Arkadiance Integrated Skin Care

Arkadiance Integrated Skin Care

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From medical student to yoga teacher to skin care guru, one local woman started her own skin care line to help you heal from the inside out. Read on to learn more!

Arkadiance Integrated Skin Care is a wellness-based line that focuses on healing from the inside.

Ami Kulkarni began a skin care line for consumers after her own life-long search for effective beauty products with natural ingredients. Having spent over 20 years researching, marketing and designing in the beauty industry for companies including Procter & Gamble, Olay and Origins, she was motivated to take a more natural approach to skin care with her line Arkadiance.

Arkadiance is a wellness-based skin care line which focuses on healing from the inside to reveal outer radiance. The products are derived from natural ingredients with high impact formulas. 

The brand launched in 2016 with a range of natural products — some used internally and others externally — such as a facial cleanser, face cream, Omega 3 capsules, teas and more with the idea of creating health and beauty from the inside out. 

Assistant Brand Manager Taylor Carter explains why Kulkarni left the corporate world to begin her own line: “Her motivation was that no one was answering to the consumer who wanted natural products. Ami wanted to serve that customer,” she says. “P&G is such a large corporation so it is harder for them to produce all natural products. As a startup, we can afford it.”


Arkadiance founder Ami Kulkarni

There are numerous skin care lines on the market, but Arkadiance does things quite differently, Carter says, above and beyond using high quality ingredients with proven results. “What we do differently is the personal connection. We send hand written notes to anyone who orders a product and we follow up with them afterwards,” she explains. 

Arkadiance aims to educate their clients as well as fulfill their skin care needs. “Ami has a medical background so that allows us to be an outlet for questions and concerns as well,” Carter says. “If someone comes to us with a skin concern we make it a goal to educate them about things. We are here to answer questions and provide a natural solution to any issues they may have.”

Not many consumers today are aware of what is actually in the products that are labeled “all natural.” According to Carter, a product has to consist of 70% of natural ingredients to be deemed a “natural” product. The average percentage of natural ingredients in Arkadiance skin care products is 95, Carter says.

Along with selling products such as facial toners and creams, Arkadiance also sells supplements including omega-3 capsules, multi-strain probiotics, and rainbow antioxidants. 

These products can be found in-person at HighStreet boutique at 1401 Reading Road. Or you can buy online at

To learn more about Arkadiance and see our Editor-in-Chic’s personal review of using the products, watch the video below.