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Why one medspa has become the number one rated medical spa in Cincinnati and Columbus offering their patients what they want without blowing their bank. Click here for all the details!

Juvly Aesthetics has become one of the most popular medical spas in Greater Cincinnati.

With stresses of school schedules, kids sports games and work, it can start to weigh in on our skin.

Getting a break from the ever-growing to-do list is just what the doctor ordered and the break is stepping outside the city limits. Juvly Aesthetics is offering some “me” time for ladies and gents not only in the Cincinnati area, but Columbus as well.

Juvly Business Development Manager Sam Peck, says Juvly is a leading cosmetic dermatology practice with affordable skin care treatments in Cincinnati and Columbus. “I was patient number 15 at Juvly in 2014 and I just fell in love with the results,” says Peck. “I still continue to spread the word to all my friends and family. “

Peck says the mission of Juvly is to create transparency pricing, which is why all of their pricing for each service is located right on their website so people know right away what they are walking into. While the care is affordable, it doesn’t stop the team from putting people from both locations in their best skin. “We make people feel better without expensive plastic surgery,” Peck says. “We like to see our values playing into that mission. We want to offer great service to every client that walks through our door, and we do. No one has ever done this kind of work. This is the fastest growing medspa in the history of time and currently. “

Juvly offers a plethora of services to plump and prime the skin, but Peck says their most popular services are lip fillers and botox. Peck says underage fillers are their signature services, which offer minimal to no downtime.

According to Peck, botox isn’t a grueling, tough or bad thing to do to the skin at really any age. “There’s no specific age to start botox,” says Peck. “When you begin to see wrinkles at rest, you’re then a good candidate. It’s best to do it before the wrinkles form; this will give you the best results to rid yourself of future wrinkles.”

Even with Juvly’s services having minimal to no down time, aftercare is still of the essence for clients. “Every service is different,” Peck explains. “Going home and staying out of the sun is definitely something we recommend for any service. If you’re getting lip fillers, we recommend keeping them hydrated. Also, a client who just received a service should stray away from working out for a few days after.”

While Juvly takes care of their patients skin care needs without breaking the bank, they go the extra mile to also help out their frequent customers with $50 referrals for everyone that gets treated. “We offer programs that maximize to the next level,” Peck explains. “We want to be sure they get the most amount of rewards and discounts. Customers can also sign up for a membership which offers rewards and discount prices on services.”

With a transparency pricing motto, Juvly has all prices for their services right on their website. Botox is $10.99 per unit, Juvederm Volbella lip fillers are $429 and microblading is $489. “There are different specials each month,” Peck says. “They stay very low in the botox range and fillers are a buy more and you save more deal. This makes it better for clients to get them what they want without blowing the bank.”

For more pricing or to book an appointment, visit their website here.