Dollface Glamour

Dollface Glamour

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Calling all soon-to-be brides! Read about a local mobile glamorizing service that’s helping you look even more fab on your big day!

Dollface Glamour is a mobile makeup service that services bridal parties.

Bridgette Procter fell in love with makeup when she was 3 years old. This lifelong love affair with makeup has now turned into more than 10 years experience in making others look and feel their best. 

Today, she is the founder of Dollface Glamour, a mobile makeup service that offers glam services to groups of five or more.

“Services include airbrush makeup, false lashes, contouring, and your choice of a full-size lip color to keep,” says Procter.

Procter offers her customers not only the looks, but she uses high-quality products on clients as well. In fact, the airbrush foundation she uses provides long-lasting wear of 12-16 hours.

Dollface Glamour is rooted in Procter’s love of beauty products and her passion for making others look and feel beautiful.

Procter says that what makes her mobile makeup service stand apart from others is service and price point. “I don’t raise my prices very often and I have great reviews,” she explains.

She’s also passionate about her work. “I do this work truly because I love it, the profits are a perk,” she adds.

Procter says she’s currently in the process of researching an online/live booking option, to help streamline her booking process and make it easier for customers to book Procter’s services.

To learn more about Dollface Glamour, visit You can also “like” her on Facebook.