La Face Beauty Lounge

 La Face Beauty Lounge

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A local entrepreneur, with years of experience in both the medical field and the beauty industry, opened a new business that offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow fills, microblading and more.


 La Face Beauty Lounge offers a variety of beauty services including fills, microblading, and more.

From being a nurse to working in multiple salons to owning a boutique in Clifton, Stephanie Powell has years of experience in the medical, retail and beauty fields. Today, she’s leveraging that unique combination of skills at her new studio, La Face Beauty Lounge, where she offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow fills, microblading services and more.

Powell’s Clifton boutique focused on selling select clothing pieces and makeup. However, she also offered 15 minute lashes and brows beyond the storefront. Powell realized her passion for these services and wanted to expand them.

After teaching her cousin the art of eyelash extensions, they teamed up to open La Face Beauty Lounge in Feb. 2018. Their customers are also able to take part in this learning experience. “We do offer lash extension training. No one seems to be really educated on lash growth and damage caused by some lash extensions,” says Powell. “We wanted to create a place where people can get natural enhancements that look great.”

Powell says she and co-owner Takara Clark pride themselves on offering a unique experience that is personalized to every customer. “We are very focused on quality over quantity,” explains Powell. “It’s important to apply natural and quality lashes over a million lashes that look fake and end up hurting your eyelashes.”

Also, it’s important to know your options when it comes to the look of your lashes, and which ones will best complement your features, Powell explains. “No two sets of lashes are alike. Every set is customized to the client,” she adds. “We actually take the time to study your face and eye shape and give you the best option. It’s so much more than just applying lashes, it is a process that takes time and care.”

Powell and Clark are both in the process of receiving certification for lash lifts as well. “Lash lifts are a natural way to enhance your eyelashes. They are done to your actual lashes so nothing is fake,” explains Powell. 

The atmosphere at the studio is unique as well, according to Powell. “We encourage self-care through a relaxing environment,” she adds. “It’s a relaxing breakaway as customer can lay under a warm blanket with dim lights as soft music is playing.”

As for the future, Powell and Clark are already planning even more. “We plan to add the lash lifts and more services, as well as utilize makeup a bit more,” Powell says. We are already seeing we need a bigger location. Further down the road, we also may open a Columbus location,” she says.

“We do this for the people and we really love what we do. Customer service is always our number one priority.”

La Face Beauty Lounge is located at 592 Clock Tower Way, Suite 12 in Crescent Springs, KentuckyTo learn more about their services or to book an appointment, visit