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H7 Evolve

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Learn about a newly-rebranded professional women’s networking group that’s on a mission to build you up, personally and professionally.


H7 Evolve is a networking platform to connect like-minded business owners.

Encourage, empower, evolve; those are the three words Angel Hicks, Founder of H7 Evolve and COO of H7 Network, says she inspires women to own when it comes to mentoring one another in their businesses and in their lives. 

H7 Evolve is a program offered at H7 Network that provides a revolutionary networking platform where like-minded business women can link arms, get off of the entrepreneurial island, and work together to build better businesses, says Hicks.

Within the program are special opportunities such as the Main Event, a monthly business networking meeting where you’ll learn from a Mentor Speaker, participate in a small group and connect your network in Movement Connections. Coffee and Collaborates, a monthly group meeting, is guided by a business coach that offers solutions to participant’s business challenges. 

H7 Evolve also offers Power Hour Socials, monthly evening events that guide conversation to allow guests to get to know one another better.

Networking is one of the most important factors of running a business, according to Hicks, that’s why H7 Evolve motivates women to make deeper connections. 

“In business networking, getting someone to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you is the goal,” explains Hicks. “The fastest way to do that is to find commonality and add value. We help facilitate those two actions in everything we do. Helping others is the fastest way to be able to help ourselves.”

With six current locations, H7 Evolve’s Cincinnati East location follows the same format for each of the programs. 

The Main Event is held on the third Tuesday of the month at Oasis Conference Center. This month’s event will be February 20th from 11:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

A Board of Excellence manages the experience, making sure each visitor is introduced to someone and has a seat with a group, says Hicks. 

What differentiates Evolve from other networking organizations, Hicks says, is the emphasis on relationships. 

“We also have a focus on business development, helping each other learn new processes, applications for business, and working through challenges,” Hicks says. “No other networking group in our market does both business development and referral introductions.” 

H7 Evolve is geared toward professional women who are looking to not only grow her business but who want to mentor others and be mentored themselves, according to Hicks. 

“In Evolve, we strip the idea of being the perfect woman and get down and dirty, sometimes quite vulnerable, and say ‘I just found this great business tool. Maybe you could use it too!’ or ‘This is my challenge.’ The group then rally’s around her to offer solutions, action steps, resources.”

Women who are looking to get involved are encouraged to attend a meeting as a guest. 

You can view the calendar at www.h7network.com/evolve or contact Hicks directly with questions angel@h7network.com.