Kennedy Arts Center PAR-Projects

Kennedy Arts Center PAR-Projects

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Two local organizations are teaming up to help fill the city’s media-based educational void and create fun experiences for the whole family.

PAR-Projects is teaming up with the Kennedy Heights Arts Center for digital education classes.

Digital media is becoming an increasingly essential part of future careers. That’s why it’s a prime focus of the latest partnership between PAR-Projects and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center.

“The Kennedy Heights Arts Center and PAR-Projects have partnered to create affordable access to digital media education encompassing photography, Photoshop, Adobe Suite training, graphic design, web design, video editing, and some entry-level coding,” explains PAR-Projects Gallery and Events Fellow Gabrielle Roach.

The program is called Practice and Play and focuses on inspiring experimentation in media – hence the “play,” while PAR-Projects developed creative programming that caters to workforce development and Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial ecosystem – the “practice.”

The partnership between PAR-Projects and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center started when Media Bridges closed its doors in December 2013. As a result, the city had a media-based educational void. In addition, the Kennedy Heights Arts Center also lost the media-based educational partner that had through the Scripps Howard Media Center project.

“Because PAR-Projects had similar educational goals as Media Bridges, and because the Kennedy Heights Arts Center and PAR had successfully collaborated on previous exhibitions, it seemed like a natural fit to explore this new line of programming as a team,” says Roach. “Essentially, the Kennedy Heights Arts Center had the space and the desire to offer media education to their community, while PAR-Projects had experience in developing media-based curricula and the time/ability to seek additional funding for the project.”

A year after the program’s beta-launch in 2018, the classes and workshops are now available for anyone who is interested in participating.

Roach says that the year of beta was a quiet start that allowed the program to build its media lab and work out kinks with operating a brand new, shared space.

Roach says that there are currently summer camps available in addition to two-week workshops.

“These programs start in early April, but based on interest, we continuously offer new classes throughout the year,” she adds.

According to Roach the best place to find information on class and working offerings and availability is on the Kennedy Heights Art Center or PAR-Projects websites. If you have specific questions or curiosities about upcoming classes you can send an email to