Angela Packer Hair

Angela Packer Hair

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In and around the beauty industry for 34 years, one local hair guru recently opened a stunning new salon. Click for a peek inside.

Angela Packer Hair is a salon in the heart of Oakley.

After spending decades in the beautification business, Angela Packer decided to venture out on her own. Today she is the owner of Angela Packer Hair, a two-chair, boutique salon.

“I have been in and around this industry for a collection of 34 years,” she explains. “I have loved everything about my industry.”

Packer started out her career as a hair model and then held a position as a receptionist for five years, during which she attended cosmetology school. However, it’s her time as a receptionist that she says really got her passionate about cosmetology.

“I loved everything about the culture of a salon,” she says. “The art that was created with hair, the education about styles and retail product I found fascinating, the music that played every second of work, the personal style of the stylist – I loved it.”

Aside from the work atmosphere itself, Packer says she was also inspired by the personal relationships that she saw being forged between stylists and their clients. “It was something to be rivaled,” she adds.

Packer says her career behind the chair started in 1992, and over the next 10 years she worked locally for two salons before she branched out and opened a salon with a former business partner.

“I co-owned that salon for 13 years,” she says. Then, in 2015, she took on a solo journey at a local suite concept.

Soon after her solo journey, Packer found what she calls the “perfect space” in Oakley.

Now, Angela Packer Hair is tucked off Oakley Square in downtown Oakley.

“We are on a great little street, Allston Street,” she adds. “The street houses several small businesses. It’s so great to be part of a small business community.”

Angela Packer Hair focuses only on hair, and Packer has her salon-mate Brittany Retherford working alongside her.

“Brittany began her career as my assistant,” says Packer. “We met seven years ago and have worked together ever since. Brittany is seven amazing years into her career.”

At Angela Packer Hair, you’ll find that the duo focuses on hair coloring, cutting, keratin straightening, and styling.

“We both love choosing the absolute perfect color and method of application for each client,” explains Packer. “Brittany also has been known to be quite the Keratin Complex guru.”

As for the space itself, Packer wanted to welcome guests to a cool, relaxed, inspiring, nurturing, and artful space – complete with music, television, and magazines.

“Pour a glass of wine, enjoy a hot coffee or tea, and relax into your own time while your service processes,” says Packer. “Gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the world go by.”

You can follow Packer on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Brittany on Facebook and Instagram.