Business Action Plan: Getting Organized for Better Management

Business Action Plan: Getting Organized for Better Management

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Our business guru explains the four most important steps that every business needs to get organized and be managed like a well-oiled machine.


Any business, over time, develops a database of clients and various organizational needs that gets more complex as the business gets larger. The issue is that a disorganized approach can cost money in lost productivity, lost opportunities, and lost clients. Any company that wants to succeed needs to embrace the idea of better overall information management. By using tools that are readily available, a growing company can utilize all of its business resources and find ways to develop more profitable relationships with clients, vendors, and business partners.

Inspire Organization Among Your Employees

You can take charge of every detail by inspiring your employees to be organized. Simple tactics can include an end of the month desk cleaning event. This helps ensure a neater, more organized appearance to office space and it helps employees get into the routine of being organized. You can also provide training on such things as how to utilize in and out file baskets and also on how to keep computer records organized.

Utilize the Cloud

Cloud storage is an excellent way to centralize all of your company’s digital files and as a way to keep all of your company files organized. Options include Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive. You can develop a storage system that employees will follow and that will allow you and your employees to be able to access important company files on the go. Online storage options make files easier to find and easier to access, whenever you need them.

Integrate Your Management Platforms

When you utilize strong customer relationship management software, you are able to keep all of your customer contact details in one database. But there are other factors that work on that database which need to be considered as well. You should also consider integrating other software with your CRM to keep all of your client interactions as up to date as possible; these can include billing/accounting applications, email marketing platforms, and the cloud storage solutions mentioned above. In addition, it’s critical to make sure that each department in the company is constantly utilizing and updating the CRM database. This ensures that you have current information to work from.

Manage Your Social Media Presence

Your social media networks can get out of hand if you don’t take the time to organize them properly. You need to prioritize your contacts and constantly clean out the contacts and files that you no longer need to have on your social media pages. You also need to integrate your social media activity with your CRM platform; this is a proactive way to develop a comprehensive profile of your customers. By mixing these two platforms together, you can significantly expand your understanding of your clients and develop more effective marketing programs. CRM solutions that allow you to integrate your social media presence into your customer management practices help you become more efficient at delivering marketing messages.

Implement these practices with tools like online storage and a quality CRM program to develop a customer management strategy that will grow your business and significantly enhance your revenue.