Level Up Cincinnati 

Level Up Cincinnati 

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A Louisville-based start-up has plans to expand to Cincy. See how this company’s positive and community-based approach has led them to greatness. 


Level Up Cincinnati offers pop-up style classes and private events to connect, inspire, and education women in the community.

From empowering tools and information, to learning and growing among likeminded and positive individuals, the forthcoming Level Up Cincinnati could help you take your life to the next level.

A start-up with a positive outlook, Level Up is a company that provides pop-up style classes and private events with a goal to connect, educate, and inspire women in their communities. They strive to give back to their community by encouraging women of all ages to share their passion with others, connect in meaningful ways, and explore their own sense of curiosity. 

It was created by Natalia Bishop, Founder and Chief of Happiness, in June of 2016. Originally, it was started to bring more people to her co-working space, Story Louisville. But soon enough, it became a full-fledged company.

Hannah Estes, Director of Marketing, says, “I came on in March 2017 and we’ve been growing at an amazing rate ever since.” 

The students can choose from a wide variety of classes, including cooking classes, arts and crafts, and even classes associated with wellness and business opportunities. Students have a blast learning new things and being together. Their goal as they continue their journey into new communities is to nourish relationships, and to highlight their local makers, creatives, and businesses and to spread a sense of accomplishment and motivation amongst their students. 

The Level Up Cincinnati team.

Bishop, along with fellow colleagues such as Estes, even created a blog to capture and truly keep record of the amazing happenings within the organization. 

At Level Up, there are benefits for all involved: teachers, venues, and students alike. “Our teachers are able to hone their skills, share their talent and expose their brand to the local community, and our students get to experience and fall in love with the community as well,” Estes adds. “We have loved seeing the relationships created in our intimate classes flourish over the past few years.”

For the venues associated with Level Up, there is an opportunity to get the word out there with these events. Students get to experience the community outside of their “bubble” and truly discover neighborhoods they never knew were thriving. 

“We usually put our classes on the weeknights, so this gives venues the opportunity to get foot traffic on traditionally slow nights,” she says.

They have partnered with numerous charities in the past and have volunteered their time to host events that benefit the charities directly. They have pledged to donate up to 5% of their annual profits to local charities. 

They also host quarterly events around the Louisville area, their most recent being at Made Mark in Louisville where they donated all of their proceeds to Women and Families Charity. 

The only reason we can put on these events is because of the community and the support. That is why we love to give back. The sharing of space, talents, and gifts are supremely important to all that Level Up stands for,” Estes adds. 

In addition to the positive affirmations associated with this company, they are also an equal opportunity employer and welcome everyone to their team. They strongly encourage people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and non-binary people as well as people with disabilities to apply. They believe that equal opportunity is an integral part of Level Up and its future. 

Level Up’s headquarters are based in Louisville, Kentucky, with plans to expand to Cincinnati and Lexington, Kentucky. Although there have already been classes held in Cincinnati in the past, they still want to expand their community here in a bigger way. 

“We have a goal in September to have the Cincinnati branch of Level Up complete. We really want to do this right in order to take advantage of everything that Cincinnati has to offer to our company,” Estes explains. 

All of Level Up’s classes are pop-up events, so they are never held at the same location. This is meant to encourage women to not only connect to each other but to their cities as well by discovering new places around town. 

Estes says the easiest way to find class information is to check the class description on their website, and once you are registered, an email will be sent a week before the class is held with detailed information and a map with directions. Classes usually range from 12-25 people, with emphasis on hands-on learning and encouragement for questions. 

To learn more about Level Up, or take classes, visit their website at https://levelupwithus.com/