Find Your D.R.I.V.E.

Find Your D.R.I.V.E.

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One local woman recently transformed her life - from addiction and chaos to power and focus - and she’s now launching a five step private mentoring program to help other women do the same.

Find Your DRIVE
Melissa Kirkpatrick, Founder of Find Your DRIVE

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut between social, professional and personal obligations. But what happens when the rut turns into a debilitating downward spiral?

Melissa Kirkpatrick had been there, and made a choice to intentionally transform her life. After meeting with a business coach to help guide her through the process of managing her family’s golf courses, Kirkpatrick realized the transformative power of setting goals and reaching for your best self. Of her business coaching experience, Kirkpatrick says, “It was empowering for me when I learned how your thinking creates your reality.”

The idea for a career in mentoring others was born. “Through the work with [my business coach] and my own desires to create more in my life, I discovered I wanted to share how I did it and how others could too, so I knew coaching was for me.” Kirkpatrick had already experienced many different seasons of her life; she had married her high school sweetheart and raised two sons, then went back to school in her 30s to complete her teaching degree, but she knew there was more left to her story.

“Being a teacher by trade, and a motivator by nature, I felt called to shine my light into the world”, she says. Kirkpatrick used her skills in instruction and her love for golf as a launching point for Find Your Own DRIVE. From experiencing her own personal transformation and recovering from an alcohol addiction, Kirkpatrick realized, “We all want to be supported, we just don’t know how or who to ask. My mission is to offer others a way of receiving support in a non-threatening, fun, and interactive way.”

A before and after shot of Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick began with offering free coaching sessions to four individuals in 2013. “Their immediate transformation in just a short amount of time was inspiring. It took the next year of planning, developing, creating, and dropping my fear and doubt to finally launch my services.”

What does DRIVE really mean? Beyond the basis of the parallels between golf and life, DRIVE represents the process of transforming your mind. “The acronym came to me one day when I was working with my coach. As we laid out the steps in my own journey to transformation, it was ironic that the steps were easily identified in the word DRIVE: Desire, Receive, Implement, Visualize and Evolve,” she adds, “These steps have supported me in owning and operating a golf course, to having a body that is healthy and strong, to giving up longtime addictions to food, alcohol and spending money, to releasing all those underlying beliefs that kept me stuck to now using a proven formula and finding my DRIVE for life.”

Who is the Find Your DRIVE mentee? Kirkpatrick explains, “The women I support are those who are tired of going unconscious and numbing out. She desires more for herself in all areas of her life. She believes there is more to her purpose and wants to discover it now,” she adds, “Creating a life you love and desire starts by loving yourself – that’s where the magic begins.”

What are the beginning steps for someone who wants to transform their life? Kirkpatrick’s free e-book, 5 Steps to DRIVE, can be found at She explains, “On this page there is also my scheduler to sign up for a chat with me. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this call. It’s a free 15 minute call to learn about what you truly desire and want to change.” Kirkpatrick is also currently offering her newest program, 21 Days to Body Mindfulness, at half-price through December – $17 when you download the eBook. “This 21 day, daily email program opens the mind and connects with the body. It is perfect for those who are not sure they are ready for coaching but want to start the new year with conscious thinking”, she explains.

As Kirkpatrick continues along her own personal journey, she looks forward to the opportunity to help other women transform their own. “I will be honored to mentor and witness those women who say yes to finding their own DRIVE for a life they love with no regrets. My commitment will be to continue to be in service and continue to play full-out in my own life, leading the way to freedom and abundance, and all that that implies.” To learn more, visit