Cincinnati Career Counseling and Life Coach 

Cincinnati Career Counseling and Life Coach 

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Ever hear of a human development professional? See how this local expert can help take your life - personally and professionally - to the next level this year.

Dr. Kathy Schulz has in-depth experience in human development, including 20 years of work as a career coach, a team development trainer, and a consultant at numerous organizations. With experience in a variety of industries including banking, consumer packaged goods, medicine, IT, and engineering, she wants to help others as a career coach and professional consultant. 

“I combined great depth and breadth of knowledge and experience with an intuitive, collaborative style,” she says. “My expertise in human behavior, together with my love of working with people, come together in seamless, customized solutions that are strategic, cost-effective, and fun.”

Schulz is a member of the American Psychological Association as well as a member, and past board member, of the Organizational Development Network. With that, she specializes in professional and personal development on all levels: individual, partners, teams, and organizations. 

“I work with a variety of clients, from larger corporations to smaller companies, and family-owned businesses to nonprofits and government agencies,” she says.

The coaching services offered by Schulz include professional life coach, personal development, executive coaching, leadership coaching, small business coaching, and relationship coaching. 

“I work on professional and personal development focusing on leadership, communication, motivation, relationship building, and conflict resolution,” she says. “I use an intuitive, authentic, inquisitive, and optimistic style that empowers my clients with the confidence they need to make real progress.”

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