Angela Homm, WE Lead Graduate

Angela Homm, WE Lead Graduate

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Hear from the graduate of a Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber program that aims to help you grow personally and professionally.


Anglea Homm is the Global CFO at Munich RE Digital Partners. She’s also a graduate of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s WE Lead program.

Homm’s position at Munich RE Digital Partners requires her to oversee all of the non-technical accounting, budgeting, and planning for global operations as well as managing the global data asset and advanced analytics team.

“As team leader for U.S. operations, I oversee all aspects of enterprise risk management, compliance, and financial reporting,” she adds.

In a busy career, Homm says that she’s inspired by the change happening around her, whether at home or at work. “You have to keep evolving to be the best version of yourself,” she says. “As working people – men or women – it’s so easy to get stuck in routines. How fast another year passes! I am constantly searching for ways to change personally and professionally.”

While on her way up the corporate ladder, Homm was a participant in the Chamber’s WE Lead program, a program that many of her own colleagues have participated in.

“The shared stories from their experience created curiosity and drive to apply for the program myself,” explains Homm. “I was also lucky enough to have my company’s full support in both time and tuition to attend the program based on the benefits they noted in other associates who have participated in any of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s programs.”

Angela Homm, WE Lead graduate

Homm says that the thing she enjoyed the most was the networking.

“I found myself surrounded by driven, successful women who all shared many of the same frustrations and hurdles no matter their experience, industry, or background,” says Homm. “We all came together once a month to learn, grow, and, most importantly, encourage and celebrate one another.”

The safe space offered Homm as well as other participants of the program a place where they could take a break from the day-to-day of work and family to discuss the issues they wanted to get off their chest without bias. “It was a gift,” she says. “A gift I didn’t even know I wanted or needed.”

Through the program Homm says that she was given a time for self-reflection to answer the all-to-common question of “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“The program gave me the tools to identify strengths, set realistic goals, and have the time to track success towards them,” she says. “Ultimately, it drove me to a significant change in my career. I accepted a role in a new start-up venture space of my organization as a Global CFO in April of the program.”

Homm credits the push she received through WE Lead as the thing she needed to take the next step in her career. “Many of the speakers and internal discussion inspired,” she says. “I continue to meet with both my core group and the largest 2018 class today.”

When asked why she recommends the WE Lead program to other women, and why it should be important to businesses, Homm says that the program is a small time commitment that challenges your brain to think differently, bigger, and better.

“It’s a small commitment that creates a long-lasting return,” she adds. “And it’s right here in our community! Go for it! It’s not a question of importance to business, but really should be a requirement.”

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s WE Lead is a 10-month executive leadership development experience for high-potential, goal oriented women who are actively preparing for the next level of their career. Participants are high achieving women who are being assigned increasing levels of responsibility within their organization and are on track for future advancement. Applications for Class 14 are now open. Deadline to apply is May 24, 2019.

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