Finding Technology’s Pretty Side

Finding Technology’s Pretty Side

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These days it seems like there are gadgets for almost everything. You can stay in touch with friends through the iPhone’s video chat, keep your room clean with a robotic vacuum cleaner, and even take HD videos with a camera the size of your hand.


In a world like this, it’s no surprise that even some beauty products have leapt to the gizmo side. Leisa Glevicky-Kanienberg, makeup artist and owner of iMakeup Artistry, offers her insider tips on the latest gadgets and how to use them for glam results.


While many popular makeup companies are adding spiffy products like vibrating mascara and auto-adjusting foundation to their repertoire, Glevicky-Kanienberg prefers not to use techno-vamped products like these on her clients. "These products have a specific use and type of result," she says. "I feel that they are meant to help women apply their makeup more easily on themselves, by taking some of the guess work out of application at home."



Instead, Glevicky-Kanienberg focuses on using highly versatile products that will work successfully on a variety of clients desiring different styles of makeup. "As a makeup artist, I tend to be traditional in the sense that I put my money into quality tools that will give me consistent results," she says. Glevicky-Kanienberg’s shares her four most trusted beauty gadgets and their areas of concentration.


1. Eyelashes: Shu Uemera eyelash curler


A good lash curler like this one is essential for dramatic eyes. Glevicky-Kanienberg also recommends eyelash curlers from Japonesque, a company that makes smaller curlers for concentrating on the lower lashes and outside corners of the upper lashes. "I can’t live without a lash curler!" Glevicky-Kanienberg says.


2. Eyebrows: Tweezerman Spa Body Tweezers


Glevicky-Kanienberg is also an experienced esthetician and discovered these tiny gadgets while 0110Fence_INSTORY.gifworking in the spa. "Although they are made for the body, they are awesome for eyebrows because they are wider and easier to hold but have a very fine point," she says. For trimming the brows with scissors, Glevicky-Kanienberg looks to Japonesque again. She swears by their Tweezerman Facial Hair Safety Scissor and Brow Groomer Scissor/Comb.


3. Foundation Blending: Cinema Secret’s spatulas and palettes and The Beauty Blender 


While these tools work foundation magic of their own, Glevicky-Kanienberg says that her brushes are the most important "gadgets" in her kit. " If there is one thing that will make the biggest difference in how makeup looks and is applied, it is makeup brushes," she says.


4. Skincare: Clarisonic Sonic Skin Care Cleanser


Made by the same company that makes Sonicare toothbrushes, the Clarisonic "Mia" is one of Glevicky-Kanienberg’s favorite recent beauty gadgets. "I tested it at Sephora and was amazed at how different my skin looked just after one use," she says. "It increases circulation and offers a gentle exfoliation."


In order to use new beauty gadgets for the best result, it is often beneficial to learn from an outside, experienced source. Glevicky-Kanienberg recommends enlisting the help of a professional. "The most reliable places to go for instruction are to specialty boutiques that train their staff in the products and can teach you the correct way to use them," Glevicky-Kanienberg says. She sites M.A.C. Cosmetics, Sephora and Nordstrom as some of the best.


Glevicky-Kanienberg’s last words of advice discourage being lured in by "gimmicky" gadgets that aren’t worth your money. Instead, some of the more traditional products are best.


"For me, part of being an artist is working with traditional products and tools and creatively pushing my mediums to get extraordinary results," she says. "By working with the products that I know and love, I can customize a look for whatever the situation calls for."




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Leisa Glevicky- Kanienberg