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Read on for all the picture perfect details about a local photography company with a desire to simply to document the details.


CsFolio focuses on creating relationships through documentary-style photography.

Csfolio is a Cincinnati based boutique studio whose primary focus is creating relationships through documentary style photography. Founded in November 2016, Csfolio recently opened their first studio in Glendale, Ohio.

The company is run by Sharon Snow and Casey Burns, two women who are in love with photography and the way it can capture a moment. Both artists and photographers themselves, the two women balance each other out through their own unique strengths and ideas for the company.  

But how did they know that this was what they wanted to do? Well, when asking Sharon Snow where the inspiration for Csfolio comes from, she gave a few reasons. “The company was inspired by a shared passion for photography, a shared dream of a boutique style photography business, and a shared desire for giving back and helping others,” says Snow.

That idea of helping others is accomplished when Csfolio gives their clients the happiness of reliving beautiful memories through their photographs. Most of their clients are currently found by referral base and/or social media. Being able to capture relationships and special moments is what Csfolio aims to do, and clients are drawn to the style in which they succeed in that.

This style can include anything from wedding shots to shots of exterior spaces; Csfolio does it all. Below is a rundown of some popular editorial styles they offer:

Headshots and Company Photos. The goal here is to create unique and true to life workplace photos. Csfolio aims for a more candid headshot style, not just the typical stiff shot. They want to give an artistic touch to the picture.

Branding and Stock Imagery. This includes anything from beauty to commercial goods. The goal for these images is to create compelling graphic images for website or social media needs of clients.

Events and Entertainment. If you have a specific event coming up Csfolio is happy to help! From company meetings, guest speakers, parties, or charity events, anything and everything can be covered.

Exterior and Interior Spaces. This style was created because many industries today have a necessity for showing spaces. This includes real estate, interior design, commercial properties, and restaurants, just to name a few.

While there are these specific styles, Csfolio is also always open to unique client opportunities and is always willing to help. If you want to reach out for a quote or just want more information about Csfolio, visit http://www.csfolio.com/.