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MoJo Advantage

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This local business is not your typical job placement or life coaching destination. Keep reading to find out why.

JoAnne Kennard and Molly Edmondson, co-owners of MoJo Advantage

Feeling stuck in your current job or feel like your career lost its mojo? That’s exactly why JoAnne Kennard and Molly Edmondson created MoJo Advantage. 

Prior to launching in February of 2017, they spent 18 months testing and tweaking this business idea with local professionals and businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their service offerings. They also used that time to get certified as career coaches, and in the DISC assessment as well. “We built a methodology around those skills,” Kennard says.

The DISC assessment is used as a building blocks with clients to understand their personal strengths and gain insight into their personal style and specific talents. This process helps them understand what type of environment will provide the highest odds of success for a client. 

Aside from this assessment, MoJo Advantage offers services that help clients decipher what they value in a career and their own personal lives. They help target certain skill sets clients may need further help with and discuss networking opportunities to help apply these new ideas into practice. 

“The profile of our client is someone who wants to take that next step but are not sure what they want to do. MoJo Advantage uses our assessment and coaching skills to help define that next step for a client and put a plan in place to make it happen. If you are someone just looking to get any job quickly, you are probably better served with a traditional job placement agency. We have received all of our clients through references,” Kennard explains.

According to Edmondson and Kennard, there is no set formula to help their clients, since they work with completely different people every single day. They like to help moms and students, especially, they share.

MoJo Advantage offers the following deliverables for their clientele: a relevant resume, an individualized “elevator pitch,” a LinkedIn profile and interview preparation. 

They structured the business to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. “Molly and I are equal partners and are currently the only employees of MoJo Advantage. We contract with our resume writer, and we also decided to outsource non-core business services such as accounting, tax preparation, marketing and social media to keep our focus on our clients,” Kennard explains. “As we grow, we would add people in the core business of coaching and consulting. We actually have previous clients that are interested in that role.”

MoJo Advantage is located at 9415 Montgomery Road (Suite C). To learn more, visit or contact