Bronzed, Beautiful and Healthy!

Bronzed, Beautiful and Healthy!

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Beam Sunfree Tanning offers tanning solutions without the harmful chemicals, perfumes or dyes.

If these cold chilly days are leaving you pale and pouty, a new local business may be the ray of sunshine you’re looking for.


Beam Sunfree Tanning, opened in 2010 and uses a unique sunless tan solution that’s void of any harmful chemicals, perfumes, dyes, additives, or artificial colors. “We use an all natural exclusive formula that is hand-applied and completely custom blended for each individual,” Laurie Hubert, co-owner of Beam Sunfree Tanning. “We also only hand-apply for a more natural and even sunless tan.”


Another unique aspect of Beam Sunfree Tanning is that co-owners Hubert and Libby Stocks have both been in the beauty industry for more than 16 years each. “We aim for and have found that because of our experience and knowledge in the industry people trust our expertise and judgment,” explains Hubert.


Hubert and Stocks were inspired to open Beam Sunfree Tanning because of the lack of sunless tanning options in Cincinnati. “We didn’t want to be orange, splotchy, drippy, over tanned or stinky in order to have a natural looking tan,” Hubert explains. Today, they’re an exclusively sunfree tanning salon, which allows them to specialize in this growing niche and need for sunless options.


Located at 3913 Eastern Ave., in the the Columbia Tusculum area, they are open by appointment only. They are also available for private parties and promotions as well as “on location” tanning. Prices are: $45 for a full body customized tan, $25 for a half body and $15 for face only. They as well have a ph balancing prep spray that is available as customizable natural scents.


Hubert and Stocks say they have worked with a wide variety of clients and are recommended by skincare professionals, dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike. “We have tanned professional ballroom dancers and competitions as well as professional and semi professional fitness and body builders,” say Hubert. “We have also tanned professional models for promotional, print and commercial work.”


For more information, visit or call (513)239-7873.