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Learn about a local hair guru who specializes in customized NBR extensions that give the look of natural extra volume without the fuss.

Michele Halbeisen is the founder behind Salon Mosaic, a small salon located in Salon Lofts in the Madeira/Kenwood area.

Michele Halbeisen always wanted to be her own boss. So, when the opportunity arose for her to be just that, she took a leap of faith and ran with it. Today, she is the owner of Salon Mosaic, located in Salon Lofts in the Madeira/Kenwood area.

Running her own small salon on her own terms allows Halbeisen to create her own prices, hours, and services as she sees fit. In doing this, she is able to give her clients a personal, private feel when they step inside her salon, something that is unique in comparison to other salons.

According to Halbeisen, Salon Mosaic that you can’t get just anywhere: Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions.

“NBR is the concept created by Danielle White, and it incorporates hand tied wefts of human hair into your own hair, attached to minimal points on the head in rows, which are placed in the hair by creating a ‘track’ with an exclusive bead and string technique,” she explains.

There are multiple benefits to NBR extensions, Halbeisen explains, including a significantly reduced risk of damage to your hair.

Salon Mosaic offers NBR extensions – unique extensions that look and feel natural.

“The way the extensions are place on the head to complement the natural shape of hair growth allows for a natural, effortless look,” says Halbeisen. “There are other popular methods that do not blend into the natural hair as well and can look unblended and bulky.”

Not only are these extensions uniquely placed on the head, Halbeisen also takes the time to customize the extension colors for each client who walks through her door.

“A huge part of the seamlessness of the final look is the customized blending of the extension hair color to my clients’ color,” she says. “The layering of custom colored wefts gives an unbelievably natural look, when the wind blows, you won’t have anything to fear!”

Halbeisen says that she chose to train in NBR extensions and offer them at Salon Mosaic so that she could stand out as a specialty salon that offers a service not currently available in this area.

Prices for NBR extensions range from $800-$1,200. The range in price reflects a differences in length, thickness, and color that’s needed to achieve a desired look.

Halbeisen says that customers looking to add a bit of fullness but aren’t envisioning mermaid hair then the prices are on the lower end. The ultra, full, long, dreamy Victoria’s Secret model hair is on the higher end.

“Either way, I will do what is necessary to customize the layout and color just for you,” she says.

Halbeisen says that she practices and trains nearly everyday with the NBR method and is looking forward to traveling again in the next year for more on-site, in-depth training in Laguna Beach at DKW Styling.

To learn more about Salon Mosaic, visit and watch our Editor-in-Chic’s exclusive review video below.


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