Spavia Day Spa’s New Location in Hyde Park

Spavia Day Spa’s New Location in Hyde Park

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Read about Spavia, a spa that promises to provide a high quality experience without the high prices, and its exciting new Tri-State location.

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Want to go to the spa and take care of that pain in your neck, but don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg? That’s where Spavia, the brainchild of Allison and Marty Langenderfer, can help.

Spavia Day Spa’s mantra is to high quality spa services without the steep bill. Gearing towards affordability, the Langenderfers created a spa that is relaxing and practical for the average consumer. They opened their first spa in the Denver-Boulder area in 2005 and have continued expanding in other areas ever since. Local franchise owners Julie and Tom Gady expect Spavia – Rookwood to open in late September.

Elizabeth Schuler, who manages Spavia’s media relations through the Eisen Agency, highlights the fact that Spavia is unlike other spas. “Spavia provides a high luxury spa experience at an extremely affordable cost. They offer an assortment of services, like many other day spas, but focus on the long-term wellness of guests,” she says. Rather than aim for a quick turnaround in the spa, Spavia’s team focuses on aiding in overall wellness even when their clients leave the facility.

Spavia also offers a membership program that further helps people save money as they indulge in a quality spa experience. Aside from massages at a reduced rate—which range from deep tissue, hot stone and couples (Just to name a few!)—the membership program includes discounts on retail products, service upgrades and extra visits for guests. “Spavia makes the spa experience an affordable luxury, especially through membership programs. It is a place for guests to come regularly to relax, escape and thrive. It is not just a service, but an experience. When you come into a Spavia location you will be pampered from the moment you walk in the door, with amenities such as spa robes and sandals, heated neck wraps, personalized services and more,” Schuler explains.

Spavia contributes to various causes in the community. “Spavia strives to support local communities and plans to find nonprofit partners as soon as we are settled into this new location and open for business. We encourage all organizations to reach out to us regarding opportunities to give back. Spavia—Rookwood will be working with Sophie’s Angel Run in September to raise money for pediatric brain tumor research,” Schuler states. This location will be opening soon and the franchise owners plan to open two more locations in the region.

As far as the products being used, Spavia takes pride in using all natural materials. “Spavia uses the most organic, cleanest materials and ingredients in product and service offerings. Our efforts include buying locally made products to support local businesses and reduce shipping waste, striving to use only natural ingredients in our skin and body care products and [using] makeup that is 100% pure mineral without fillers and synthetics,” she explains. Among those efforts is a multitude of efforts to reduce waste by recycling and doing laundry in a highly efficient way.

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