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Green Bee Ohio

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We got the buzz on a local skincare and cosmetic company making plant-based, paraben-free products that help the declining pollinator population in the area.

Emily Hoskins, creator and owner of Green Bee Ohio, is a Cincinnati-based stay-at-home mom who saw an opportunity for a local and ethical skincare and cosmetic company. 

Hoskins was working towards her Master’s degree when she learned about the migration of the Monarch butterfly. “The story of these amazing insects inspired me to plant a pollinator garden,” says Hoskins. Since then, she adds, she has raised hundreds of Monarch butterflies in her garden in the last five years.

Before college, she had worked as a makeup artist and fell in love with helping women to feel comfortable and confident. To combine her background in makeup artistry and her passion for the preservation of pollinators, Hoskins created Green Bee Ohio. 

The company may be small, but the waves they are making are monumental, Hoskins says. In fact, Green Bee works to raise awareness of pollinator decline to the community by donating 10% of all sales to help preserve and protect pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies. 

Green Bee’s product line includes a facial cleanser, a facial moisturizer, two different skin serums, a facial mask, several shades of eye crayons, lip liners, brow pencils, and concealers. 

“Our hyaluronic acid serum is one that I am most proud of for being plant-based. Hyaluronic acid is a very popular skincare ingredient, but what many might not know is that is that in most commercial grade cosmetics, it is derived from cock’s combs, the red ‘hood’ on a rooster,” Hoskins explains. “The [hyaluronic acid] in Green Bee’s serum is a wheat enzyme, blended with organic coconut and jojoba oils.”

All of Green Bee’s products are produced and sourced in the U.S. This is important because many so-called “cruelty-free” cosmetic companies also sell their products in China where the government requires testing on animals by law. “I’m showing people that every day they have a choice to purchase an item from a big company that tests its overseas products on animals, or an item that was created by a local businesswoman using your dollar to support conservation and education efforts,” Hoskins says.

In approximately a month, Green Bee will be launching a brand new hemp-derived muscle rub and facial serum, aptly named Green Bee CBD. Make sure to keep up with the company on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to snag the new products, or head over to their website to shop their current line and read the conservation blog at