Community Panel

Community Panel

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Everyone has an opinion, but now you can get paid to share yours. Read on for more.

Community Panel is a way for people to earn money for sharing their opinions on brands.

You have an opinion about the products and brands you use. Why not get paid for sharing those opinions? Enter, Community Panel.

“Community Panel is a local, Cincinnati-based panel of consumers who would like to be contacted for in-person marketing research projects,” explains Emilie Rouse, Communications Manager for Community Panel at MarketVision Research.

There are several marketing research projects that are held throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, and Community Panel helps those who want to participate in the projects by paying them for their thoughts and opinions.

The way Community Panel works is, you visit their website at Then, you’ll fill out a form that will help to match you with upcoming projects that you may qualify to participate in. If you’re selected to participate, and do so, then you can get paid.

Because Community Panel’s parent company, MarketVision Research, is based out of Cincinnati, Blue Ash to be specific, it has the ability to help those in the area become involved in these projects.

Additionally, according to Rouse, Community Panel works with a broad base of clients who want to hear consumers’ opinions about their products and services.

Rouse says that there are always a number of projects in the works that panelists can participate in. “We also run contests and promotions throughout the year to thank our loyal members,” she adds.

To learn more about Community Panel, visit There you can find additional information about how Community Panel members are contacts to participate and earn money for their opinions.