How To Turn Your Vehicle Into An Office On Wheels

How To Turn Your Vehicle Into An Office On Wheels

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This summer, it’ll cost you more to rent a car in Cincinnati than it will to rent a vehicle anywhere else in America, except for Cleveland, according to If you routinely rent cars when you need to travel for business, you may be better off turning a personal vehicle into an office on wheels. Yes, your personal vehicle will get used more often, which means more wear and tear, but lots of female entrepreneurs are using the latest tech to turn their vehicles into convenient and cost-effective moving offices. If you’re interested in learning how to turn a vehicle into an office on wheels, you’ll appreciate these tips.

Consider buying a newer vehicle

You may have a newer vehicle already. If so, that’s good news, because newer models tend to convert to offices on wheels easily, since they have outlets for electronic devices. If your vehicle is a bit out of date, you may want to compare different makes and models and find one that has all the bells and whistles. If you’re not ready to invest in a new auto, research aftermarket parts, which will make it possible to plug in your electronic gear with ease.

Invest in a wireless router

When you buy a portable wireless router for use in your vehicle, which is placed in a trunk or a glove box, you’ll be able to link to a wireless network. This will make it simple to connect your laptop, printer and/or copier to the Web, via a Wi-Fi connection. Whether you want to have webcam meetings or make Skype calls, you’ll find that your wireless router never lets you down. This piece of equipment will help you to make calls via the web, in places where your smart phone might not work. You’ll also know that the web is accessible, no matter where you roam. Many wireless routers have USB slots for flash drives and other forms of external media. These high-tech devices help businesswomen to stay in the loop while they’re on the road.

Install a Bluetooth stereo

There will always be times when you want to answer calls on your smart phone, rather than using Skype with the help of a wireless router. When you install a Bluetooth stereo which allows you to sync your smart phone to the sound system, you’ll love the options that your new system gives you. Once the Bluetooth stereo is installed, you’ll be able to talk to callers via your car’s speakers, play music from your phone through the Bluetooth stereo, and access new alerts on your car dashboard. Hands-free performance will make it simple for you to take care of business.

Renting cars has its place. However, renting vehicles in Cincinnati is currently costly. If you need to travel in a vehicle for business, purchase a new car (maybe you’re overdue for a new vehicle, anyway?) or modify yours if it needs some aftermarket parts to handle your electronic toys. Then, purchase a wireless router and install a Bluetooth stereo. Once you’ve turned your vehicle into an office on wheels, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. 

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