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Transform your fear of feet exposure into pride in showing off a perfect pedicure with Tip Toe Nail Studio in Montgomery. As part of Salon Concepts, this nail studio offers an intimate setting with a sole focus on hands and feet.


Beyond the atmosphere and expertise, though, Tip Toe Nail Studio offers one of the hottest trends — Minx. Owner Veniece Hughes took a course in Chicago to become a certified Minxanista, so she’s ready to Minxify your look!


Available for both pedicures and manicures, Minx provides you with opportunities in both looks and longevity that a bottle of nail polish just can’t give you. Guaranteed to last one week (manicure) or three weeks (pedicure) without chipping or peeling, this new trend is set to last. And with more than 200 patterns and designs, Minx gives you the chance to truly express yourself.


Two of the most popular Minx styles are the gold and silver metallic colors. While you can buy silver and gold nail polish, nothing you buy can compare to the futuristic look of these Minx options.


But whether you have Minx or not, "shorter is the in thing today," Hughes says. Out are the days of the lengthy acrylics, and a more natural look and length has taken nails by storm.


In addition to her Minx specialty, Hughes also has taken classes specific to diabetic care. Many diabetics go to their podiatrists to get their nails cut, but the shape comes out with a focus on function without the fashion. Hughes takes s052410ADVERTORIAL2.JPGpecial precautions to ensure a safe (and stylish) service for her diabetic customers so that they truly can relax while they are in her hands.


Another specialty service at the Tip Toe Nail Studio is the crystal mud bath. Coming in aromas from invigorating peppermint to calming lavender, the crystal mud bath helps promote circulation and relaxation. After a 10 to 15 minute soak in the bath, Hughes gives you a leg and foot massage for 20 minutes per leg, and as one leg enjoys the massage, the other still gets to soak up the goodness of the crystal mud bath.


For a fresher glow to your hands and feet, Tip Toe Nail Studio also offers glycolic treatments. As a milder treatment than the 10 to 30 percent glycolic peels for faces, the seven percent glycolic formula gives you softer hands and feet without such intensity. The glycolic acid still exfoliates the dead skin and can minimize calluses over time for brighter, healthier-looking skin.


If you’re ready for relaxation or a trendy change to your nail wardrobe, call (513) 254-6620. For more information, check out, visit Salon Concepts suite No. 4 at 9797 Montgomery Road in Montgomery or click the play button on the video below.



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Photographer: Linda Palacios

Location: Tip Toe Nail Studio



Videographer: Kirsten Schaffer