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Read on about a new small batch skincare line made from natural ingredients.

Pälish features a line of beauty products that are good for your skin.

Finding the right skincare products for you can be a pricey and time consuming task. Heather Gray was on a mission to find the right products for her, but couldn’t find exactly what she needed that worked the way she needed it to. 

That’s when she decided to launch her own product.

“The first product I created was the sugar scrub,” says Gray. “I wanted a product that would exfoliate my skin, moisturize it, and scent it in one step.”

Once she got that scrub the way she wanted it, she liked it so much and thought others would enjoy it too that she decided to launch her own skincare line called Pälish. 

“Pälish is a skincare line made in small batching from natural ingredients,” explains Gray. “the ‘Au Naturale’ line of Pälish products consists of unscented products or products scented naturally by the ingredients.”

There is also a scented line that features essential oil combinations to create scents that are unique only to Pälish. 

Gray says she’s someone who takes great care to maintain herself physically and watches what she puts in and on her body. 

“I like to feel polished and put together, but don’t have hours to spend or an endless bank account to do so,” she says. “I was so tired of so many cosmetic companies suggesting that if I didn’t look a certain way or use their products that I wasn’t ‘enough.’ So I created my own line with a focus on helping everyone feel great in their own skin.”

Launched nearly a year ago, the current line-up of products from Pälish features six unique scents of sugar scrub, face oil, toning and cleaning pads, makeup remover, and body oil. She says she will be introducing scent roll-on, dry shampoo, facial cleanser, and a face polish soon.

Gray says that what makes her business unique is that the products are simple yet effective and are created to maintain the overall health and wellness of your skin, and in many cases, improve it. 

“I believe that everyone wants to feel great in their own skin and just as they are,” adds Gray. “It is the largest organ in the body and we should be taking care of it.”

Each scent is unique to Pälish. I played around with dozens of scent combinations before narrowing it down to the six that are available currently.

Gray says that throughout 2018 she will be adding a few new things for Pälish including sponsored events and athletes, Pälish educational skincare events, and new “au natural” and scented products.

To learn more about Pälish, visit www.palishme.com. You can also check out her blog for collaborative articles with a skincare professional on the benefits of natural skincare. You can also follow along on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. The Pälish Instagram is updated daily and features discounts, contests, Pälish athletes, and testimonials.