Are Lasers the Best Clinical Skin Treatments?

Are Lasers the Best Clinical Skin Treatments?

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Keeping your skin healthy is a constant struggle. No matter how hard you try using at-home methods like lotions, there comes a time when clinical treatment is a necessity, if you want to continue having healthy looking skin. The question is what type of clinical treatment do you need? You may have heard that lasers offer the best skincare treatments you can get, but is that true? Let’s find out. 


Why Lasers Are Popular Skincare Devices

Lasers are popular. There is no denying that. For about thirty years, skincare specialists have been using them to treat many different skin ailments. One reason for their popularity is their accuracy. Another is their speed. A single laser treatment involves a certified clinician pointing the laser at your in a systematic way. In less than a second, a laser can treat an area about quarter-sized. 


Lasers are also popular because of the number of skin conditions they can assist with. The versatility of lasers for cosmetic procedures is indisputable. There are ablative lasers used to perform laser peels. There are even laser procedures that can spot treat such issues as specific scars or mild wrinkles. Non-ablative lasers are available to revitalize your skin from the inside by triggering higher collagen production rates in your body as well. 


The Convenience of Having Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are also quite convenient. Each one typically takes under an hour to complete. There is also very little chance of serious side effects or any need for time off to recover. With no hospital admittance and limited minor side effects, such as temporary swelling, you can have laser treatment without disrupting your life too much. 


Not Everyone Can Have Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment may sound perfect for every occasion and person, but it is not. Lasers have limits. For example, severe skin sagging requires surgery to correct. Your skin type can also make you ineligible for laser procedures. Lasers produce heat, which can put you at risk for burns when your skin is excessively oily. Having skin that is too thin, too dry or otherwise places you at higher risk for side effects may also make laser treatment a poor choice.


If your skin is dark or you have certain conditions, such as active acne outbreaks, you also may not qualify for laser treatment. Most lasers are better at treating skin that is light. Additionally, dark skin means the laser has the potential to alter your skin pigment. That means you may have discolored skin patches after the treatment is over.


Clinical Skin Treatments That Offer Alternatives to Lasers

There are several clinical skin treatments that offer alternatives to lasers. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Among them are microdermabrasion, chemical peels and intense pulsed light therapy. Sound wave treatment is even an option. However, most of those treatments are milder than laser therapy. Therefore, you might need five or six laser treatments to get desired results, but you might need more of those other treatments to achieve an equivalent goal.


Making a Final Choice About Clinical Skin Treatments

In some cases, it may be difficult to decide which clinical skin treatment is truly best for you. If two treatments seem equally beneficial, consider other factors. For example, they may differ in cost or time investment. Talking to a skincare clinician at your local clinic can also help you decide. After assessing your skin, he or she may have insights you hadn’t thought of. After such a consultation, you should be able to make a clear final decision.


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