HR Roundtables at the Cincinnati Regional Chamber

HR Roundtables at the Cincinnati Regional Chamber

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Learn about a local roundtable for HR professionals that’s empowering, connecting and accelerating people and business results.

The Cincinnati Regional Chamber offers an HR Roundtable to offer organizational thinking and networking among c-suite leaders in the city.

Lisa Gick is more than just the CEO and Founder of The Curious Agency. She’s also a member of the Cincinnati Regional Chamber’s HR Roundtable.

“The HR Roundtable brings together c-suite and talent professionals from a diversity of industries who understand and share the unique challenges of top-level management,” explains Gick. “The program empowers leaders to build organizational experiences that uplift people and accelerate business results.”

The trusted board of advisors behind the HR Roundtable join together to discuss strategic HR issues as well as emerging trends. The group meets 6 times a year for half-day sessions, and cover themes and content that are driven by the group’s interests.

“HR Roundtable members participate in additional chamber-sponsored events dedicated to professionals in all the Chamber Roundtable communities, including CEOs, marketing, sales, finance, and IT professionals, that cover relevant topics like leadership development and employee engagement,” says Gick. “The professional connections enabled through the Roundtable bring meaningful relationships that endure.”

Those enduring relationships are something that Gick cherishes. “When you join the HR Roundtable, you’re walking into a dynamic and welcoming community of professional peers offering mutual learning, thought leadership in the profession, and support,” she adds. ‘Our members can speak openly and candidly when they gather, knowing they will receive genuine feedback and contribution from the group, in the environment where confidentiality is respected and honored.”

The members in the HR Roundtable are key leaders in their companies and offer a strategic mindset and transformative practice considerations, helping to provide a way to think differently about the organizational experience.

“Members may come with a request of their peers on a challenging or puzzling business initiative or they may come with an offer for the request of another member,” she says. “There’s a spirit of generosity in offering one’s best thinking on developing concepts or practice needs.”

You can learn more about the Chamber’s HR Roundtable here.