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Curious Concoctions

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After a car accident left one local woman with a brain injury, she used her challenges and time off to launch a natural personal care product line. Read on for more.

Alexandria Armstrong, Founder of Curious Concoctions

“Now that I am slowly recovering and accepting my new self, I realize the importance of doing things that truly make me happy; and what makes me happy is to proudly and humbly, hand-make every concoction for you, and this is why I created Curious Concoctions.” Is what brought Alexandria Armstrong, founder of Curious Concoctions, to the beauty industry in 2016.

In 2016, Armstrong was involved in a car accident, which left her with a brain injury, not allowing her to return to her corporate job for a year. In that time, Armstrong says she became more aware of what she was putting into her body and on her skin.

After throwing out basically all of my products, I wanted to replace them with natural items that truly made me feel good in at least one way while still being affordable,” Armstrong explained. “I searched for awhile and found some good products, but nothing was giving me that unique experience I was in search of. After doing extensive research and experimenting, I realized that I could make what I was looking for and actually have fun doing it. I first wanted to create oils and balms because I knew there had to be a better solution to address my extra dry skin then what was available to me in stores. For many years, I thought it was normal to have to pump and scoop lotion more times in a day than I could count just to keep my skin from drying out. Now I realize that was not normal — it was madness.”

While Armstrong creates handmade soaps, lip balms, hair products, beard oils, charcoal and clay facial scrubs and more, she says her body balms are the biggest game changer. “They put the consumer in control of their moisturizing experience,” she says. “The balms allow you to moisturize your body without having to get the palms of your hands unnecessarily oily. This is especially helpful for keyboard users and those who don’t want to leave oil marks on a doorknob, etc. Many men and women I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way expressed the need for a product that soothes their extra dry skin. Unlike the lotions that are available on the mass market, my balms deliver long lasting moisture, preventing you from having to apply multiple times throughout the day. This is because they are anhydrous and made with exotic butters, oils and waxes.”

Even without a retail store, Armstrong is creating sales and interest daily. “Most of my sales are generated from trade shows which is great because it gives me and my team a chance to demonstrate product usage and meet new people while introducing them to a new experience,” Armstrong says. “Through the exposure at the trade shows, more sales are generated to support my online business. We also generate sales from personal events such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties.”

Armstrong says Curious Concoctions brings excitement and affordability to the table. Which is why she has an a la carte of $4 body balms, different scents of soaps for $5, assorted flavors of lip balms for $2, dry hair elixir for $7, charcoal and clay facial scrubs for $12 and beard oil for $15. With all of her affordable products comes a recommendation of transparency. “All of my ingredients are ones that the average consumer has either used, can pronounce, or at least heard of before—Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mango Butter, etc— and I understand that natural products are not for everyone,” Armstrong says. “For many years, I did not really care what was natural or chemical laden. It’s a shift (not a change) that happens gradually, which is why I would encourage people to start with my body balms. The body balms are only a $4.00 investment, and with so many scents and combinations, there is one to suit everyone’s personality. It’s time to take control of your moisturizing experience and have a little fun while doing it.”

Armstrong will be setting up her concoctions on June 17 at the Clippard YMCA in Colerain from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and at the Green Lotus Fest at the Clifton Community Center Nov. 5 from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.

To purchase items, or to find out more about Armstrong and Curious Concoctions, visit her website here.