff, are shared between Save Local Waters and the Cincinnati Zoo to further their sustainability initiatives and environmental education.”

      At the event, you can expect a lively, fun, energizing, engaging and inspiring atmosphere, according to Cifuentes. Live music will be playing in the Vine Street Village and all of the exhibitors for Party for the Planet will be lined up on the bridge and pathway that leads to the Go Green Garden. Cifuentes says that each exhibitor will have information, hands-on activities and giveaways to share. Guests are also welcomed to bid on their favorite barrel during the event. Cifuentes says that minimum bids start around $80 and winners are asked to pay for their barrel the night of.

      “The Zoo will be open throughout the evening, so guests are welcome to wander around and enjoy the thousands of tulips in full bloom, animal exhibits and the various food and beverage carts open,” she adds. “Guests are also welcome to bring their own picnic baskets of goodies, just no glass or alcohol.”

      The event is free with Zoo admission, and admission to the Zoo is free after 5 p.m. There is a $9 charge for parking.

      To learn more about Party for the Planet and the Rain Barrel Benefit Auction, click visit the Cincinnati Zoo’s website, Save Local Waters, or check out the Zoo’s event’s page.

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      A local makeup artist is launching a new lip product line that’s designed for every woman - from the Tomboy to the glam girl. Read on for all the decked-out details.

      040615BEAUTY2Chenese Bean says it’s her clients who inspired her latest venture – a collection of lip products called Glam by Chenese Bean. The makeup pro says that when she applies lip products to a client, she always sees it as a process.

      “Depending on the makeup look I’m producing or the nature of why I’m even doing makeup, I’ll use a lip primer, lip liner, lipstick and gloss,” she explains. “There are other times where I’ll only use two out of the four. All of this gives me the ability to actually enhance one’s lip shape and the outcome always amazes my clients.”

      She adds that the purpose of her lip line is to cater to everyone, from those who wear less makeup to those who want to “go all out glam.” For Bean, her new line is about confidence.040615BEAUTY

      “What woman, while looking in the mirror after she’s applied a lip product of some sort, will look at herself with confidence and pucker her lips a.k.a. the kiss face?,” she laughs.

      Bean’s line, which she plans to launch in late August 2015, will be a collection of lip products that include various textures of lipsticks such as matte, sheer, creamy, glitter and pearl, lip glosses and lip treatments. Price points for the products Bean will feature in her line will range from $10 to $22.

      In addition to her new lip line, Bean says that she plans to bring on other beauty products as well including mascara, blush, foundation and a limited edition of Glam by Chenese Bean-scented candles that smell just as fabulous as they look.

      Bean says that the website for Glam by Chenese Bean will soon launch and you can click here to receive updates. She adds that she’s also looking for retail stores to carry her beauty line.

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      From fun classes (for you and the kids) to 24/7 hours, see how one local gym is providing solutions to all your common excuses for not exercising.


      From “It doesn’t fit in my schedule” and “it’s too expensive” to “it’s boring” and “I have to take care of the kids” — we have a million excuses for not working out.

      That’s where Vital Fitness comes in. Members at Vital Fitness can access the gym 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also offer a variety of fun fitness classes including spinning, cycling, boot camp, Zumba and strength-training classes in addition to cardiovascular and weight machines.

      Owner Amy Zimmerman says that Vital Fitness has been a lifelong dream for her. “I wanted to be able to make a difference in the lives of others by making them better from the inside out,” she explains. “Fitness has always been a personal passion and I decided to use that as an instrument to reach others. I always envisioned a place where others felt comfortable both coming and going regardless of their fitness level.”

      “Chiseled,” one of the classes offered at Vital Fitness, focuses on your bottom, abs and arms. The full-body strength class targets these concern areas for women using body weight and strength-training equipment. Chiseled is offered twice a week and no class is the same, so you can be sure you’ll get a different workout each time while targeting these three areas of your body.040615HEALTH1

      Boot Camp uses power moves, plyometrics and strengthening exercises to keep your pulse up. Great for those of all fitness levels, Boot Camp instructors will accommodate you according to your skill level.

      With Zumba, you can dance your way to a better body using a fusion of Latin and international music. Wake-up and Spin is a class offered on a stationary bike and a good way to get your heart rate up early in the morning.

      Group cycling, performed on a stationary bike, offers cardio workouts combined with music and motivation. Extreme cycling uses high energy drills with 15 minutes of challenging body weight mat work to target the whole body.

      Infusion training incorporates cardio, strength and intense core work for a unique class. Members can take Hatha Yoga to align their body and inner mind.

      Tenacity is a kickboxing-style cross-training class that’s ideal for those who want to boost metabolism, while improving strength, conditioning and core balance. The class is offered twice a month.

      To help you wind down after an intense workout, Vital Fitness has an in-house massage therapist, Dan Freeze, who specializes in sports and therapeutic massage. He provides massages on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. as well as other days by appointment.

      But what about the kids? Bring them along to hang out in Kids Korner or take a fitness class of their own. The Kids Korner at Vital Fitness is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Ballet, tumbling and conditioning classes are offered for kids as well.

      “Our goal is to help educate, motivate and excite kids about working out and being healthy,” says Lara Luttrell, Youth programming coordinator for Vital Fitness. “We are continuing to broaden our scope of youth programming and always looking for ways to get kids moving!”

      Zimmerman says that her and her team at Vital Fitness are continually developing new programs for both children and adults. “I would love to expand my personal training audiences, offer more seminars on health and nutrition and begin to develop more corporate wellness programs for local companies,” she says.

      Vital Fitness, which is located at 1050 Prairie Ave. in Wilmington, offers annual or month-to-month contracts. Student and military discounts are available. To learn more, visit