Find Your Own DRIVE

Find Your Own DRIVE

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From teacher to golf course owner to life coach and blogger, learn about a local woman who is helping clients go from stuck to unstoppable, drawing on her personal experiences.

Melissa Kirkpatrick, Fonder of Find Your Own DRIVE.

When Melissa Kirkpatrick turned 30, she knew she loved teaching others but was unsure how to apply it. She decided to continue her studies and become a teacher. After a few years of teaching, her family got the opportunity to buy and own a golf course, and they jumped at the chance.

Talk about teaching, Kirkpatrick laughs, “I thought my next step should be to learn golf!”

As the owner of two Cincinnati golf courses, Kirkpatrick continued to progress her skills in golf, and started to teach others how to play. While she enjoyed this work, she was facing downward spiral in her personal life. “My addiction to food (up and down in size) and large consumption of alcohol along with smoking, all became increasingly out of control.  My need to go unconscious and numb out had become the normal,” Kirkpatrick says. “Golf was only the outlet I could turn to. That’s when I, yet again, taught myself something new to get back on course: how to find my own DRIVE.”   

Today, Kirkpatrick is a published author, motivational speaker, blogger, blogger and coach. “What I knew to be true for me was my desire to be a healthy, vibrant, powerful woman without all the excuses and coverups,” Kirkpatrick says. “I realized my life is not just who I am being but who I am being for others. I’m now a private and personal mentor/coach who has been on the training ground and is ready to support you, mentor you, and be your accountability partner.”

Kirkpatrick says she has a set of questions she asks perspective clients to help gage their needs. These questions include: “Are you ready to take control of your life and transform your current circumstances? Are you tired of numbing out and going unconscious to all the chaos around you? Are you tired of using food, alcohol, smoking, or other addictions to disconnect?”  These questions allow Kirkpatrick to ensure she will accurately and effectively assist everyone who requests her help.

Kirkpatrick’s offerings range from her Blog, which she updates weekly, her Ebook, and a 21-day email created to help with support. “I discovered many self-sabotaging patterns that kept me jumping in and out of my place of joy and fulfillment. I knew it was time for change. These beliefs are often running in the background and unconsciously controlling our thoughts, actions, and choices.”

In addition, Kirkpatrick has an upcoming workshop that’s available to the public at Aloha Yoga Center.

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