Human Resources & Risk Management Support Services with Sheakley

Human Resources & Risk Management Support Services with Sheakley

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The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber offers a way to help local businesses save on costs with a human resources partnership.

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber has teamed up with Sheakley to offer a Human Resources and Risk Management Support Program to help provide Chamber members with the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate an increasing number of potential risk factors and considerations as employees return to work following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The inspiration behind these new services came from the Chamber’s desire to continuously offer new opportunities to serve members. “Our cost saving partners are here to help provide members with key tools and resources needed to keep their business strong and running smoothly, while increasing their bottom line,” explains Beth McNeill, Senior Director, Sales & Engagement at the Cincinnati Chamber. “Whether your company was forced to close or remained open, owners and managers are faced with a need to safeguard the health of their employees, customers, and clients, while also ensuring your business stays connected, efficient, and supported.”

The program takes a personal, consultative 1:1 approach to service with a large team of certified HR professionals coupled with the experience Sheakley brings with their workers’ compensation efforts. “Sheakley is the only Cost Saving Partner with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber to have two separate business lines providing services to members,” adds McNeill. Additionally, members who enroll with Sheakley by September 30 will receive a $100 gift card to the member business of their choice. 

The work between the Chamber and Sheakley dates back to August 1991, when they joined forces to help Chamber members save money on their Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation premium through ChamberComp™, and now, 29 years later, thousands of members have saved over $1 billion combined on their premiums, Sheakley’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing John Dunn says. 

“Our partnership will help businesses stabilize costs and cash flow with our buying power while driving efficiencies and providing expertise in managing the complexities of employment,” says Dunn. “Our clients tell us they sleep better at night knowing they have a partner who shares in their liabilities and protects them from what they don’t know while allowing them to focus on growing their business and ultimately their profitability.”

One of the Chamber members who took the opportunity to work with Sheakley is Funky’s Catering Events. Michael Forgus, Managing Member of Funky’s Catering Events, says he recommends small to medium-sized private businesses to consider using a PEO.

“In today’s world, health and medical insurance, 401-K plans, payroll, unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation, 941 payroll taxes, and labor laws are becoming increasingly complex,” he says. “Labor compliance issues are a rapidly changing environment and having a dedicated partner like Sheakley HR Solutions has allowed Funky’s Catering Events to stay focused on running and growing our business.”

Forgus says that he can count on Sheakley to manage employee handbooks, hiring and firing processes, and unemployment practices. He also relies on Sheakley to supply him with current labor and sanitation information. “Knowing they can handle this is a gigantic weight off of our shoulders,” he says. “It is much better to have trained experts to manage the entire human resources framework.”

He adds that the costs associated with health and medical insurance, unemployment, best hiring and firing practices can be staggering and having trained human resources experts a call away takes a large burden off daily management needs. 

You can learn more about the program here or you can send an email to Beth McNeill at or Mike Cicak at