Dash of Jess

Dash of Jess

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From salon pro to stay-at-home mom read about the local lady who’s sharing her life’s journey with followers on her new, recently launched lifestyle blog.

Photo: Caitlin Blevins Photography

Jess Morey is a mom of two little girls. She’s also a dog mom and a wife. Although her past is in the beauty industry, now she’s taken on the role of stay-at-home mom and anything she does is for her family. 

To help fill up her cup and showcase what she does at home with the littles she launched Dash of Jess, a lifestyle blog. 

“On Dash of Jess you can find I cover a variety of topics including travel, fashion, recipes, and so much more,” she says. 

In the last 5 years since she launched her blog and started a new stay-at-home lifestyle, she’s been able to help people plan trips, pick out cute outfits, and share recipes, all of which can be found in one place on Dash of Jess. 

“Ever since I became a stay-at-home mom I’ve truly done everything for my family,” she says. “So I get to call this my own thing, which is so fun. I’ve dealt with being a young mom, chronic and even undiagnosed pain, all while trying to keep my chin up and make the most out of life. That’s why I’m so excited to share my highs and lows with people going through similar things.” 

One of the things Morey enjoys the most about her blog is getting to connect with people. “It’s so cool when someone tells me they’ve made my everything bagels,” she says. “Or they booked a hotel room at a hotel I’ve posted about. It’s such a cool feeling.”

Although the blog Dash of Jess just recently went live, Morey says she’s excited to grow it and partner with other brands. 

To learn more about Dash of Jess and follow along with her blog journey, visit dashofjess.com. You can also follow along on Instagram