Cincinnati Chamber: Member Benefits 101

Cincinnati Chamber: Member Benefits 101

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The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is hosting a Members Benefits 101 event tomorrow. Click here to learn more!

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is hosting a Members Benefits 101 event on July 23 at Infintech in Cincinnati. 

The event, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am, will showcase the benefits of joining the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber alongside breakfast. It also provides new members and established members who attend with the opportunity to meet the Chamber’s Bottom-Line Benefit partners, and to learn more about how these partners can help their business.

The interactive section will have nine Bottom-Line benefit partners there, including host and Bottom-Line Benefit partner Infintech. 

“Infintech is excited to host the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s new member benefit session and showcase the value that the Chamber and its partners brings to members,” says Marcy Bok, Marketing Director. “Our goal is to share our expertise and educate Chamber members on how payment services can be utilized to better add to a merchant’s bottom line.”

The Bottom-Line Partners attending the event have a group buying power that has helped over 2,500 Chamber members save more than $35 million on everyday expenses. 

The Chamber says that those who want to attend the event should bring current statements with them and sit down with one or more of the Cost-Savings Partners for a savings evaluation. On top of getting a savings evaluation, you’ll also be entered to win a fun night out.

“When you engage with our partners, you can unearth potential savings for your business and you also win a chance to receive two FC Cincinnati Club tickets to the August 3 game,” says the Chamber. “The more partners you meet with the better your chances are to win.”

The perks of being a member with the Chamber allow businesses and their employees to connect with others, as well as give them access to programs or additional benefits that allow them to help make the world a better place. 

Matt Flynn, who does HR and Risk Management Consultant, says that the Chamber has connected him with people to give employers benefits they may not have otherwise been able to access.

“The Chamber and these events have been able to connect me with some employers who I have helped get large discounts on their Ohio work comp insurance through our Cincinnati Regional Chamber sponsored group programs,” he says. “I have also been able to connect with employers eligible to utilize Ohio BWC grant money to help them set up safety, drug free, and transitional work programs.

You can learn more and RSVP for the Chamber event tomorrow here<>.