LippieBox, Heart of Plastic

LippieBox, Heart of Plastic

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Learn about a local beauty aficionado who launched her own subscription box for lip products while running a popular lifestyle account. 

Sue Anne Cho-Collins, Founder of LippieBox and the blog Heart of Plastic

When it comes to beauty, fashion, healthy living, travel, and lifestyle, Sue Anne Cho-Collins wears a lot of hats.

Cho-Collins is the founder of the Instagram account Heart of Plastic. “It’s my baby,” she says. “I’ve been on Instagram since it came out in 2010, no joke. It’s changed a lot over the years but I’ve adapted and am staying active! I post about fashion, beauty, healthy living, travel, and lifestyle.”

Cho-Collins says that what inspired Heart of Plastic came from a previous fashion blog she once co-wrote with a friend. She says they put a lot of time into the blog but eventually decided to go their separate ways, and she took that inspiration and continued on her own through Instagram.

In addition to Heart of Plastic, Cho-Collins is also the owner of LippieBox, a monthly subscription box for everything lips.

“We ship out a box full of 5 full-size lip products to everyone who subscribes,” she explains. “That can include lip balm, lip gloss, lip scrubs, or even accessories for your lippies.”

The inspiration for LippieBox came from her experience as an influencer on Instagram, where she reviewed lip balms on the account Lipbalm. “People were asking me all the time where they could get those products for themselves,” she says. “I didn’t want to sell someone else’s products; I wanted my own. So I created LippieBox, a curated box of lip products that was my own brand.”

Although she runs three different Instagram accounts, Cho-Collins says that there isn’t a single post that sticks out to her because she loves them all. “I don’t have a favorite, but I love creating vibrant, colorful images,” she says. “That’s what I go for in my feed.”

Through all of her Instagram adventures, Cho-Collins says that the most enjoyable part is the connections she makes with other brands. She also says that she loves getting the opportunity to try out new products. “The sponsored trips and meals are my favorite,” she adds.

Cho-Collins says to keep your eyes out and to follow along with Heart of Plastic, as there’s something new just around the corner. “It’s a secret,” she says. “You may just have to follow along to find out!”

To learn more about Heart of Plastic and LippieBox, Cho-Collins says you can follow all three of her Instagram accounts at @heartofplastic, @lippiebox, and @lipbalm.

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