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Learn about a local lady who’s thanking her high school bullies for inspiring her to build a beauty empire that boosts women’s confidence one lash at a time.

La La Lash offers eyelash extensions in Oakely.
La La Lash offers eyelash extensions in Oakely.

They say the eyes are the windows into the soul, and if that’s the case, LT Thompson specializes in window treatments.

She opened her Oakley-based LaLa Lash studio in March 2015 after obtaining her certification. Currently, her service menu is focused solely on eyelash extensions, but she hopes to soon expand into custom eyebrow waxing, lash tinting and brow tinting.

Thompson says she actually began wearing lashes about six years ago after kids in high school made fun of her small eyes. “You know, always caring what people think in high school,” Thompson jokes.

She’s now thankful they did, though. It not only made her discover how lashes could enhance her eyes, frame her face and boost confidence, but it set her on an entrepreneurial path to help do the same for others.

“[Lash Extensions] make your eyes pop and still look like they are yours,” Thompson says. “That is the goal after all, to make it seem like everything you are wearing on your face is natural.”

Thompson says most women want this natural look, but if you’re into a more dramatic look, she says they can achieve a look for that as well.

Natural or dramatic, LaLa Lash has the service options to serve you. From Classic Extensions (one synthetic lash per natural lash) to Customized Volume Extensions (creating a fan out of two or more lashes by placing one fan per lash) to Kim K Extensions (a perfect blend of Classic and Customized Volume), there is an option for all looks. Thompson says Kim K is definitely the most popular services as it a very versatile look. She favors the Kim K or Customized Volume herself. “I really get to show my creative side with these two techniques,” Thompson says.

A set of classic lashes runs $100 with a $55 refill. A full set of Kim K lashes runs $150 with a $65 refill. The dramatic C. Volume full set is $200 with an $85 refill.

Thompson says that aside from the beauty benefits, it also saves on time. “Lashes make it easy to just get up and go,” she adds. “Whether you’re getting ready for work, headed to the gym, or just going to brunch with girls, they make your life so much easier!”

LaLa Lash is located at 4017 Allston St. Cincinnati, OH, 45209. To learn more, visit or like them on Facebook.