Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry

Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry

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See how a local hair and makeup pro, who grew up in the industry, now offers on-location services for special events and classes.

Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry offers on-location makeup and hair services.

Celeste Blandon wants to empower others to embrace their beauty and grow in confidence. Plus, hair and makeup is in her blood. That’s why she launched Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry, a business that provides on-location makeup and hair artistry services for special events, weddings, photoshoots, film/video, editorial shoots, and even classes.

Blandon is the daughter of a professional makeup artist, so she grew in the industry. And she wanted the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of her idol – her mother. 

“As a little girl, her makeup brushes were some of my favorite toys and I was always begging to use her lipstick,” she says. “So I guess you could say that beauty has always been a big part of my life.”

Blandon’s expertise in hair and makeup doesn’t just come from her childhood, or from working with so many clients as a professional. As a model, she’s also been in front of the camera – not just behind it. “Because of this I know what will look great on camera and whether you’re getting ready for a photoshoot or wedding, there are bound to be lots of photos,” she says. 

Additionally, Blandon provides only on-location services, so clients don’t have to travel to her, making things more convenient for them.

To learn more about Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry, follow along on Instagram. Blandon also has a YouTube channel and Facebook page. To book with her, send an email to celesteblandonmua@gmail.com.