An Organic Occupation

An Organic Occupation

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Sebastian Rey is a holistic consultant, with a degree in science and a degree in advanced medical imaging. He works for the nuclear medicine department at the University of Cincinnati. He is also the developer of Skin Awareness, a skincare line made from organic materials. His products are designed to make people realize that the materials they put on their bodies will affect health and their lives.


Pharmaceuticals have a huge presence in the modern world. With the advent of new drugs every day, more people than ever rely on prescription-based drugs for even the slightest of problems. Rey is out to show the world that the solution to every problem doesn’t come in the form of a miracle drug.


His Skin Awareness products are made from 100 percent organic materials. “Organic is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle,” says Rey. The drugs that people use today will catch up with them tomorrow, but Rey explains how the body recognizes organic materials as food and is able to absorb the products naturally.


There is also a peace of mind that comes with using products made from organic materials. Along with being able to pronounce the ingredient names, you have the satisfaction of knowing that products made from organic materials will not contain chemicals from fertilizers or harsh pesticides.


Skin Awareness is geared towards those who are aware of their bodies, skin and the environment. Skin awareness is also good news for interested buyers on a budget. The products are high quality at a low cost. Rey explains that his products are great for someone curious about organic materials because the low cost makes experimenting with Skin Awareness easy. Consumers are also offered a full refund if they are not satisfied with the products.


Skin Awareness is not only good for your body, but Rey wants his products to have a positive effect on the community and on the planet as well. Rey’s product brochures state that they are an animal-friendly organization. Every year, Rey makes a donation to the Save the Animal Foundation No-Euthanize Animal Shelter. They are also a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, or NRDC, a non-profit organization that makes an effort to have a positive impact on the planet.


When Rey first began making his products, it was out of necessity due to severe skin allergies. Friends and family soon started asking Rey for product samples and from there encouraged him to promote his products to local shops in Cincinnati. What began as a part-time hobby has sprouted into a flourishing business opportunity.


Rey’s products are growing in popularity and have recently become available at Posh Boutique, a specialty clothing store located in Hyde Park. Skin Awareness will be featured in a customer appreciation event held at Posh Boutique in the beginning of February.