Ashley Anderson – Marketing Professional

Ashley Anderson – Marketing Professional

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This Cincinnati-based marketing guru focuses on helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs analyze and execute the most effective strategies for their small business. Keep reading for more.

Ashley Anderson offers marketing and strategy solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Ashley Anderson is a marketing professional that wants to make a name for herself – literally. Currently, she is the owner of her own, self-named business that focuses on marketing for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and small businesses.

“I’m working with folks that are ready to take a complete deep-dive into a whole new way of thinking of marketing and see how it can be a major driving force behind their business,” she says. “This includes auditing and updating their current website, laying out a full marketing strategy including content marketing as well as all digital and social aspects of their business, and executing on that strategy to drive revenue and increase their market share.”

Ashley Anderson

Anderson’s story of how she got to where she is today is, according to her, rather crazy.

“I worked in a corporate environment right after graduating college in 2010,” she explains. “While I was able to really advance my career, I didn’t feel I was living the life I wanted to live or able to be taken seriously as a creative but strategic individual. Corporate America gave me safety and stability, a steady paycheck and benefits, but when I turned 29 I knew that I was entering a new decade of my life and I wasn’t happy grinding and working hundreds of hours for companies and people that didn’t appreciate what I was doing and didn’t appreciate something that wasn’t following strict rules books and guidelines. I knew I needed something different.”

To give herself a breath of fresh air, Anderson used up the last of her vacation days and traveled to Europe. It was there that she decided to give herself 6 months to find something different. “I was going against the grain of everything my family wanted me to do, and I knew it would take a giant leap of faith into the unknown, but I couldn’t spend more of my life in a cube feeling restrained and slowly burning out as each day passed,” she says.

Eventually, the company she had taken a job with was bought out, which led to changes and layoffs, including Anderson. At that point she knew she didn’t want to go back to working in a cubicle so she took a leap of faith and started freelancing while also building out her own business model that’s seen quick success. “That’s how I’ve launched this business and signed my first clients,” she says.

Marketing services offered by Anderson include Marketing Strategy, Content Planning, Content Auditing, Content Research & Creation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation Services, Landing Page building, SEO Services, and Reporting and Analysis.

When it comes to offering these services, Anderson says that it’s her ability to be an everything-in-one marketing professional is what helps her business stand out.

“I truly offering a deep dive into analytics, numbers, and revenue goals, while creatively developing content, digital, and social aspects of the clients I’m working with,” says Anderson. “I like to help my clients get organized, streamline their businesses, and watch them grow. I consider myself a part of their team and really enjoy living their brand. I like to consider myself the perfect balance between the analytics, data, and numbers, while creating and driving unique content, imagery, and clear benchmarks/goals.”

Anderson says that there will be big updates on her website in the horizon. She’ll also be offering up content and information for businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to different types of marketing as well as many different free resources. The second half of the year includes lots of secrets that you’ll have to stay tuned for.

Anderson says that not everything with her marketing business is up and running, as she’s heavily focused on her client work. However, you can find her website and on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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