Camp E.V.E.

Camp E.V.E.

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A local non-profit uses a powerful message to teach young and at-risk youths how to rise up personally and professionally with its camp for Emerging Virtuous Entrepreneurs.

Table for 1 Inc. and Never the Less Inc. are hosting a special Entrepreneurship and Character development camp for young girls ages 12 to 17.

This summer, in collaboration with Table for 1 Inc., Never the Less Inc. non-profit is hosting a special Entrepreneurship and Character development camp for young girls ages 12 to 17. The camp is titled Camp E.V.E., standing for Emerging Virtuous Entrepreneurs. 

“We started the program three years ago, with the goal in mind to arm young girls with knowledge on how to be immersed in whatever situation they are put in and to teach them how to be virtuous in overcoming it,” says Doris Thomas, founder of Never the Less Inc. and main coordinator of the camp.  

Never the Less, Inc., a local faith-based non-profit, strives to support their mission to provide teachings and services that promote confidence, character, self-sufficiency, and sustainability for at-risk teen girls in the Cincinnati area. Through their after school and summer programs, the organization provides young girls with the mindset needed to rise above circumstances and grow into resilient, strong, and thoughtful leaders in their community. 

Thomas, along with other contributors at the center, created the E.V.E program in order to teach these girls valuable life skills as well as help them learn the fun that comes with becoming an entrepreneur. 

Elaborating on the importance of the program, Thomas interjects, “Young girls, especially those living in the African American community, are not normally pushed to excel in expanding their mind. When we tell parents that we want to bring up girls to be successful business women, they don’t believe us.”

The camp lasts for four weeks, each week incorporating a new theme, such as “Dream” or “Faith”. They tie in the core values of the organization into each lesson. 

Michelle Thompson, author of the book titled Table for 1, Please, and creator of Table for 1 Inc., created a curriculum for the camp. 

According to Thomas, “This is our first year that we have incorporated Table for 1 Inc. Last year we went solo.” 

Thompson’s novel, Table for 1, Please, includes a touching story of a young girl who struggles to live up to her name. It is designed to include faith-based applications in order to inspire all young girls to lead lives of joy, purpose, and victory! The non-profit, which was built around the message in Thompson’s book, is geared toward growing successful and balanced relationships among everyday people. Table for 1 Inc., the non-profit that stemmed from Thompson’s novel, has grown to spread the message of all citizens becoming “1”, whole, and complete through their ideas of speaking, teaching, and outreach resources. 

Thomas and her colleagues now want to incorporate any other non-profits in the future of the program in order to offer more depth to the curriculum.

The E.V.E. program is designed to develop leaders, stressing that within each of these girls, God gives them the ability to bring their hopes and imaginations to life to develop business plans, company names, and logos. 

At the conclusion of the four weeks, the camp challenges each young lady to present a fresh and new business idea to the public in order to gain support and experience. 

As the girls complete the program, four of the nine participants are chosen for apprenticeship programs with local businesses around Cincinnati. They are provided a stipe-in that is donated by the organization in order for them to start making money in their selected fields. 

“The girls that we choose to go out are job-ready and are already leaders in their community. They are chosen based on their attendance and participation in the lessons, the amount of creativity and poise in their final presentations, and how much they have proven to us that they have emerged into the type of woman that we are trying to develop,” Thomas says. 

The camp consists of reoccurring classes covering Entrepreneurship and Character and are held every Monday through Thursday starting on Monday, June 4 and ending onThursday, June 28. All events are from 12 PM to 4 PM and are hosted by Never the Less Inc. non-profit and Table for 1, Please located at 727 Ezzard Charles Dr. in Cincinnati, OH 45203. The program costs $40. 

Never the Less Inc. possesses a main mantra: “Their voice is their power.” This encompasses all that Thomas wants the girls to take with them after their time with the center. 

We want the girls to know that they come first and they can always emerge out of a bad situation if they keep their core values. They must know how valuable they are in order to give back to their community,” she concludes. 

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