Diversity Leadership Symposium

Diversity Leadership Symposium

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The Cincinnati Chamber is teaming up with local businesses to host a diversity leadership symposium. Click here to learn more! 

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, alongside Fifth Third Bank, is hosting the upcoming Diversity Leadership Symposium on November 1 at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. 

“Fifth Third Bank presents this informative and inspiring event every year to celebrate the importance of inclusion in our workplaces,” the Chamber says. “This singular event brings together business and community executives for best practices in inclusion, an inspiring keynote, and an update on how we are making our region Diverse by Design and inclusive by intention.”

The two keynote speakers for the event are Bryant T. Marks and Khalil Smith. Marks will speak on the Hidden Biases of Good People and Smith will speak on Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias: Using Neuroscience to Make Change. 

In addition to the keynote speakers, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from different panels at the event. 

One of the panels is called “Engaging Executives and Manages in Effective Diversity and Inclusion Programs” presented by Scott Carroll and Weldon Latham of Jackson Lewis P.C.

“Successful D&I programs depend on engagement and active implementation by the managers who make most hiring and promotion decisions, and are principally charged with identifying and developing talent,” the Chamber states. 

Those who attend the session will see the evidence of the value of active engagement in and implementation of diversity and inclusion programs, reinforce the obligations of managers to develop all employees through training, feedback, mentoring, sponsorship, and other actions, and provide practice advice and tools for successfully managing and developing a workforce composed of diverse employees.

Another panel session from the event is “Taking Diversity and Inclusion Beyond Numbers and Driving Belonging” by James Biro, Vice President of Supply Chain; Perfetti van Melle Sylvia Buxton, President & CEO, North American; Perfetti van Melle Dave Dombrowski, Sr. Program Leader, GE Aviation; Dr. Bleuzette Marshall, VP for Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact, University of Cincinnati; Karl Preissner, HR Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Procter & Gamble; and Jenny Williams, Sr. Organization & Talent Development Leader, GE.

“Organizations often get overly focused on inclusion activities and diversity numbers,” according to the Chamber. “While setting goals and having metrics are important, diversity and inclusion challenges are not solved statistically. Creating a culture of belonging is the key. This open and honest discussion will explore the power of creating a culture where everyone feels valued and accepted, including best practices and strategies on creating a culture of belonging; and the regional benefits of this approach.”

The third session of the day will be “Queer Eye for the Workplace Ally: Understading Complexities of LGBTQ Identity & Interactions at Work” by Brian Fanelli, Liz Pawley, and Nadia Ibrahim-Taney of Lindner Career Services. 

The goal of this workshop is to summarize the evolving, complex landscape of LGBTQ professional’s perceptions and experiences navigating workplace environments, and the significant of allyship in creating and sustaining diverse workplaces. 

“Presenters will guide participants through practical strategies to owning the journey of inclusion in the workplace, including a review of the current limitations of laws protecting LGBTQ employees; a summary of the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 LGBTQ Workplace Climate Survey; methods of facilitating a positive, welcoming workplace environment for LGBTQ individuals; and the tools and knowledge to authentically promote both effective self-efficacy and allyship,” the Chamber says.

Finally, “Leading with Inclusive Practices” with Robin Shabazz of The Eastledge Group, LLC and Calista H. Smith, Scale of Strategic Solutions will help an organization move from intention to action. 

“By exploring examples from education, healthcare, retail, and corporate environments, this session will present the strategic ways executives and managers can integrate specific behaviors, practices, and tactics into their management routines to increase inclusion and achieve more equitable results,” according to the Chamber. “Walk away with a start on next steps for you and your organization.”

The Diversity Leadership Symposium will be held from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm. To learn more, click here.