Oasis Face Bar Opens OTR Location

Oasis Face Bar Opens OTR Location

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A new concept skincare bar is opening soon in Over-the-Rhine. Keep reading for all the fresh-faced details!

Oasis Face Bar will offer quick and effective treatments with non-invasive equipment, similar to a blowout bar.

Molly Bower has been in the skincare industry for 6 years. In that time, she’s opened three businesses – Columbus-based Skin Oasis in 2012, Columbus-based Oasis Face Bar in 2018, and now Oasis Face Bar in Over-the-Rhine coming in 2019.

“Oasis Face Bar is a new open concept skincare bar that focuses on quick and effective facials without all the ‘fluff’ typically associated with a spa experience,” explains Bower. “We’ve pared down the services to deliver only the most important aspects of a facial using cutting edge technology and our very own naturally derived skin care products.”

Bower says that she was inspired to open Oasis Face Bar from her own personal life and lack of time. As the mother of a 2-year-old and the owner of a growing business, she was often finding it difficult to schedule in self care sessions.

“Oasis Face Bar was my answer to that problem – it’s affordable and effective skincare services in a fraction of the time – each service is only 30 minutes,” she says.

The shortened down version of the facials available at Oasis Face Bar mean that you can head out to treat yourself on a lunch break, make it an afternoon with the girls, or take some time for yourself when you have a chance.

“With this concept you can kill two birds with one stone – a day out with your friends while still being able to talk to one another and get a facial at the same time – much like you would if you were getting your nails done,” says Bower.

When asked why she decided to bring Oasis Face Bar to Over-the-Rhine and Cincinnati, Bower said that it was her passion to focus on up-and-coming, urban settings.

“Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati was a no-brainer,” she says. “It is a similar ‘feel’ to our current location in Columbus and seems to cater to a very similar demographic. It was the perfect opportunity to get into a rapidly expanding area and offer a one-of-a-kind skincare experience.”

There will be six “core” facials available at Oasis Face Bar, each priced at just $49. These facials include Sculpt, which includes a facelift massage and electric current known as microcurrent to lift and tone skin. There’s also Smooth, it’s a facial that includes dermaplaning using a surgical blade to remove the dead skin and peach fuzz. Other services include Enlighten for “evening out” skin, Clear for acne-prone skin, Gent for men, and Sooth, which Bower says she’s excited to offer.

At Oasis Face Bar, the facial bar uses Columbus-based Cannuka products, which are derived from Cannabis and Manuka Honey.

“We are one of the first and only skin care spas to use and retail CBD products,” says Bower.

Add-ons can also be thrown in with any service at Oasis Face Bar. “All of our facials can be customized with add-ons, each for only $10,” she says. “Those include dermaplane, chemical peel, the facelift massage, LED Light Therapy, cannabis products, and so on.”

Bonus services available at Oasis Face Bar include brow waxing, lash and brow tinting, and lash lift to curl the lashes for up to 6 weeks.  

Bower says that what makes Oasis Face Bar stand out from other spas in the city is its open concept. “Most spas take you into a small treatment room with sleepy spa music,” she says. “You’ll find Oasis to be a bit more upbeat with more lively music and atmosphere.”

Oasis Face Bar also serves cold pressed juices, wine, and sometimes even a little bourbon.

Oasis Face Bar prides itself on the fact that it offers cutting edge services at a fraction of the cost. “We do this to make healthy skin care habits accessible to everyone,” adds Bower.

With a planned opening for the first or second week of January 2019, Bower says Oasis Face Bar Over-the-Rhine will be located at 1345 Walnut Street, one street east of Vine Street and one street west of Main Street.

Aside from the excitement of an expansion of her business, Bower says that she’s excited to become part of a community of all locally owned businesses. “We love the diver businesses and strong community support and entrepreneurship in Over-the-Rhine,” she says. “We are also excited to be the first to offer the ‘open-concept’ facial bar in Cincinnati!”

Keep your eyes open for the launch of the new location, and when they do open, use code “cincychic” for 50% off your first service at Oasis Face Bar.

Learn more about Oasis Face Bar at www.oasisfacebar.com, and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Watch below for a peek inside their downtown Columbus location: