Enhanced Beauty Permanent Makeup & Pigmentation

Enhanced Beauty Permanent Makeup & Pigmentation

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From fuller brows, eyes and lips to speeding up your morning routine, there are many reasons why this local nurse-turned-permanent-makeup-maven is passionate about her profession. Keep reading to learn more.

Imagine how much time you spend each day applying and removing your makeup. That’s just one of the reasons why Barbara Rahn, RN, BSN, CPCP, decided to get her permanent makeup done.

Turns out, she loved her results so much, it inspired her to do the same for others. Today, she’s the proud owner of Enhanced Beauty Permanent Makeup and Pigmentation, located at 11147 Montgomery Road.

This new inspiration and career shift came at a good time for Rahn. After having two major spinal fusion surgeries, needing to find something that was easier on her back. After having her own permanent makeup done by an RN in St. Louis, Missouri, Rahn says she was so intrigued with the business that she immersed herself into making it happen.

Eyebrows are just one of the services offered at Enhanced Beauty.

“I began researching and found that there were schools that offered training,” Rahn says. “I decided to go to Orlando, Florida and train at Nouveau Contour. I decided to turn a room in my home into a tattoo shop and do permanent makeup procedures on every friend and relative that trusted me. After about 40 procedures, I returned to Nouveau Contour for advanced classes.”

Rahn can create areolas, various eye liner looks, lip colors and fuller looking eyebrows by adding tattoo coloring to these areas to create the look you want and makes your morning routine effortless. “I do permanent eyeliner and love this procedure. I get many referrals from the doctors at the Cincinnati Eye Institute since my husband is an eye doctor there,” Rahn explains. “I have had the luxury of his advice and assistance in providing a safe eyeliner procedure for my clients. Obviously, it is wonderful to wake up and have your makeup already in place. It is especially nice for older clients who may be losing their vision or may suffer from ‘dry eye syndrome.’ These are the kind of patients I get from eye doctor referrals.”

Barbara Rahn, Owner of Enhanced Beauty

While creating an eye look that is unique to her patients, Rahn says she is happy to also tattoo areolas onto breast cancer survivors, or remove any tattoos as well. “I especially enjoy doing a 3D areola tattoo on patients that have survived breast cancer and breast reconstruction,” Rahn says. “I do scar correction and camouflage and while these procedures are very rewarding, tattoo removal is a big part of my practice. I do removal of body tattoos and a large number of poorly done brow tattoos.”

While having her own practice in the Cincinnati area, Rahn also has an office in Atlanta Georgia and works with talented tattoo artists on a regular basis for regulated training. While prices vary, Rahn says permanent makeup is there to enhance natural beauty and she wants every client to enjoy a fresh take on a timeless eye look. “I think my practice is more appealing to clients and patients because they know that I am an RN,” says Rahn. “They know that they are safe in my office.”

To learn more, visit https://www.ebpermanentmakeup.com.